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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Today is the day: we are releasing Alpha 12 to the public!

    First of all, a giant thank you to all our testers and bug reporters and to all of you players out there, sharing feedback on the new and updated features, starting new games and retesting new setup over and over again. This cannot be valued enough! :)

    For those, that did not actively follow the Experimental phases, find a brief breakdown of some of the main features below.

    While you read, we suggest to open up our Empyrion Soundtrack and check out the three new 'Legacy Faction' tracks, created by Alex Jordon:

    Feature Overview:

    1. The Galaxy
    • A fully randomly generated galaxy with several thousand star systems.
    • For the start, the galaxy offers nearly two dozen new celestial objects, like different sun types, gas giants and even black holes!
    • The skybox in any orbit is now showing the real galaxy stars and its nebulae. Both elements are correctly displayed, depending on where you are in the galaxy.
    • Each of the (new) NPC main faction not only has gotten its own POI and vessel design, but also has its own territory in the galaxy: Zirax, Polaris, Kriel, Traders Guild, Pirates, The Legacy (UCH and Talon are available as well, but are used as implicit faction in the default game)
    2. Station Services
    • When in range of a station which has the station services enabled, open the control panel of your vessel (P) and find the new tab 'Station Services'.
    • You can buy and refill fuel, ammo and pentaxid, as well as repair your ship (repair-2-template!) and quick-load your shield - in case you have the required credits.
    3. All new scanning detection systems
    • Detectors, available as handheld devices with low range, but also for every vessel, will reveal deposits and points of interest while actively managed.
    • Detectors work on planets and in space!
    4. Player-build Teleporter
    • Add a teleporter device to your base or your capital vessel to create shortcuts between your structures or simply to avoid landing or having to go outside in your space suit..
    • You can use teleport destinations from discovered stations of friendly NPC factions

    5. Interactive Dialogue System
    • The player avatar now has choices when talking to an NPC (depending on the mission or the setup of the NPC of course)
    • The dialogue system can be used to create short quests (without using the PDA) or react dynamically on what the player has achieved in a mission
    6. Storyline
    • The game now includes the first part of a multi-staged storyline, which currently includes six consecutive chapters for several hours of playtime!
    • The Robinson Protocol Tutorial has been updated as well, especially for early vessel repairs and base building basics.
    7. Crafting
    • Four new materials: Titanium, Platinum, Aluminum and Ice
      (Note: Titanium Plates will be used for Hardened Steel from now on. Sathium plates (Former 'hardened steel plates') will be used for combat steel.)
    • Stacksize up to 4000 + a heap of balancing (blocks, devices, techtree etc pp)
    • Sorting persistent per inventory per savegame & auto-stacks when used!
    8. Registry
    • The Registry got improved up to serving as your personal Journey Book, achieving all your discoveries and allowing to easily browse all its items and plan your next steps
    • Markers and Bookmarks can be shown beyond playfield borders (managed in Registry), for example you can see your base marker from orbit.
    9. Multiplayer
    • The old scoreboard has now been created into a fully fledged leaderboard with up to 15 rankings, seperated to you personally, all players or your faction
    • The Proximity log is an addition to the Registry. It will show you which players got close to one of your structures
    • Offline Chat messaging has been added!
    • Marketplace has gotten several updates too, e.g. now you can claim your goods at any Trading Station Device, if you do this remotely some transport costs are applied.
    10. CPU
    • The CPU system now offers the 'Advanced Core' which, when replacing your structures core, will remove the CPU limitations. It can only be looted from very dangerous (!) enemies..
    • CPU system offers a buff for not exceeding CPU Tier amount of points

    Beyond those main features, Alpha 12 will of course add a lot of other changes as well.

    For example:
    • New Snow Starter Planet for experienced players! No Tutorial or help given, but all Story and Loyalty missions are activated.
    • Invader vs. Defender and Multiplayer Default scenarios fully updated
    • NPC Faction structures in space will call for reinforcements when you attack them
    • Generators now take damage and will explode after 2 minutes, when constantly overloading
    • You can now respawn in a survival tent and you get respawns options to spawn on friendly NPC factions or own structures (without the HOME button set)
    • Use the new TOKEN-system for creating keycards and such.
    • Multitude of POI updates and additions, Device model updates and Rebalancings!
    • All of the game configs are now available for you to edit in the configuration folder!
    One change is maybe one of the most important, although not really visible to you as a player at all: the Database.

    The 'database' is now the backbone of the game and most of the features of Alpha 12 rely on it or would not have been possible at all. A lot of changes had to happen behind the curtain, before the Alpha 12 features have had the chance to go into full swing.


    We will of course set up feedback threads for each of the major features right here in the next hours:

    Feel free to ask any question there & help us to track down and eliminate remaining bugs by reporting them over here:
    Now, without further ado - have fun playing the Alpha 12!

