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  1. Slipstream
    Dropped from the Alpha program without being told I was being dropped. Way to go, EmpDevs.
  2. Kanbyen
  3. jadefalcon
    In Havana, half of my heart is
  4. piddlefoot
    Thanks for all the comments guys I dont visit my profile much sorry.
  5. piddlefoot
    Falcon is on workshop on steam under same name.
  6. wildboy
    wildboy michael.mccawley
    Hey Michael, did read your msg , in 8.7Exp post .., Did you fix it already? .. here is how: Open Steam> library>>Games, on the left side right click empyrion en select properties >> select the last tab Betas now under :select betas you would like to opt into . select NONE-opt out to all beta programs. After that you can click closed en steam will download the non beta version.
  7. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire
    some absolutely ridiculous bugs atm, cant play
  8. Groudon
  9. The Hashtronaut
    The Hashtronaut
    Would love some Awesome melee weapons.....I really want to a reason to FInish this "Thunder Dome" :)
    STRANNIK EleonGameStudios
    Any living? Or nobody cares about that? The administration is here for what?
    Живые есть? Или это никого не волнует? Администрация здесь для чего?
  11. Groza
    Groza Hummel-o-War
    Hello! Are you support servers which were "verified" before the verification program closes
      Тут всем на всех ПОХУЙ)) Особенно админам и разрабам)
      Oct 7, 2018
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  12. Romongerr
    Romongerr piddlefoot
    Question about the Config.ecf file. What Folder should the Config.ecf file be placed into? I tried D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration. Where my game is located.
    Does it still work in Alpha 8? Thank You
    1. Fractalite
      Hey Romonger, you place it in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration

      And it should take effect simply by being there. :)
      Sep 27, 2018
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    2. Romongerr
      Yes in the Steam's game directory which mine is on D:\ drive ;)
      Sep 27, 2018
    STRANNIK EleonGameStudios
    Please tell me who or where to contact about the verification of the dedicated server?
    Server site:
    Previously, there were up to 65 players online. Recently, online has fallen sharply, one of the reasons is that the server has become unverified.
    (sorry for my English, I write through the translator)
  14. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire
    boating on HWS paragon :D
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  15. The Hashtronaut
    The Hashtronaut
    ..........snoring loudly........
  16. Supercrab
    I am a crab
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    2. Kieve
      Not just any crab, but a SUPER one at that!
      Sep 23, 2018
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    3. Fractalite
      This made my day. :)
      Sep 23, 2018
  17. FabledHero
    If you build it, they will (Explicit Deleted)
  18. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire DrCarrotCake
    I love carrot cake, welcome to the forums !
  19. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire
    How do you stay interested ? I am simply wasting away in a blanket of boredom here.
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    2. Fractalite
      Build different ship types.
      Build different ship design types.
      Play a "single" player campaign and take epic photos.

      If you want a specific challenge; build a luxury super fancy CV.
      Sep 17, 2018
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    3. Furious Hellfire
      Furious Hellfire
      Been there done it all, I just pulled 13 random dissimilar HV designs out of my ass followed by 5-7 SV all in the last week. It is like going to the fair, only so many times one can ride the waltzers before the feeling is bland and usual and repetitive. I need a fresh angle on this game.
      Sep 17, 2018
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    4. Kassonnade
      Try StarForge! It's all free now...
      Sep 21, 2018
  20. SacredGlade
    Loving the multiplayer screen of 93 players at the same POI on HWS EU!
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    2. Fractalite
      Pictures man, pictures! :)
      Sep 17, 2018
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