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by EleonGameStudios at 9:22 AM
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Hey folks!

We at Eleon Game Studios have been hard at work, especially redoubling our efforts after the Kickstarter had ended to make sure we keep on schedule and bring you the space survival game you have been waiting for so long. Today we have some very exciting news to share with you all: it's something that will have a very positive effect on the development of Empyrion and that should also ease some concerns which were voiced during the Kickstarter.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Eleon Game Studios has partnered with "The Modding Asylum: Empyrion Project" - an independent group of highly talented artists, modelers, programmers and concept artists. It is because of their passion for wanting to see Empyrion become reality that they contacted us shortly after the Kickstarter and offered their assistance with 3D models, textures, programming support and their expert advice. We have just a few examples of the amazing work they have been doing below.

The development of Empyrion will greatly benefit from this long-term partnership because it allows us to significantly improve not only the graphics of the game, but bring you a more coherent art style through the entire game.

We are very happy to welcome “The Modding Asylum: Empyrion Project” on board, and together we will make the game of our and your dreams.

Eleon Game Studios

Examples of models developed by "The Modding Asylum:"

Our new cockpit:

The new cockpit in action:

Alternative cockpit:
by Corodius at 6:27 PM
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Greetings Everyone!

I have recently been appointed as Official Community Manager/Representative for @EleonGameStudios, and I would like to Introduce Myself.

I cannot say too much at this time, but I can Guarantee that work continues full speed ahead and things are quite on track regarding Development and the Alpha Version. We will have more News on this Very Soon, please be Patient.

Any Questions may be directed towards myself, and I will do my best to answer them all Completely and Thoroughly.

I look forward to working with Each and Every one of you. 2015 Is the Year of Empyrion, and we will make it an Excellent One.

Thank you Everyone

by EleonGameStudios at 4:41 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to announce that Empyrion made it on the list of best PC games for 2015 on Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Survival Games)! Check it out: Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Best PC Games for 2015. We are on the same list as Rust, DayZ, The Forest, The Long Dark and Life Is Feudal - that is awesome!

The Alpha release on Steam is still scheduled for spring 2015! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel because we made very good progress on the planetary approach and we will soon post a new video with a smooth orbit-planet transition (no loading screen) on our channel.

In addition, we have some exciting news that we will share with you very soon. Stay tuned!

2015 will be an awesome year for Empyrion!

Eleon Game Studios
by Kane Hart at 4:57 AM
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We just want to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday and New Years!

We hope that you will be with friends and or loved ones and relaxing this Holiday Season. 2014 was a great year and we hope 2015 is even a better year!

For better or worse will still be here come 2015 and years to come!
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This is a direct quote from Kickstarter.

Hi backers!

We decided to cancel our Kickstarter campaign because it will be impossible to reach the funding goal in the remaining time. However, the development of Empyrion will NOT stop! We have a vision and we want to realize it! We made good progress with the game in the last weeks and we are confident that we will be able to release the Alpha of Empyrion in spring 2015.

We would like to thank all backers for their support! You were very active during the campaign with numerous comments and suggestions, which will provide an inspiring source for the further development of Empyrion!

We did not anticipate that nowadays a Kickstarter campaign without a demo is almost impossible – and our demo came out definitely too late. In addition, we truly believe that a lack of exposure was the other main problem that the campaign did not succeed - not the game itself.

We will keep you posted with further updates and possibilities how you can support the development of Empyrion in the near future.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Eleon Game Studios
by Kane Hart at 10:03 AM
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It's unfortunately less then 60 hours till the Kickstarter comes to an end.

There has been no news yet what will happen once the Kickstarter is over but we do know that there will be a post made letting us know when it does happen.

No matter what happens we here at Empyrion Online continue to support and back Empyrion from the start to the end, no matter what we face will keep keep going.

Don't forget that Empyrion was successfully Greenlighted. This is a big deal as the developers could at anytime start selling early access to their game at anytime.

Don't forget to check out Direwolf20's Video:
by Kane Hart at 12:55 PM
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Looks like there is 7 days to go on the Kickstarter. Many more people are slowly getting their hands on the demo and recording footage on Youtube. Update #9 is out and includes a Album on Imgur.

It also looks like Direwolf a famous Minecraft Youtuber for modded Minecraft like FTB has gotten himself a copy.

Also don't forget to check out LastStandGamers Video:
by Kane Hart at 11:53 AM
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Demo is out apparently via twitter:

As far as we know the demo is only been given out to the press and that being large channels with large amount of viewers. Will keep you updated if we end up getting a copy and will share some screenshots and footage.

Please note this is not even Alpha but a Demo and should be considered a internal dev alpha quality at most. So expect anything and everything to change overtime for the good.
by Kane Hart at 8:46 AM
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First off the big news starting this week is it looks like the demo is getting very close. Eleon Game Studios via Kickstarter has stated "Hi everyone! We had a busy weekend with a lot of work to polish up the demo." This is really good news and sounds like we might be seeing a demo in the hand of youtubers soon and hopefully will also be getting a copy to cover as well, so we can post a lot of footage and maybe even some live streaming!

Another Snip from Kickstarter: "We will release the demo in time so that it can help boost the campaign in the last 2 weeks."

Today we hit £12,000 so we are getting one step closer to hitting the goal but we need you guys and girls to help spread the word even further.

Here are some wonderful Q&A's from around the Internet.

Empyrion Online:
Q: How will Planet to Space or Space to Planet transitioning work?
  • Currently, we are testing different approaches. In the first built, there will probably be a brief loading sequence from space to planet and vice versa but our aim is to make the transition relatively smooth. Between star systems there will probably be also a brief loading sequence.

Q: Will we be able to repair tools and will there be things like axes and shovels?
  • We will probably add the possibility to repair your stuff. Given that we are in the year 2473, we might not add axes and shovels but more advanced equipment.

Kickstarter Comments:
Q: Is that an automated drill that can move completely within the parameters of the square made for it? or is it a planned feature just being a static object at the moment?
  • The automatic mining robot from the trailer is still only a placeholder but it will be functional in the released game.
Q: Will there be aerodynamics in the atmospheres of the planets?
  • Yes, aerodynamics would be a very cool feature (however, not yet implemented). Currently, we are testing different approaches to add realism to the atmospheric flights.
Q: Will we get Steam keys if we Back?
  • Absolutely. Given that Empyrion has been Greenlit, you will get Steam keys after the Kickstarter.

Q: Will you be able to fly in one direction from point A ( while on a planet ) and at some point arrive at the same point A ( Fly around the whole planet )
And that leads to another one.
  • Yes, absolutely. The planets are round which means...
by Kane Hart at 3:58 PM
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Some great news today. We are almost at the 20% mark on Kickstarter and at the same time Empyrion has been successful Greenlit.
The amazing part is 73% of the community voted yes. This is actually a pretty big victory with so many players miss trusting Greenlight these days this means people see Empyrion being successful and that is a really good thing and one heck of a morality boost for the developers.

Empyrion Developers being so transparent have also included a screenshot of the Greenlight admin panel stats for us to view: