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UPDATE: June 24, 2017 - Build 1110 (Client only)

We just released a hotfix and we are pretty confident that this update fixes many client-side crashes. Please let us know.

This is a CLIENT side update which means you can connect to any server that is running A6.2.0 B1109.

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.2.0 (Build 1110)
- Fixed: Random client-side crashes


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Alpha 6.2 that focuses again on bug fixes and other improvements. We received several reports about playfield and game crashes and other, maybe related issues. Thanks a lot to all of you helping to track down these issues by sending in reports over and over again. In Alpha 6.2 we hopefully found the reason for most of the reported problems, although they might still happen in some cases. Please keep your eyes open and report ongoing crashes to our bug thread, adding the Client.log from your LOGS folder and describing which events lead up to the crash! Thanks a lot in advance!

In Alpha 6.2, we added several gameplay changes and overall feature updates. For example, the Tutorial got its own button in the main menu. This way, the Tutorial is easy to spot for new players and it won’t bother all the other players just wanting to start a new survival game. The game start has not been changed, though. Items are still to be found in your inventory and in the wreckage bases (shelters) close to the drop position of your escape pod.

There are a few new block and device additions as well! Since you can now use the spotlights for CV, we added angled spotlights with a horizontal light beam for all vessels, we added growing plots for bases that can be made from wood and concrete, we added a new fighter cockpit...and more. Also do not miss out the sound refinements!

Just check out the full Changelog below!

Last but not least: a few days ago, we added a first set of Language Forums. These new sub-forums currently include: German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. This should make detailed discussions about game features a lot easier.

Language forums: http://empyriononline.com/forums/#language-forums.41

Please keep in mind to report bugs, direct feedback and suggestions - after discussed in your language forums - in our official bug and suggestion forums in english. :)

Bug forum (official EN): http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/
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Please continue to report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha 6.1.2 over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-6-1.11707

UPDATE 2: June 23, 2017 - Build 1107 (Client only)

Here comes another update that should fix a crash that frequently appears in playfields where a lot of thrusters are present.

Please let us know if this update helped with the crashes.

This is a CLIENT side update which means you can connect to any server that is running A6.1.2 B1100.

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.1.2 (Build 1107)
- Fixed: Crashes that are linked to thrusters


UPDATE: June 22, 2017 - Build 1106 (Client only)

We just released an update that should fix certain crashes. In particular, the crashes that occur when you move the camera towards an area with a lot of lights (especially spotlights).

Please let us know if this update helped with the crashes.

This is a CLIENT side update which means you can connect to any server that is running A6.1.2 B1100.

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.1.2 (Build 1106)
- Fixed: Crashes that are linked to light sources


Changelog: Alpha 6.1.2 (Build 1100)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that player was able to place blocks on a de-cored enemy bases that regenerates
- Fixed: Deco does not get removed when placing a prefab base in MP
- Fixed: Exception when looking at motorbike in power save mode
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs (support email #E021F)

- Despawn timer for motorbike in energy-save mode is now displayed when looking at the motorbike
- Display filename instead of spawn name for blueprints in Blueprint library (eg Internal Blueprints)
- Tweaked flare position on spotlight
- Enhanced 'ents' command to also show if a structure has no RegenAfter time set (showing n/a).
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Hotfix 2: June 15, 2017 - Build 1098 (Client only)

We just released another hotfix for the Blueprint library. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Blueprint library doesn't recognize factory and produced Blueprints
- Fixed: Unable to move through damaged block colliders.
- Fixed: Group Name missing from Blueprint Window
- Fixed: Error in Sector Map if POI Information is Missing for Space Playfields (support email #645AE)


Hi Galactic Survivalist,

We just released a hotfix that fixes the blueprint library bug. In addition, you are now able to build / repair your SV, HV and CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI.