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    Empyrion Dev Team & QA

    PS: All our multiplayer servers will be wiped completely for the Alpha 12 release, including the benefits gained from the EAH Virtual Orbital Autominers to ensure a clean and fair restart into the Alpha 12 season.



    • Added: Randomly Generated Galaxy
    • Added: GalaxyConfig available in scenario folders
    • Added: Galaxy Map; Distances measured in Light Years
    • Updated: System Map; Distances measured in AU
    • Galaxy map: warp lines show the history of warps from old stars to current position. Also showing distance between selected and focused star as warp line
    • Galaxy & System Map: Use Ctrl-click on Star to set warp target (alternative to the Lock Target button)
    • Solar System: warp lines are now thinner, showing now connections to playfield if player is in only
    • Solar System: warp lines are per default off, if off we show warp lines only on focus
    • Solar System: All playfields in a solar system are now discovered if you enter this solar system.
    • Solar System: When looking at a planet in space, its name and distance is shown in the HUD
    • New space features:
      • Added distant suns and gas giants as models (playfields are not visible)
      • Distant planets are always visible (even far away or in adjacent sectors)
      • Allowing planet sizes > 5. Please use that only for distant suns/gas giants
    • Warp Update: CV can warp between solar systems; Range: 30 Light Years
    • Warping: Property 'AttackTimeout' (default is 20s) that will not allow a ship to warp for this amount of time after an attack.
    • Warping: Allowing to shortcut warping by pointing to a planet with a HUD element, flying and pressing K (No target lock needed anymore)
    • Added nebula color green/blue. Nebulas change color slightly faster now
    • Config REGIONS: up to 99 StarRegions & StarClasses are possible (See GalaxyConfig for examples)
    • Added in-line documentation an info to the GalaxyConfig.ecf
    • All warp arrival playfields around the target suns are set to PvE
    • Info cards in the system map for sectors show the class of the playfield
    • Solar System Generation: a playfield with a trading station will only generated for star systems that lie within a faction territory
    • Added 'Station Services'
      Explanation: When in range of a station which has the station services enabled, open the control panel of your vessel (P) and find the new tab 'Station Services'. You can buy and refill fuel, ammo and pentaxid, as well as repair your ship (repair-2-template!) and quick-load your shield - in case you have the required credits. The availability of station services (and which services are offered) can be set individually for an orbital or planetary POI in the playfield_static.yaml PROPERTIES entry. The pricing is taken from a new parameter, set in the ItemsConfig.ecf. This base pricing can then be further modified by factors in the playfield_static.yaml file.
    • All TradingStations (orbital) are offering Station Services
    • All Starter Plantes Polaris Trading Stations are offering Station Services
    • Added faction logo to station services window
    • Added & adjusted pricing for all items relating to 'Station Service' (ItemsConfig / BlocksConfig)
    • Added ingame message when a player gets close enough to a structure with station services
    • Changed passive detection to active scanning detection via device
    • Added: Detector handheld, CV
    • Updated: Detector HV and SV now working as active scanning devices
    • Added: Auto-detection range 12% of maximum scanning range (handheld 24% = ~300m)
    • Detection ranges are different for space and on planets
    • Map distance on POI reduces detection range (override)
    • Drones in space and on planets now use the old HUD marker system and thus be scanned
    • Backpack is now always visible on HUD and on map if the player is in range
    • Added: Teleporter CV; can teleport inside the Sector
    • Added: Teleporter BA; can teleport up to 30 Light Years
    • Added: UI for using Teleporters, depending on range, faction standing etc.
    • Added crafting templates
    • Customization: Teleporter blocks support property RangeLY (= 0 only teleports in the current sector are allowed, > 0 teleports up to LY distance are supported, integer value). Default is 30
    • Supporting property 'AttackTimeout' (default is 20s) that will not allow teleport for this amount of time after an attack. (only on player structures, not on NPC/Faction structures)
    • Added possibility to set a teleporter to work with the “Teleport Network”. Only teleporters activated for the Teleport Network will contribute to a player's teleporter network. Uncheck if you want a POI to not be available from the outside.
    • Allow entity id instead of "name or group name" of entity (mainly for use via ModAPI)
    • NPC Portals and Teleporters in POIs that are NOT tied to the new teleporter system, but for example used for fixed teleports > enhanced syntax for target to
      Note: This does NOT apply for targets that are instances as they get loaded all the time. Note: This does NOT apply to the teleporters players can build in survival! (Player teleporters do not use a fixed syntax, but the new, dynamic target-range finding!)
    • Teleporter UI shows all NPC target stations in an 'extended' range (actual range + X) but does not allow teleportation if the targets are out of range of your current teleporter (Should serve as a info about sectors/systems that are only slightly out of reach).
    • Added: Dynamic, interactive Dialogue system (Examples can be seen in the story missions of the Default Random Singleplayer and the Invader-vs-Defender scenarios)
    • Blocks with the following BlockIDs can be used: Gambling Tables, Station Console, Computer Console, Commanding Officers Human and Alien, Security Guard Human and Alien, Talon, Talon Chief (static), Zirax Commander (static).
    • Added: NPCs will turn towards when approached (F; Can be deactivated in config)
    • Allow to assign a Dialogue Name from the Dialogue.ecf in Creative mode or via Godmode IV (gm iv)
    • Dialogues are usable with PDA (Integration into messages > ‘dlg’ parameter)
    • Customization > Maximum length of a single Execute statement: 150 characters
    • Customization > Maximum of Variables: 30
    • Dialog window: Changed all texts to TextMeshPro! Now all features of the LCD/Projector device blocks can also be used here, e.g. alignment
    • Added function GetInstanceTicket()
    • Added dbglobal_int
    • Added function DeltaTimeToString()
    • Added control element "@d<n>" to set typewriter effect speed for current page, use "@d0" to show remaining text immediately

      >> See top area of Dialogues.ecf for documentation of available parameters!

    • Updated Registry to show organization level for solar systems
    • Updated Registry to show discovered, own and NPC structures and deposits, as well as bookmarks.
    • Added: Set/Reset waypoints in Registry to any available destination
    • Added icon for teleporter and station services if structure supports
    • Showing fill level for the planet resources (also on other playfields)
    • Added a ‘proximity log’ for own structures in the registry (see new button
    • Showing proximity log on terrain placeable (f.e. auto miners or survival constructors)
    • Added "Show On Map" for selected stars and solar systems
    • Added toggle button groups for private, faction, others to filter results
    • Full update and revamp of all story missions (Story requires a reputation standing of at least 'neutral' with Talon & Polaris; Note: All story missions can be activated manually, but should be played in the given order!)
    • Update of Robinson Protocol (Tutorial), especially for basic vessel and base building/repair; Playable on Temperate, Arid and Swamp starters, but not on Snow starter!
    • Full update and revamp of Invader vs. Defender scenario
    • Updated Default (Random) Multiplayer scenario (does not offer Tutorial or Story Mission!)
    • Added/Updated Empyriopedia (F1) > Faction Report
    • Replaced several story-POI cores with NPC Admin Cores: Control Station (Minefield), Com Array (Moon), Mainframe (Moon), Ilmarinen (slight updates as well), Pirates Hidden Base and others.
    • Added Ice as a an alternative water resource (f.ex. obtained from orbital Asteroids; Ice Blocks > Water Jugs)
    • Added Titanium as a new resource (Titanium Ore > Titanium Rods > Titanium Plates)
    • Added Platinum ( Ore > Bar > Ounce) and Aluminum ( Ore > Powder > Coil); Both currently only as collectibles and for trading; not used in crafting yet. Obtainable from planetary deposits and asteroids in certain locations only (Hint: Watch out for Zirax Commanders ;) )
    • Renamed 'Hardened Steel Plates' to 'Sathium Plates' to reflect the changed crafting logic and to reduce confusion. Examples: As of Alpha 12, Hardened Steel building blocks require Titanium Plates; Combat Steel building blocks use Sathium Plates; Windows S now require Titanium Plates, and so on.
    • Item grid sorting > added: item type, food points, mass and volume
    • Item-Sorting now persistent per container/inventory (per savegame)
    • Item grid auto-sorting now combines stacks of same item type and meta and saves the selected mode in the savegame
    • More (basic) templates added to Portable Constructor, Small Constructor (BA) & Mobile Constructor (HV & SV)
    • Significantly increased stacking size of all Blocks (max stack now 4000, f.ex. for small devices like lights, flares, sensors etc.)
    • Rebalanced most blocks and items: mass, volume, energy and performance factors (energy, foodpoints, etc)
    • Rebalanced/slightly adjusted most of the templates in the context of the material change
    • Rebalanced Suits and Boosters ( Base-Values of Suits are a bit lower; In return, Suit Booster module effects are made stronger)
    • Lowered Durability drop for player armors
    • Increased Shield-Damage of NPC Faction Plasma Turrets (Green/Red)
    • Reputation: Reduced amount of Reputation points gained/lost by destroying enemy base blocks
    • Reputation: Reduced amount of Reputation points gained/lost from killing other factions enemies
    • Added Radiation-removal to all Anti-Rad medicals ( Ointment: -1, Pill: -3, Injection: -5, Decontamination Kit: -7)
    • Reduced crafting cost of Portable Constructor, Mobile Heater/Cooler and O2 Condenser
    • Detector (Handheld) can be crafted in Survival Constructor (no cost; Removed Berry Juice for the required slot
    • Fuel Cells and Fusion Cells cannot be broken down further anymore
    • Added trading goods/items: ToxicLiquid, AlphaVirus, Tablet
    • Removed Devices from other device's recipes and substituted with their components instead + the crafting time of the device used. CV T2 Repair Bay, BA T2 Repair Bay, T2 Constructor, T2 Autominer, T3 Autominer, LightWork02, BA T2 Shield Generator, CV T2 Shield Generator, T2 RCS and All CPU Extenders (replaced core and previous tiers with their components)
    • Adjusted turning speed of some of the turrets (increased mostly)
    • Scoreboard (B): Added Ranking to scoreboard ( press B )
    • Scoreboard (B): Added leaderboard values ( Visited systems, Blocks placed, deaths,..and a lot more)
    • Scoreboard (B): Added sections to scoreboard window: Player, Player's Faction and All Factions
    • Added offline chat messages: In Private and Faction channels, you can now send chat messages to a player who is offline. He will receive the message, when he is coming online again and opening the chat window for the first time
    • Added possibility to set a PvE area around POIs using the POI-Property PvEArea (KEY) and a radius around the bounding box (Value) in the playfield.yaml
    • Showing PvP icon now in player stats bar at bottom left screen area. If it lights up, you are in a PvP area. Combined base and resource nearby icons into one slot
    • PvE areas around POIs: not allowing to warp and spawn blueprints (ONLY IN MP!)
    • First version of Marketplace supporting remote goods transfer incl. transport costs
    • Faction window: when clicking promote/demote, the update is now seen immediately
    • Added Advanced Core as a test. Using the Advanced Core as a replacement of the green player Core will remove the CPU requirements. The Advanced Core cannot be crafted.
    • Reduced CPU on Generators ( related to reduced power output and other changed parameters )
    • Reduced CPU on Harvester (HV)
    • Add penalty CPU factor to Shield and Generator output using a cache value
    • Ship booster : Thruster booster reload time buffed depending CPU Tier level : for each new CPU Tier level, an extra 5% reduction on reload time
    • HV ship CPU tier 4 extender max Limit increase form 70'000 to 100'000
    • CPU cost on RCS SVHV reduced (-40%)
    • Rebalancing of thruster force : -10% for the weakest thruster and +15% for the strongest thruster, interpolation in between
    • Ship max speed : a discount about 50% on the mass of the containers content is applied for the max speed calculation of the ship
    • CPU Extender T3 can be upgraded to T4; T4 can be downgraded to T3
    • CPU efficiency affects crafting speed of constructors etc.

    11. TOKEN & LOCKS
    • Added: Dynamically modifiable Token-item to use as unlock for doors or as quest item; Usable with new ‘give’ console command, PDA, Dialogue system and other places; See Token.ecf in config folder
    • Added: Token can be used as an alternative to lock codes with all devices supporting lock codes
    • Added: RemoveOnUse to TokenConfig.ecf to remove a token as soon as it was used
    • Updated: Allowing to open a container from other factions without rep loss if you have the correct token.
    • Added: Devices with a lock code can be set to ‘Private’. This will remove the lock code entry in the device details. (usable to allow private containers and access within a faction base or structure)
    • Added: Space Base Defense ( Attacked POIs will call for reinforcements; Reinforcements do not always appear, depending on several factors, eg. playfield level)
    • Updated SpaceOrbitstarter Alien and Mines to new SpaceBaseDefense Override Syntax
      SpaceDefenseOverrideDefaults: True
      SpaceDefenseProbability: 0
      SpaceDefensePriceMinMax: [ 30, 60 ] 
      Note: Only SpaceDefenseOverrideDefaults is a setting that is mandatory in case you want to handle an individual POI different than laid down in the factionwarfare config. You do NOT need to set SpaceDefenseOverrideDefaults to FALSE, as FALSE is the same as if the parameter was not set ( = FactionWarfare is used )
    • (Ground) Base Attack: added ‘IsCommandCenter parameter to specific POI on all planetary playfields (planet and moons; Zirax/Dronebase; Talon/Bazar; Destro CC to end Base Attacks on a playfield)
    • Talon Base Attack: added a repeating message showing the actual attack status to the player. Added timeout for the attack to end after 30 minutes.
    • Generator overload damage changed: if 100% overload, the generator will get destroyed within 2 minutes
    • Added time and date in player window (TAB > left side above inventory)
    • AI drone and vessel configuration : AI in configuration yaml file will be filtered according the faction allowance in the current world
    • AI structures now don't consume any ammunition any more.
    • Player turrets can now be used on NPC structures, CV and POI (without having to pre-place ammo!)
    • HUD objects: Z sorting and dark background to improve readability
    • Player drone may now spawn nearby Admin POIs
    • Allow optional scenario Localization.csv (SP and MP!)
    • Containers and levers without lock code are now accessible in Aln and Admin factions
    • Survival Tent is now a respawn option
    • Levers can now have a lock code
    • Added possibility to override the default entity container id in spawners to specify specific loot for spawned entities in POIs: Container loot list id can now be changed in CP if in creative or god mode invisible
    • Asteroid voxels can now be spawned from BP Library
    • When player dies, there is now a respawn option shown (for medic bay/clone chamber), that can also be in other playfields than the current
    • LCD Projectors can use optional transparent background (to improve readability in front of rich in contrast environment)
    • Multi tool block removal can now be done undo/redo (creative modes)
    • Added new SNOW STARTER playfield (No Tutorial; All Story and Loyalty missions activated.)
    • Added new ambients sounds, created by Alex Jordon: Cypher, Diaspora, JumpingTheRift, Voyage, WhatWalksBelow
    • Added new NPC factions: Kriel (dynamic), UCH (static friendly), Pirates (dynamic), Trader (dynamic)
    • Added new NPC faction territories
    • Added: Space Base Defense enabled for Zirax, Polaris, The Legacy and Pirates faction
