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Hi guys,

We released a small patch that should fix the "Crazy-Capital-Vessel-Spinning-Bug". This bug was introduced in the last version and resulted in uncontrollable spinning Capital Vessels when they were equipped with a lot of generators.

**Update** Please also update your SERVERS with this patch, as this will fix some side-effects of this

Changelog: Alpha 2.3.0 (Build 521)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem with CV spinning uncontrollably around their own axis in certain situations
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing the second part of our performance update. As of now, server admins can not only set up rules about their server community being able to use blueprints at all, but also to which degree and to which sizes!

As a short explanation: Performance issues do not result from a ship being built out of 60.000 blocks alone. Performance issues are related to the device count, like generators, thrusters, fuel tanks and so on! That’s why the classes are based on device-count, not on the total block count.

With the new settings, you can now set up rules for the maximum device-count (Classes) of those ships that are allowed to be spawned via the Blueprint Library. (See Changelog below for all the settings)

This does not affect ships already in the game or ships that were manually built up and beyond these limits, but, as it stands now, we might (!) make active use of the device count classes for the upcoming vessel and structure balancings. Feel free to send us your feedback on this specific topic!

We are also going to introduce some more powerful and larger devices, all our builders might find useful.

Version 2.3 adds the new Tier 2 Generator and the Tier 3 tank. Both will not only reduce your structures device-counts, but also reduce the amount of tanks to fill while keeping the same level of fuel packs!

Please note: The new Tier 3 Fuel Tank is kind of temporary, as the UI needs a bit of a feature upgrade to fully feature larger tanks with more than 56 fuel pack slots. As soon as we achieved that, we might downgrade the content of the T3 Tank a little bit in terms of fuel pack slots (so it fits the calculation and balance again), but offer even larger T4 tanks (in size and content) in exchange.

Finally, we improved the visuals of the game by increasing the light intensity on many playfields, making the ambient color less dark, tweaking tone-mapping and the image processing effect.

The result of our tweaks are more vivid colors...

...and less overblowing of bright colors on the terrain:


Thanks to the higher light intensity, the normal maps on objects are much more pronounced:

We also increased the strength of the shadows:
We hope you’ll find these...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With version 2.2 we primarily concentrated on some performance features and tweaks, which should help to run the game smoother in a lot of situations. As always, this is just a first step, we are aware of more weak points and we will iterate on that in the coming months. Like the feature development, this an ongoing process, not a one-time task.

Said that, we would like to ask you to run our performance survey again after having installed and tested the new patch: http://survey.empyriongame.com

This will help us a lot - thanks in advance!

Starting this week, we have begun to work on the first features of version 3.0. And, although we cannot detail all the features yet, we just want to say 3.0 will mark the first step into a more varying and ‘living’ world. Of course we will add nice features, balances and bugfixes as well ;-)

Now, enjoy v2.2 and send us your feedback right here!

Empyrion Dev Team.

PS: If you are not comfortable reporting bugs and issues in the forums or by mail, just create a ticket at support.empyriongame.com (no login needed)

Have a look at some of the new textures we added for the resource meteorites. For example, Zascosium meteorite:
Sathium meteorite
Promethium meteorite:

We have also improved the visuals of the Escape Pod (it is now much smoother):

Regarding optimizations, we significantly improved the performance on planets with ground fog (e.g. alien planet) without changing the visuals of the fog:

Another optimization concerns the Raptors. We reduced the triangles from 130k to about 25k without scarifying the quality (having 10 raptors in one scene, could have a strong performance impact on low-end machine before):

Finally, we added a new bush on the alien planet:

Changelog: Alpha 2.2.0 (Build 516)

- Marketplace: Added textual filter and filter icons
- Added "Compress" button in Resume Game window. Reduces size of savegames by defragmenting files. Attention: Depending on the size of the savegame this can take several minutes!
- Added possibility to choose "Fullscreen Window"
- Enhanced Empyrion Launcher:
* Launcher...
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Hi everyone,

We released a potential fix that should solve the problem with the playfield server crashes occurring frequently on dedicated servers.

Changelog: Alpha 2.1.1 (Build 507)

Bug Fixes:
- Potential fix for playfield server crashes on a dedicated server

Note: We were suffering from a Unity problem that crashes the game without a stack trace if some conditions are met. Thanks to another user, who pointed out the problem for Android, we found the reason for the crashes: http://answers.unity3d.com/question...g-resourcesunloadunusedass.html#answer-998128
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Hi guys,

We just released a hotfix for the problems introduced with Alpha 2.1.

Changelog: Alpha 2.1.1 (Build 506)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problems with whole sections of vessels / bases being removed and SV/HV vanishing (unfortunately already lost stuff cannot be recovered)
- Fixed problems for Constructor bug
- Fixed problems with terrain placeables (Survival Constructor, Oxygen Generator, etc) when placed at position larger than 2048
- Fixed: Difficulty setting on resume game: Opening the settings always shows EASY presets
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing Alpha 2.1, which adds some interesting new features to the game, like Explosive Devices, the Multitool showing the Hitpoint Status of any block, Damage States for a lot of devices (will be completed in the upcoming updates), an open Piloting Seat for building your own SV / HV Cockpits and many more.

