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Update: Patch (Build 734) - November 26, 2016

This is a client-side only update.

Changelog: Alpha 4.4.2 (Build 734)

Changes / Improvements:
- Replaced "Round Corner Long Thin" with a more useful shape

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem of missing faces of new block shapes in certain use cases


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released another patch that fixes several issues introduced in Alpha 4.4.

Please report remaining bugs over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 4.4

Changelog: Alpha 4.4.2 (Build 732)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that seated players were invisible to others
- Fixed: Problem that faction players could access other faction player private properties
- Fixed: Problem that maximal block count in each direction from the core was reduced.
- Fixed: Problems that enemies were not attacking in "godmode fly" (note that we now have 2 godmodes: "godmode fly" [default] and "godmode invisible")
- Fixed: Stability problem when vessels were colliding with deco or ground
- Fixed: Problem that de-constructing Lab deco / Console deco returned components for "Furnishing" blocks
- Fixed: Problem that de-constructing Light Blocks did not return any materials
- Fixed: Problem that Round Corner did not fit other round blocks anymore
- Fixed: Texture problems on block shapes: Wall and Round Slope Edge Thin
- Fixed: Problem with invisible sides on Slope Half and fixed problem with normals on this block shape
- Fixed: Texture issue on Ramp Bottom A
- Fixed: Scaling issue on window Round Corner Thin

Changes / Improvements:
- Reduced thickness of Walkway Plate to match thickness of normal window
- Allowing to access everything (other faction's CP, containers) in god mode
- Lowered height of first person camera when sitting in CV cockpit
- Increased weapon strength of mounted weapons & turrets against NPCs/drones/players
- Increased weapon damage of drones against structures/devices by 25%
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Update: Hotfix (Build 729) - November 23, 2016

Changelog: Alpha 4.4.1 (Build 729)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Severe FPS drops when flying large CVs or sometimes already when starting their engines


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Welcome to Alpha 4.4 which includes an awesome new feature: modular building! As mentioned in our last release note, initially, we did not plan to release another update before the Alpha 5.0, but we found modular building so cool that we wanted to share it with you asap and not let you wait until Alpha 5.0.

Did you ever want to build an outpost like that?
With modular building, this will now be possible! (small disclaimer: the buildings will be arranged on a grid, i.e., 90° to each other)

Together with modular building, we also added the possibility to merge different structures together into one base via a Console Command in Creative Mode.

Moreover, we are sure that our building community will be happy about the 30 new block shapes, several new window blocks and many new decorative blocks that we added to the game.



But this is far from being all: Have a look at the full changelog below to read in detail about the changes that wait for you in Alpha 4.4.

Thanks for reading and as always - give us your feedback about the changes in Alpha 4.4!

Please report any remaining bugs over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-4-4.8298/

Empyrion Dev Team

Changelog: Alpha 4.4 (Build 728)

Modular Building:
- Added possibility to build in a modular way and separate mother base from child bases

How modular building works:
Look at your mother base, open "Building Tools" menu (hotkey N) and select "Connect to" -> you can now place the next block freely on the terrain in a grid (i.e., 90° with respect to the mother base). The new block defines the foundation of the "child base" which will be the same structure as the mother base but the child bases can be physically disconnected from the mother base (and you do not need an extra core). Since the mother and child bases are the same structure, they can be controlled together via the Control Panel.

Merging Structures:
- Added "mergestructs" and "setposition" console commands (Creative mode): you can...
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Update: Hotfix (Build 712) - November 12, 2016

EAC is working fine again. You can now enable EAC on your server again to avoid cheating. However, we recommend disabling "HeartbeatClient" in dedicated.yaml for now.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed all problems with EAC
- Fixed: Internal error that sometimes occurred when player is stuck under cockpit and he gets detached
- Fixed: When switching fullscreen, character loses color and becomes grey


Hi everyone,

We fixed the severe memory leak, which was introduced in the last update. Unfortunately, the memory leak persists on Radeon HD 55xx to 77xx graphic cards - we are still working on a fix for these cards.

Please note that this update is both client and server side.

Please report bugs over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-4-3-1.8112/

Changelog: Alpha 4.3.1 (Build 710)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed memory leak on Nvidia and recent Ati cards (memory leak still persistant on Radeon HD 55xx to 77xx)
- Fixed problem that NPC did not reliably attack anymore
- Fixed problem that rocket launcher could shoot through doors / walls when standing close to object
- Fixed problem that you could not hit asteroids with rocket turrets anymore

Changes / Improvements:
- Added new glass railing blocks: regular, round and L-shape
- Added SV thrusters to block group (regular, slant and enclosed) similar to CV thrusters
- Added new enclosed thruster for HV and added HV thrusters to block group (regular, slant and enclosed)
- Minor renaming of all thrusters
- Changed: Using UTC time in log line time stamps, allows easy comparing of log files from different timezones
- When using "autogroup" in Control Panel, thrusters are now grouped by directional status. Note: Thruster positions for grouping are set when "autogroup" is executed. If cockpit orientation is changed after auto-grouping this will not yet be taken into account
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EDIT: Memory leak in Alpha 4.3.1

We have a severe memory leak in Alpha 4.3.1. We are sorry for the inconveniences

Actually, we already fixed the leak on our side but we are still testing the fix to make sure everything is fine before we want to release it. You can expect a hotfix on Friday morning 9am CET.


