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    Welcome to our first iteration of Alpha 6.0 EXPERIMENTAL!

    To guid you through all the new features, we put together a comprehensive FAQ to adress most of the open topics. If you have any additional questions, please use the dedicated "QUESTIONS: Alpha 6.0 - Experimental" thread.

    NOTE: If you are a builder, check out our new FAQ FOR BUILDERS adding more details about creative mode knowlege and configurable devices!

    Thanks a lot & have fun playing! :)

    - Table of contents -
    - Control Panel: MAIN PAGE features ... [Goto]
    - NEW GAME START ... [Goto]
    - TEMP & RAD for DEVICES...[Goto]
    - PLAYER ARMOR...[Goto]
    - BOOSTERS...[Goto]
    - DURABILITY & REPAIR...[Goto]
    - PORTALS & INSTANCES...[Goto]
    - TRIGGERS & SENSORS ... [Goto]
    - SIGNAL LOGIC ... [Goto]
    - AI VESSELS ... [Goto]
    - INSTANCES ... [Goto]
    - WEATHER ... [Goto]
    - MAP MARKERS ... [Goto]


    Q: How does the FARMING work with EXP Part V?
    A: You now need to mind some of the conditions for plants to grow:
    - Growing if temperature is between 20 and 30° and RAD is 0 and Oxygen is available
    - Dying if temperature is lower than 0 or higher than 50° or RAD is higher than 3

    - Plants now only grow/die in Survival Mode (in the next update we will add more deco plants)
    - Plants now also grow outside without the need of a growing light if conditions are met.

    Q: I don't see all the planets on the space map anymore!
    A: You need to visit them to reveal new warp routes ;-)

    Q: Does publishing blueprints not use workshop.data anymore?
    A: Yes, as this has caused a few issues when workshop.data got lost or damaged. Now the game asks the workshop which blueprints the player has published and checks the names.

    Q: How do i rename my published blueprints?
    A: Go to the workshop (STEAM) and rename. The game will update the blueprint name in-game.

    Q: How do i build a T2 weapon with 6.0?
    A: T2 weapons need weapon kits as a component. You need to find those

    Q: How do i fill a fuel and O2 tank ?
    A: Just as before: Walk up to a tank and hit F or access via Control Panel. The only differenc: You do not need to move each and every item to each and every tank. You are now filling ALL tanks of your structure from ONE place by physically accessing a random tank or accessing your tank via Control Panel. No need to mange tanks individually anymore.
    A2: Each tank now contributes its value to your total capacity. The underlying mechanic of filling up a structures "fuel points" or "O2 points" by adding fuel packs of different sizes or O2 bottles to tanks has not changed - it just was not that visible before.

    Q: Why do shower and toilet and other deco elements have a sound effect now?
    A: They not only have a sound effect...just try them ;-)

    Q: I can not suicide anymore!
    A: Yes, we removed the suicide button from the inventory. If you need to suicide, open the console and enter "destoyme" (without the " " )

    Q: What is the furnace all about?
    A: A convenient way of smelting a lot of ore in a short amount of time

    Q: I can not heal in the medic bay anymore!
    A: You need to hit F to use it

    Q: What about the new "Scenario" Game mode?
    A: These are pre-defined scenarios that you can play. The range of default-scenarios shipped with the game will be increased over time. (Maybe also with yours? Who knows ;-)

    Q: How can i aquire new scenarios from the community?
    A: Got to the workshop and subscribe! ;-)

    Q: Did you add more game-start settings for MP?
    A: Yes!
    - Added possibility to set start armor in playfield.yaml.
    - Added possibility to set start items in playfield.yaml (e.g. see "snow" playfield.yaml)
    - Added possibility to set start setting (Escape Pod or in base) in playfield.yaml: e.g. on Ningues you start in Trading Station
    > see the dedicate.yaml (main folder) and the example playfield yamls (Folder: ../Content/playfields) for detailed possibilities!

    Q: A foreign ship with "patrol vessel" in its name is flying over the planet and shooting at me in Singleplayer?
    A: Say welcome to the alien patrol ships! ;-)

    Q: What is the "Personal Container" and its purpose?
    A1: This is a device especially for building starter-POIs. The Admins/Creators of the POI can pre-place items there.
    A2: The content is available for EACH player opening the personal container - not only once. So you and your friend can open the container and take out the stuff (once)
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    Q: What do the 2x3 number blocks aka environmental info below the radar minimap want to tell me?