    • Supporting "Main" as a faction in playfield yamls to take the faction from the territory ( 'Faction: Main' ). If no territory then this POI will be left out
    • Now supporting 20 starter planets (old: 10)
    • Extended space playfield area also in SP from +/-50k to +/-100k. Only outside this area, the warning message will appear
    • Space orbits: now using real stars and nebulas instead of skybox images.
    • Space orbits: POIs now will be placed within a max radius of 15000m around the center of the playfield (before: 2000m)
    • POI Placement: Added "UseEachGroupPoiOnlyOnce" flag to force each POI of a POI group to be spawned only once
    • Manually spawning blueprints: limiting the move down into terrain until the first device
    • Manually spawning blueprints: added game option 'UndergroundBpSpawn' to override spawn limit (see possible values and default in an gameoptions_example.yaml)
    • Improved RandomPlacer to overlap less, to better use the allowed distance between POIs (even before one POI fails to be placed)
    • Removed mapdistance/huddistance from all playfields (where not necessary) as it breaks scanning mechanic and is not necessary anymore (except you want to really hide a POI from the scanners)
    • Updated Starting area of starter planets
    • Slight Atmosphere color adjustment for Creative Arid and Temperate (now matching default random scenario)
    • Sun flare colors and size in space get now adjusted to the sun in a solar system
    • Added Sun Variants, Added Blackhole, Added Gas Giants (Saturn, Jupiter, Neptun types)
    • Added Legacy orbital playfield
    • Added Pirates orbital playfield
    • Added new planetary playfields: AlienLegacy, MoonForest and MoonIce2
    • Updated Temperate Starter to ensure start does not happen over water
    • Updated SpaceAsteroidField (fewer resources and stations)
    • Added new sector POIs: AsteroidFieldFew,AsteroidFieldRich,AsteroidFieldJunkyard,AsteroidFieldPirates, AsteroidFieldLegacy
    • Space: Trading Stations now immediately show on map when entering a playfield with one
    • TemperateStarter: Disabled AlienBugs01 and Spider01few spawn at Crashsite
    • TemperateSwampStarter: Disabled AlienAsssasinGrey at Crashsite
    • AridStarter: Disabled Spider02 and AlienBugs01 at Crashsite
    • No build zone is now gray (instead of yellow) to free this color for NPC factions
    • New Game / Scenario: enabled Workshop button to allow players to visit the Empyrion Workshop from within the game
    • Updated some Stock Blueprints regarding generator-overload damage and other fixes.
    • Added Progenitor and VOID artefacts (thx to Fractalite)
    • Kriel: Added Pavor and Imperium POI (thx to Escarli)
    • Zirax: Added Xenu Cloning Station (thx to sulusdacor)
    • Pirates: Added Outpost Maria (temperate, snow and desert versions) (thx to sulusdacor)
    • Added: Kriel Warp Beacon (thx to Demonic)
    • Added: Outpost Nina (Pirates), Xenu Fuel Depot T1 (Zirax); thx to sulusdacor
    • Updated Zirax: Epsilon Com Center, Epsilon Defense 1; thx to vermillion
    • Added Kriel: Vectrum, Turrim Alveo; Updated Kriel Center; thx to jrandall
    • Updated Trader: Added new TraderDefenseHQ POI to defend TraderMain POIs
    • Added placeholder OPV for Kriel and Traders Guild
    • Updated: Tutorial Hoverbike, UCH Dart, Epsilon Defence II (thx to vermillion)
    • Updated: Outpost Nina (Pirates) & Xenu Fuel Depot (thx to sulusdacor)
    • Added: Trader Defense outposts HQ-version (thx to sulusdacor)
    • Added/Updated: Trader/Polaris Gas Refineries (orbital station; thx to Kaeser)
    • Added more Progenitor Artifacts (thx to Fractalite)
    • Added new Pirates Main base variant (creator: Twibras: modified: Fractalite)
