Feedback: Scenario "Shadows of Starlight"

Discussion in 'Experimental Features Discussion' started by EleonGameStudios, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Desperately need to time to play this... this screenshot looks inspired by a Mad Max / Defiance blend.[​IMG]
  3. Christianholmes

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    Jul 27, 2016
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    Absolutely a BLAST. I think players should be given food when teleporting to the freighter- if you forget some you're going to have trouble. Also, a little more guidance on giving you a hint at the first locker you should definitely take those SV parts as you might need them. I think the reward should better at the end (an Epic Sniper maybe?).

    And that brings up another thing- After I was done I had this cool ship with a LOT of stuff. There should be a way to blueprint your ship with all the items/fuel already in it so I can bring it into another server and have a "perpetual ship" you use on every server. Obviously some sort of limitations to the making the blueprint- I don't know what that would be, but I have everything organized and I hate restocking it. I supposed you could require ALL the ores required to make everything on the ship? I just segued big time. haha. Love the scenerio, makes me want to finish mine.
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  4. Steve K.

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    Ran into an indestructible Zirax patrol ship on my second venture to the asteroid field. I had taken an early level SV to space to hunt Neodymium. Did not end well, I ended up having to jetpack to the Trade Station to get back to the planet. So built a much better SV and headed back out. Took out one patrol vessel, mined some Neo, and saw another Zirax PV approaching. Could not damage the PV, went through several thousand rounds of 15 mm shooting turrets, thrusters, etc. to do no damage. Headed back to the planet to take out the Drone base

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