    A1: The upper block is the TEMPERATURE. The big number on the left is the temperature at your CURRENT POSITION. The small upper number is your current BODY TEMPERATURE. The small lower number is only shown if you are inside a base or vessel. This is telling you the OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE. If you are outside a base or vessel, this is of course the same as the CURRENT LOCATION temp (and thus removed from the HUD to reduce confusion)

    A2: The lower block is the RADIATION. The big number on the left side is the radiation level on your CURRENT POSITION. The small upper number is yoour BODY RADIATION level. The small lower number is the OUTSIDE RADIATION. Same principle as with temperature: The latter is only shown when you are inside a vessel or a base and is removed if you are outside.

    Q: How does Temperature work in general?
    A1: Each Planet has a MAX and MIN temperature. The max temperature is reached at 5 pm and the min temperature at 5 am. If you go higher up in the air, the temperature will decrease. Your suit will protect you from extreme temperatures - depending on its TempMIN/MAX protection. (Can be enhanced by Boosters)
    A2: Space always has -200°C for most orbits (except a few with only -130°C) and is not suitable for ANY of the current suits for a longer stay (unboosted)

    Q: Am i protected from high/low temperatures inside a base or vessel?
    A1: If it is activated, yes. If a station or vessel is powered, the temperature is heated up to 22°C (Same for enclosed cockpits for SV and HV). So you are fine even with your interior suit. BUT this will not happen instantly! If your base is cooled to space temperature, it might take quite a while to heat up to a suitable temperature! No instant-heat-up!

    Q: What happens if i am outside with a suit that can not protect me from high/low temperatures?
    A: If the temperature is higher or lower as your protection level, your body temp will slowly rise (or fall) towards the temperature at your current position. At a certain temperature, you will start to feel cold/heated up.
    A2: If it is too cold or hot outside, just go back into your base or vessel. This will heat up/cool down your body temp. BUT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN INSTANTLY. If this takes too long, you'll of course die.
    A3: Tip: there are some foods and beverages that increase/decrease body temperature!

    Q: Does a hull breach lead to the temperature dropping inside a base or vessel?
    A: Yes!


    Q: How does Radiation work in general?
    A1: Some of the planets and space has a certain amount of radiation. Radiation does not rise or decrease, it is constant for the whole playfield. The player armors have different protection values (which can be boosted). The interior suit does NOT protect you from any RAD leve!
    A2: Some planets can spawn radioactive weather events which can rise the RAD level a lot! So watch out!

    Q: Am i protected from Radiation inside a base or vessel?
    A: Yes, even if it's deactivated. (this might be subject to change in the future)

    Q: What happens if i am outside with a suit that does not protect me from the RAD level?
    A1: Your body radiation (small upper number on the right environment info block) will pile up and lead to serious problems after short.
    A2: Unlike with temperature, your BODY-RAD level will NOT automatically decrease if you return to a base or go back into your vessel. You need to use medication to reduce it ... or maybe take a shower? ;-)

    Q: Does a hull breach in an radiated area lead to the inside of the base/vessel to be contaminated?
    A: Currently there is no permanet contamination. But if you stand at the position of the hull breach, your radiation level might rise (although you are inside the base).
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    == TEMPERARTURE & RADIATION for devices and blocks ==

    Q: Do devices also have temperature and radiation?
    A: YES! Some of the devices will heat up the area around them, like Thrusters and Generators. Warp Cores and Thrusters have a constant RAD level around them, even when switched off.

    Q: Can other blocks have temperature and radiation as well?
    A: Yes. For example the green Alien Building blocks are radioactive. We'll add more as we go.

    Q: Does the heat "flow" into the room?
    A: Currenty there is no "transition zone". For devices, the radiation/temperature is limited to a fixed perimeter of ONE block around them. This is subject to change in the future.
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    == PLAYER ARMOR ==

    Q: Which player armors are currently available?
    A: Light, Medium, Heavy. If you do not equip any suit, you are still wearing your"Interior Suit". This one has no protection from Temperature and Radiation, no Jetpack, not booster slots - but also is not limited in movement, jump height and other parameters.

    Q: Can i build all of them?
    A: Currently not. You can only build the LIGHT ARMOR. You need to find the MEDIUM and HEAVY suits in POIs

    Q: Do i loose a player armor if i die?
    A: No. You spawn with your last-used player armor equipped.

