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  1. John Orman
    John Orman EleonGameStudios
    Hey, how do I leave you guys crash reports? I am outside my CV in creative mode, and when I try to change tools, game crashes...
    1. Pantera
      email all relevant logs to [email protected]
      Mar 26, 2017 at 5:56 PM
  2. Aurex
    Testing the Masper- uhm, hell out of the experimental branch!
  3. Kieve
    If you'd told me in September that EGS would piss me off THIS much, I wouldn't have believed you.
  4. LiftPizzas
  5. madman3247
    ....waiting with tingly anticipation for 6.0 ^_^
  6. LiftPizzas
  7. Wild_XIII
    That awkward moment when you've spent a while working on a CV and then *BAM* power cut. DAMN IT!
  8. Fractalite
    Fractalite LiftPizzas
    Lift, I love your videos when you and Hurley go after harder/tougher POI's together - I just watched episode 33 of season 7 "New Abandoned Mine." Any chance I could make a very specific request that you go after the new abandoned factory for your next video?
    1. LiftPizzas
      We did Aestus Drone base after that. I want to try the factory, but I want to do it after those bars are fixed, LOL.
      Mar 24, 2017 at 5:25 AM
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  9. LiftPizzas
  10. Ichawat
    Ichawat LiftPizzas
    Great youtube series, your first mining vessel was a huge help! Any information on multiplayer and good servers you can offer a new player? I am having some trouble finding active servers, not sure if I even understand the chat system fully XD

    1. LiftPizzas
      I haven't played on any multiplayer servers, but there are several really good ones with admins who put a lot of work in to make them as fun as possible.
      Mar 23, 2017 at 6:28 AM
  11. Kieve
    Inconsolable rage.
    1. Fractalite
      Mar 21, 2017
    2. Frigidman
      Over the texture change on a certain deco item ;)
      Mar 21, 2017
    3. Kieve
      Over the TREND of texture changes.
      Mar 21, 2017
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  12. JBHitman
    That's no moon...That's a class 10 CV
  13. EkkiThump
  14. GlassDeviant
    Working on custom E:GS servers.
  15. papermangamer
    just started playing
  16. GlassDeviant
    GlassDeviant arg821
    Do you know of any good, up to date guides for customizing the yaml files for a 5.x server? I am working a friends server so we can start fresh with 3 guys and work together, and I want to make something a lot like what you described in your post from this morning.
  17. Hellion
    Hellion Sofianinho
    Born April 3rd? old man!
    1. Sofianinho
      Haha at least it wasn't in april fool's day.
      Mar 16, 2017
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  18. LiftPizzas
  19. SylenThunder
    If I'm not working, or on the road, I'm likely in a game.
  20. EkkiThump