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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We have released a small patch (PA 5.0.1) that addresses the problem of lagging on dedicated servers. We implemented a client-side prediction of movement and server reconciliation. The result should be a smoother game experience on dedicated servers.

In addition, we reduced the radius of the small radar map on planets from 500m to 250m to better distinguish close objects and to make PvP interactions more interesting. Given that non-faction players/objects are visible on the radar map, before it was impossible to make a surprise ambush on an enemy base because you were visible on the radar map from too far away. We will soon add radar blocks that will determine the view range of your radar map.

Changelog 5.0.1:

- Reduced lagging on dedicated server through client-side prediction of movement and server reconciliation

Changes / Improvements:
- Reduced radius of small radar map on planets to 250m
- Added Sathium deposits to Omicron Moon and Akua Moon
- Added seat to cockpit CV
- Updated small icon of constructor SV
- Placed Sun higher in orbit on dedicated server
- Moved Capacitor to deco blocks categorie in constructor
- Reduced sound of fridge in SV
- Tweaked starting position in Omicron Orbit (Creative Empty)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that terrain was visible in space under certain circumstances
- Fixed camera position on passenger seat CV

The whole development team of Empyrion wishes you a Happy Christmas!

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Dear Survivalists!

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, we are very excited to announce the release of the next big milestone in the development of Empyrion: the Solar System! Version 5.0 is here – and it will change the way you will experience the game to some extent.

We have prepared a new teaser video for you:

1. The Solar System is for real!
Five planets, an asteroid field and a moon, squeezed in a few thousand square km of space. That’s how Empyrion - Galactic Survival presented itself to you, since we released the first public version back in August.

Until now...with Pre Alpha v5.0, we have moved the planets far away from each other, now counting in AU (1 AU = Distance sun-earth = ~ 150 Mio kilometers), not kilometers anymore.


This results in some gameplay changes: you won’t be able to fly straight to a planet just with the standard thruster propulsion of your SV or CV. You need to build a warp drive! Warp drives are – as this is the FIRST iteration of this new gameplay mechanic – only available for Capital Vessels.

How to make a warp jump:
a. Add a warp drive to your Capital Vessel
b. Get into the cockpit of your CV and open the map (M)
c. Select a destination from the list on the left and click “Lock target” on the bottom right.
d. If your target planet is already in your field of view, a blue rectangle will show up. If the target-planet is out of sight, a blue arrow will show up on either side of your screen. Turn your vessel towards this direction, until your target-planet gets in sight and shows the targeting-rectangle.
e. Move the crosshair of your ship in the center of the blue rectangle.
f. Make sure, everyone on your CV is sitting in a passenger seat.
g. Accelerate to at least 50m/sec, then hit K (default button) to activate the warp drive

Please note: as this is the first iteration of this game mechanic, there are some limitations
- warp drives do not yet use up fuel packs!
- all players on your ship need to take a seat in a CV-passenger seat ahead of the jump
- You cannot jump or even move if you have passengers sitting in the cockpits or passenger seats of docked vessels!

2. Landing a Capital Vessel on planets
In addition to the renewed game mechanic, we decided to allow landing of Capital Vessels on planets AND added the possibility of docking your Hover Vessels onto Capital Vessels (of...
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Bug Fixes (for dedicated server):
- Fixed problem that a faction could not be switched via Control Panel while being in a cockpit
- Fixed problem that there was a delay in updating the faction affiliation when switching a faction via Control Panel

- Added possibility to start a creative world on a dedicated server via "Mode" in dedicated.yaml

Remember you can add a detailed description of your server in dedicated.yaml ("Srv_Description") that will appear in the "Server Info" window on the Server List.
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Hi everyone,

we released a new version (Pre-Alpha 4.2) with more Anti-griefing measures for PvE worlds. We also added a death animation and integrated the first set of Server management tools. In addition, you have now the possibility of a "fresh start" on a dedicated server in case you are stuck in a dead end. Moreover, we fixed the problem that on restart of a dedicated server plants did not continue to grow, constructors were stuck and water/O2 generators showed high numbers. But this is not all, have a look at the changelog below.