    Q: How can i change my player armor?
    A: You need to go to a Armor locker. Access the device and change suits or add/remove boosters

    Q: Can i repair my player armor?
    A: Yes. You need a REPAIR STATION. Just place the item in the inventory and click REPAIR

    Q: Can i store my armors in the Armor Locker?
    A: Yes!
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    == BOOSTERS ==

    Q: Which types of boosters are available at the moment?
    A: Armor, Jetpack, Temperature, Radiation, O2, Mobility, Multi

    Q: How many boosters can i use simultaneously?
    A: Depends on the slots available. This is different for each Player Armor. Interior Suit has no booster slots

    Q: Are there limitations how many boosters of the same kind i can use simultaneously?
    A: No. You can for example stuff all of the slots with Armor Boosters...but you migh also pile up the penalties each of the boosters has

    Q: Can i build all of the boosters?
    A: No, boosters need to be found or traded. You can not build them (yet)

    Q: Do i loose boosters if i die?
    A: Currently not. You are respawned in your last equipped player armor incl. the boosters that were added to this player armor

    Q: How can i change / apply boosters?
    A: You need to go to a Armor locker. Access the device and change suits or add/remove boosters

    Q: Do i need to re-add boosters every time i change the player armor?
    A: NO! The boosters are saved to your Player Armor slots. So you can stuff several player armors with a variation of boosters and just need to swap the player armor to have the setup re-applied!
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    Q: Which items are affected by durabiliy?
    A1: T2 Weapons and all Player Armors. (Basic weapons and tools currently have no durability: pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper)

    Q: How does durability work for weapons
    A: When you shoot the weapon there is a chance that durability is reduced

    Q: How does durability work for suits
    A: Durability is reduced when you get hit by a weapon. There is no "idle degredation" for just using the armor or standing around, only damage.

    Q: Can i repair my suit?
    A: Yes. You need a REPAIR STATION. Just place the item in the inventory and click REPAIR

    Q: Can i repair my weapons?
    A: Yes. You need a REPAIR STATION. Just place the item in the inventory and click REPAIR
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    Q: Are oxygenated rooms available for all vessels and structures?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Do i still suffocate while sitting in an open or closed cockpit while the area around me is oxygenated (planet or room)
    A: No! These days are gone! ;-)

    Q: Do i consume less O2 when i am in an oxygenated room with helmet off compared to helmet equipped?
    A: Yes!

    Q: What do i need to oxygenate a base or vessel?
    A1: You need an O2 tank and a ventilator. And your base needs to be powered.
    A2: Place the ventilator in each room that you want to be oxygenated and add some O2 to the O2 tank. Open the control panel. Activate the base and tick the checkbox "O2". This will fill up all the rooms with a ventilator with O2 - given your O2 capacity is high enough. The ventilator needs to be "active" of course.
    A3: Open the console and type in "help oxygen" to show info on how to visualize O2 level (debug mode)
    A4: If your O2 capacity/filling status is too low to oxygenate your base, the process will fail. Add more O2 Tanks or O2.

    Q: How long does it take for a large room to be filled with O2?
    A: This happens pretty instant (maybe a second or two)

    Q: How do i know how much O2 i need to fill all the rooms that are connected?
    A: When having placed a ventilator, the Control Panel will give you an answer > Look for the Infos about the current content of your O2 tanks!

    Need to Fill (N) = Needed O2 to pressurize. That's the amount of O2 you need to have in your tanks ( T )
    Currently in Tanks (T) = Total O2 left in tanks. Pressurizing removes the amount of shown for "N" from the total amount. The amount left is reduced by respiration of players in your base (Helmet off) over time
    Currently in Base (R) = O2 currently used/blocked by ventilators (0 = no room oxygenated)

    - If N<T, your base can not be oxygenated. Add more tanks and O2
    - If T=0, the "free O2" is gone and the base will automatically deoxygenate. This will move the amount of O2, which was blocked by the ventilators (figure R) back to the tanks. (If there is enough room)
    - If you deoxygenate your base manually, the amount of figure R will be moved back to the tanks. If there is not enough room in your O2 tanks, the excess is lost.
    - If a hull breach happens, the O2 in this room is lost, BUT the vents will not try to refill the affected room! So the ventilator is still active, but will not waste precious O2.

