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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Being the last update in this years development cycle - hotfixes aside - Alpha 11.5 will not only add bugfixes, but also a few important changes and additions to enjoy in your winter holidays!

    • Small and Large Optronic Bridges/Matrix are now craftable
    • Loot Tables are now exported to the Config_Example.ecf
    • We have reactivated the new, reworked galaxy map
    • The Default-Random scenario now creates up to 6 solar systems
    • Multitool has now a downgrade option
    • HV Drills are now usable in space
    And a lot more. Please have a look at the full changelog below.

    Please contribute any feedback over here:

    Forum updates:
    As always: please report any bug and issue in our bug-forum over here:

    Before making a bug report, please read about how to use the bug section:

    Have a great time and happy holidays from everyone here at Eleon! :)


    PS: Although the development team will be on holidays from christmas to the new year as well, we have of course already made some plans for Alpha 12… ;)


    Alpha 11.5.5 Patch 2020-01-22 (Build 2776)

    - Fixed COQ when opening Advanced Constructor (improved template recursion detection)


    Alpha 11.5.5 Patch 2020-01-21 (Build 2775)

    - Updated: Merc MX5E (Thanks to jrandall; Alpha 11 feature & visual update + interior rebuild + prepared for upgrade to T3: info can be found on info LCD)
    - Updated: FORGE Skyfortress (fixed medbay leading to getting stuck when spawning)
    - Galaxy map: removed zoom when opening it
    - CPU Extender T3 can be upgraded to T4; T4 can be downgraded to T3
    - PdaScript: prevent possible exceptions and cleaner initialization. Read data from correct directory in subscribed managed scenarios.

    - CoQ when opening the advanced constructor
    - Item exploit
    - NullRef spam in EAI Manager fixed
    - NPC textures missing after playfield change
    - DynamicC# (needed for PDA.cs) now references dll for old ModInterface
    - HV's tilting to the left & backwards
    - HV HUD does not show ammo-bar when harvester/drill equipped
    - Console cmd 'gopt' doesn't show correct game options in MP
    - 'CPU Efficiency' display in Control Panel's main page showed wrong on/off state
    - Changing the seed in a randomized custom scenario causes CoQ error and it won't start
    - Unwanted water texture shows through on terrain altitude zero (Moons, Dead planets)
    - When a player returns to a previously visited POI & kills an NPC it can instantly disappear
    - Template modifications in Config.ecf could trigger the client to close to desktop


    Alpha 11.5.4 Hotfix 2020-01-09 (Build 2763)

    - CoQ fix when using upgrade function in MultiTool


    Alpha 11.5.4 Patch 2020-01-09 (Build 2762)

    - Galaxy map: some UI improvements
    - Less network RTT by using less thread switching
    - Internal optimization should result in more performance if a scene has potential low fps
    - O2 Station (SVHV) now airtight due to model change
    - Changed description for Medic Station (HV), removed info about being a spawnpoint
    - Add Offline Protection player options

    - [MP] Drones becoming unresponsive & not moving
    - [MP] Trees re-appearing after being removed
    - Exception when opening double doors
    - A face of the block shape Ramp C face becomes see through when when next to stairs wedge
    - When light 6 is placed & viewed from behind the center becomes transparent
    - Fixed flickering of voxel asteroid that are far away from the origin
    - Client is kicked back to the main menu after selecting to respawn at 'Home base'
    - Armored single & double doors frames can go invisible after taking some damage
    - When SV/HV Cockpit 8 is damaged the model goes invisible
    - Multitool: Possible to downgrade and upgrade other players structures and POI
    - 'Wipe All' command duplicates POIs
    - Landing gear 2 (Folding to side) does not mirror correctly
    - Broken Deco: "AlienPlant11Blue" has an un-fitting, large movement hitbox
    - Turret targeting in MP not working


    Alpha 11.5.3 Patch 2019-12-20 (Build 2759)

    - Ship randomly shaking behavior in some cases bug -> fixed


    Alpha 11.5.3 Patch 2019-12-19 (Build 2758)

    - Infinite speed possible fix 2
    - Ship rotation speed bug -> fixed
    - Space carrier have sometimes a mass equal to zero bug -> fixed
    - possible fix for texture-streaming crash


    Alpha 11.5.2 patch 2019-12-18 (Build 2757)

    - added video option "Texture Streaming" to allow players to decide if they want to use it (default active on machines with more than 8GB RAM)
    - added special config file 'Empyrion.props' to override settings if, for example, the game crashes early
    - Added new story mission: Uncertain Outcomes (Requires Friendly standing with Polaris; see also: )
    - Updated BAOs Trading Station, Polaris Asteroid Mining Facility and Planetary Remnant for story mission
    - Updated help text of Galaxy Map

