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  1. Kieve
    Kieve EleonGameStudios
    I know you guys aren't stupid. Which is why leaving durability as-is confuses the hell out of me. You've listened to us on so many features, why are you ignoring this one?
  2. Iluminator
    A couple of people in this forum comment on every aspect of this game. In the sea of nonsense there is something intelligent there.
  3. CharAznabl3
    Looking For English Group
  4. Hopskotch
    Working on the new world order on HWS 6.0!! Coming SOOOOON!
  5. LiftPizzas
    Episode 28 is in the works, still need to render and upload so it'll be at least a couple of hours.
  6. The Dirt Wizard
  7. The Dirt Wizard
    The Dirt Wizard
    643 MB download coming!
  8. Siege Inc.
    Siege Inc.
    Under construction...
  9. joemorin73
    New mod created. PermaDeath.
  10. Ranger
    Testing Community: "This whole durability mechanic COULDN'T possibly be any worse!" Eleon: "Hold my beer..."
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  11. ̲̅ᴵ̲̅ᵞ̲̅ᴬ̲̅ᴰ̲̅
    ̲̅ᴵ̲̅ᵞ̲̅ᴬ̲̅ᴰ̲̅ mR_kAt
    Hello, the server you mentioned for empyrean sounded very interesting is there anyway I can get an invite for that?
  12. Kieve
    Eleon has taken to trolling the hell out of their playerbase. Next up: all starter planets are Klendathu now.
  13. Ranger
    tired of weapon kits and durability: fighting over it: using cheats to circumvent it. & tired of dumb bears doing dumb bear things.
    1. Wild_XIII
      One can hope they read our pleas and don't ignore us!
      May 16, 2017 at 8:07 AM
  14. Aeri
    Been playing since first public release and love watching this game grow
  15. LiftPizzas
    Kids are home from school, no episode today.
  16. LiftPizzas
    A "between" episode is uploading, looks like about 2 hours remaining.
  17. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Don't forget Mothers Day! Even a card or phone call is better then nothing even if she says she wants nothing.
  18. Iluminator
    After RC1, I'm afraid of RC2 and what it will cause to be repaired again but I still adore this game ...
  19. LiftPizzas
    Under 22 minutes and 5th place overall. :) And now a nap! I'll try to get an episode out tonight or tomorrow morning. :)
  20. LiftPizzas