    Q: Are there different pressure levels?
    A: No. The atmosphere in a room either has O2 or not (may change in the future)

    Q: Which blocks are airtight?
    A1: Have a look at the block info panel for infos about airtight value. Most of the doors are airtight for example - but not all. Airtight doors have a blue containment field active while sealing a room

    Q: Can i switch off the containment field of a door to let O2 flow?
    A: Not yet.

    Q: What happens if i open a door? Will O2 flow in the next room?
    A: Basically no. There are non-airtight doors that do not hinder the flow of O2 either open or closed. All other doors (including hangar doors, shutter doors) have a sealing field to keep the O2 inside. This field can not (yet) be deactivated per manually, but depends on the global on/off status of the base.

    Q: Does O2 get lost if i open a hangar door and deactivate the base?
    A: No. If you deactivate your base, a decompressing sequence is run and all the O2 is moved back into the tanks (if there is enough room. If not, the excess is lost).

    Q: Does O2 get lost if someone blasts a hole in may base / If i remove a block thats leading to a hole in the wall?
    A1: IF this is a "hull breach" to the non-O2 outside world or space either by damage or by removing the "wrong block" the O2 in the room is lost.
    A2: In this case, the Ventilator is not shut down, but it also will not try to refill the room. So no additional O2 is lost after the hull breach happens.

    Q: Do players in my base use up the O2 in the tanks ?
    A: YES! If you are in your base (helmet off) you and any other player will use up a certain amount of O2 over time (reducing the total amount > T )
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    Q: Can i build Portals or Teleporters in Survival?
    A: No

    Q: How do Portals work?
    A: Just walk up to the Portal and hit F. They will transport you to a instanced playfield that is not part of the solar system by default
    A2: If the portal is RED = no destination set or blocked. If the portal is BLUE = portal has a destination.
    A3: You can see the destination in the upper right corner of your screen when pointing at the portal!

    Q: How do Teleporters work?
    A1: Walk into the Teleporter, face the console and hit F. The transporter will teleport you to the destination he was set to. (Works between playfields. For example orbit<>planet )
    A2: You can see the destination of the teleport in the upper right corner of your screen when pointing at the teleporter in front of you!

    Q: For builders > How do i set a destination for Portals and Teleporters?
    A: Open console > activate 'godmode invisble' > face the portal or the teleport and hit F > enter a destination. The destination base needs a teleporter / portal as an exit point!!
    A1: Teleporters > IF you want to connect to a destination on the same playfield, just add the name of the target base. IF you want to connect to a destination that is not on the same playfield, just use the base and the playfield, seperated by a : > Example: Outpost:Akua
    A2: Portal > If you want to connect your instance, use the base name and the playfield name, seperated by a : as well, where "playfield" is the instance name in this case.

    Q: Can i target a certain teleporter in a specific base on a specifc playfield?
    A: Of course. Syntax:
    - You can only rename blocks if grouped.
    - The "Basename" is the name of your base in your HUD (not the blueprintname or anything else)
    - If you want to pre-set the Base-Name when using custom POIs, use the "Spawn Name" of your blueprint (double-click on the bluprint in your libary to set the spawn-name!)

    Q: Are teleporters/portals available for SV,HV,CV and BA?
    A: No, only for BA

    Q: Do you plan to flesh out Portals and Instances?
    A: Yes, this is only a first trial in the current EXPERIMENTAL Build
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    == TRIGGERS ==

    Update note: All signals/signal logic settings for devices are now available in the SIGNAL LOGIC tab of the new Control Panel! (not in the DEVICE tab!)

    Q: What are "triggers"?
    A1: In 6.0 we added a range of sensors that can send a signal to devices, thus changing their operation parameters. For example: pull a lever and have a door closed or a light switched off
    A2: Current triggers / sensors: Trigger plate, Light barrier, Motion sensor, Lever

    Q: Are there different types of sensors?
    A: Yes! The lever has a defined On/Off status. If you move it into ON position, the signal is sent constantly to the device. Most of the other sensors are "switches". They only send the signal as long as a player is in their detection range. See more details in EXAMPLES.

    Q: Can i adjust the range and area of sensors?
    A: For some sensors like motion sensor and light barrier, this is possible. Just access the sensor (aim at it and hit P) and you'll see its range and a range slider.

