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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that NPC creatures did not correctly attack player

We are sorry for the inconveniences
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed player name bug and save game bug: now not allowed characters (e.g., ? ) cannot be included in the player name or name of new game any more (before it caused a crash when starting a new game)
- Fixed problem that you could shoot when being in the passenger seat (error when zooming with sniper)
- Fixed bug that FPS drops significantly if several large capital vessels are close together
- Fixed problem with flare of drones not showing correctly when zooming with assault rifle and other scoped weapons
- Fixed problem that error dialog was not shown in all cases (now debugging will be easier for us to track bugs)
- Removed cockpit from crashed ship on Moon (error when changing core and trying to access cockpit)
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Hello everyone,

Empyrion - Galactic Survival has now officially launched on Steam Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the Closed Pre-Alpha!

You are an awesome community and we can be happy to have such a great community behind Empyrion. We just sent out an email to each participant to say thank you.

Best wishes from the whole dev team

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Hi everyone,
We have just released the final build Pre-Alpha 2.0.0 to Steam. This is the version that will be released at 9am PDT worldwide. If you have time, give it a try.
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Hi everyone,

We have released a hotfix for the following issue: Core not place able any more after quitting and resuming game
  • If a player has removed the core of a construction and then quit the game, a new core could not be placed any more after resuming the game. This has been fixed.

In addition, we changed the following:
  • Removed little black dots on planets seen from orbit
  • Fixed problem that sometimes the upward facing thruster is not working correctly
  • Added reload sound to filler and flatten tool
  • Added sound to cockpit and turret on entering
  • Turret minigun (GV): barrel continues to rotate 1sec after stopping to shoot
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Hi Closed-Alpha participants,

We have uploaded a new version to Steam (Pre-Alpha 1.2.1), which is the Release Candidate 1 for the Wednesday release on Steam. We would really need your help to test this version and find any deal breakers (major bugs) - it is the last effort before the official Steam release. We will follow the bug report section closely. Thank you already in advance.

In the new version, we have integrated AI in space. In particular, we have now activated the Space Drones that you know from the Launch Trailer. In addition, we have implemented a new player spawning system that allows you to choose different spawn points after you die. With this new spawning system, we hope to prevent any "game over" situations.

EDIT: we have just released a minor update (Pre-Alpha 1.2.2) to adapt the spawn option when you are still on Omicron (no warning message for multiplayer). In addition, the in-game hints will now not be displayed if you are in Creative Mode and we fixed a minor terrain glitch.

EDIT 2: Please note that the space drone will only be initialized in an old save game if you have not been in the Orbit yet. E.g. you resume a game where you just have been on Omicron.

EDIT 3: We have released a small hotfix (Pre-Alpha 1.2.3) for an issue where the core is not place able anymore after quitting and resuming game. In addition, we fixed some other small bugs.

Here are some screenshots of the Space Drones:

Screenshots from space battles:



New community build "Habitat Beta" which can be found on Omicron Moon (thanks Hummel-o-War):

CHANGELOG FOR PRE-ALPHA 1.2.1 (Release Candidate 1):


- Added AI drones in space
- Added spawning system after death: now you can choose between different spawn points (current location, medic station or Omicron starting position)
- Added tabs for BA, CV, GV, SV in Creative Menu - blocks now have color coding to distinguish for what they are used.
- Added color hint icons (SV, GV, CV, BA) in player's inventory
- Control panel now shows missing essential components
- Added icons in Control Panel's list of controllable units
- Added explosion effect to laser based weapons
- Desert Golem and Arachnid appear now also in the mountains of Omicron...
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Hi everyone,

Today, we are excited to present you the new update for Empyrion. Pre-Alpha 1.2.0 is now live on Steam for the Closed Pre-Alpha participants.

We have integrated auto turrets, turrets for your ground vessel, several graphic improvements, a more user-friendly behaviour to fast move items from the inventory to other objects, a new scary creature on the lava planet (sorry no screenshot - we don't want to spoil it), several POIs (community builds) to explore in Survival mode and much more....

- Because we had to rotate some blocks like the stairs and several decorative blocks (bookshelf, TV Table, Toilet, Shower etc) so that they are now can correctly used with the symmetry plane, these blocks will not be correctly rotated anymore in your save games. We are sorry for the inconveniences.
- It seems that after updating, sometimes the "player name" in the Main Menu is set to default. Make sure to switch it back your old name - otherwise you will not be able to see your old save games under Resume Game.

Several new turrets for your ground vessel:

Ground fog on the planets:

Several POIs to explore:

New Setting for Orbit scene in Creative:



- Add AI turrets: manual and auto mode (WIP, currently you have to enter a turret once to “activate” it for auto mode)
- Added in-game hints (first version, will be extended over time): can be disabled under Misc in Options
- Added new Shift+LMB behaviour to fast move items: If player interacts with e.g. Constructor, Shift+LMB moves items from player inventory into constructor inventory and vice versa. Also: Shift+LMB on stacked fuel pack now fills fuel tank
- All creatures now fade in (and dont just appear)
- Added turrets for GV (minigun, rocket and plasma cannon)
- Ships can now also be controlled with Arrow keys (pitch, yaw and roll)
- Changed system how new BA / CV / SV / GV is created: Now you have to craft the starter block in Constructor which then you can place as a "normal" block (i.e., you see preview of where you place block)
- Added some slight fog in space
- Added some fog on planets
- Added more space nebulas on skypbox in space
- Enemy stations are now always powered and lights are turned on
- Added several community builds in...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today is a very big day for us because we can now finally announce the release date of Empyrion - Galactic Survival. After more than 2 years of intense development, Empyrion will be released on Steam Early Access on August 5, 2015.

For this occasion, we have prepared a new trailer for you:

The trailer was entirely captured in-game and shows content that will be available in the Early Access version on Steam. For example, the AI space pirates are not yet in the current version of the game (Pre-Alpha 1.1.1) but will be integrate in one of the up-coming versions.

Here are some screenshots taken directly from the trailer:



[​IMG] [​IMG]






Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

Eleon Game Studios
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We uploaded a hotfix (Pre-Alpha 1.1.1) because sometimes the drones were impossible to kill after resuming a game. In addition, we increased the resolution of the reflection probe for the water. Now, the water reflections should look better from high above.
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Hello Streamers, You Tubers and fans of Empyrion,

After 3 weeks of testing, bugfixing and polishing, we are very excited to announce that, as of now, the Pre-Alpha NDA on "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" has been lifted. This means that you can now record videos, stream the game on your channel or write reviews about the game.

There are still some rough edges in the game but we think it is sufficiently polished to show it to the "outside" world. However, when you record a video, please don't forget to highlight the early state of development of the game.

Thank you so much for respecting the video embargo up to now.

You are an awesome community - and with your comments and suggestions you give us so much inspiration for the development of the game. Please excuse us if we cannot respond to every comment in this forum but be assured we are following it closely.

A big thank you from the whole dev team.

Eleon Game Studios