    • Added new Pirates CV for SpaceBaseDefense ( Reworked by sulusdacor)
    • Updated: Polaris Asteroid Mining station (Story; thx to vermillion)
    • Added: New version of the Tales of the Past Alien Tower (thx to vermillion)
    • Updated Legacy POI and ships (thx to vermillion)
    • Updated Legacy Matter Converter (thx to Kaeser)
    • Updated: Small adjustments to Ancient Revelation Control-Station POI
    • Updated: Removed cores from orbital CV wreckages
    • Updated: Reworked Unknown Artifact, Helix, Structure
    • Updated: Xenu POI groups (standard, advanced and special POI)
    • Added Polaris Shuttle T1 ( PV )
    • Added OPV Corvettes for Pirates ( Original creators: urialia & Sulusdacor)(Note: Space Base Defense not yet set up)
    • Added new settlements for Polaris ( now following the "Polaris Style") + swapped all Polaris-held CivilSettlements on all playfields to new design group
    • Added new water-floating settlements for Polaris on Ocean playfield (incl. Defenses!)
    • Added Kriel Defense T1 (by vermillion)
    • Added PV for Zirax (XenuCutter; Not yet added to PV group)
    • Updated Rados Fuel Depot Desert variant
    • Updated Stock Blueprint Albatross (thx to Kaeser)
    • Added: TraderHQ-A (thx to vermillion)
    • Added Pirates Outpost Large and Way Station (thx to original creator TiwBras & fractalite for updates!)
    • Added BAO_MiningOperation
    • Added Polaris Freighter P016 and P017
    • Added Crashed Vessels and Investigation Site
    • Added: Crashed Legacy Infector
    • Added: SV wreckages
    • New: Legacy Decimator OPV
    • New: Abandoned Missile Base
    • New: Small Mining station POIs
    • Updated: Polaris and Zirax POIs and sets
    • Updated: Xenu, Rados, Epsilon, Ghyst OPVs
    • Updated: Polaris Sanctuary ( swapped devices, placed Medbay+Clone Chamber upright)
    • Added Zirax Rados POI Desert variants: ComCenter and FuelDepot (RadosAuxT1Sand, Desert playfields)
    • Added Polaris Plaza and Customs
    • Added Polaris SecurityDesert variants (PolarisDefenceSand; Arid and Desert playfields)
    • Updated Polaris Defense (Oppressor)
    • Updated Creative Library POI (Creative Space start)
    • Added UCH Pelican crashed ship ( Starter Planet )
    • Added BAO_LegacyMatterConverter (CrystalOrb; thx to Kaeser) for use with new SpaceAsteroidFieldInfested playfield
    • Added BA_TalonZiggurat
    • Added new Zirax Corvette
    • Added new faction Orbital Patrol Vessels (OPV): Polaris Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer
    • Updated CivilSettlementSnow group with new/adjusted POIs: Shuttle Hub, Transport Hub, Research Center, Excavation Site, Main Hub and Research Site
    • Added SAND variants for Rados POI (+updated DESERT playfield): RadosDefenseT1Sand (DefenseI,II,III) RadosMainSand (Powerplant, Refinery)
    • Updated: BA_XenuRareSupplyStation
    • Added: BA_RadosConvoySnow (added to SNOW playfield)
    • Updated Rados Snow group (fixes on spawners, container access etc pp)
    • Updated Creative Start on both planetary playfields with new "Creative Tutorial Library"
    • Updated Creative Start on Space with new/updated Creative Tutorial Library
    • Stock Blueprints: Forge Skyfortress (now with a full update by Vermillion)
    • Stock Blueprints: Added T4 Explorer "Albatross"
    • Updated: Merc MX5E ( feature & visual update + interior rebuild + prepared for upgrade to T3: info can be found on info LCD)
    • Updated: FORGE Skyfortress (fixed medbay leading to getting stuck when spawning)
    • Added Kriel POI
    • Updated/added more Pirates POI
    • Updated/added Traders Guild POI
    • Fixed: Polaris Trading Station (planet) not airtight