    Q: Do sensors only trigger for players and vessels?
    A: Yes, sensors trigger for both player avatars and "moving blocks" (= vessels)

    Q: What can we do with basic triggers / sensors in the moment?
    A: Basically create simple logics: Activate devices, Open / close devices, Lock / unlock devices. Different devices may offer some, all or a selection of these actions (Depending on what the device can do)

    Q: Can i create more complex circuits?
    A: Yes, see the chapter about SIGNLA LOGIC!

    EXAMPLES (for easy sensor-trigger builds)

    = Modes =

    1. FOLLOW
    > Lever: Move handle to ON = ON. OFF = OFF
    > Switch: Enter the trigger area = ON, Leave the trigger area = OFF

    2. TOGGLE
    > Lever: Do not use with lever (works, but you might need to pull the handle 2x to get an effect)
    > Switch: Enter and leave the trigger area = switches the status of the device (to ON if OFF, to OFF if ON)

    3. ON and OFF
    > Lever: Do not use (makes no sense)
    > Switch: sets status of the device to a dedicated ON or OFF status (not using its previous state!) Triggering the trigger again will not have an effect (ON-TIME-change)

    = How to SETUP =

    1. Place a trigger (lets use a trigger plate)
    2. Face the Trigger Plate and hit P
    3. If the Trigger Plate is highlighted in CP, you'll notice a new text below the device list: "Tx Signal [field]"
    4. Enter TEST to the field and hit return
    5. Place a Light
    6. Face the Light and hit P
    7. If the Light is highlighted in the CP, you'll notice a new entry "ON/OFF" as well as two dropdowns and a checkbox with an "I" below the device list
    7a: Expand the first dropdown > you'll find your TEST command. Select the TEST command to connect the Light to your Trigger Plate
    7b: Expand the second dropdown > You can use FOLLOW, TOGGLE, ON and OFF to trigger the Explosives.

    Now ...
    - IF you want a Player to have the light switched to ON or OFF when he touches the trigger plate, use either ON or OFF
    - IF you want the light to switch to OFF if it was ON (or vice versa), use TOGGLE
    - IF you want the light to only shine as LONG as the player is on the plate, use FOLLOW
    - IF you want the light to dim as LONG as the player is on the plate, use FOLLOW and toggle INVERT ("I" checkbox)

    Q: Can i trigger several devices from the same sensor?
    A: YES! Just use the SAME signal name in each of the devices. This way it is possible to - for example - switch a range of lights on or off with only one button/sensor

    Q: Can i trigger a device from several sensors?
    A: Not yet (but planned)

    Q: Can i trigger the NPC spawners (for POI design)?
    A: Yes! Place the NPC spawner and switch it OFF in the Control Panel. Then just connect your sensor. If a player triggers the sensor, the NPCs will be spawned

    Q: Can i trigger the PORTAL (for Instances)?
    A: Of course!

    Q: Is this the final state of the Trigger-feature?
    A: By far not. This is only the first iteration for you to test. ;-)
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    == SIGNAL LOGIC (extends Trigger/Signal logic)==

    Update note: All signals/signal logic settings for devices are now available in the SIGNAL LOGIC tab of the new Control Panel!

    Note: Signal Logic is an extention of the Signal/Trigger mechanic, offering new ways on how to connect sensors and triggers in certain, more elaborate ways. Hit the SIGNAL LOGIC button on top of the Control Panel to access.

    Q: What is the purpose of SIGNAL LOGIC circuits?
    A: They allow you to do things that the standard device-based signal-dropdown would not allow you to do, like connecting different sensors to a several other devices

    Q: How do i use it?
    A: Pretty much the same as you would set up a sensor-trigger array..but with more paramters/options/gates, like AND, OR, XOR, Inverter, Delays and such!

    Q: How do i set it up?
    A: Same as above: Have some sensors placed at your structure. Access them directly or via Control Panel and give them a unique signal name. Then open SIGNAL LOGIC, add a new circuit. Select your sensor signal on the left side. Add a name for the output signal on the right side. Got to the devices that you want to manage with the circuit and add the output signal to your devices signal dropdown.