Please continue to report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha 6.1.1 over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-6-1.11707

Changelog: Alpha 6.1.1 (Build 1097)

- Allow to build / repair SV, HV, CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI
- Tweak to chat: Reduced line spacing in individual messages
- AI Space Vessel: avoid SV changing speed when launching a fighter
- Added first version of "star twinkling" effect during night on planets with atmosphere
- Tweaked start position in Taipane Instance: now you are protected from sentry fire
- Updated model of spotlights
- Tweaked flare on sloped spotlight so that it can be better seen (+ added better flare to all spotlights)
- Tweaked sound on repair station so that it is not heard all over playfield.
- Folded motorbike: direct pickup instead of container access
- Added some missing Localization
- Adjusted tooltips in Control Panel, Constructors and Creative Windows to use new style
- 'ents' console command now also outputting internal structure temperature
- Tweaked sound of Mech NPC

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when opening Blueprint menu
- Fixed: Mech NPC's still shooting through blocks in certain situations (if you still find use cases please send us the save game)
- Fixed: Error when looking at a player bike in energy-save mode
- Fixed: Space Drones starting from drone bases are sunk in blocks
- Fixed: Spotlight shining through hull
- Fixed: Problem that you could not re-spawn in Taipane Instance (now medic stations are set to public)
- Fixed: LOD Problem with Pumpkin Plant Stage 3
- Fixed: PV that rebuilds itself does not rebuild destroyed weapons
- Fixed: Missing GER localisation
- Fixed: Exception linked to map...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

The Alpha 6 release was a huge success: the Empyrion community has significantly increased in numbers and we also hit a new all-time high of 6859 players online simultaneously. That’s awesome!

So don’t let us waste too much of your playing time then...what’s new in Alpha 6.1?

The update fixes a couple of issues like the plant dying bug, food perishing bug, blueprint-Workshop issues, mech robots shooting through walls, deco not always removed from POIs, jetpack and other sounds being heard over the whole playfield and a few other nasty buggers.

We also added standard spotlights for CV as well as angled spotlights for all vessels! The motorbike will now fold to a “power save mode” after 5 minutes if not used (just pick it up as before and place again) for performance reasons...and for another, yet undisclosed reason ;-) In 6.1 we also added new destroyed blocks, a new enclosed cockpit and a few adjustments to game features, for example the chat.

On a side note, because we’ve seen a lot of feedback on this topic: In A6.1.1 (which is not far away) we plan to change the way how no build zones in regenerate areas behave. So you do not lose your vessel in that area anymore.

Trusted Servers:
We would like to remind all server providers that fulfill certain criteria to apply for our “Trusted Server” label: http://empyriononline.com/threads/trusted-servers.11653
As a trusted server, you will be shown in blue color in the Server Browser and players can filter for official and trusted servers by enabling checkbox "Hide standard servers".

Crashes on Game Start:
For those of you who experience crashes when starting the game (before you get to the main menu), we might have a fix: You need to start Empyrion with a batch file that you can download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tiijba1wag5swnr/Empyrion_Test.zip?dl=0
- Copy the batch file into the Steam folder where you have installed your game (e.g. D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival) and execute it
- The batch file starts Empyrion in a mode where Workshop data is loaded only when needed, i.e. when you first enter the New Game menu or the Blueprint Library

For all other Crashes-to-Desktop (CtD), Game-Freezes and related issue, please check this thread at first:...
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Hotfix 2 (client-side only): June 8, 2017 - Build 1082

- We now show the whole chat window again due to problems with the PDA tutorial (not showing the complete messages)


Hotfix: June 8, 2017 - Build 1081

We just released a hotfix that addresses some issues introduced in Alpha 6.0

- Scenario total data size limit for Workshop upload doubled to 10 MB
- Adapted chat window: now only showing 6 lines of chat when chat is not opened actively
- Slightly increased line spacing for chat
- Adjusted transparency and positioning of chat window scrollbar
- Added console cmd to remove resource asteroids: "poimanager remove asteroids"

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Empyrion Error - Build 1077 #995D5 (received on support email)
- Fixed: Exception in Faction Window
- Fixed: Chat in window mode is above chat area for certain resolutions
- Fixed: Problem that front part of DSE wreck on Ningues can explode when deconstructed (SI problem)
- Fixed: Problem that game was crashing on playfields that had a lot resource meteorites (we now added a limit of 30 resource meteorites that can be spawned at the same time on a given playfield)
- Fixed: Internal Error on game start if two or more Blueprints with same title are subscribed
- Fixed: Missing block faces: Ramp Top Destroyed and Corner Long A Destroyed
- Fixed: Tooltip Header cut off in certain situations
- Fixed: Old yellow tooltips showing on "Choose Block Shape" window
- Fixed: Several other internal exceptions found in output logs

Known Issues:
- if two or more Blueprints with same file name are subscribed only one will be shown in Blueprint Library


Initial Post: June 7, 2017

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Are we there yet? Yes, we are! :D

Eleon Game Studios proudly presents the update that has seen the longest development cycle and the highest content and feature count in a single major update we have ever worked on in the Alpha stage: Empyrion Alpha 6.0 is hitting your PC right now!