      Thanks to all our volunteer builders for all the awesome new and reworked POIs! :)

    16. PDA (TECH)

    IMPORTANT: You NEED to update your PDA with Alpha 12. It might not entirely work anymore or even break partially otherwise!
    • Support multi ChapterActivation parameters
    • ChapterActivation-started chapters can now be "insert-chapters" that suspend a currently active chapter which will be auto-resumed later
    • Removed PDA bottom popup message display time shortening when a menu window gets opened
    • Message box ("mbox") now also allows ENTER to be pressed instead of clicking on "Let's Go"
    • NearUnit is now also a reversible state action
    • Action's "Guiding: "TempIndoor" or "Destination" is now optional and automatically active (just configure Guiding- and TriggerDistance accordingly, use a GuidingDistance of zero to have no visible guiding)
    • Added PDA msg type "dlg" to start a dialog via the DialogSystem and evaluate the chosen option
    • ChapterActivation now respects Activatable restriction, displays message on fail
    • Chapters with ChapterActivation configured auto-include 'WhenChecked' as Activatable restriction
    • All "Check"s (like used in a task's actions) can be used for chapter activation
    • "Visibility" is again only used for determining visibility of a chapter in the PDA window (value "ChapterActivation" has been removed, some new added)
    • Inside ChapterActivation, "ListVisibility" has been removed, please set Visibility accordingly
    • Added: PDA Check "DialogOption":
      • now uses new numeric parameter Value instead of Amount as using Amount is displayed in HUD
      • instead of "Amount" specify "Value: <option>" with <option> = 1 for 1st answer etc.
    • PDA InventoryOp: syntax changed to "InventoryOp: ItemName#count[#meta][#max]" (same for add and remove ops, max not used with remove); in add operations 'max' is compared against player items with the correct meta value if specified
    • Added functionality to use optional meta (Token) values for Rewards and InventoryOps
    • Add new action WaitAction
    • Adjust format for InventoryOp to fix issue with multiple item types
    • PDA window improvements: For each category the last selection (chapter or task) is remembered, if the active chapter is displayed the currently active task is selected
    • PDA window improvements: Added hint to "Activate" button if disabled because chapter is ChapterActivation controlled
    • Added 'Pulse Laser Turret T2' (not craftable; Will be used by The Legacy exclusively)
    • Updated Armor Locker model for BA and CV
    • Updated CVBA models for Clone Chamber, Medic Station and O2 Station. They are now only ONE block high anymore! These are not variants. All the models will be replaced in your games
    • Changed HV Detector to 'SV model' (1x1x1)
    • Added new Gambling Tables with updated BJ Dialogue to a few Trading Stations (Orbital and Ground)
    • Added model for Teleporter CV
    • Refined collider of Medical Station Type 1
    • Improved detail quality of Warp Drive model
    18. DATABASE
    • Global entities are now read solely from the Database.
    • Database is now switched on per default and the entities are read from there. Now losing a ship should be much more difficult. Please report use cases if you still manage to lose a ship (f.e. on warp).
    • Player death count + reason is now saved to DB
    • Tracking now who spawned a structure, login/logout per player
    • Writing now a 'changed playfield' history
    • Moved 'visited POIs' and 'discovered playfields' into Database
    • Discovered POIs get written into DB, too.
    • Loading now solar system information from DB if already discovered but not loaded to SectorDatabase yet.
    • Entities tables use pfid as integer
    • Scoreboard window: the DB queries for the ranking boxes can now be configured in SqlQueries.txt
    • StationServices: logging transaction history to DB now
    • Now logging player AI vessel destruction
    • Now logging player completed PDA chapters
    • Added network profiling data (package count + size), added IsPvp flag for playfields
    • Added dialogue states visited, player structures visited, build nr and version, player credits
    • Optimized query for getting medic station on player death, added info what BP got spawned
    • Writing player inventory on every player data save. added possibility to execute multiple update queries with one call
    • Added deadticks and isdead to entities
    • Added entity death timestamp, added bool if structure was spawned from BP library
    • The structure .txt files are not written into the Shared folder any more. Instead of that, we put this information into the DB table StructuresHistory
    • Added fpsmin to performance information
    • Writing information if player used a controller as input
    • Protocolling player pings
    19. CONSOLE
    • Added console command 'galaxy' to reload the GalaxyConfig.ecf of the current savegame and test the parameters on the galaxy. Might break the current savegame!
    • Show star distribution by using console command 'galaxy info'
    • ConsoleCmd GalaxyConfig: added output where the config file is loaded from
    • Console cmd 'sector' to be used on any star name (to teleport; do NOT use 'teleport' when teleporting to another star system!)
    • Console cmd 'sd names' now only shows 100 names
    • Added 'prefabinfo <blueprint> -fixparent' to auto fix old BPs that have a mismatch with the parent value
    • Use 'ds reload' to reload changes made on the Dialogue.ecf while game is running
    • Added option for console cmd 'prefabinfo -touch' to only recalculate the header of a blueprint
    • Asteroid voxels can be converted to BAs to build bases on them using the console command 'prefabinfo -convert Terrain'
    • Console commands 'sectordatabase' and 'sector' now show more info. Please also checkout 'sectordatabase names' and 'sectordatabase ss'
    • Added console command 'tokenconfig reload' to list and reload the token config file
    • Added console command 'give item <itemid> [metavlue]'
    • Added console command 'sectordatabase names' to show all know star names (only the ones shown in the galaxy map)
    • Added console command 'sd' (SectorDatabase) for listing all loaded sectors.