    Q: What are the different gates do?
    A: AND = All sensors added to the circuit need to trigger for the signal to be send. Example: If you have 2 trigger plates, the light will only be on if both plates are triggeret ad the same time (on player standing on each)
    A: OR = If one or more of the added sensors are triggered, the signal is send to the device. Example: A light is illuminated if you stand on of the trigger plates, but also if both plates are triggered.
    A: XOR = sends signal if only ONE of the two attached sensors is activated. Does not trigger if both sensors are active. Example: the light will only illuminate if exactly one plate is triggered. If both are triggered, no signal is sent and the light remains dark.
    A: NAND = if all sensors added to this gate are triggered, no signal is send.
    A: NOR = reverse of OR > Signal is blocked if one or more of the added sensors are triggered.
    A: XNOR = Signal is send if both sensors have the same status (both triggered or not). Blocks signal if one of the sensors is in a different state than the other.
    A: INVERTER = inverts the signal (f.ex. to OFF if an ON signal is sent). Example: A light is switched off if you step on a trigger plate. Also ueful when you have two triggers and you need them both to be the same in order to pass an AND gate.
    A: SET/RESET Latch = Use for two sensors: sensor A sets and sensor B resets if triggered.
    A: DELAY = creates a simple delay modificator for a single-signal. Click on the button-box to add a value (seconds)

    Q: Can i combine the singals coming from a circuit and use it in a new circuit?
    A: Of course! Just use the outgoing signal name and select it for the input side. You can create complex circuits this way. Of course you should not delete the underlying circuit for your enhanced circuit or it will break the queue ;-)
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    == AI VESSELS ==

    Q: What's the difference between Freighers, Patrol Vessels and AI Carriers?
    A: Freighters
    - Can only be found in orbits
    - Enter the playfield, travel from point A to point B and leave the playfield
    - Can be stopped (destroy back thrusters), entered and looted
    A: Patrol Vessels (PV)
    - Can be found on most of the planets
    - Will follow and attack players if spottet
    - Have a starter platform where they retreat and get repaired
    - Can be downed (destroy the bottom thrusters)
    - Looting can be complicated (they are heavily armed and may ged destroyed before you can bring them down)
    - They currently do not attack Bases, just vessels and player.
    A: AI Carriers (AC)
    - Can only be found in orbits
    - Will follow and attack players
    - Will spawn drone waves to attack players
    - Can be stopped, entered and be looted

    Q: What do all vessels have in common?
    A: They can not be captured and not be used as a player vessel (may change in the future)

    Q: The PV is camping at my base / is not going away when i die!
    A: The PVs move very slowly. So given you die while fighting it right at your base and you then respawn there, this will give the PV not the time to move away...so it does not camp, but it just re-aquires you or your base as a target again.

    Please note: the AI-vessel logic for PV and AC and how you need to combat them, might be subject to change in upcoming major updates!
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    == INSTANCES ==

    Q: Are Instances limited for number of players or by time?
    A: Depends on how the creator has set it up. Can be done in the playfield.yaml of the instance.
    Q: Can i re-enter my instance?
    A: Yes. The portal to your instance is shown purple in this case
    A: Re-entering an instance is possible as long as the instance is "alive" (TIME setting)

    Q: Can other players follow me into the instance
    A: Bascially yes. They can follow you as long as a) there is more than 1 player allowed and b) in this case as long as the portal is open.

    Q: Do i have to wait until a player or group has "finished" the instance?
    A: No, there can be multiple parallel instances

    Q: Can i use the blueprint libary in an Instance?
    A: Can be set on/off by the creator in the yaml of the playfield

    Q: What happens when the time runs out on a instance and i am still inside?
    A: You get teleported outside the instance and either keep your stuff or loose all your stuff. This can be adjusted by the creator in the playfield.yaml

    Q: Can i lock an instance for my faction?
    A: Yes and no. If a faction member enters a portal as a "first player", only faction members can follow him.
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    == WEATHER ==

    Q: Is the weather dynamic?
    A: Yes. Weather will change during day and night between the weather-options given in the yaml of the planet

    Q: Which weather types are currently available?
    A: Open console and type in "help weather" > all available settings are visible there. You can also trigger a weather change there if you are an admin or in singleplayer.

    Q: Does weather affect the player like with temperature increase/decrease and radiation?
    A: Absolutely! You should go inside if a blizzard starts (if you are not equipped good enough) or when radioactive fog rises.