For more flexibility in building, we have added two sets of new animated devices: Shutter Doors and Retractable Ramps!

And, similar to placing a bluepint, you can now move any to-be-placed block up and down (Page Up/Down Button)!

Set of shutter doors:

Set of retractable ramps:

The Marketplace also got a larger functionality update:You can now buy single items from an offered stack, instead of having to buy the whole stack. And, in order to deal with the misuse of the marketplace as an extended storage area, every merchantman has to pay a 10% fee when creating a new offer.

We have also added more game options, like full and half texture resolution and more!

Speaking of graphics: While adding new and more deco, better textures and effects, we of course want to know how these changes affect your game performance. And, as there is always a way to optimize, we started the Performance Survey to gather informations about your ingame ‘frames per second’ (FPS) .


As a note: These performance related optimizations need a lot of input, so we would like to ask you to run this survey at least once after each public and/or experimental version update!

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

Enjoy update 2.1 and send us your feedback!

New creatures:

New snow capped mountains on Akua:

CHANGELOG: Alpha 2.1.0 (Build 503)

Feature Updates
- Marketplace:
* Offers can now be partially accepted (buy or sell only some of the amount originally offered)
* Marketplace now charges the offer creator a 10% marketplace fee
* Anti-abuse change: On 'For sale' offers the creator has to pay the marketplace fee immediately. On claiming an accepted sale, the vendor gets the full price in return
* Added unit price column to allow better comparison of offers
* Now showing the item...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Today, we want to talk about a topic that is already controversially discussed in the community: Server-Monetarization aka Perks and Donation-Bundles, which are sold by a few server owners.

We know that renting a server from a company or hosting a server on your own means paying fees and having to take care of anything related 24/7 – without being paid. Because of that we are OK if you charge a standard fee from players using your servers and if you are accepting donations.

We don’t and we won’t limit you artificially in your very personal idea on how to keep your server community happy and how you want to fund your server. That’s what makes the difference between just having standard servers available and having a great multiplayer community with lots of virtual universes to play in!

But we also want to make sure that everyone in our growing community is sharing the same attitude and having the same understanding of what is possible and what not, concerning selling stuff as a so called “3rd Party”- and the resulting liabilities.

For this, we have set up three simple rules that all server owners have to follow:

You are allowed to change, remove, enable or disable any gameplay element or feature in any way that fits you or your team’s idea on how your server world should work for your players. This applies to all features, blocks, options, settings that are in the game by default.

You are NOT allowed to sell such removed or disabled gameplay elements, etc. back to a paying part of your server community.

If you modify the game in any way and sell perks, timesavers or bundles, you need to make a clear statement about who you are and that you are not associated with Eleon Game Studios. This is necessary to avoid misconceptions about whom to contact, who is running the server and who is selling the stuff and is receiving funds.
Please add such a disclaimer to your web / store page and in blog posts in which you are referring to your store or paid bundles related to the game.

CLOSING STATEMENT: These rules are in place as of today. They may change in the course of the development due to new or changed features.

PLEASE NOTE: Even when selling digital stuff or when accepting donations, these transactions need to apply to your locale and national business rules, tax and other legal stuff. In your own interest, make sure...
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Hi guys,

We have just released another small patch that addresses the problem with endless loading screen in single player and multiplayer. You should now be able to continue your save games and re-login to your dedicated server. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Changelog: Alpha 2.0.3 (Build 484)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem with endless loading screen (single player and multiplayer)
- Fixed possible exception after offers were removed from Recent or Pending lists

Changes / Improvements:
- Armored windows and shutter windows are now also allowed on SV / HV
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Hi guys,

We just released another patch that should now solve the problem regarding the occasional crashes and subsequent corrupted save games (you should now be able to resume these corrupted save games). In addition, we made a few tweaks and improvements.

Thanks to all who sent us their output logs. It helps us big time!!!

Changelog: Alpha 2.0.2 (Build 482)

Improved Marketplace:
- allowed all simple items (that don't need to be crafted) for use in Marketplace (e.g. Ores, Fiber etc)
- items that a player cannot buy due to missing tech tree unlock are no longer displayed in marketplace
- changed name of tabs into: "Wanted" / "For Sale" / "Recent"
- limited offers to the maximum amount that an item can be piled up (e.g., handheld weapons = 1, thruster = 5, etc)
- made price column right-aligned
- credits abbreviation is now in capital letters ("CR")

Other Changes / Improvements:
- Resource meteorites are now only spawned on a dedicated server (and not in singleplayer anymore)
- Added 3 hangar doors with an uneven number of blocks in width
- Flashlight is now unlocked from the beginning
- SV Tier 1 does not need Sathium anymore (no hardened steel blocks used anymore)
- Small O2 Tank (BA/CV) has now 5 slots (instead of 2 slots)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed crash linked to decoration that sometimes appeared and subsequently corrupted save game
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dying on some planets leads to endless loading screen
- Fixed crash that sometimes appeared on a dedicated server and subsequently blocked a playfield

Changes / Improvements:
- Updated stock prefab CV Tier 1+3