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    Verified Servers are neither run, nor owned by Eleon Game Studio staff, but are 100% driven by community members only (Owners). Eleon Game Studios only provides the dedicated server files for free. Any costs that results from 3rd party hosters are fully up to their individual contracts and offers. The VerifiedServer initiative does not offer compensation or other monetary gifts or other, similar advantages for the owners of such servers.

    The owners are fully responsible what happens on their server(s) in terms of user management and world layout. If you do not agree with their administration, please file a complaint directly at their admins. Eleon Game Studios staff can not moderate or manage such complaints.

    If you run into a game issue, please report this at our bug forums:

    Although the servers with the VerifiedServer lable have been chosen after a careful review, Eleon Games Studios can not be held responsible for bad behavior of either the owners or their admins towards their players - although this will lead to a removal of the VerifiedServer label. Same applies to update frequency of the server and technical issues that are not related to the game itself (aka "bugs").


    What primarily qualifies as a VERIFIED SERVER?
    - Verified servers are matching certain quality criteria (see application form linked below)
    - Verified servers have an active player base (the absolute size is not THAT important but you should have at least some active players around)
    - Verified server admins are in direct contact with the Community Management
    - Verified server admins/owners are active members of the community

    - Verified servers are servers that are hosted by our community, not by Eleon.
    - The owners of Verified Servers are fully responsible for maintenance, content and complaint management.

    - Verified servers are showing up BLUE in the In-Game Server browser
    - Verified servers can be filtered with the checkbox "Hide Standard Servers"

    Apply for the verified server status over here:

    Please note:
    >> Verified Server lable is not automatically guaranteed on application and can also be revoked!
    >> Each submission and the servers technical- and player performance (Players online) is reviewed individually for a few days.
    >> The final decision is made based on individual and overall facts and presentation, not based on absolute figures alone.

    Please write me a PERSONAL MESSAGE if you
    - have additional questions (as an owner)
    - encounter severe problems (as a player)
    - have any complaints about a verified server (owner or player)

    ==== Verified Servers Western-EU ===

    - HWS EU |MODs+Web API|Story|Missions|PvPvE
    - |PvP| Stargate Setting 26.06 | GER/EU
    - EGW EU Server PvE, PvP -Custome Universe-
    - [FR] |Repere du GeeK Forcene|100+ Uniques Systems
    - DE StarTrek Universum NEW 07.06 , Mods, Aktiv Admins, PvP PvE
    - Empyrion Russia
    - (ENG/GER) - Empyrion Survival

    ==== Verified Servers Eastern EU ===

    ==== Verified Servers RUSSIA ====
    - NEWAGE,24/7,Prehistoric solar system

    ==== Verified Servers ASIA ====

    ==== Verified Servers NORTH AMERICA ===

    - HWS NA |MODs+Web API|Story|Missions|PvPvE
    - Tinkercity
    - 24/7 EAG Server - Custom Playfields and Mods

    - Omicron Darkness - Alpha 6.0
    Unknown Skies Gaming Group - Multiple Servers
    - Shattered Galaxy
    - Oblivion PVE/PVP Custom Planets - Big Starter Packs - Active Admins
    - Entity Space - Unique Start Dedicated Server
    - Geek's Galactic Space Custom Universe
    - World War Gaming - 50 Slot Server - Custom Playfields/POI's - Mods
    - Bugs-Expanding-Universe|CrossServerWarp|Coop-PvE/P vP
    - Bugs-XU-Far Leap-|CrossServerWarp|Coop-PvE/PvP|Easy Start
    - Crowfoot Universe
    - AGN Jun7 [Better Rewards-Teleporters Avail]
    - Alpheus Prime
    - DefianceGaming.NET Empyrion Servers

    ===== Verified Servers AUSTRALIA ====

    - Venatus Australia Server (PvE+PvP)
    - Aus/Nz BigBang PvPvE, New StarWars MiniGames, 30+ Worlds

    ==== Verified Servers MALAYSIA =====
    MY Bolehland Invader VS Defender

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