Important notice for Dedicated Server providers:
1. Before you update, please make a backup of the current save game
2. To correctly convert the player files, please update the server, start it once and shut it down before a player connects to it. When you then restart the server, the new feature "If the last player leaves a faction, all faction-owned structures (bases, SV, HV, CV) are set to private player faction" should work correctly
3. Please decide whether you want to use the AntiGriefDistance feature. Note that if you continue a save game on your server, there might be factions that already have built bases close to each other. Setting an AntiGriefDistance might be problematic for those having build within this Limit, because in this case, players cannot continue building their bases. If you are unsure about the limit affecting players, please set AntiGriefdistance to 0 or a value that applies to your server environment.

New artillery turret for HV:

Improved hull texture:

New oxygen tanks:

New cargo drop when player dies:

Here is the full Changelog of Pre-Alpha 4.2:

- Added new anti-griefing measures in PvE playfields:
- players cannot create/modify structures within a certain range of other factions (AntiGriefDistance can be configured in dedicated.yaml)
- players cannot create a base nearby a resource deposit
- players cannot drill nearby a base of another faction​
- Added: If the last player leaves a faction, all faction-owned structures (bases, SV, HV, CV) are set to private player faction
- Added death animation for player
- Added first set of Server management tools (e.g., ban, unban, kick, setrole, initadmin) - accessible via Telnet
- Added "Fresh Start":...
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that meat from animals spoiled immediately on a dedicated server
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Hey Galactic Survivalists,

We are very excited to present you our newest and feature-packed update: Pre-Alpha 4.1!

Without further ado: we added the first iteration of a faction/ownership module AND playfield settings for PvE and PvP to the game! The latter can be set individually for each playfield (e.g. each planet can be PvE or PvP). Read on below for more details.

We also added early customization toys to play around with: want to change the color of the sky or have a lower or higher sea level for your lakes and oceans? These are only two examples of the customization options, so go ahead, give it a try and show us your favorites!

With an easy tweak in the config file, you can change the sky color so that Omicron will look like that:

You can also easily change the water level. This screenshot shows Akua with a lower water level:

In addition, we added a slew of changes, improvements and bugfixes. Read on below for the full changelog. Among others, you won't run out of resources any more: watch out for meteorites bringing in new sources of ore!

One of the resource meteorites that drop if your resource deposits get depleted:

A message will notify you about the meteorit. Open the planetary map (M) and look for a new resource icon (A) that has a "meteorit" in its name. As for now: meteorits can be found hovering a few dozend meters above the ground. Approach the meteroit and it will descend the last meters down to the surface. (This is a temporary solution!)

As always, all the new features we are adding to the game with this update, are early versions or prototypes - not the final product! Thanks a lot in advance for your understanding and for submitting any issue to our bug forums :)

One of the new alien plants on Akua:

Next steps:

- Offline/Log-out protection of structures on PvP playfields
- Adding possibility for a "fresh start" on a server if you are stuck
- Better admin tools for dedicated servers: kick, ban, etc
- Force field for hangars
- Solar system

….and last but not least: we can't give an exact ETA (yet), but we can already say with all certainty, that the Solar System will move planets further away and your capital vessel will finally have its purpose :)

How does PvP, PvE, Factions and Ownership work?...
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We just released a patch (4.0.2) that addresses some of the problems you reported.

Changelog Pre-Alpha 4.0.2:

- Allow single player games in offline mode (however, Steam client must be running)

Changes / Improvements:
- Increased average size of resource deposits on Akua and Omicron
- Increased average number of resource deposits on Ningues and Aestus
- Increased drop rate of Sathium Ore (Asteroids) and Crushed Stone

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that single player games showed up in server browser
- Fixed problem that map was sometimes wrong when connecting to a dedicated server
- Fixed problem that Turret Minigun (HV) also appeared in tech tree of SV
- Fixed problem that some NPCs (e.g. Alien Insect on Akua) did not attack correctly on dedicated servers

We are working hard on a PvP/PvE/ownership/faction system to prevent griefing.

- To fix a Peer-to-Peer connection problem, we released a small patch (Build 227).
- There is no need to update the dedicated servers
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Dear fellow survivors,

Pre-Alpha Version 4.0 is going live and the first prototype* of Dedicated Servers is available!

What has changed in Multiplayer?

First and foremost: the so called ‘playfield limitation’ is gone! On each dedicated server, you are now free to individually land on a planet, fly into space, without the need of having everyone on the server boarding your vessel only for changing the playfield! Just use the new Server Browser in the multiplayer menu, search for a server and join with a simple mouse click. You can still join a server via IP if you need to, of course.

