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  1. SacredGlade
    Been takin a little EGS break - but still keeping an eye on progress,,,!
  2. Alhira_K
  3. bbk.3164
    bbk.3164 ASTIC
    Astiz Greetings,
    I SUPER LIKED your mod:
    (screen =>
    I intend to create a THEME -> IN THE SUGGESTIONS, and ask the developers -> that they LEGALIZE this mod (script for displaying interactive information -> fuel / oxygen remaining ...), previously agreed with you (as with the author)
    Also I will post 2 links to download the mod:
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    2. ASTIC
      My mod is free for use, installation in the EGS or download - it should only help to make Empyrion a better game and to increase the fun in the game.

      Note: I have already offered the developers to integrate it into the game - but so far they have unfortunately shown no interest :-(
      Mar 28, 2021
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    3. bbk.3164
      Mar 29, 2021
    4. ASTIC
      I'll take a look at it .
      Note: you can install the mod on a server so that all players can use the function
      Mar 30, 2021
  4. Johann Knorst
    Johann Knorst
    Trying my arse off to get a a server to work. xD
  5. Fractalite
    Should make some more POI's....
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    2. ravien_ff
      I will take them if they are space ones!
      Mar 27, 2021
  6. Xango2000
  7. Ugsquish
    Ugsquish Vermillion
    I have a quick question about the new derelict mining ship. I died in there and the shutter door back in seems to now be closed. Is this place a 1 chance to win or be screwed? Or am I just missing a "re entry" switch in the little bit of the ship I have access to? I have tried a bunch of bombs to break back in too.
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    2. Ugsquish
      The 2 doors there are locked. Is there a switch? And thank you so much for getting to me :D
      Mar 15, 2021
    3. Vermillion
      Door should be unlocked by default. Unless a certain staff member changed it without knowing why it was there in the first place. In which case, not my fault.
      Mar 15, 2021
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    4. Ugsquish
      Ok. Thanks again. Very much.
      Mar 15, 2021
  8. Vermillion
    Vermillion LiftPizzas
    Your issue with magnesium not working in the repair bay is not a bug. It's caused by magnesium not being a Base Item. Add BaseItem: true to the MagnesiumPowder template and you'll be good to go.
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    2. LiftPizzas
      Awesome, will do. Thanks. :)
      Mar 14, 2021
  9. Kithid
    What?! I've got wings on my shoes?
  10. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire
    we need 50cc's of turd polish, stat !
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  11. xtended2l
    Loves everyone, including Kassonnade.
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    2. Kassonnade
      Don't be a fool : you'd be the only one ! lol
      Feb 11, 2021
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  12. dionis
    dionis Mobius
    good day. Could u help me? Where i can find files of music at folders in the game. i wanna change them for my server
    1. Taelyn
      Jan 15, 2021
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  13. dionis
    dionis Exacute
    good day. Could u help me? Where i can find files of music at folders in the game. i wanna change them for my server
  14. Myrmidon
    Plays long and profits.
  15. Ephoie
    good morning
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  16. LeonidNT79
    merchants do not have a menu and cannot trade
  17. LeonidNT79
    A unique game in its genre.
  18. Aussieparamedic
    NEVER Give Up or Give In
  19. ukneo
    ukneo RexXxuS
    Reputation with Kri, Tra, Pir, Col, etc. on the EU server does not change.
    With the Ziraks and Polaris, we were able to improve our reputation. But with other factions it is not possible to improve or worsen. Even killing at a faction station does not lead to any result
    Before the update, the reputation changed, after the update, the reputation cannot be changed with other factions. Could this be a bug?
    1. RexXxuS
      Hello @ukneo I assume you speak of the Official EU server, running my Invader vs Defender Scenario?
      It does sound like a bug, yes. Have to check once I got some time.
      Dec 20, 2020
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    2. ukneo
      Yes. Invader vs Defender Scenario. Thank you. Will wait
      Dec 20, 2020
  20. Don't Panic
    Don't Panic
    I'm back to Dual Universe