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released another hotfix that addresses several issues and bugs that were introduced in Alpha 4.3. In particular, there was a major problem with NPCs and turrets not attacking correctly. Hopefully all these issues are solved now.

In addition, we have good news for our players that were still suffering from the inventory crash: we could finally reproduce and fix it! The crash only happened on machines that had a certain type of Radeon graphics card installed. Thus, we had to get one of the affected graphics card before we were able to reproduce and fix it on our end. Thanks for all the detailed bug reports on this issue!

Empyrion Dev Team

PS: Please report bugs over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-4-3-1.8112/unread

Changelog: Alpha 4.3.1 (Build 708)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Inventory crash on machines with a certain type of Radeon graphics card
- Fixed: Drones / Predators / NPCs / Bases do not attack player anymore (MP)
- Fixed: Turrets in PvP do no fire on other factions (MP)
- Fixed: Not possible to place a BP in Orbit
- Fixed: Symmetry problem with new windows L and 3-sided (we had to adapt the default position of these 2 windows - so maybe you have to rotate these blocks on your blueprints again)
- Fixed: Icon of Autominer remains on Map and Radar if destroyed
- Fixed: Another use case of the "infinite plant pickup bug"
- Fixed: CV Thruster M group has broken preview image
- Fixed: Random error that happened when entering Omicron

Changes / Improvements:
- Enhanced player data output in console ('plys' command)
- Changed 'say' command variant addressing a single player: now using the player's persistent id
- Improved EAC handling, increased default heartbeat timeout for clients
- Optimized lights on new BA Tier 6
- Minor renaming: Walkway Blocks -> Walkway & Railing Blocks
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Hofix 4.3.0 b 707 (client and server update!)
- Fixed can-non-warp issue

Sorry for the inconveniences

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Alpha 4.3, which marks the last update with bug fixes and general improvement before entering the development cycle for Alpha 5.0.

In Alpha 4.3, we implemented more measures to avoid vessel / structure loss, added several new blocks and devices, tweaked the speed of CV versus SV, improved the Server-Client chat, re-balanced some weapons, added new stock blueprints, improved visuals, fixed many bugs and integrated other improvements as documented in the changelog below.

As always, we are very curious about your feedback regarding Alpha 4.3.

Thanks for reading.

Empyrion Dev Team

Important Notes:
- Please add bug reports over here:
- Info about using screen capture software OBS since Alpha 4.0:

Changelog: Alpha 4.3 (Build 706)

New measures to avoid vessel / structure loss and other improvements concerning playfield changes:
- Playfield change is now more stable: before changing a playfield, the target playfield is now asked if it is available
- Added additional security check to prevent entering a playfield if the max structure count would then be exceeded
- Added heartbeat message from client -> server
- Checking playfield server heartbeats and killing process if yaml configurable timeout reached
- Added 'detach' console command to help detaching a player when he has the 'stuck below cockpit' problem

New blocks and devices:
- Added 2 new window blocks: L-shape and 3-sided corner
- Added 2 new railing blocks: L-shape and round corner
- Added more CV thrusters to complete block group. Thrusters are now grouped in M, L, XL thrusters - each group has 3 thrusters: normal, slant, armored (with same specs)
- Added epic rocket launcher with homing missiles
- Added Akua berry bush, space orange tree, alien honey plant and textured plant protein plant as growable plants in BA / CV
- Added thruster M slant for HV
- Added 2 small-sized versions of jet thrusters
- Added damage states to jet thrusters and AMD

- Tweaked speed of CV / SV: CVs are now slower than...
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EDIT: November 6, 2016 Updated Server to Build 693
- Fixed several internal errors


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have just released a new version - Alpha 4.2. New features include tracer effects for bullets, the possibility to change the 3rd person camera position in vessels, decorations that can get destroyed with vessels, we added several new wings and thrusters as well as two new weapons that shoot homing missiles. Moreover, we rebalanced several weapons, fixed many bugs and added other improvements to the game.

Try out the newest version and let us know what you think!

Please report remaining bugs over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 4.2.0

Empyrion Dev Team

Changelog: Alpha 4.2 (Build 688)

Main Features:
- Added tracer effects for bullets to certain weapons
The new tracer effects that we added to several weapons (including mounted weapons and turrets)

- Added possibility to change 3rd person camera position in vessels by Page UP and Page DOWN buttons (saving camera y and z offset in blueprint)
You can now adjust the third person camera for you vessels to find your preferred position.

- Deco trees/bushes/rocks get destroyed when CV collides with them (larger deco will not get destroyed, smaller deco does get destroyed)
Remember the situations when a little bush prevented your vessel from landing? These times are over now...

