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Mar 17, 2018 at 7:49 PM
    1. Eliteace
    2. Whisper
      CV ship vanished. I don't know the ID#. On 6/29 at about 5:45 AM Central time US server, I landed at my base . The landing area was dug in but appeared to be re-filled.. When I left the cockpit I wasn't in the ship but fell through the nose to the ground, smacking into the now cleared landing area breaking my leg. When I looked around the CV and both my docked SV and HV were gone.
      1. Whisper
        I did find my ship on the other side of the planet and was able to recover it. It was on someones' base, like it had teleported inside the walls of one of their structures removing blocks to replace with my ship. US server, Valea: 444, 32, -144 is their base location
        Jun 29, 2017
    3. Mercman
      hello I am looking for a blueprint of the original blue and white sv we would crash land on starters when game first came out any thoughts how we could get a blue print on steam?
    4. Thrawn
      Hello i need some help, there is a base blocking a mine on the planet Kelt is there a way to deal with that?
    5. Zeerog1
      Hi Piddle ;-). Putted up a testserver to test your planets out There is one playfield (dessert7) Who has some pio's you can't inter to loot. There is a admin core in it and can't be destroyed or replaced. How to loot the crates then or to inter the building (tower structure/base? Maybe you cn help me out ;-)

      thanks m8
      1. Fractalite
        With admin cores you should still be able to loot the items *in* the crates, but with that core present, those bases are not not multi-toolable. :)
        Apr 7, 2017
    6. Dulgrani
      My buddies profile "seanskin" i think needs to be wiped. He can't load into the server. just says loading and loading. He had an issue with his CV spawning into asteroids when leaving planets. The last time he got stuck, attempted to exit the cockpit and he fell to the ground and died and no matter what respawn he choose he always fell to his death. Help
    7. Trini_Gamer
      Is that ship in your signature an actual CV? Or is it just a base? Or is it multiple vessels put together?
    8. AngylOvDeth
    9. Little Abby
      Little Abby
      Hi there. I got directed to ask you about a question I posted in the forums. I'm new so it should be easier to spot. Or I can just repost it in a message. Whichever is easier :3
    10. Lealu
      Just noticed in your steam profile that I needed to tell you the game for the friend invite.

      Not sure how to do that in a steam friend invite so here it is, THIS GAME! LOL :P
    11. Lealu
      Hello there, wasn't sure what was up for grabs to start with on your hosted game but I think I have it figured out now, nice setup, thank you.
    12. Cain
    13. BlueImperial
      Depends... if i get that mug of yours i'll definitely join the darkside :) (Referring to your picture <3)
    14. S.S.C. Fallen Star
      S.S.C. Fallen Star
      If you could just help me build a Star Destroyer... That would be great.. ;)

      May The Force Be Strong With You
      ~S.S.C. Fallen Star~
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    Mar 30, 1973 (Age: 44)