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Meeting on EXP release. Fingers crossed :) May 19, 2021

    1. bbk.3164
      Hello! tell me please - developers are browsing all the topics with suggestions ?? Simply in all topics - there is no "resolution" from the developers ...
    2. Spirit_OK
      Sorry to bother you, but we have a lot of fruitless "replaceblocks" threads that pop up every so often and slide to oblivion without much useful answers. Can we have one of them as a sticky or a real FAQ on this, please?
    3. Track Driver
      Track Driver
      pt 4

      Chowder - 1 corn, 3 seaweed (1 seaweed snack), 1 milk

      survival candy-1 sugar, 1 honey, 1 berry

      Food Value 150; Health 100; Stamina 100; Perish 0
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    4. Track Driver
      Track Driver
      pt 3

      Canned Fruit - 1 sugar, 1 fruit (pearthing, ahax or berry) 1 steel plate

      Energy Drink (Gatorade?) - 1 space orange, 1 ahax fruit, 1 alien spice lemon, 1 sugar, 5 purified water
      Food value = 80; Health = 25; Stamina = 300
    5. Track Driver
      Track Driver
      pt 2

      Hot Cereal - 1 wheat, 1 sugar, 1 milk

      Pemican - 1 meat, 1 pearthing - same perish time as sausage but more food value

      Dried Fruit - 1 pearthing - Long perish time but same as raw pearthing for food value

      Canned Soup - 1 tomato, 3 seaweed (1 seaweed snack), 5 purified water, 1 steel plate
    6. Track Driver
      Track Driver
      Here are some of the recipe ideas from the Steam Forum.Aug 2016. pt. 1

      BTW, on Steam, I'm drwick12e. (actually, I'm now Track Driver on both sites)

      Pancakes - 1 Wheat, 1 Honey

      Breakfast - 2 Wheat, 1 Honey, 1 Raw Meat, 1 Milk

      Tofu Burger - 1 Wheat, 1 Textured Protein plant

      Fruit Salad - 1 Pearthing Fruit, 1 Ajax Fruit, 1 Berry

      Taco Salad - 1 Seaweed, 1 Raw Meat, 1 Wheat, 1 Tomato, 1 honey(?)
    7. Neal
      Just i case you didn't had a chance to read my reply in our conversation, i'm very interested in your proposal.
      But first, i need to know a few things. (pls read my conversation reply)
      Thanks in advance!
    8. dewasha
      i can help to translate the game to spanish, i collaborate in other projects of translations by community ah i like help to translate this game to spanish.
      Can you tell me how to collaborate?
      I have used crowding and other tools please
      tell me which one is used with this
    9. hutchynet.sv73
      hi, I really do think a suspension system, wheels and tracks will make a great addition to Empyrion Galactic Survival.
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      2. Kassonnade
        Me too.
        Dec 22, 2017
    10. Ready2produce
      Please review my Steam General Discussions 'Tutorial drawbacks' thread to understand why I'm posting to you.

      I'd like to make the Empyrion game a lot easier for me and people like me.

      The studio doesn't serve as diverse a player population as it believes.

      Could you assist me in assembling design suggestions to allow the 'Tutorial' game option help a wider player population?
    11. B-FliP
      Player called Teamkill logged into our server, level 1 , was invisible and blew up everything and everyone on the planet in just a minute, no defense was triggered. Seems like players can connect with godmode enabled and have access to the creative item menu without being server admin..

      His Steam ID:
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      2. B-FliP
        It didn't, it has now, would this have been prevented with EAC?
        Nov 23, 2017
      3. Pantera
        I would like to think it could have prevented it but cannot be 100% sure. If it happens again with EAC enabled please message back with all the info. When you click on either of our profiles you can click on 'start a conversation' to send a PM about it.
        Nov 23, 2017
      4. B-FliP
        Ok thanks, will do..
        Nov 24, 2017
    12. DarkScorpius666
      It should use what it can and sacrifice the rest until you guys come out with recycler equipment.
    13. DarkScorpius666
      There is an exploit in the BP that allows you to put equipment/parts in the factory and if the BP does not use it you get back refined ore that you would not normally have access to in the first stages of the game. Example: when you put Capacitor devices in the factory for a BP that does not require cobalt you get back 20 Neodymium, 8 Sathium, 8 Cobalt for each device dropped into the factory.
    14. redbaron
      Hello, Just wondering if on Omicron Survival SP... does the "easy" SV that shows up to harrass your base ever respawn? or is it a one time event that you defeat? I know simple question but hey I play offline and am not around much LOL
    15. snrdba
      I have been informed that a fix with improved thrusters and calculations is on its way. Please ignore previous message regarding Design specs on Thrusters.
      Need my birthdate set by an administrator. needs to be 5 Sep 1987.
      Many thanks.
    16. snrdba
      Need assistance with designing. Build a CV that reaches top speed (lets say 91). Reverse, up down etc all run at this speed. I decide to add another engine in the rear and the bottom to ensure that if I encounter a high G planet, I can get out. Add the thrusters and now forward now gives me 71 max and 82 in vertical. reverse 58 and l &R 48.
      What on earth is going on here.
    17. binhthuy71
    18. kelvin
      Can Artillery guns Take out the CORE in The Drone Base, I have tried everything, It fires at the Troop Transport and every other alien except the CORE, settings on auto. works ok on manual
      1. Fractalite
        I will send you a convo on tips to adjust the Artillery turret. Sorry for taking a bit to respond!
        Aug 24, 2017
    19. JDaremo Fireheart
      JDaremo Fireheart
    20. Jacoviz
      Hi Hummel-o-War i've just finished to translate the part you send to me. I've sended you back the file. Tell me if is All ok.
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