While mentally handing out the much deserved virtual “we made it” T-shirts with a big fat “THANK YOU” on the front to everyone - especially to those that got engaged in the development process, either by sending in bug reports over and over, reviewing changes and features or just contributing...
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Update 3: June 7, 2017 - Build 1077

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Perish timers not working correctly (regression of: Deactivating Vessel per Y button leads to instant-perish-drop/spoil of food in fridges)

- Reopened: MP: Deactivating Vessel per Y button leads to instant-perish-drop/spoil of food in fridges


Update 2: June 6, 2017 - Build 1076

- Tweaked Loading Circle Sprite/Animation
- Added better info to example playfield regarding Instance configuration

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Serverbrowser not showing Server info and Server Config details anymore


Update: June 6, 2017 - Build 1074

- Release preparations: Renamed version to Alpha 6.0.0
- Added new loading sprite animation
- Updated typo in PDA for Dawn of Galaxy (135mm rockets)
- Updated description for scenarios

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem with disconnection after entering a planet with a portal which is an instance
- Fixed: Invisible walls blocking the player from entering freighters.
- Fixed: No Drone attacks in certain situations
- Fixed: The survival constructor sometimes can't be placed on terrain.
- Fixed: Freighters seem to run out of fuel in certain situations
- Fixed: White flashes in the night (white borders around objects)
- Fixed: Exception on playfield server linked to AI (pf server did not respond anymore when this exception occurred)
- Fixed: Feeling cold message showing after resume game
- Fixed: Exception with Workshop Blueprints
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

The countdown is running….only 2 days left until the public release of Alpha 6.0. Our coffee intake now reached a dangerous level but we are confident that we can handle it another 48h :)

We just released the last official patch in the Experimental cycle (maybe tomorrow we will have another minor hotfix).

Please continue to report any issue or bug in the RC4 bug thread:...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Only 4 days left before Alpha 6.0 hits the road. We are working around the clock to get everything ready for the big day.

We just released Alpha Experimental 6.0 - RC 4.2 with more tweaks and bug fixes. Most likely, there will be only one more update before public release.

Please continue to report any issue or bug in the RC4 bug thread: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-experimental-6-0-release-candidate-4.11376

Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. We added some screenshots from videos that did not make it into the trailer




Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.17 (Build 1067)

Visuals / Sounds:
- Added new background image for main menu and slightly updated logo
We would like to thank "Karissa Cole/ex-astris1701" from Devianart who allowed us to use this awesome background image for Empyrion (http://ex-astris1701.deviantart.com/art/Permanently-Baffled-269262105)

- Added new sound track for main menu

This soundtrack was composed by Rich Douglas (http://www.richdouglas.net) - stay tuned for more great stuff by him :)

GUI Polishing:
- Improved general list behaviour: selected item is always in visible area
- Tweaked Control Panel, PDA, Factions, Tech Tree, Blueprints, Marketplace and Registry Windows
- Added some more overlay icons / logos: Thanks to Kieve and Frigidman
- Adjusted Chat Window text size

- Added impact of temperature / radiation to difficulty setting (Low, Normal, High, Off)
- Tweaked EVA Boost: now 1 boost is enough to go into space (but higher penalty)
- Reduced drop probability of EVA boost
- Added reception table thin
- Added more destroyed blocks
- Removed cockpits and passenger seats from crashed CVs to avoid problems when a player uses them
- Updated PDA + added preview pics.
- Updated Havoc POI
- Updated Ghost + Xenu faction POI: thanks to Rainyday und Frigidman
- Less jittery movement when some NPCs walk
- Ventilators can no longer be signal-controlled (in order to avoid significant O2 loss)
- Reduced intensity of player light
- Added regenerate timer to 180 for voxel asteroids in Default MP setting
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are getting closer and closer to the public release….for those of you who have missed the release announcement:

Alpha 6.0 will be released on June 7, 2017.

But before that, there is still some work to do. We just released another update with more bug fixes, tweaks, changes and more polishing. Expect to have at least 2 more updates before the public release.

