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Discussion in 'Empyrion API' started by Xango2000, Feb 2, 2019.

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    I've decided that instead of giving away all the mods I make for free, I'm going to ask for an Exchange... for Content that Any Player can make. The price will be a One off and not per player or per server.

    Price = 50
    Once the modding forum has 50 POIs/Playfields that fit my criteria I will post whatever mod I've created to that same site. Everything that gets posted there is public, my stuff, your stuff All of it is public. Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you would tag the post "Fits Xango's Criteria" so I can find it easier.

    You see, there are two things I really like doing in this game:
    • Raiding POIs
    • Playing thru the survival portion of the game

    My criteria for POIs
    • POI must contain an LCD screen with the name or steamID of the Builder
    • POI must contain an LCD screen with the name or steamID of the Player that converted the Base into a POI
    • POI must contain at least 3 of the following in any combination: Traps, Tricks, Secrets, Hidden rooms, False Passages... anything that will Surprise me.
    • Must have an Alien Admin core with Save Damage States set to true
    • Must have 2-6 Exterior turrets
    • Must have 8-20 NPC spawners (hidden ok, triggered ok)
    • All (except one) containers must contain a single stone (crushed stone or stone dust)
    • There must be Exactly One container that has Real loot that You set yourself...

    My Criteria for Playfields:
    • Must not be buggy
    • Must be usable
    • Must be somewhat realistic
    • Must have at least 1 drone base (if it's a planet/moon)
    • Must have an OPV (if space)
    • Must have POIs

    I've seen plenty of guides on how to make content and there are even FAQ posts in the Official forums for some pretty neat tricks that I've never seen in-game.

    After the Empyrion community "pays for" whichever mod I am offering, I will post it in the mods section of
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    Seems like a decent "exchange", but you are MIA as far as I can tell, and the site is dead atm.

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