PLZ Retest and Re-Report 1x3x1 Blast Doors not completing animation on Signal Trigger

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    Mode: SP
    Mode: Creative

    SERVER NAME: N/A (localhost)
    SEED-ID: N/A (occurs across different game worlds in this case 2 separate creative worlds)

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Regularly
    Severity: Medium

    Type: Blast Doors

    Summary: When sent a Signal Logic Trigger (1x3x1) Blast doors do not complete animations and remain in partially opened/closed states.

    Description: Working on a CV when I was adding side hangar entries and a rear ramp entry that would be triggered by motion sensors linked to each entry way. These entries included a combination of blocks ranging from
    (1x3x1) Blast Doors --The bugged blocks
    (1x2x1) Blast Doors -- These worked perfectly
    (2x2x3) Boarding Ramps -- These worked perfectly
    Variety of Shutters and "shutter" ramps. -- These worked perfectly

    After noticing this issue with the 1x3x1 Blast Doors not animating completely on Signal trigger on my CV which had "complex" doors, I built a throwaway CV with a simple setup that lined up 4x (1x3x1) blast doors along the top, and 4x 1x2x1 Blast Doors along the bottom to showcase that the 1x2x1 blocks seem to be fine, but the 1x3x1 blocks regularly get stopped mid animation, and in general animate more slowly.

    Video attached to this post showcasing my simplified Blast Door setup and the bug in action. Yellow warning zone is where the sensor on the right column covers. Can also record and upload video of the more complex setups in the CV I was building but I wanted to display the bug in a simplified form first to rule out other issues.

    Also included a screenshot of my Device page with the Signal setup and a sample blast door setup to follow that signal so we can rule out user error.

    Steps to Reproduce: Build a wall of blast doors, hook up a motion sensor to send a signal, and set the blast doors to follow signal. Step in and out of the motion sensor as the doors cycle.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
    Link to video of Doors in action (or rather inaction?)

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