    - Blueprint exploit
    - Client crash when getting into the cockpit of a HV with ground repulsor engines flat on the terrain
    - Pre-11.5 Blueprints are not update to the new torque / movement speed calculation


    Alpha 11.5.1 patch 2019-12-17 (Build 2755)

    - added workaround that machines with 8 GB RAM don't use texture streaming (to avoid crashes)
    - Reactivated Auto-Fire: SV Pulse Laser, SV Rail Gun, SV Plasma Cannon, CV Pulse Laser
    - Small Generator and Fuel Tank now also complete 'Robinson Protocol - Vessels" task
    - Starter Orbit: Updated Polaris Trading Station
    - Address issue with selecting a sector, but being unable to use the mouse to manipulate the data window (scroll, etc)
    - Updated EAH:


    Hotfix 2019-12-12 (Build 2754)

    - CoQ when opening Marketplace from top menu


    Changelog (Build 2753)

    • Added crafting template for small/large Optronic Bridge & Matrix (Adv. Constructor)
    • Increased drop count for Optronic Matrix/Bridge
    • If active CPU Tier is lost, the efficiency will not drop instantly, but after 3mins
    • Sending alert message when CPU Extender ( CPU Tier) is lost
    • Increased hitpoints for BA and CV CPU Extenders
    • CPU Extenders are now auto grouped to CORE group
    • CPU efficiency is reduced to 20% when overshooting the CPU max limit by 100%
    • Reduced min speed to warp to 30 m/s
    • Ship booster reload time now affected by efficiency
    • Ground Repulsor engine thrust has been doubled and CPU cost increase from 300 -> 400
    • SV thruster: rebalanced all jet thruster by increasing the CPU cost by 10%
    • Reduced technical max speed without booster. Space : CV 150m/s -> 100m/s, SV 200m/s -> 130m/s, Booster will allow to go beyond those limits
    • Added DOWNGRADE feature to Multitools
    • BA attacks can now only be triggered by players of the same faction or the creators of the Base (if private)
    • Base attack, zirax soldiers will attack also generators and shield generators in random order
    • Portable Constructor now available at Unlock Level 1
    • HV Drills and Laser Drills now allowed in space
    • Allowed several devices of level 1 and 3 to be crafted in Small Constructor (O2 Station, Small O2 Tank, Lights, Growing Lights, Ammo Box, Food Processor, Large Solar Panels and Sentry Gun)
    • Increased Pentaxid Tank content to 500 (before: 200) to increase AU warp range for games under mass/volume limitation, reduced mass of Pentaxid crystal
    • Reactivated new Galaxy Map (Not yet finished; See [?] info overview for features/handling info)
    • Implemented new "OriginRestricted" feature for the orbits around the starter playfields
    • Using wormholes now costs the full amount of AU traveled (1 AU = 1 Pentaxid; before: capped to 25 Pentaxid)
    • Playfield settings: Added AllowMaxCPUTierSV, AllowMaxCPUTierCV, AllowMaxCPUTierHV, AllowMaxCPUTierBA, RestrictToOrigin
    • Updated 'Default Akua-Omicron' scenario
    • Galaxy map: stars now use color from sectors.yaml, stars in the background use grey now instead of white for circle and text
    • Improved existing sun flare quality by optimizing compression on flares
    • Improved nebula quality be optimizing compression (reducing visible artefacts)
    • Updated stamp database
    • BP Library : Spawning checks CPU Tier restrictions of playfield
    • Updated Invader vs Defender II Scenario
    • Activated CPU and Mass&Volume for Official Eleon US & EU MP server
    • Added Crafting Templates for new Small Generator/FuelTankReactivated new Galaxy Map
    • Added Small HVSV Generator (Unlock Level 1; Moved HVSV Generator to Level 3)
    • Added Small HVSV Fuel Tank (Unlock Level 1; Moved HVSV Generator to Level 3)
    • Only for Creative/POI: Add a new Core No CPU that behave like a player core but is not using the CPU system
    • Only for Creative/POI: Add new NPC Core : Behaves the same as the NPC Core but is using the CPU system
    • LootTables and LootGroups are now available in custom
    • Blueprint Library info card now shows CPU efficiency instead of used points
    • Relaxed server side player muting by allowing muted players to use faction messages
    • Added some visual noise to shore lines of planet outside view
    • Slowed down player drone rotation
    • Added to public config: FuelTankSVSmall, GeneratorSVSmall
    • Increased HP of CV Landing Gears
    • Increased HP of SV/HV Landing Gears; Reduced Mass
    • Updated: Ascalon Eclipse, Ascalon Nibiru, FORGE Heavy Gunship, FORGE Neoburst, UCH Storm MK2, UCH Raider, UCH Raider Technical, CORE Heavy Fighter, ZeroG Malo
    • Added: FORGE Bulldog (Vermillion), Box Cutter Mk2 (XCaliber), Rebar Mk3 (XCaliber), Spathe Mk2 (XCaliber)
