Alpha 10.5.x: Optimizations, Bug Fixes and other Improvements

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by EleonGameStudios, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    We are thrilled to release Alpha 10.5 to the public today! This update does not only contain a LOT of bug fixes but we also dedicated a lot of our time to some major (multiplayer) optimizations! The first pass of these changes should allow for a more fluid gameplay experience, especially in combat. We have implemented a few new methods on how data and events are handled and would like to have your feedback on how things have improved. Please use the feedback thread pinned in the feedback forum!

    Besides bug fixes and optimizations, Alpha 10.5 has a lot to offer: The orbital planet view is now a real 3D Mesh, showing also terrain heights and other specialities. The Talon will no longer ignore you and also have their own Base Attack. If you ever wanted to toy around with floating text messages and signs, you now can do that with the new LCD Projector device. In the same context, we improved the LCD panel creativity options, which now are offering a slew of sprites, icons, signs and a lot of formatting options for your creative all-out art attack (also available for the projector, of course).

    Last, but not least, beyond a heap of other changes, optimizations and updates, our Builders League has set its hand on various POIs and also added several new ones. Large and small orbital bases, mining facilities, artifact sites and many more are waiting for you. If you are around on a snow planet, check out the new Rados bases - they might now be covered with snow, but they are even better prepared to give you a warm welcome.

    As always, before giving feedback, read the changelog below and give Alpha 10.5 a try. Then, please head over to our feedback forum and let us know what you think:

    If you run into any issue - or if you reported an issue in the experimental phase that does not seem to be fixed - please add your bug report to our bug report forum. There is also a description on how to set up a bug report, so the QA team can track it and work on your issues.

    Without further ado: Have fun playing Alpha 10.5! :)


    Empyrion Dev Team


    Patch 2019-11-02 (Build 2664)

    - Orbit Instances are broken
    - Can't connect to LocalDedi => "App not Running"
    - Deactivated Incremental GC (maybe a reason for crashes)


    Hotfix 2019-10-26 (Build 2660)

    Since we changed something in the network code we need to assure that client and server are both up to date. For this we increased the version number to 10.5.1.


    Patch 2019-10-25 (Build 2659)

    Since we heard about multiplayer problems we tried to improve some networking bottlenecks and also fixed other stuff. Have fun!

    - Improved entity interpolation
    - Improved network communication to prevent exploits
    - Faster chunk loading on clients
    - problem that when a passenger initiated a playfield change (teleport/warp), the pilot was not taken with him
    - CoQ triggering after entering, exiting then re-entering a planet repeatedly
    - Base terrain height issue


    Hotfix 2019-10-05 (Build 2656)

    - Added error message if internal mismatch between pilot and passenger players is detected
    - Game timer - faster catch up + limiter extrapolation to 10 ticks
    - updated EAH

    - Chapter window does not take CSV key
    - Base attack not appearing after alert triggers (partly fixed)
    - Fix for OutOfBounds exception when leaving a playfield


    Hotfix 2019-09-25 (Build 2654)

    - Possible fix for slow chunk loading when changing playfields/DSL load
    - POI Shield Gen Keeps Resetting


    Hotfix 2019-09-20 (Build 2652)
    - Final fix for IndexOutOfRangeException
    - Sometimes chunks of structure missing on first visit
    - Fixed Null ref
    - Spawner set wrong in POI "Abandoned Excavation Site"


    Hotfix 2019-09-19 (Build 2650)
    - Another possible fix for IndexOutOfBoundsException
    - Fixed constructor getting stuck when the time corruption problem happened


    Hotfix 2019-09-18 (Build 2648)

    - updated "Invader vs Defender II" scenario

    - When a HV touches the bedrock it will get repositioned above terrain
    - Possible fix for ticks getting out of sync
    - Fix for console command 'ticks' not working any more
    - Fixed icon size of Sprite selection button in Screen Edit window
    - Removed feature that turrets rotate to their neutral position when retracted because of a bug. Will add this again in 10.6
    - Game freezes up & stops responding after a player base is taken over by zirax when a new wave is triggered
    - Fix for slight camera stuttering when exiting a cockpit in MP in 3rdp


    CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.5 (Build 2646)


    1. Optimizations:
    - Dedicated server now calculates planets instead of playfield server, planets are now calculated on demand and not all at startup. This prepares the way for solar systems and infinite space.
    - Significantly improved internal network communication. This should result in more fluid experience (less lags, less kicks etc in multiplayer).
    - Added interpolation of entities to reduce rubber banding
    - Binarizing playfield yaml files to improve loading and networking time when the game is loaded a 2nd time
    - Optimized dedicated server and playfield server: now using memory pools for the network connection to avoid heap garbage and defragmentation
    - Changing terrain blocks will now be sent only to the clients that are around the changed area. Should improve drilling performance in MP a lot
    - No voxel terrain chunks are built if flying above 700 meters
    - Set EAC packages to unreliable/unordered. This might result in less player kicks when there is a lot of network traffic
    - Turret rotation update rate is set to two updates per second and sent on unreliable channel to relief network channel

    2. Improved Planet Outside View (3D mesh, better atmosphere etc)

    - Planet 3D view now using AtmosphereColor from playfield.yaml
    - Planet 3D view: now using clouds color to color the clouds (color gets brightened a bit) and using atmosphere color for atmosphere (for savegames builds < 2600 the color gets brightened, please adjust your scenarios before you start new savegames)
    - Deactivated local clouds when leaving/entering a planet and also deactivated atmosphere fire on ships
    - Updated atmosphere colors on all playfields
    - Planet 3D view: not showing clouds if playfield yaml has exactly one weather 'Clear'
    - Planet 3D view: added normal map to clouds

    3. Improved LCD Panels

    - Added LCD Projector block (can be found in LCD Group) - a projector has no own screen but projects the content into the surrounding area (with configurable size and offset)
    - Newly placed signs will by default use the “new mode" that allows multi-color text and sprites
    - note that some international character sets are not yet available (e.g. East Asian characters), if you need them please use the Legacy mode (works exactly as before)
    - Extended 'Sign Edit' window by font symbol and sprite selection windows (sprites only usable with new LCD mode)
    - Added 'Help' button to show the new formatting possibilities
    - Added tooltips to most UI elements to indicate functionality

    4. Talon Base Attack

    - We added a new base attack for the Talon faction: they will not invade your base but they position around your base and will deactivate the power of your base so you have to get out of your base to hunt them down

    5. Improved Controller Support
    - Several improvements for the handling of the controller
    - Added an option to turn in game controller support on & off
    - D-Pad down to work with inventory to move stack in one click
    - Added Logistics and Factions to the radial menu accessed by controllers
    - Added a way for a controller to enlarge & shrink the sensor detection area in sensor view mode
    - Added 'Building tools' to the radial menu for controllers

    6. Improved ModApi
    - ModApi has been enhanced by some new functionality, other things have been changed
    - please check the "Changelog" included in the documentation's start page (in folder Content/Extras/Modding Doc)



    Major POI Update:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Reworked Drone Bases (now have a one-time shield that does not regenerate when brought down)
    - Added shield generator to more POIs
    - Added specifically designed Rados SNOW set, replacing old Rados bases on snow playfields; includes renewed, revamped and also completely new bases.
    - Added: Lava Processing Facilities on Lava Planets
    - Updated: Orbital Trading Station (Variant4 TSO)
    - Updated crashed Titan POI
    - Added new orbital structures:
    *Hideout, Base, Black Market, Slave Market for further use with future Pirates Faction addition; For now assigned to Polaris)
    * Mining Bases, Alloy Synthesis Factories, Artifact Sites and more
    - Updated: Talon Temple
    - Added: Planet Remnant asteroid site
    > An enormous "Thank you" to: Vermillion, Fractalite, ravien_ff, Dinkelsen, Frigidman, Needleship & Ramachandra