    20. TECH (Server & Other)
    • Relaxed timing for threads
    • Set Animator component to "AlwaysCull" on a lot of turret/weapon animations to improve performance (a bit)
    • Optimized Animator component on doors and retractable weapons to not be active when not needed
    • Stripped down some dedi unity prefabs for better performance of playfield server: CockpitSS04Prefab_dedi, VentilatorEdgeRoundMediumHalfPrefab_dedi, PassengerSeatSVPrefab_dedi, TurretMSCannonRetractPrefab_dedi, TurretMSMinigunPrefab_dedi, WeaponSSMinigunRetractPrefab_dedi, FuelTankSVSmallPrefab_dedi
    • Optimization from pf server profiling: mapped SphereCast to Raycast for all none player checks for "which structure we are on".
    • Added auto-profiling start for pf servers if frames drop < 10 fps in dev builds
    • Added scenario name to local dedi UI
    • Updated terrain shaders => significantly improved FPS with AMD graphic cards
    • Fixed regression from shader update: reenabled ResampleFac for LOD terrain
    • Added dedi prefab for GeneratorSVSmallPrefab to avoid sound output on playfield servers
    • SP, Dedi and Playfield server now write performance data to DB every 1 minute
    • Collecting player statistics now: travelled distance (foot, bike, godmode, HV and ships), placed blocks
    • Added PfServerWeight to playfield.yaml to allow to specify a manual 'weight' for a playfield. Use values between 0 and 100.
    • Saving structures now in its own ents.dat file in the Shared folder
    • Added error output in ecf file parser to help editors / modders to locate problems
    • Updated EAH, see changelog here:
    21. MOD API
    • ModApi.IPlayfield: added SolarSystemName and SolarSystemCoordinates
    • ModApi.IBlock: Implemented Get/SetTextures, added SetTextureForWholeBlock, added equivalent methods for colors
    • ModApi IGui / IApplication: DialogBox methods and handler now use a custom value to allow request / answer matching
    • ModApi.IAPplication: Added methods to get some data about players (dedi)
    • ModApi: enhanced new Dialog window to be used from dedi, combined two callbacks (button / text-link) into one, replaced events by callback parameter
    • ModAPI IGui: Added dialog with scrollable text and clickable links, an optional input field and up to three buttons. The title and body texts have all the features the new LCDs have
    • ModAPI: Position conversion now uses VectorInt3 instead of Vector3 for structure / block position
    • ModAPI: added access to teleporter / portal target data
    • Unified Modding.ItemStack handling, enhanced meta value use
    22. CONFIGS
    • Exposed all internal config files (no limitations anymore)
    • You can now change all config parameters of the game.
    • All config files can be used within a scenario folder
    • Allow meta-values in FixedPlayerStart.Items and POI's "PersonalContainer" property > add ":meta-value" after count
    • Supporting now tags "NoPvP" and "NoPvE" for ItemConfig.ecf "AllowAt" property to f.e. not allow Filler Tool in PvP playfields
    • Added possibility to set Brightness, Saturation, RGB for texture cluster texture independant to main values
    • Allowing now 5 as max value for Brightness, RGB and Geo

    Attached Files:

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  2. ravien_ff

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    Now THAT'S what I call a change log. :D

    Congratulations on A12 going live, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped test and gave feedback! :D
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    Thank you for all your hard work guys, fantastic update.
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    Grats for Alpha 12 LIVE!! ;)
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    oh how i love this snail shape ships :)
    Thank you for the new update, its awesome!
  8. The Salty Snake Chef

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    Thanks for all the hard work you guys! I wonder who's Definity not Taelyn on Discord. Hmmmmmm...Must not be Taelyn. Thanos for real though.
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    Rats! I'm still downloading it. Congratulations.
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    did you fix or did you not fix the excessive memory usage i reported? (and you conveniently locked and archived the thread of)

    answer the question Hummel
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    A12 brings a lot of fantastic improvements: the galaxy, new materials, the foundation of the storyline, station services, well done indeed

    Let's get that changed in 13 to a proper acceleration reduction with a universal speed cap for all vessels. It would be as positive a change as the galaxy is...

    and BTW, thanks for restoring salvage-ability to the derelict!
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    Awesome work on the Alpha 12 Release!!!

    Where is the right place for a feature request? Or to check if a feature is on the roadmap?
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    So....alpha 13 when? :p
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    There is a Suggestion Forum. We dont have a Public Roadmap
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    Dev Dudes...this update is really amazing, well frikkin done!
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    Congratulations on the milestone! Amazing ride with Eleon gets even better. Thank You!
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    This update is mind-blowing. So much stuff added! The new detector, a galaxy, and a new snow start to freeze my ass off!

    Toboggans anybody?! :p:cool:
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    Great job Eleon ! Keep up the good work !! :D
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    Wow, that reads grumpy! :D
    - Have you tested? Is this still an issue? If so, maybe report it in the new bug thread. - Keep reminding. :)
    (I guess, old bug threads get locked since the versions march on - - If keeping the old thread open, you never would be sure about what version and stuff is being reported on...? - And some stuff actually might change for the better with a new version. ;) )
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