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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Well done! Thanks to your dedicated help, we already tracked down a lot of nasty issues in our Release Candidate 1. But we are not done yet! To ensure this version gets the best possible polishing, we are now starting Release Candidate 2.

    Our major task remains the same: squashing bugs!

    Said that, a lot of you have made us aware about the FPS issues with movement of large ships in different situations. Thanks a lot for all the reports. We are currently testing a fix for this problem :)

    As always, as soon as you read this, have a look at your very personal bug list. If you do NOT find your issue fixed below, please give it another try and re-report them in our bug thread for RC2. Thanks a lot in advance!

    Bug Reports: Alpha Experimental - Release Candidate 2:

    To spice up this update and based on your feedback, we also added some feature-refinements and changes to the gameplay.

    As a special note: the customization possibilities have increased a lot with Alpha 6.0. That’s why we have added two more FAQ threads dedicated to Multiplayer/Playfields and for Builders/Creative to answer the most important topics of the newly added features.

    Please, if you are new to Empyrion or the Experimental Alpha 6.0, give it a read first!

    FAQ for Players:
    FAQ for Builders:
    FAQ for MP & Customization & Scenario:

    We have also added a dedicated feedback thread for the STORY TUTORIAL to grab dedicated feedback on this topic:
    (Please do not discuss the global “New Game Start” there, but only the tasks and actions of the Tutorial and how it can be improved. Thanks!)

    Now, have fun with RC2! :)

    Empyrion Dev Team


    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.12 (Build 1032)

    Added Regeneration of POIs:
    - Added POI regeneration feature: regeneration timer counts down if a POI has been "visited". If timer reaches zero, POI regenerates if no player is close (120m). Note: you cannot build/drill nearby a structure that has "regeneration" enabled
    - For testing: Added regenerate to all POIs on all starter planets and all POIs in space (all playfields) - also in Single Player (only for testing)
    EDIT: regeneration will be available in SP also (it all depends on the designer now)

    POIs can now regenerate on a server

    As a server provider, you just have to tag the POIs accordingly in the playfield.yaml

    Regeneration also works for POIs in space

    POI Spawning Update:
    - Added drone base and vessel base to POI spawning, i.e. you can now control spawning of these 2 units. What means, you can spawn drone base and vessel base close to each other or spawn valuable resources close to these structures -> see playfield.yaml in ExamplePlanet
    IMPORTANT: you must adapt your custom yamls to this new setup if you want to spawn a drone base or a planet vessel base

    GUI Polishing:
    - Chat font changed to white color and increased size (same for tutorial messages and PDA actions)
    - Polishing of Map window, Sector Map window, Vessel Statistics window, Control Panel Devices Page and Signal Logic Page
    - Added Ammunition panel to Control Panel (Fill and list showing the different ammo types not yet working)
    - Popup Dialog Boxes Polishing
    - Updated map marker icons
    - Adapted Planet Map to use same Starmap background as Space and Sector Map
    - More tweaks to Menu Bar icons
    - Updated style of buttons

    Visuals and Sounds:
    - Added possibility to play a custom music for each structure (defined in playfield.yaml)
    - Playfield specific sound is now played again (defined in playfield.yaml)
    - Updated some growable plants by adding clusters (so they look more voluminous): corn, wheat, tomatoes, etc.
    - Tweaked alien tube growable plant (made it larger) + added clusters to pearthing plant and durian plant
    - Added better model for promethium stone
    - Added better map marker for enemies (instead of arrow > dot)
    - Drone destroyed model sound is now heard less far
    - Added some more ambient sounds for POIs (dungeons, trading stations etc)
    - Updated textures of alien bugs to PBR textures
    - Entity spawner is now grey per default.

    - Added delay to Planet Vessels (defined in playfield.yaml)
    - Planet Vessel “standby” mode is now only active if Planet Vessel is not visible
    - Increased despawn timer of drones
    - Tweaked resource spawning (important resources are now sometimes closer to alien POIs)
    - Increased attack speed of several NPCs

    New Blocks:
    - Added new SV, HV cockpit (Renamed and rearranged cockpits in block group)
    - Added more destroyed hull blocks
    - Added new standing NPC