    Improved Visuals:
    - Sector map: setting color of planets now as a combination of AtmospherColor and LightHorizonColor color
    - Entering a planet now creates the terrain immediately without showing intermediate results
    - Tuned water shader a bit: using less local fog to give the water more its 'real' color
    - Space: slightly increased light intensity
    - Adjusted water parameters to use more specular again to reflect the sky stronger. Adjusted waves slightly
    - Removed space fog in space playfields. Please give feedback if you miss it and want it back (maybe turned down a bit)
    - Ground blast particles of ships are more transparent now
    - Improved visuals of some sun flares (SunFlareYellow and SunFlarePurple)

    - Added PentaxidOre as alternative template to Advanced Constructor to open up an additional (although costly) path to produce PentaxidOre ( in late game phase)
    - Added "NoShieldReload" property for Shields per POI in playfield.yaml: setting this property will not load the shields after getting them down any more
    - Allow removing of structure's lock codes and device grouping in Control Panel
    - When a player opens CP or a container it will now set this structure to 'visited/touched' delaying any wipe

    - Updated Alien and Snow playfields
    - Activated better UDP delay detecting
    - Forcing now half texture resolution if the system has less than 10 GB of main memory (before 8 GB)
    - Added console cmd 'structure' to manage structure internals
    - Added new armored windows + railings
    - Keeping the latest three input config files to allow switching between Public and EXP branches without losing the setup
    - Added max size detecting when trying to spawn a blueprint to avoid too heavy server network load (max file size=3MB)
    - Adjusted max blueprint size detecting: now only done when a CLIENT wants to spawn a blueprint
    - Mask typical swear words and the name "Eleon" as part of a non-official server name
    - Config files TraderNPCConfig, EGroupsConfig and DefReputation are now read from the scenario folder if they exist (else the default folder is used as before) - note: check if you already placed such files in scenarios and if they are up to date

    Updated Scenario “Invader vs Defender” (by RexXxuS):
    "The Golden Phoenix Asteroid Field grants many treasures at a hot price"

    Since it's a new Universe with new logic it is now called "Invader vs Defender II".
    Some highlights (still wip):
    - new meticulous created Universe with smooth transition from PvE to PvP (here the Golden Phoenix Asteroid Field)
    - a lot of PvE content and great boost for PvP in the center
    - Origins have more impact on your gameplay now
    - More (PDA) Missions to play

