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Dec 10, 2020
    1. rogier
      great work Guy's ....and gall's...if there be some in the studio there....keep up the good work...
    2. Tyrax Lightning
      Tyrax Lightning
      Many thanks for all your epic hard work Game Devs! :D
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    3. RisingDemon
      How long do you think until you guys will add blueprint importing to survival and will it be like we need to make all the supplies and add them to a blueprint constructor and craft the blueprint
      1. Flermpick
        try hitting F6
        Feb 17, 2016
    4. jaleespc
      When are we going to get armor?
      will there be a new type of constructor for making armor?
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    5. stimdealer0001
    6. jaleespc
      4th, make Aloe Vera plants and items like that stackable. if I can stack 999 ore which has more weight than a plant, then plants such as aloe vera and Akua should stack also. otherwise I love the new graphics for items such as the back pack that hits the ground when you die, lol
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    7. jaleespc
      3rd Why can I auto load items into oxygen gen/water gen but can NOT auto unload? All items should be auto unload as well from all equipment. Auto unload meaning shift click.
    8. jaleespc
      An auto run feature would be so greatly appreciated. I hate having to keep my run button pressed as I make long swims and open terrain runs. 2nd, these characters seriously eat way to frickin much. I don't feel like I can do a lot of anything else as I am constantly looking for food. slow down the food hunger rate some.
      1. Leatherneck
        The food rate is just fine, I rarely have to eat all that often which is better than most survival games.
        Dec 21, 2015
    9. Stas
      Dear developers , since you made the German language in the game , I would like to ask you in the next update to enter the Russian language in the game. Thanks in advance , I hope you will consider my request .
    10. upsetkiller
      I posted in the forums some time ago but got no response from the official team .
      my suggestion was to add a IRC channel for easier interaction between the community , as well ass the community and the devs and admins , its a instant chat and would make allot of things easier
    11. Mangles91
      I love Empyrion so much that I bought 7 copies to giveaway on my Twitch Channel!!!
      Id love to have you in the channel some time.. even if you dont chat and just watch! www.twitch.tv/mangles91
    12. Mangles91
      I am a Twitch streamer and your game is my main game these days and I would Love to have a Developer come and chat with us during a show.
      I want to support Empyrion!!
      I will be streaming tonight if you wanted to lurk and get a feel for our show before you make a decision

      Lets continue this Convo thru Email.
      [email protected]

      Thank you for your precious time
      Joe Valenti
    13. leoleal
      PLSS EleonGameStudios removing restrictions for leave planet, i can leave the planet without being with my friends.
    14. chifou
      I wanted to know if there is another planet in which there are four starting area?
      Because I have just completed my capital ship and I tried to distance myself from the region or not until I see the planets, but nothing happens.
      PS: I use Google translation to write because I do not understand English ^^
      Thank you in advance for the answer.
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      2. Turboxide
        They are working on other planets and solar systems as we speak. Right now, we can only explore those 4 planets and the asteroid field. Soon!
        Aug 28, 2015
    15. Svenni
      Hey, i have a Questin can i get some Keys to do some Giveaways on Twitch?. Because i love your Game, my twitch channel is : www.twitch.tv/sfcsteini and i want to Support you.

      Big Regrads SfcSteini aka Svenni
    16. Hooster1
      I was in the latest bug reporting section of the forum, and answered someone's bug report with what I read somewhere else. When I looked around, I did not see any other replies to bug reports vs. reports in the general section, where many people are being helpful. Do you prefer the bug report section to only have bug reports to make finding new problems easier?
    17. Firestyle
      Hello, I'm new to Empyrion, I wanted to know if you could help me out with an error that I keep getting. I can't post on the forum and I didn't know who else to talk to about this.
      An internal exception occurred (Address 0x4076bc2b) Please contact [email protected] Thank you!.
      Now, i tried reinstalling and i tried the game cache trick and neither work. I was wondering if you know how to fix this. Thanks!
    18. Germplayer
      Hey Leon

      ich bin auch Entwickler und frage mal ob ich beim Projekt EMPYRION helfen kann z.B. Suport

      Mit Freundlichen Gruß
    19. pou2017
      (((((EMPYRION - ГАЛАКТИЧЕСКОЙ ВЫЖИВАНИЯ))))) лучше чем Space Engineers
    20. Kruspe
      Hey guys, I posted a question about connecting via IPv6 to a multiplayer game. Can you give me any advise?
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