For anyone planning to offer a playground: Just use the Dedicated Server File to instantly setup and host your own game, everyone can easily connect to. Of course you can set up a password-protected server for you and your friends!

Follow this link to learn more about the available server configuration settings: http://bit.ly/EGS_dedicatedServerConfig
We recommend starting with the "light" setting and a low number of max players.

*Disclaimer: As with all “first versions” and prototypes this is not the final version of the dedicated servers or the multiplayer! Please keep that in mind, when playing and commenting. As always, we are looking forward to your detailed feedback, ideas and suggestions!

The new Server Browser (still no players because 4.0 was not yet released when screenshot was captured):

Dedicated Server Prototype – Public Testing has commenced

We are aware, that you might experience some inconvenient issues (e.g. lags),which may temporarily influence your multiplayer gaming experience while playing on a dedicated server.
That being said, we have decided to release the dedicated servers already today, because we’ve now reached a point, where we need YOUR help to further improve them via Public Testing!

That’s with a good reason: in earlier updates, we added features that primarily affected single player mode. Now, with the introduction of a semi-persistent game environment, we need to look at a LOT more dynamic processes that also need a LOT more simultaneously active players to create the data needed.

We hope you appreciate this approach of an open development and help us to create a great gameplay experience in single player AND multiplayer! As always, we are attentively listening to your feedback. Please step...
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Thanks to everyone who has responded. We now have a sufficient large number of people that offered to host a dedicated server on release day. We have just sent out the emails to the corresponding people.


Hi everyone,

As you know we are working hard on the dedicated servers. To prepare next week's release, we need your help: On release day (exact day will be announced), we wanted to offer to our community already sufficient servers online so that everybody can directly get into action.

So anybody who is willing to offer a server, please contact us via:

info[at]empyriongame[dot]com with subject “Dedicated Server”

We will give you access to the experimental branch on Steam so that you can install and test the server before official release.

System requirement for the dedicated server:
OS: Windows (7, 8 and 10), 64-bit system required
Processor: Quad-Core 3.7 GHz or better (e.g. Intel Core i5-4590, 4x 3,7GHz)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: no graphics card need
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

The first versions of the dedicated servers still require relatively much RAM (ca 5 GB) but we will reduce the RAM consumption over time.

We are really excited for the release next week and we hope that you will have as much fun with the dedicated servers as our testers had on the EGS test server for the last 2 weeks. Remember, you won’t need to switch playfields together anymore - in other words, you will be able to travel independently between playfields!

Thanks in advance for your help

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Dear fellow survivors,

this is the first time, we are releasing a dev blog on a few topics, we think need some explanation. We’ll try to keep this short and on the spot, so you don’t get crushed by a wall of text (for the changelog of Pre-Alpha 3.7 just scroll down).

Nearly three months have passed since we published the results of our first survey. In the meantime, a lot has happened. POI and resources are now seeded procedural. Blocks and functions have been added, aliens and pesky drones are trying to hunt you down and not until short, we introduced our first and very early prototype of a techtree.

Disclaimer for you to always keep in mind: everything we release in this pre-alpha does NOT represent a final product by any means. Changes ARE expected to happen in order to pave the way up to a great gaming experience. And we want YOU to help us create and shape this experience!

What are the next milestones?

Creating a first version of dedicated servers to improve your multiplayer experience is our top priority for Version 4.0 and the solar system is the next big milestone.

But we also want to make the techtree more worthwile. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback, great suggestions and ideas on how we could improve and evolve the current placeholder-style item-unlock system. Thanks a LOT for that! Rest assured, we are reading and discussing every single one of them, because that’s part of what we had in mind when releasing this (and any other) early Pre-Alpha feature.

As a side note: you may suspect some progress towards dedicated Servers or the Solar System had been sacrificed because of this or any other in-between-features. Rest assured this is not the case at all.

While the basic leveling mechanics of the techtree have proven to work as expected (despite the balancing needs and a slew of other changes!) we feel – and read – the need to have some details of the level progression changed right now.

Upcoming next.

As a first step, we are pulling down several basic shapes and blocks from their higher tiers, making them available just when you need them: right from the start and at no (unlock) cost at most.

With v3.7 you will have anything ready for starting your base, while building a fully functional shelter: Cubic and round shapes, specialized shape blocks like interior walls or armor plates as well as windows and other building blocks will get unlocked automatically....