    Bug Fixes:
    - Base attacks set to OFF in the difficulty setting is not working & attacks are still triggered
    - Repair console UI does not update the needed resources until exiting & re-entering the console
    - Possible fix for showing "Connection lost" dialog when changing worlds
    - Not all shutters flowing O2 (1x3, 1x4 & 1x5)
    - Multiple block types (concrete, steel etc) when picked up from SI drops are not put into the correct block groups
    - Cockpit 8 - single hit removes almost all of the cockpit
    - Drones and Troop Transport set to player faction after Drone Base Capture
    - [Edge case] Drilled out terrain returning after loading back into save game
    - Structures not getting DSL'ed on startup of a game
    - Asteroids rendering issue
    - Water appears in bases placed closed to lakes when player returns from being 5km+ away from a base
    - Possible to damage other players BA or Vessel shield in PvE playfield
    - Lava flickering
    - Zirax troops sometimes not firing on player despite being hostile
    - Zirax patrols are not present on Arid starting planet
    - [SSG] Directory not found exception
    - Returning to a structure that has lights setup to blink can result in some lights appearing on when they should be off
    - More relaxed times for 'UDP delay detection' to avoid "connection lost" popups
    - Drilling particles did not get correctly lit
    - Fixed jumping animation was not working for other player in MP games
    - Possible to place blocks in the center of a warp drive
    - Player looked into wrong direction on some angles when using jetpack in space
    - In MP other players did not look up/down correctly
    - Using Auto level in a vessel can cause the thrusters of a vessel to get stuck switching quickly between 2 directions
    - [MP] Vessel exploit
    - Not possible to place a symmetry plane or place the selection area on a structure when the building tools window is open
    - On screen Soft Cursor cannot be used until the controllers Right stick has been pressed/'Clicked'
    - Oxygen death after melee death gives wrong message
    - Fix for showing blank screen after warping when deleting cache on server side
    - Fix Sector Warp Lock reticule text overlap
    - Telluropod & Desert golem sometimes do not damage the player when attacking
    - Drill Animation sometimes not stopping
    - POI found to always be floating above terrain & is offset from center in BP preview
    - Fixed 'Start' button on controller as ESC not working in all windows
    - Scrolling stops working in 1 faction window when switching to a faction window with no scrolling option & back
    - Dark stretching on 3D representation of planets close the poles
    - Troop transports sometimes freeze above where they should land until reloading back into the save game
    - Moon playfield has atmosphere until 'Terrain LOD' kicks in when getting closer to the moon
    - [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] LCD screen text or symbols not maintained when copy & pasting screen
    - [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] NPC settings for NPC-Spawners as well as motion sensor / light barrier areas not maintained
    - [Player report] Troop transport is triggered every time when returning from orbit to planet-side base
    - 'struct remove-device-signals' command not resetting removed circuit signals
    - Water appears in bases placed closed to lakes when player returns from being 5km+ away from a base
    - Polaris mission - Privacy matters waypoint not activating on mini map or planet map
    - 'Reset to Defaults' option should only reset selected 'Input'.
    - Turret Barrels Protruding from Block
    - Plants, rocks & trees don't get removed for players who are far away from where they have been removed
    - POI found to always be floating above terrain & is offset from center in BP preview
    - Planet terrain in the map view loses detail & goes dark after changing from a moon playfield to a planet playfield
    - Fixed texture view in SSG
    - Outputting to log when a player spawned a blueprint in MP
    - Xbox Controller: Weapons won't react to left & right triggers on first load until they are fired by a mouse button first
    - Xbox Controller: Radial menus will not open for controllers on first load into a save game until they are used by a mouse
    - Xbox Controller: Mounted weapons & Turrets cannot be fired from the controller until LMB on the mouse is used 1 time
    - Issue with origin & sensors
    - Symmetry & Copy & paste modes are both not functioning
    - Warp lines turn back on after being turned off when the sector map is reopened
    - Fixed: Positioning of "static" checkbox for NPC spawners
    - Controller/mouse UI checks fixes
    - Blocks can be placed when selecting a block shape
    - Vessel speed is not maintained after warping when moving into a sector you have not been before
    - Unable go back to main menu after pressing escape when trying to bind a key
    - The "Fill all" ammo option when the ammo container is connected causes the client to crash
    - Space Vessel : after resuming some games, the vessel head to the coordinates 0,0,0)
    - Problem that mission "Totally overpowered" was not possible on LavaNascent playfield since some POIs did not spawn
    - Left & right bumper for 'Common controls' to roll left or right when the jetpack is on whilst in space doesn't work
    - Spawner plates set to 'static' ignore power state, sensor logicCD)
    - Device names appear wrong after opening the control panel
    - 'Teleporting...' disappeared when the target world was not yet generated
    - Players getting damaged when teleporting and the target world needed to be generated
    - Talon base attack UI on planets with no talon shows values above 0
    - MP: Player vessels markers on the map go out of sync when 1 player moves far away from another
    - Allow building mode to switch between toolbars
    - MP: when turrets are trying to track & fire at a target the barrels aim in other directions
    - MP: Exceptions from flying around a planet coming from map icons
    - Constructor continues to put crafted items in assigned container even if it has been removed (losing those items)
    - Planets and moons with an atmosphere but no clouds will still show clouds when viewed from the planet's surface
    - Exception when text spanning more than one line in projectors if size is 90 or above
    - MP: Desync issues with clients when returning from distance away from another player
    - When viewed from a planet's surface, clouds on moons don't display correctly under certain circumstances
    - LCD Projector: CoQ when adding and removing Sprites
    - LCD Projector: Adding Sprites in a row longer than the display will break the line-break and cursor position in preview window
    - MP: Desync issues with clients when returning from distance away from another player (FIX FOR DECO)
    - Whatever DefReputation.ecf file is loaded in first, will override any other DefReputation.ecf file
    - Exception loop from Troop transporter when it is returning to the Drone base
    - Exception triggered when crafting a T3 Auto mining device
    - Exception triggered by o2 calculation
    - Stiff, slightly twitchy grass during weather transitions
    - "Weather: RainMedium" resulting in very visible 'scan line' artifacts on grass
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions
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  3. elmo

