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Dear Survivalists,

Only six months ago, we released the first version (Pre-Alpha) of "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" on Steam Early Access. Since then, the game and its community have grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to your feedback and your engagement. On behalf of the whole team, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The progress we made in this very early stage of Empyrion's life cycle has been primarily dedicated to implementing new game mechanics, use-test cases and early prototypes - but also for gathering feedback, piling up ideas for later refinement, feature details and maybe even completely new feature suggestions. As of today, we’d like to call this a “Mission accomplished”!

It is time to make another step forward. Ignition sequence started, way points are set and we are accelerating towards a new milestone: the ALPHA Release of Empyrion!

Just for clarification: the Alpha period is meant to serve as a dedicated stage of refining the features we added in Pre-Alpha (and of course adding shiny new ones). The upcoming Alpha version is still far away of a being a feature complete or even finished version! Bugs will happen and we count on you to hunt them down together with us!

Concerning the upcoming Alpha content, without giving away too much spoilers and because we plan to do more in-detail updates, blogs and videos as soon as the features are “implementation ready”, we’d like to lift the cover a bit: Plants on planets will get small and big company, new players will find help if needed (tutorial), buildings will not look and behave the same and energy in its various forms of possible appearance will become a more versatile thing to work with and to profit from.

These hedged descriptions only cover some of the bigger feature updates, we are currently working on. We will have more major milestones at hand - as well as a slew of convenience upgrades that will make your playtime more rewarding and an even greater experience.

Watch out for the upcoming dev blogs, pictures and videos released on this topic the next days and weeks!

Today, other than teasing you with tiny chunks of information, we’d like to show you a small glimpse of the new forest biome that will be introduced in the Alpha:




And here is a short video of a battle scene on the forest planet:
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In this patch, we fixed some major exploits that were linked to blueprint spawning.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed exploit that blueprints could be spawned for free in a Survival game after some manipulation of a specific folder
- Fixed problem that a player could produce blueprints in the factory that spawned enemy NPCs (griefing problem in PvE playfields)
- Fixed visual bug with water plane when looking through a transparent window
- Fixed more game crashes that were linked to turrets
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Want to tip your toe into the universe of "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" for a lower price or just searching for something to gift your friends? Steam Lunar New Year Sale has started!

Take your chance and grab your game key right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120

Sale ends 12.02.2016, 7pm CET / 10am PST
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We have released another patch (PA 3.5.2) that should increase overall stability.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed error that sometimes appeared when trying to connect to a Dedicated Server
- Fixed error that sometimes appeared when attacking an enemy turret on a Dedicated Server
- Fixed several other bugs that appeared in special use cases

Changes / Improvements:
- Tweaked Bloom setting
- Removed restriction of line placement tool in Creative mode
- Updated Icon of new generator SV
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed severe memory problem on Dedicated Servers because too many resource asteroids were spawned. We have now removed the old small asteroids and we spawn fewer but larger asteroids
- Fixed problem that CV could not move when a HV with a turret was docked
- Fixed problem that sometimes block info window stayed open

Changes / Improvements:
- Added more slots in constructor's template area because some templates were not displayed anymore
- Supporting VSync in video options: if you disable VSync the FPS is not limited to 60 anymore
- Added 20 Unlock Points for players with max level to unlock new blocks
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Dear Survivalists!

In the previous update 5.2, we introduced blueprints in Survival. With this update 5.3, we are now offering a way to share your great designs: the Steam Workshop is now available for Empyrion - Galactic Survival!

Empyrion @Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/workshop

To add blueprints to your game, subscribe to a blueprint on the Steam workshop. If you want to publish your own blueprints, open the blueprint manager (F6), select a blueprint and click “publish”. If you made any changes to your blueprint, use “update” and the new version will be updated on steam.

If you shared your blueprint, make sure your entry in the Steam workshop has a least a description. You can also add more pictures and detailed infos: https://steamcommunity.com/id/*yourSteamLoginName*/myworkshopfiles/

Please note: If you deleted a blueprint in the Steam Workshop, it may take a few minutes for the game to update the in-game blueprint library!


Incorporating your feedback, we’ve also made a lot of other changes to some recently introduced features!

For example, you can now only take a blueprint of personally-owned or faction-owned vessels and bases. Your classified designs are now well protected!

We have also added a showcase of two new windows without blinds for you to test (many more are in the works).




For our dedicated server multiplayer community, we have added the possibility to have more than only one starter planet! Any server owner can now define any planet of the solar system as a starter planet, simply by editing the sectors.yaml. It’s also possible for the server owner to activate an “automatic wipe” mechanism to clean up structures that haven’t been visited by their respective owner for the time set in the dedicated.yaml.