- Added several new wings + possibility to change wings of same size via Change Tool (equip tool, aim at the wing and hit LMB to cycle through the variants)
This picture shows a part of the new set of wings that we integrated - the full set of wings is waiting for you! (note: as shown in screenshot, you can easily change the texture on the wings)

- Added new set of thrusters for SV
This is the new set of jet-style thrusters

- Added new weapons: Mounted rocket launcher with homing missiles for SV and hand-held rocket launcher with homing missiles
Try out the brand-new handheld rocket launcher with homing missiles. It is a lot of fun to shoot down drones with this...
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Hi everyone,

We just released a small hotfix that addresses some bugs introduced in Alpha 4.1.0. In addition, we made wood and concrete more attractive in the early game by increasing their hitpoints and allowing Rock Dust as a base ingredient for blueprints made of Concrete.

Changelog: Alpha 4.1.1 (Build 678)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed internal error (Number #278C9 from support email)
- Fixed: Problem that one could not see particle effects (including sound) of other players in multiplayer anymore (rotation not yet fixed)
- Fixed: Problem that Change & Rotate Tool could be used on foreign structures/bases
- Fixed layer problem on lava planet
- Fixed: "Error 102" on startup

Changes / Improvements:
- Increased Hitpoints for Concrete and Wood blocks
- BP Factory: Rock Dust now allowed as base ingredient for blueprints made of Concrete (instead of Cement)
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Ready for the pre-Halloween Weekend with Empyrion - Galactic Survival? We finished version 4.1 with more refinements, tweaks and bugfixes just in time!

As the transition to Alpha 4 has caused some inevitable workload for updating blueprints and prefabs, we have added more functionality and a new command for bringing your favorite builds up to speed!

Other Improvements range from making the HV weight balancing more convenient (by adding smaller artificial weight blocks), removing purified water from our high-tech self-hydrating concrete to make it more affordable in the early game, up to giving faction members access to all terrain placeables.

Also important for our builders and engineers: the T2 Multitool got stronger, especially for the high end materials! No tedious grinding of Combat Steel anymore. But maybe you should now handle it with some extra care. ;-)

Have a look at the other tweaks and re-balancing changes below.

If you want to dive into "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" for the weekend, maybe with your friends that do not own the game yet, this is a good chance: we are on a 50% sale on Steam right now. Get your game key for $9.99 and have fun playing!

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, while helping us to squash the remaining bugs. :)

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Empyrion Dev Team

1) If you still have problems with the game freezing when performing a certain action, please read on here:
Game Freeze with helmet, inventory, bike, gamestart etc...
2) Report any bug in 4.1 over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 4.1.0

Changelog: Alpha 4.1.0 (Build 677)

AMD improvements:
- AMD maximum and minimum source quality now scaled relative to the savegames max-min deposit sizes for the selected difficulty level (before: fixed overall scale)
- Added new animations to AMD: it now opens/closes the shields and rotates them
- Animations + drill laser effect are only triggered when AMD is actually mining (thus you now see from far away whether AMD is active)

The AMD is now closed (Tier 2 and 3) and mining laser is switched off when it is not mining:

Console commands for managing blueprints:
- Added new...
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Hi everyone,

We just released a new version where we integrated the promised manual console command to convert all blocks automatically. Please note that it is only necessary to convert the old blocks on BA / CV (thus the new command only works on these structures).

How to use the extended replaceblocks cmd:
1. Start a creative game
2. Spawn the blueprint you want to convert
3. Use console cmd "di" to show the id of the entity
4. Use console cmd "replaceblocks" as follows: replaceblocks <EntityID> -alpha4

The command will replace all blocks mentioned in this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/0/333656722972453685/
Thus, you don't have to type the more than 50 replacement commands by hand :)

Changelog: Alpha 4.0.2 (Build 664)

Changes / Improvements:
- Extended manual console cmd "replaceblocks" to convert all blocks automatically
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We probably found the reason for the inventory crashes and the overall lagginess that experienced some players in Alpha 4. Thanks for all your feedback on this matter - it helped us to fix this problem!

The problems originated from the new UMA characters and the way how their textures are generated (remember you will soon be able to change armor and appearance of your character dynamically in game). For those that already operated at the limit regarding VRAM in pre-Alpha 4, the new UMA character setup was the "straw that broke the camel's back". To fix the problems, we have now reduced the resolution of the textures and force low-res textures on systems that have only 1GB of VRAM.

If you have 2GB of VRAM but you are still experiencing lags and crashes, please set the texture resolution to "half" in the video options.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 4.0.1 (Build 663)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added check on opening Main Menu to force half texture resolution if VRam < 1500mb or DRam < 4500mb
- Reduced resolution of UMA character textures

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Wrong assigned texture on female helmet
- Fixed: Colouring on female armour
- Fixed: Blank menu/background texture on DX9
- Fixed: Preset selecting in options window

P.S. If you are experiencing problems with your blueprints in Alpha 4.0, please bear with us: in Alpha 4.0.2 we will introduce a manual console command that will convert all blocks for those blueprints that were spawned and saved in the experimental version in Builds 639 and 640. For more info, see: http://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/0/333656722972453685
Thus, we suggest to wait before you do the more than 50 replacement commands by hand.