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  1. ezbz14
    ezbz14 ASTIC
    I really hope the authors take a very close look at your work. Your mod is an incredible start. It would be a terrible waste if they did not fix the bugs in 1.8 to allow C# scripting to work properly.
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  2. Iluminator
    For some, the goal is to destroy this game with stupid demands to make everything real.
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    2. Fractalite
      Nice Avatar.
      Jun 21, 2022
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  3. BushiNeko
    We can build a base in space with concrete. How weird is that?
  4. rha
    rha CapitanTan
    Hola Capitan, mira he querido bajar la traduccion del juego pero el archivo .rar me da error al bajarlo es posible que este dañado o no tienen el .zip puede ser? desde ya muchas gracias si es que lo puedes reparar para poder disfrutar las misiones en español
  5. BushiNeko
    Grinding Grinding.. build them base blocks.. build them ship blocks.. :P Happy Weekend gang!
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  6. Vermillion
    Vermillion Politary
    Damage Multipliers function on damage_category not material names. The damage category for Armored Concrete is just "concrete" and will apply to both concrete types. The game has multiple materials that all share the same damage_category making them all functionally identical.
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  7. Taelyn
    Fixed the Steam Avatars on the Forum :-)
  8. ProtectorX
    ProtectorX Hummel-o-War
    Seeking to Rock Empyrion in VR on my Oculus Quest 2! The scenery displayed on my 60" screen is so amazing that I want more! I also play Empyrion projected on a 12' by 10' wall! But would really LOVE playing this while immersed within it! (VR) the View would be spectacular beyond "Worlds" of words! (literally) ..Can there also be a VR MOD Experiment for Empyrion as well?
    1. Taelyn
      Currently there are no plans to add VR Support
      Jun 9, 2022
  9. BushiNeko
    Returned from the dead of RL... and bitching about having gotten fingernails as she corrects typing errors ... But the weekend rocked. :P
  10. Anakhim Rising
    Anakhim Rising Vermillion
    Is there a document or something that lists the data for Reforged blocks and weapons? I'm trying to build with the SV bomb launcher and it says the firing direction is blocked, how does that block operate?
    1. Vermillion
      There is currently no external information on the scenario.
      If a weapon says that the firing direction is blocked, it means that there's an object in front of the weapon preventing it from firing. Any block will stop a weapon from firing.
      May 26, 2022
    2. Anakhim Rising
      Anakhim Rising
      Might by something to release.
      May 26, 2022
    3. Anakhim Rising
      Anakhim Rising
      If I wanted to add a short-range, within-playfield jump drive for my own scenario, where would I start?
      May 28, 2022
  11. andres.saavedra.arias
    andres.saavedra.arias Hummel-o-War
    Estimado Hummel , como inicio o pongo a jugar el juego en la nueva modalidad v1.8 Experimental I ?, he entrado al juego y no aparece nada que me permita tomar una opción diferente al juego normal, he visto si se debe bajar algo desde la pagina de la tienda como un DLC y nada, si pudieras ayudarme seria genial, he jugado bastante este juego y he regresado para ver que cambios existen.

    Atte. Andres
    1. Pantera
      May 22, 2022
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  12. BushiNeko
    Just an older gal who likes games...
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  13. Acidwarrior
  14. IVEN
  15. OreO
  16. rtracy
    rtracy ravien_ff
    I noticed that you posted in the forms: `prefabinfo 'Blueprint Name' -convert CV`. Was wondering if you have had success going the other direction to BA? I keep getting an error: `Set type to timerToken in prefab`
    1. ravien_ff
      I believe I have done that too. It should work going from anything to anything.
      Apr 14, 2022
  17. Taelyn
    Fixed the forum :-)
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    2. Germanicus
      You must have whiped even newer messages as I am only 3 Years here and lost about 2000 messages, not that I care ;-)
      Apr 14, 2022
    3. Taelyn
      Yes Ive removed tons of old data from the forum
      If you tell me how much you had then i can see to set it back
      Apr 14, 2022
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    4. Germanicus
      Nah, Don't worry. But thanks for the offer.
      Apr 14, 2022
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  18. orinox
    Good always triumphs over evil, because whoever wins is the good one.
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    2. Germanicus
      Depends on the point of View I would say.
      Apr 7, 2022
  19. Germanicus
    My currently last step of PC-upgrading is finished by adding a new ROG Keyboard and Mouse :-)
  20. Germanicus
    Received yesterday the upgraded PC:-)
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    2. Fractalite
      Bet that will be nice!
      Apr 2, 2022
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    3. Germanicus
      Actually I do.
      Playing the game on Max Graphic Settings and still hitting 90-100FPS is quite enjoyable:-)
      Apr 2, 2022