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    Sep 26, 2017
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    Been playing exp 10.5 with @jlego on a coop. we have had the odd problem but nothing major. Thank you to all involved in making this game what it is. Fun and easy to play..
  4. RexXxuS

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    Jan 31, 2016
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  5. Ronin-101

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    Awesome, thanks for the update. Been waiting for this one, whoohooo
  6. Space Beagle

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    Oct 9, 2016
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    After couple of 'non-empyrion' months can't wait to return for some space adventures :cool:

    I will try later new Invader/Defender on official server for sure, and I'm also hoping there will be in the future some new interesting & original Alpha 10.5 euro servers to explore :)
  7. Proof_89

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    It's there a ETA for HV to SV at all?

    Congrats for your hard work! Keep it up!
  8. Hummel-o-War

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    No, but we will approach thist topic for 10.6 again :)
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  9. Paganizer

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    Have been away for a while. Are we still limited to a solar system? If yes, are there plans for galaxy size playfields in the future?
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  10. Cotoktoto

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    You are modifying base attacks for a while now, adding new versions etc, but there is one thing that's always bother me about them. Player should not have a "system warning" when attack is launched, this will not only add element of surprise, but foremost feeling of suspense and uncertainty.

    Early and mid game base attack are only easy to repel when you know when they are coming. Without that you will always have to look back over your shoulder, always vigilant. This will make settling down on new planet more risky operation as it should be.
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  11. Wayson

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    Excellent, loving the new LCD adds!
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  12. Space Beagle

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    We finally got first real info about that, so the "tech" is here around the corner - and I'm super happy about this - lets hope in next Alpha we will have lots of suns :D

    ... this is for me last major game upgrade that is missing, the "multi-star galaxy" - other things we want are game mechanics :rolleyes:

    official info from the top of the page:

  13. Needleship

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    ... 'New planet'? - Okay. Just don't do this on the starter planet! ;)
    Also, the player turret AI isn't very smart...

    Cue to those, that complain about the 'hacking' mechanic.
    What is 'Easy' is very relative... And difficulty should best be chosen by the players.

    Some like to have a safe place to retreat from the danger, to lick their wounds and de-stress.
    Others don't like tower defense gameplay.

    And you have to have a fair way to guess the danger- any of it.
    Danger that you have no chance to anticipate at all, is felt as punishing, unfair, bad game design.
    Especially if it is your first encounter with it.

    Needs a way to adjust the danger -

    Either by building a POI in a highly contested playfield, doing stuff that irks a faction (apart from just defending attacks) or by cranking up the games' difficulty level.

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    It's time to move where no one else has been.
  15. eLLe

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    That and underwater life and as far as I'm concerned the game can be in the beta on the polish for the final version.
  16. Hummel-o-War

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    Yes and Yes (and the latter is possibly not THAT far away anymore :) (It's a bit held up because the multi-solar requires some very in-deep recoding of the playfield-processes. )
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    amazing guys keep up the good work!
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    LOL @Hummel-o-War :D:D The Galactic Translator is needed here->

    Since it's a new Universe with new logic it is now called "Invader vs Defender II".
    Some highlights (still wip):
    - new meticulous created Universe with smooth transition from PvE to PvP (hier das Golden Phoenix Bild einfügen)
  19. Taelyn

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    fixed :)
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  20. Hector G

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    WOW thanks Eleon and keep up the good work as usual!
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