    - Always show completed Blueprint in Blueprint Factory list regardless of filter
    - Updated PDA
    - Updated Scenarios "Dawn of Galaxy" and "Invader vs Defender"
    - Added Supply Station POI to Oscutune orbit
    - Added info on which type (BA, SV, MS, HV) a certain ammo can be used
    - Added debug weapons for testing: "Assault Rifle Debug" and "Rocket Launcher Debug"
    - Implemented: PDA check 'NearUnit' can use a generic block name as target, target element needs to be listed in Control Panel's unit list
    - Better animation for standing aliens deco block
    - Added correct group name for POIs on moon playfield
    - Only max one drone / vessel base allowed per playfield (check introduced in yaml)
    - Small change to rockets: now every rocket is attached to the firing entity for 3 frames (eg when player fires a rocket in a fast flying SV)
    - Melee attack of enemies is now better (they won’t lose sight contact that easy any more)
    - Tweaked ranged attack of spider
    - Added ranged attack to alien bugs 03 + 04
    - Melee attack of NPC does not longer damage terrain
    - Added several orbital bases as drone bases
    - Temporarily deactivated space "custom tour" in PDA
    - Updated Trader Config
    - Updated CV Tier 2a (thanks to rainyday)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: No BA attack drones on any difficulty setting
    - Fixed: CoQ when using the teleporter to go from TS Akua to TSO Akua.
    - Fixed: Issues with SV mounted weapons. & CV Mounted Rocket weapon
    - Fixed: Not possible to scroll list of signals in SIGNAL LOGIC
    - Fixed: Respawn in a large sea send player in instant death screen loop
    - Fixed: Problem that CV in space flies 115m/s instead of 90m/s (regression)
    - Fixed: Control Panel Device List not keeping selection between Device List and Signal Logic Tabs
    - Fixed: Exploit: add -2 to amount when buying from trader is adding you the money
    - Fixed: Night vision doesn't work on scoped weapons.
    - Fixed: Toolbar partially visible when using scope + weapon clipping after using scope
    - Fixed: PDA: 'Guiding: Destination' does not work with NearResource
    - Fixed: Damaged blocks "full block" makes itself and blocks behind it transparent in some stages
    - Fixed: BAO_Thermica_Station is a CV instead of a BA
    - Fixed: Withdraw Hydrogen Packs from Fuel tanks allowed to create infinite energy loop => Temporarily removed Hydrogen Bottles Fuel Cells to avoid exploit
    - Fixed: MP issue with Motion Sensor and more than one player in sensor area
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes plants gave back dead sprouts and sometimes sprouts > now consistent: all give back sprouts
    - Fixed: Disassembling a Harvest Cargo box returns a Cargo box block
    - Fixed: MP lever animation and signal processing
    - Fixed: Troop Transporter is still spawning when drone base is conquered and placing player core
    - Fixed: CoQ when setting a map waypoint.
    - Fixed: Armor & weapons looted from POIs are damaged
    - Fixed: Connecting lines are missing in the Tech tree.
    - Fixed: NPC attacking the player clips into camera
    - Fixed: Block destroy particles not showing
    - Fixed: Signal broken when sensor is removed
    - Fixed: CoQ: Linked to Troop Transport
    - Fixed: Custom switches (MAIN tab middle column) do not save with blueprint
    - Fixed: Markers are not shown in the PV/PU list / no markers shown in the list
    - Fixed: Planet Vessel vanishes if lower thrusters are destroyed
    - Fixed: Difficulties setting "Number of deposits" has no real effect
    - Fixed: Docking HV to a CV leads to a 25 second delay for sensors
    - Fixed: NearUnit Name is not centered on device but on a different place
    - Possible fix for strange wall appearing when damaging abandoned mine.
    - Fixed: Planet Vessel HQ's are spawning in 2 bases on top of each other.
    - Fixed: Difficulty setting amount of available deposits has no effect (applied difficulty factor on minimum amount of ores)
    - Fixed: CoQ when using a lever to open/close a door
    - Fixed: Persistent CoQ when Base shoots as PV
    - Fixed: CoQ when using teleport from Ningues to Oscutune
    - Fixed: POI Cutout not working for BA_Patrol-Vessel-HQ3 (temporarily removed this prefab)
    - Fixed: Projectiles do not fire when flying sideways with max speed (Note: when flying sideways and the launcher is placed close to a hull block, it is normal that no rocket is shot)
    - Fixed: Custom NPC Trader does not work in Multiplayer
    - Fixed: Playfield: Ore deposits are 3x away the distance than set up in the yaml
    - Fixed: Sun flares and other flares not showing for player when using a weapon in first person view
    - Fixed: PDA 'NearUnit' checks did not complete when using generic block names
    - Fixed: CoQ when removing cameras from AI vessel and relogin to game
    - Fixed: Problem that player bends arms when aiming with pistol
    - Fixed: Sector Map Line Rendering
    - Fixed: Sectors reveal command throws CoQs
    - Fixed: Map Window Orbit Info description header
    - Fixed: CoQ in Popup when using "Auto" positioning
    - Fixed: Scrolling Popup issue in Signal Logic configure list
    - Fixed: Missing Name in Sector Map Orbit Info
    - Fixed: Internal error linked to trap door on dedi
    - Fixed: Random CoQ linked to trader
    - Fixed: NPC Trader main Icon slightly blurred/transparent
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    I can't wait to test POI regeneration. No hydrogen bottles = no fusion cells?
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  3. Timer

