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  1. SlayDark27
    SlayDark27 EleonGameStudios
    Hey when we'll have some kind of animation when using jetpack in space? it's too weird play the last two years and that part is still with no animation... "Walking" throug space... it loses all the inmersion. Please, Please, add an floating animation to that soon.
  2. LISTO521
    LISTO521 loulou de pomerany
    juste savoir si tu etait francais
  3. kelvin
    kelvin Hummel-o-War
    Can Artillery guns Take out the CORE in The Drone Base, I have tried everything, It fires at the Troop Transport and every other alien except the CORE, settings on auto. works ok on manual
  4. Kieve
  5. LISTO521
    la mort et une belle chose. gardé la pour la fin
  6. Suzuka Sakurai
  7. joulle
    Teamwork: "when you need shot white, you give ammo to other black"
  8. belegija
    why is my topic "awaiting moderation to be public" ?
    1. En_Ma
      In some sections of the forums your post need to be approved by a moderator before everyone can see it.
      Aug 14, 2017
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    2. Xenophon
  9. TNTBOY479
    Brainstorming ship designs
  10. Fractalite
    Cheers to the Developers for 6.6 and a look at 7.0. Nice additions and the future looks stunning!
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  11. :WOG: BECO
  12. Kieve
    Kieve vicomt
    It was a noble effort.
  13. En_Ma
    En_Ma EleonGameStudios
    Say, do you guys plan to put out some kind of community sourceable translation system?
    (or, if something like this is already in place, where could I find it?)
    1. Taelyn
      Aug 13, 2017
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  14. rainyday
    1144 hours of Empyrion. It's a struggle for most games to keep me interested for 100 hours.
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    2. Starwing6
      I couldn't agree more! I have other favourite games without any sense of needing to play them :)
      Aug 9, 2017
    3. Wild_XIII
      I do love the game, but it's got kind of stale for me after 400+ hours! I do occasionally add bits to my massive CV though.

      Once they add more for it, or I can be bothered to learn how to create scenarios, I'll easily sink another 400+ hours into it!
      Aug 11, 2017
  15. Kieve
    "I have a great idea for a new build!" - *opens Empyrion* - "Oh, right. All the colors and textures still suck..." :(
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  16. Zemer
    Screaming into the void
  17. Fractalite
    Fractalite Its Just Steve
    I love your avatar picture sir. That is awesome.
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    2. Its Just Steve
      Its Just Steve
      Thanks mate! The things I see in my work day...
      Aug 7, 2017
  18. ☣.C.H.U.D.☣
    People need to Upgrade thier Potatoes
  19. Aelar_Nailo
    When you don't want to pony up the money for a gfx card, but want to play empyrion.... My old one died.
    1. N99024
      I'd recommend going for anything like a 1060 or 480,470,580,570 if you want it to look good at 1080p 60hz
      Aug 6, 2017
    2. Aelar_Nailo
      @N99024, that is the plan! Once I convince myself to spend the money.
      Aug 7, 2017
  20. michaelhartman89
    Just one day after my computer broke, I paid $1100 dollars for a new pc at the px, bc I'm an Empyrion addict...... wife might be pissed.
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