Please report any issue or bug in the RC4 bug thread: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-experimental-6-0-release-candidate-4.11376

Last but not least, here is again the link to our official Alpha 6.0 Launch Trailer:

We are very excited (and a bit nervous) to push Alpha 6.0 to the public branch next week.

Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.16 (Build 1062)


- Added durability reduction to Difficulty Settings (Off, Slow, Normal, Fast) - SP and MP (via dedicated.yaml)
- Regeneration time of Voxel asteroids will now start as soon as a player starts to dig an asteroid
- A player can now start regeneration several time. In addition, we set the 'no player' distance for regeneration to 200m
- Saving faction to any core persistent (=> admin/alien core do not overwrite faction any more)
- Deactivated Planet Vessel delay if a player is approaching PV base so that PV will attack player
- Triceratops now gives more meat but is harder to kill (more HP)
- Alien/Admin POIs don't consume fuel/O2 and always have enough fuel/O2
- Improved algorithm to spawn wreckage POIs to ensure they get spawned even if a lot of mountains are around 0/0
- Increased output from harvesting certain grow-able plants + adapted templates
- Added Oxygen Generator instead of Oxygen Station to start equipment in default MP setting

Visuals and Sounds:
- Added default preview pics to MP Choosing Starter Planet. Before, a fixed default preview picture was shown - now it depends on the planet type (desert, temperate, barren, lava etc) which preview pic will be shown
- Added offset to trader block so trader stands at border
- Added mohawk and crewcut hair style
- Added Stubble Beard
- Tweaked Cockpit 03 (lowered front part)
- Added more destroyed hull blocks
- Tweaked removal distance of deco+grass around POI (reduced from 20m to 8m, before it was 6m)

GUI Polishing:
- Adjustments to Tech Tree Window, Factions Window, Blueprint...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Everyone keeps asking: when do you release Alpha 6.0? It's time to give you the final answer:

7th of June 2017

After having worked for months on content, new features, lots of game changers, thousands of feedback posts and reports, the release of the public version of Alpha 6.0 is now only a matter of days.

Even though you'll see a few more updates until public release, we already want to say a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to the best community in the universe right NOW! You made all this possible by showing incredible patience in tracking down bugs and issue, while we moved forward from version to version, adding feature by feature!

Thank you a thousand times! :)

While we are working on the final touches and bugs, enjoy our all new trailer:

Empyrion Dev Team
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to the next Alpha 6.0 Experimental update!

Please note that Release Candidate 4 will not be the final version, because recent feedback indicates that we still need to smash more bugs before we can go public. Until early next week, we will roll out smaller incremental updates in a higher frequency to iron out as many issues as we can - so you do not need to run into them for a full week or more. ;-)

Said that, public release is within reach....expect “Alpha 6.0” to hit your game next week! The exact release date will be announced in a separate Blog Post very soon.

Until then, maybe check out the revamped NPC faction POIs, try the Tutorial, the updated Scenarios or just have a look if your monitor aspect ratio is now fully supported!

Any feedback is welcome! :)

As always: please report any issue or bug over here to help us speed up the pre-release work: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-experimental-6-0-release-candidate-4.11376

Thanks a lot in advance!

Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. Regarding Workshop Scenarios, we wanted to remind you about the following:
- Please add a file named preview.jpg with the dimensions of max 1280*720 pixel in your Scenario main folder
- Please hide all unfinished or work-in-progress scenarios
For more details, please read: http://empyriononline.com/threads/r...-mp-customization-scenario.11204/#post-127120


Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.15 (Build 1056)

Regeneration Update:
- Now supporting regeneration of voxel asteroids in space
- For testing: Added regenerate after 2min to voxel asteroids in space (in MP default setting)
- Tweaked regeneration timer of POI in Default MP setting (now 720 min)
- Removed regeneration of POIs in SP default setting

- Player does not die any more when passenger seat or turret is destroyed he was in (instead player will be ejected)
- Slightly increased flying altitude of planet vessels (via playfield.yaml)
- Random distribution: Ensure no Poi driven resources are placed beyond polar barriers
- Planet difficulty (as defined in playfield.yaml) has no impact on xp gains anymore
- Adapted exit positions on some SV cockpits.
- Added new beards: moustache, goatee
- Reduced RoF of laser space drones
- Slightly increased...