    • Updated MS Titan and Rapier on CREATIVE Orbit (Station)
    • Internal naming change of sub folders in save game folder Shared: now the folder names of structures are only named by their ids. Old folder names are still loaded.
    • Improved planet outside view (sharper texture transitions)
    • Showing volumetric light now only on planets (turned down compared to the last public release)
    • Added an option to turn Volumetric lighting on & off (TURNED DOWN VOL LIGHT PRETTY MUCH, NO OPTION ADDED YET)
    • Local Coop no longer needs admin rights for dedicated exe
    • Enabled ConstructorT0 to be used for templates production location as ‘BaseC’ ("Small Constructor"; Previously: Small Constructor and HV Mobile Constructor shared templates )
    • Low memory check detects if pagefile is enabled, and displays messages accordingly. It is now forcing low textures only when it's necessary for the game startup. Messages are shorter and cleaner
    • Updated to Unity 2019.2
    • Playfield servers with a PvP playfield loaded will not load additional pf's to avoid FPS drops
    • Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH):
    - Jet thrusters can idle when used with cruise mode & maintain speed
    - Fixed: Trading Stations broken in MP
    - Fixed: Balanced HV tilting sideways
    - Fixed: Vessel stats are not refreshing until the player gets into the cockpit & reopens the stats window of the CP
    - Fixed: Retrieving the CPU extenders cause COQ
    - EnableCPUPoints setting not persisted when setting for a new Scenario game.
    - Fixed: Efficiency update for base bug -> fixed
    - Fixed regression that adjacent planets on moons did not have the correct texture set
    - Fixed: Multiplayer Reputation sometimes ignored
    - Fixed: prohibit re-uploading a scenario you're currently subscribed to
    - Fixed: Difference in torque values added by RCS when a vessel is spawned in as a BP
    - Fixed: Some ventilator shapes did not mirror correct
    - Fixed: [Player report] Supplied vessel triggering CoQ's when opening CP>Stats window or when trying to sit in cockpit
    - Fixed: Cruise mode can only go to 100%
    - Fixed: SV prefab uncontrollably spinning after rolling + CoQ from it's stats window
    - Fixed: When a vessel is flying, rolls & turns in a direction (left or right) the thrust appears to get stuck
    - Fixed: Placement preview of starter blocks AND blueprints does not vanish after disconnecting container
    - Fixed: CoQ if resume a savegame in orbit
    - Fixed: When AlienBug03 fires at the player no projectile is fired from it
    - Fixed: Thruster flares can be seen to flicker & shine very bright
    - Fixed: [MP] When trying to spawn a BP in MP a CoQ is triggered & the BP doesn't appear
    - Fixed: Ship inertia tensor bug fixed. May change the turn rate of a specific ship up or down.
    - Fixed regression in BP Lib window: playfield spawn restrictions are applied even with 'gm iv'
    - Fixed planet clouds rendering in front of LCD text (f.e. when starting a creative game in space)
    - Fixed: Rocks or ore bearings falling under terrain after being drilled
    - Fixed: Not possible to warp to a 15.0 AU playfield with a SV
    - Fixed: Ship booster > fixed boost recover rate + rebalance boost recover time form 23s to 20s and boost duration from 3 to 10
    - Fixed: Request_Player_ChangePlayerfield causes player issues if destination is same playfield
    - Fixed planet outside view not loading correct splatmap if planet was never visited
    - Fixed: Wall shape L block can partly go invisible when another block is placed next to it
    - Fixed: Lag when changing block of a vessel
    - Fixed: Rocket launcher & plasma cannon shots when fired inside a structure can ghost through blocks
    - Fixed: Trees, surface rocks & pickable terrain plants becoming 'Containers'
    - Fixed exception spam on a playfield server started with UI and pressing F9
    - Better fix for playfield exc. spam when loading instance and space playfield at the same time
    - Fixed: Teleporter Doesn’t work with Type: CV_player
    - Fixed: Color & texture tool with personal drone can sometimes not work (better fix)
    - Fixed: Solar panel not active in some cases -> bug fixed
    - Fixed: Infinite speed possible
    - Fixed: Structure hull blocks micro stutter when moving
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    PS: Although the development team will be on holidays from christmas to the new year as well, we have of course already made some plans for Alpha 12…

    We can of course accept that kind of Sentence only if you give us a Sneak-Peak ( at once;)).