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    Nov 7, 2016
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    Honestly, thank you for acknowledging the fps drop with large ships.
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  4. Hopskotch

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    Feb 10, 2017
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    Another killer huge update. Glad to see the squashing is so productive!

    Question: "Temporarily removed Hydrogen Bottles to avoid exploit"

    Do you mean Hydro Fuel cells or actual Hydro bottles -- as that may be an issue creating the promy fuel cells?

    I don't think folks will miss Hydro fuel, but bottles...

    Great work All!

    - Hops
  5. Sabrina66

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    Jan 15, 2017
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    Good Work. But.... is that now the last Canditate? That waiting is so much boring. So much of our clan people stop playing that game in cause of that long waiting... I dont know if they play again...
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  6. Ballard

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    Feb 9, 2017
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    I quit making fusion cells anyway. They are of no real value with the new system.
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  7. Syrus

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Wait a minute!, You've added Alien Base Regeneration yet you say "added to SP but only for testing", I really really want this for SP.... please don't take it away:(
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  8. Browar

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    Oct 28, 2016
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    Hydrogen fuel was much more resource efficient than normal fuel. I did some tests and placed results in thread So who's liking the new fusion fuel?
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  9. Zuleica

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    I STILL don't see fixes for:

    1. CVs not triggering sensors mounted on BAs (and when mounted in CVs not being triggered by a BA or another CV).

    2. Touch plate and light beam sensors not persistent when SV/ HV docks (SV/HV becomes transparent to light beam the moment it docks)
  10. Ballard

    Ballard Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
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    Hydrogen yes, I can see that. I meant the Tech 20 Fuel Cells, the primary value of which used to be double the longevity of powering bases or ships. With the new system a Large Promethium is really a more cost effective way of filling up the tanks.
  11. Zuleica

    Zuleica Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2016
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    Why would they even THINK of not having it in SP? I too want it in SP.
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  12. Zuleica

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    There really is no point in more than one fuel type with the new system. It baffles me that no one at Eleon noticed that this new 'feature' was trashing a just recently added feature.
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  13. Zuleica

    Zuleica Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2016
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    I certainly hope it isn't the final candidate.
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  14. Ballard

    Ballard Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
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    I suspect that the entire Fuel, and perhaps other storage and consumption systems, will be reviewed and redesigned at some point. I am DELIGHTED that I no longer have to poke around and fill each tank individually. The new Control Panel is Awesome! So I see this as a major advance, even if it made certain types of fuel obsolete.
  15. Sacksquatch

    Sacksquatch Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2015
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    Yaml nerds rejoice!
  16. Yodarkore

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    Mar 6, 2017
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    Again, no communication. When are you decided to hire a communication manager?

    I dont read anything toward bugfix about flying hover exploit bug. Is that intentional?
    I dont read much about farming issues being fixed beside possible sprout giveback. Is that intentional?

    Anyway, keep up on the good work, but please COMMUNICATE BEFORE PATCHING!
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  17. Riph

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    Jan 19, 2017
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    Now that fuel is standardized into fungible 'fuel tank units', we can still have different types of fuel. They just have to manifest as different types of recipes that produce different amounts of this same fungible fuel stuff. Example. The giant fuel cell we used to love can still exist as a crafting recipe, it just produces 800 fuel units that land in your inventory.

    The only element that's 100% not compatible is the hydrogen fuel pack, since it leads to infinite energy. (Get hydrogen, make hydrogen fuel pack, put in tank, take out of tank, now it's promethium fuel pack, put in hydrogen extractor.)

    Honestly I wonder why we're worrying about this stuff at all. Energy is _already_ infinite. Just slap an Auto Miner on a prometheum deposit and you're set.
  18. Wizzy

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    wow not expected all this in update :)
  19. Ballard

    Ballard Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
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    Respawning POIs ROCKS!! I am beside myself over this one. It means a lot less wiping on MP servers will be needed. I am sure that respawning ore cannot be too far behind.
  20. rainyday

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Whatever the default is, it can be edited in YAML.
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