    Q: Does weather effects like meteors or lightnings damage player or structures?
    A: A player can get harmed by sudden temperature rise/drops and radioactivity, by acid rain and firestorms. There is no effect on bases or vessels (yet).
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    == MAP & MAP MARKERS ==

    Q: What are map markers?
    A: You can set notifiactions freely on your map. Just RMB on a spot on the MAP and give it a name. This will add your marker to your personal list

    Q: How do i add a map marker?
    1. Press M
    2. RMB on any place on the map
    3. Add a name
    4. ACCEPT

    Q: What is the "waypoint" checkbox doing?
    A: If you check this box, the marker will change to orange and will give you a direction. The marker can be seen through the playfield terrain

    Q: What is "Remove on approach" checkbox doing?
    A: If you only want to set a temporary marker, check this together with waypoint and the waypoint mode will be cleared from your Hud when approaching (~50m)

    Q: What is the "Show on HUD" checkbox doing?
    A: This lets yo decide if you want to see your marker on the HUD or not.

    Q: What are the 2-letter buttons on the right side doing?
    Upper Area
    > PV = your private list of markers
    > PU = public list of markers. Use the SC button to share your PV marker to the PU list
    Lower Area
    > SM = show marker on the map
    > ED = edit highlighted marker (you can also RMB the marker on the map)
    > RM = remove highligthed marker (also possible with RMB the marker on the map)
    > SC = Share marker to PU list
    > SF = Share marker to Faction

    Q: Can i also add a map marker in space?
    A: Of course! You can add a free marker or RMB click on a orbital object (f.ex an asteroid or station) and set a marker.

    Q: I shared a map marker to the public or faction - but the marker does not show on the planet or in orbit!
    A: This is intentional. You share your marker to the public/faction LIST, you technically do not set it to a "public visibility" for everyones HUD (unlike setting a vessel or base to public, a marker is only a virtual item and has not global visiblity settings on other players HUD)
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    Q: What has changed?
    A1: On Masperon you now start in a so called 'hideout'. One part of your equipment is directly moved to your inventory. The second part can be found in the personal container nearby
    A2: On Akua, Omicron and Ningues, you still drop in a capsule. Your equipment is split up into three parts: A small gift in the escape capsule (depending on the difficulty setting), one part of your loadout in your inventory (depending on the difficulty setting) and the last part can be found in a hideout nearby. So watch out ;-)
    A3: All playfields have a hideout for Escape Capsule or Base-Spawn game start. (see below)
    A4: You can capture the hideouts easily: hit P and switch to private or to your faction.
    A5: The tutorials have been replaced with the first story-tutorial mission. More will follow soon.

    Q: What is the whole point about this change?
    A1: It is now possible to not only change the loadout on a global difficulty setting, but the loadout can now be adjusted for EACH playfield AND for the global difficulty setting. This will make things more interesting, allow for a better balancing and add a lot of flexibility for future scenarios and survival games.
    A2: Customization works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

    Q: In a MP game..if one player takes out stuff from the personal container, are all other doomed?
    A: NO! The "personal container" offers the loadout set for each new player ONCE.

    Q: Is the current game start suitable for Multiplayer?
    A: It works, but it is not recommended. We suggest to change the core of the Starter Wreckages with an admin core to prevent someone disassembling or claiming the hideout.
    1. Go to creative mode
    2. Open Blueprint libary
    3. Spawn all bases that start with BAW_
    4. Change core to PlayerAdminCore
    5. Add the bases back to the Prefabs folder > refer to this howto
    While the MP game is running, go to 'godmode invisible' and swap the core manually.

    Q: Are the personal containers destructable?
    A: This depends on the core of the base

    Q: How can i change the default loadout?
    A1: Change Base-Spawn/Escape Pod loadout
    1. Find the playfield.yaml for the planet you want to change and open with an editor like Notepad++. The playfields can be found here: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Playfields
    Example: Akua = folder "temperate" > open the playfield.yaml in this folder to edit Akua
    2. Find the line starting with " FixedPlayerStart:"
    3. Find the code block starting with "- Mode: Survival"
    3.1 For an escape pod start, you'll see the following (Akua)
    3.2 For a base spawn, you'll see the following (Masperon)
    - SPAWN = defines if EscapePod or Structure
    - STRUCTURE = only used for EscapePod spawn. Add the name of the blueprint group/blueprint name you want to use (you need to add this structure to the POI list. See below)
    - ARMOR: Set the type of player armor: ArmorLight, ArmorMedium, ArmorHeavy
    - ITEMS: Set the items for the 3 difficulty settings.