    Happy Holiday's to you too:)
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    What exactly was updated, and do I need to restart my single player game on this scenario?

    I'm doing a YouTube Let's Play, and need to know how this impacts me.
  4. krazzykid2006

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    I'm glad this was adjusted but it still doesn't feel quite right.
    It takes one pentaxid ore to make 2 refined pentaxid.
    Pentaxid ore has a mass of 5 kg and volume of 3.
    Refined pentaxid has a mass of 10 kg and volume of 5

    So we still turn 5 kg into 20 kg magically. We still turn 3 volume into 10 magically.
    If you need to adjust the ore then adjust the ore. We shouldn't be magically gaining mass though.
    If anything we should lose mass and volume when refining, never gaining it.
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  5. KnowItAllDM

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    I agree 100%.

    However, I do see the need for trying to keep game balance over realism. That said, I'm not sure what this specific issue does for "game ballance".
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  6. krazzykid2006

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    As I said, if they need to adjust the ore to bring things in line then do so. There is no game balance reasoning to magically gain mass. All of that can be balanced out.

    These types of balances are things that should have all been done back when volume and mass was added into the game. The longer they wait the more and more things get out of balance.

    Look at it this way,
    They are spending so much time on things like thruster rebalancing but it's all for nothing since they will have to do it all over again when mass is finally balanced out (assuming they ever do).
  7. Scoob

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    "Small and Large Optronic Bridges/Matrix are now craftable"

    This is a particularly welcome change, no more needing to be loot lucky or having to grind my way to wealth. I appreciate this change :)

  8. Myrmidon

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    Have a great time and happy holidays everyone at Eleon! I thank you for another wonderful year of Empyrion debugging and development. :)
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  9. vscuorzo

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    I'm also a bit concerned that there are too many incomplete moving pieces now when it comes to balance. I think the logic may have been to introduce all of the variables (aka game mechanics) in some form before trying to balance but I don't think that works in practice. I would think it's better to introduce 1 mechanic, do some balancing to get it reasonably good, and then consider adding another mechanic and adjusting again. Less knobs to turn to get things playable and much easier to see if a particular mechanic is royally screwing things up because only 1 thing gets added at a time.
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    If you just open the files and check the dates you would see it actually very easy what files
    got changed

    Sector file is updated and TraderFile
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  11. Momo

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    I switch from experimental to main release and no download at all ... So A11.5 is released without making any modification :

    Reported issues :
    - You've kill mouse control when "pilot mode" is desactivated.
    - You've add 10% CPU for thrusters without reason even if we told you not to do it.
    - You've done nothing for background stuttering :

    Feedback is not really required isn't it ?
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    Hotfix 2012-12-12 (Build 2754)

    - CoQ when opening Marketplace from top menu
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  13. ContractDeath

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    Did this update wipe anything today? I was on yesterday on Haresh with no issues. Today, my account is pushing me to start over on a new planet. Is there something I should know here?


    Jim "Contract Death"
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  14. Ephoie

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    Ah, i can't believe i forgot..... The Akua Omicron Scenario sector file has been updated to the new format!
    You will need to delete the old sector file in the game save.
    DM me if you need a walkthrough
  15. Ephoie

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    I get that you are getting frustrated, but getting heated, or snapping at the devs isn't the way to get a point across.
    Highlight the issues you see present and make a level headed position on what you think could be done better.
    By approaching this with an attitude of expectation, that will not get the desired outcome.
    We got a great community here, and if you stick around long enough, we tend to help each other out.
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  16. jesterjunk

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    How can the following be configured with the Config.ecf file?
    • Custom yield per plant type
    • Greater stack size than 999 for sprouts
  17. Track Driver

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    I appear to have been banned from replying to posts regarding EXPERIMENTAL Branch. I can "like" and I can post a comment, but can no longer make a direct "reply". That tab is missing in A11 EXP threads.

    Was it something I said, like not actually being involved in EXP? I still like to offer my insight, such that it is, to help in game development. WTH?
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  18. stanley bourdon

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    I think they closed the thread because it is no longer EXP it is now the Public game
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  19. Track Driver

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    Jun 28, 2016
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    Yeah, I just figured that out. I appreciate your input. Thanks.
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  20. Track Driver

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    Does our 'radar" no longer detect Zyrax vessels? I get the warning, but nothing shows on radar to indicate direction or location? I have been pre-occupied with building rather than playing so I haven't noticed. Has this been going on for a while or is this new to A11 and 11.5?
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