For our singleplayer community, we have removed the Anti-griefing building restrictions!

Last, but not least, we made sure, you don’t need to reactivate the turrets of your vessel after each and every warp jump or playfield change.

Please note: If you resume a pre-5.3 savegame, pre-5.3 server world or place a blueprint the first time, there’s a small inconvenience left: you will need to reactivate your turrets ONCE! From then on, they’ll stay active. This will be worked on for a future update.

All those and many...
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that sometimes a playfield was wiped on a Dedicated Server
- Fixed problem that Docking Pad on HV / SV did not dock anymore and HV / SV was hovering in air
- Fixed duplication problem in Control Panel by pressing "Add to last group" of a device that was already grouped

Changes / Improvements:
- Reduced required growing plots in starter base (stock blueprint) from 9 to 2 so that players can build the starter base with available growing plots from Escape Pod
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Fellow Survivalists!

Many of you were wondering, what took us so long to release this patch. We are quite sure, the following feature updates are a great compensation for the waiting time: Targeting Options and overall Turret Improvements, Device Grouping and Blueprints in Survival!

Targeting Options and Turret Improvements

Targeting Options can now be set for each turret individually. With Pre Alpha 5.2 we are going to add the first four options. Those can be activated or deactivated in the console ( default: P) via checkbox:
  • Other Factions: all other factions (private, public and player made factions)
  • Prey: all non-aggressive animals (e.g. dinos on Akua). This also includes animals that attack you once you hurt them (e.g. Slimes)
  • Predator: all aggressive animals that attack you (e.g. Desert Golem)
  • Alien: Drones, Crogohm, Crawler, Armored Golem
As a small hint: the “other factions” setting will be split up in a more detailed setting in the future, like alliances, neutral factions and such!


Handling Notes:
  • If you want to deactivate a turret, just de-select all targeting options.
  • Turrets that are part of a player-build base or vessel in a PvE environment, will never shoot at other players or vessels, even if the “Other Factions” setting is checked. There is a small known issue, that will get fixed soon: If you capture an alien POI, switch the core and install your own turrets, your turrets will attack everything that does not belong to you (Private) or is not set to your faction.
  • Turrets can be grouped in the console with the new Device Grouping feature, although the individual turret settings (like deactivating or changing targeting options) are not available yet. These will be added in an upcoming update!
In addition, we have implemented several other turret improvements as documented below in the changelog.

Please note: Currently, you need to re-activate every turret after changing playfields. This will also be addressed in the upcoming patch!

Device Grouping in Control Panel

If turning off your thrusters, while keeping the growing light and fridges active and all other lights off gave you headaches, Pre Alpha 5.2 has the cure! With this first feature release of Device Grouping, we are tipping everyone’s toe into the wonderful world of filling up your console with a slew of functional groups.

You can now create groups,...
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The update notes can be found here:

Changelog Pre-Alpha 5.2:

Main Features:
1. Improved turret behavior

- Added possibility to select faction that a turret attacks (Other Factions, Prey, Predator, Alien)
- Better targeting for turrets: Turrets now pick up the closest target and don't get "distracted" with targets that are far away
- Attack range of turret is now dependent on type of turret (e.g. CV artillery turret can shoot up to 1000m)
- Increased attack range from 500m to 1000m for alien turrets in space
- Increased attack range of enemy turrets on planets (now they should have higher range than SV weapons)
- Enemy turrets stop shooting when player leaves their attack range (before enemy turrets started shooting on player SV at 300m but continued shooting until player SV was further away than 500m)
- Increased detection angle of turrets to 360°, i.e., now turrets can detect enemies in a full circle
- Increased vertical rotation limits of turrets and thus better targeting
- Improved manual turret handling (before you could manually "overturn" the turret, e.g. by moving mouse above the max vertical rotation limit. The result was that the turret go stuck for a while when you moved mouse back again)
- Increased overall rotation speed of turrets. In addition, rotation speed is now dependent on type of turret (e.g., fast moving minigun turret and slow moving artillery turret)
- Turrets now ignore dead targets

2. Blueprints in Survival:

- Now you can spawn your blueprints in Survival mode
- Added simple stock blueprints

3. Device Grouping in Control Panel
- Added possibility to group items in the control panel
- In addition, now you can power on/off single devices and whole groups in the Control Panel (e.g. you can now group thrusters and turn them off separately)

Sleeker design of CV turrets:

Changes / Improvements:
- Atmosphere density now influences range of all weapons (e.g. SV weapons have short range on planets and long range in space)
- Added possibility to run 2 Dedicated servers simultaneously on 1 machine (before playfield server did not correctly connect to the dedicated server)
- Added more variance to atmosphere density among playfields
- Added ground fog on Masperon and Aitis
- Added many new...