    Notes regarding ITEMS setup:
    - The difficulty settings are defined by adding the items in ".." and seperate them by a comma like ["Items,For,Easy","Items,For,Medium","Items,For,Hard"]
    - If you only add an item name like "Pistol" only one Pistol will be given. If you want to add an amount use "Itemname:Amount" like "Pistol:10"
    - The NAMES of items you can use here, can be retrieved from the FIRST column of the localization.csv ( ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Extras\localization.csv > import data to excel or open via notepad++)

    A2: Setup Hideout: Personal Container content
    You always (and independent from the Escape Pod/Base spawn items) change the loadout of the personal container of the hideout. This container does NOT adapt to the difficulty level!
    1. In the playfield.yaml, find the code block that starts with "- GroupName: Wreckage"
    2. Check if Playerstart is set to TRUE
    3. Change the loadout in the block "Properties > Value". The setup is similar as the ITEM parameter above, except there is no difficulty level separation possible.
    Note: You can use any POI, even custom made, as a hideout this way! You just need to add the PLAYER SPAWN and the PLAYER CONTAINER blocks (build in creative mode!).

    (Refer to this topic how to add a custom POI to your singleplayer or multiplayer savegame: http://empyrion.gamepedia.com/Create_and_insert_customized_POIs)

    Q: I completely dislike the new game start and the wreckage POI..can i change this back to the 5.x version?
    A: Of course!
    You just need to put all the starting-content to the FIXED START (description how to add, see above) and then deactivate the code in the playfield.yaml by adding a # in each line of a command that you want to disable:
    - To just disable the wreckage poi spawning feature, add a # to the Playerstart + Properties lines. This way you'll keep the wreckages just as POIs. (lines marked with a red # in the example below)
    - To remove the wreckages alltogether, add a # in front of each line.

    GLOBAL NOTE on working / changing files in the installation folders:
    Everything you change OUTSIDE of the folder ..\SAVES will be reverted to default with each new update.
    - So if you change the starting behavior in \Content\playfiles, this will be overwritten with each update.
    - As a workaround, make your changes and save the file on a different location. If an update happens, just copy your file back.
    - IMPORTANT: check changelog IF there are changes made to the playfield files = terrain additions like plants or NPCs, new POIs etc; these indicate you might want to add your changes to the NEW file, and NOT overwrite it with your previous file as the terrain update my include bugfixes/changes to improve the terrain/game!
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    = NEW CONTROL PANEL: Main Page =

    Q: What does the new MAIN contol panel page offer?
    A: There are a lot of "quick access" options now - some are customizable!
    - left: Basic features of the structure on quick-access buttons
    - middle: Custom group-management ON/OFF
    - right: Virtual lever (dubbed "Signals")
    - bottom: direct-access for tanks, generators and more

    Q: What does the button-color tell me?
    A: Red = Off, Green = On, Yellow = devices added to this "group" are in different states (some off/some on)

    Q: What does the "Fill all" button below the tanks do?
    A: It will pick up all the fuel packs or O2 bottles from your inventory - or at least enough to fill the tanks to 100%. (It will not take it from your toolbar, only from your inventory!)

    Q: How can i use the "Custom groups" (middle column)?
    A: Thats how to add a device-group (f.ex all lights) to a quick-access button:
    1. Go to the DEVICES tab of the Control Panel
    2. Click on a group you want to add to a custom-group quick access
    3. On the group detail window (upper right) there is a box "Shortcut"
    4. Click on the box and select the position you want to add this device-group to (custom1,2,3...)
    5. Go back to the MAIN tab > If you selected Custom1 in the last step, your device group can now be switched on/off by just clicking the button in front of the Custom1 group on the MAIN tab

    Q: Can i customize the name of the quick-access buttons on the MAIN page?
    A: Yes! Just click into the field and type in a name. If you then want to add a device-group, you will see the new name in the "Shortcut" dropdown!

    Q: Do i need to remove all attached device groups before renaming the quick-access button?
    A: No. If you change the name of a quick-access button, the change will be reflected in all SHORTCUT dropdown boxes.

    Q: Can i add more than just one device-group to a custom quick-access button?
    A: Absolutely! Just select the same quick-access button name in the "Shortcut" dropdown of the groups you want to switch!

    Q: How does ths SIGNAL column work?
    A: This is basically a "virtual lever" with a distinct On/Off status for the signal system.
    1. Open the MAIN page
    2. Select a SIGNAL slot and give it a (signal) name as you would when using a lever
    3. You can now use this signal name in the Signal/Signal Logic system
    4. Triggering the virtual lever works the same as the device lever (On/Off signal)

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