Jun 15, 2015
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Jun 24, 1980 (Age: 38)

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Alpha 9.4 public release coming closer. So does Alpha 10 dev cycle start. ;) Feb 10, 2019

    1. DarkScorpius666
      There is an exploit in the BP that allows you to put equipment/parts in the factory and if the BP does not use it you get back refined ore that you would not normally have access to in the first stages of the game. Example: when you put Capacitor devices in the factory for a BP that does not require cobalt you get back 20 Neodymium, 8 Sathium, 8 Cobalt for each device dropped into the factory.
    2. redbaron
      Hello, Just wondering if on Omicron Survival SP... does the "easy" SV that shows up to harrass your base ever respawn? or is it a one time event that you defeat? I know simple question but hey I play offline and am not around much LOL
    3. snrdba
      I have been informed that a fix with improved thrusters and calculations is on its way. Please ignore previous message regarding Design specs on Thrusters.
      Need my birthdate set by an administrator. needs to be 5 Sep 1987.
      Many thanks.
    4. snrdba
      Need assistance with designing. Build a CV that reaches top speed (lets say 91). Reverse, up down etc all run at this speed. I decide to add another engine in the rear and the bottom to ensure that if I encounter a high G planet, I can get out. Add the thrusters and now forward now gives me 71 max and 82 in vertical. reverse 58 and l &R 48.
      What on earth is going on here.
    5. binhthuy71
    6. kelvin
      Can Artillery guns Take out the CORE in The Drone Base, I have tried everything, It fires at the Troop Transport and every other alien except the CORE, settings on auto. works ok on manual
      1. Fractalite
        I will send you a convo on tips to adjust the Artillery turret. Sorry for taking a bit to respond!
        Aug 23, 2017
    7. JDaremo Fireheart
      JDaremo Fireheart
    8. Jacoviz
      Hi Hummel-o-War i've just finished to translate the part you send to me. I've sended you back the file. Tell me if is All ok.
    9. Postmodern
      [...bad behavior of either the owners or their admins towards their players - although this will lead to a REMOVAL of the VerifiedServer label. ...]
      Yesterday, while playing on Oblivion as PostApocalyptic , I asked a simple question and was met with snarky answers - to which I replied in kind. I was banned. One of my friends came to my defense, and was also banned. Then a third player left . Admin Abuse!
      1. Frigidman
        Why did you post this public. And with zero proof. You need to contact whomever privately, and supply proof.
        Jul 5, 2017
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    10. saadow
      Hey Hummel, I'm working on some features for a server and I'd like to find some documentation about the server software, is there any comprehensive information about the data the server reports?
    11. StyleBBQ
      Hiya Hummel, I just posted a bug with a link to saved game file. I don't like to register in order to share a file so used
      Point is: you might get a few more bug submissions with saved games if you mention a 'no registration required' file share site in that first post where you mention dropbox.
      I can't vouch for SendSpace but it was quick and easy (like PasteBin).
    12. F.T.L
      HI Hummel, good day, I got your name from Steam community, Regarding Empyrion Simplified Chinese, We have already finish the translate work on:
      and Spanish, French US english also finish for a long time.
      so If possible we can get four language versions game in coming 6.0 update?
    13. NanoUseR
      Need help, please read my post in support
    14. Roachy1
      Hi Hummel, I'd like to request that Gold (Au) be added to the wiki Ore template, so it can be used in various places. It appears you are the only active Wiki Guardian with permissions to do this.
    15. Big_JL
      Hi Hummel

      I´m Big_JL aka Jeremi.
      Greencard sayed that i have to report to you for the experimental Alpha. I play with him in the same faction and we know each other since some time.

      greatings Big_JL
    16. Vampir2005
      Hallo Hummel-o-War,

      könntest du dich mit mir mal per PM/PN odr Mail in Verbindung setzen?
      Ich habe mehrere PIO´s upgedatet zu den neuen Blocks der Version 4.*
      Außerdem würde ich gerne einiges mit dir diskutieren ( habe da einige Ideen ).


    17. Uncle Rhythm Tom
      Uncle Rhythm Tom
      Hey hummel, I'm responding from the post in the bug thread and it was about the issue with placing blocks on a CV with a block count of about 9,500 or more that causes a possible crash, but always a crash whenever you switch to -anything- in the hotbar. I know the links from dropbox I had on the bug thread you weren't able to access, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and solve the issue!
    18. ChiliStorm
      Hey, i just want to clear our intentions about the moon base on official servers. We built like that to prevent people digging underneath the base. We did not know about the terrain rendering bug and so that was NOT intentional. just to clear the air.
      1. Cpt_Beefheart
        Meh, people shouldn't complain about that. When you cannot see terrain changes from 100m away it's an often used pvp tactic. Keep doing it until the devs make a better solution for multiplayer.
        Jan 9, 2017
    19. ThaAlien
      Why are the drills and mining turrets on HV unable to collect meteor resources?
    20. >ZGE<Rapier
      hallo ich bräuchte mal ein bisschen hilfe haben seit ein paar tagen das Problem das playfields die vorher wunderbar laufen von auf gleich abstürzen und nicht mehr geladen werden woran kann das liegen

      gruß rapier
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