Alpha 4.4: Modular Building

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    Update: Hotfix (Build 729) - November 23, 2016

    Changelog: Alpha 4.4.1 (Build 729)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Severe FPS drops when flying large CVs or sometimes already when starting their engines


    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    Welcome to Alpha 4.4 which includes an awesome new feature: modular building! As mentioned in our last release note, initially, we did not plan to release another update before the Alpha 5.0, but we found modular building so cool that we wanted to share it with you asap and not let you wait until Alpha 5.0.

    Did you ever want to build an outpost like that?
    With modular building, this will now be possible! (small disclaimer: the buildings will be arranged on a grid, i.e., 90° to each other)

    Together with modular building, we also added the possibility to merge different structures together into one base via a Console Command in Creative Mode.

    Moreover, we are sure that our building community will be happy about the 30 new block shapes, several new window blocks and many new decorative blocks that we added to the game.



    But this is far from being all: Have a look at the full changelog below to read in detail about the changes that wait for you in Alpha 4.4.

    Thanks for reading and as always - give us your feedback about the changes in Alpha 4.4!

    Please report any remaining bugs over here:

    Empyrion Dev Team

    Changelog: Alpha 4.4 (Build 728)

    Modular Building:
    - Added possibility to build in a modular way and separate mother base from child bases

    How modular building works:
    Look at your mother base, open "Building Tools" menu (hotkey N) and select "Connect to" -> you can now place the next block freely on the terrain in a grid (i.e., 90° with respect to the mother base). The new block defines the foundation of the "child base" which will be the same structure as the mother base but the child bases can be physically disconnected from the mother base (and you do not need an extra core). Since the mother and child bases are the same structure, they can be controlled together via the Control Panel.

    Merging Structures:
    - Added "mergestructs" and "setposition" console commands (Creative mode): you can now download different bases from Workshop and merge them together in one base (e.g. to build an outpost with several separate buildings or a small city)

    How "mergestructs" and "setposition" console commands work:
    1. mergestructs ID_mother ID_child
    -> this will position child into grid of mother (child and mother can still be adjusted)
    2a. setposition ID y+/-OFFSET
    2b. setposition ID x+/-OFFSET
    2c. setposition ID z+/-OFFSET
    3. mergestructs ID_mother ID_child -ex
    -> this cmd will execute the merge command. You can now save the new structure as a blueprint

    Please note that this is the first iteration of modular building and structure merging - we will improve & refine these features over time.

    New Blocks / Devices:
    - Added 30 new block shapes (+ increased slot count of block group window to 64)
    - Added several new window blocks

    - Added new lab deco blocks -> See "Lab Equipment (Deco)"
    - Added new deco blocks: modular tables -> See "Furnishing"
    - Added ancient temple deco
    - Added containers to block group (added other Sci-Fi containers to this group as well)
    - Added more 3d models of lights and introduced a block group that includes all these models
    - Added another energy pack called "Fusion Cell" with energy value of 300
    - Added several new symbols to Texture tool (symbols on page 4): white line / double line + yellow hazard stripes

    HUD objects visibility update:
    - HUD objects not shown anymore when docked + reduced distances for powered off structures (Planet: 80m, Space: 250m)

    Regarding HUD object visibility, here is an overview of the status quo:
    1. Own faction, own private or public:
    Planet: HUD object visible (with name) - 500m (300m)
    Space: HUD object visible (with name) - 2500m (1250m)
    2. Other faction / other private:
    Planet: HUD object visible (with name) - 350m (300m)
    Space: HUD object visible (with name) - 1500m (1250m)
    3. Powered off:
    Planet: HUD object visible: 80m
    Space: HUD object visible: 250m
    4. Docked: HUD object never visible

    - Toggle main power and Control Panel now also working when standing close to a structure and focusing it
    - Added storage capabilities to some deco blocks - these blocks will spawn loot in a POI
    - Added blocks / devices that were introduced in this and last updates to loot that can be found in POIs (repair bay, hangar doors, new jet thrusters, new turrets, etc)
    - Sniper zoom: added dampening factor when zooming

    Balancing Changes:
    - Re-balanced drones: increased their overall weapon damage against building blocks and devices (adapted to recent hull HP balancing)
    - Reduced weapon damage of mounted weapons / turrets against drones, NPCs and players
    - Increased hitpoints on hull blocks of all old POIs to 500 HP
    - Increased hitpoints of shutter windows on old POIs to 250 HP
    - Adapted templates of Auto Mining Devices

    Improved Visuals and Sound:
    - Added better sniper scope view
    - Adapted laser shot on pulse laser turret (laser shot better visible now)
    - Tweaked HV turrets: turret base is now a bit smaller + tweaked color of HV turret texture (to avoid color artifacts)
    - Added better sound to pulse laser turrets and rocket turrets + tweaked sound of plasma turrets.
    - Added custom rotate sounds to several turrets
    - Added better names for new deco blocks
    - Updated color mask on turrets to have a cleaner color look (overall tweak to color masks - also for other blocks )
    - Adapted color mask on Container 1
    - Less barrel movement on pulse laser turret when shooting

    Server-Client Improvements:
    - First implementation of invisible god mode: when now using godmode player is invisible (very useful for server managers)
    - Improved log outputs regarding Steam kicks and disconnects
    - Client-side EAC disconnect only executed once
    - Improved log output (Steam kick, Uptime)
    - Re-implemented new EAC compliant Steam Family Share player re-registration
    - Added first implementation of Server modding API - much more to come in near future. We will provide documentation soon.

    Other Changes / Improvements:
    - Increased size of drop container to avoid problem of losing stuff when e.g. full constructor is destroyed / removed
    - Updated stock prefab SV Tier 5
    - Some re-arrangements to templates thrusters (better ordering)
    - Re-arranged several blocks (in deco groups)
    - Tweaked some templates (deco blocks) + some renaming based on community feedback
    - Added better info to doors / shutter doors SV that they do not open automatically
    - Added LODs to many deco blocks for optimization purposes
    - Increased brightness of "Other Player" icons in map
    - LCDs are now in "Device" category
    - Added Player Window to localisation setup
    - Updated naming of window blocks (shorter names)
    - Added time zone info (TZ) in log's startup info line

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Memory leak also on all Radeon graphic cards
    - Fixed: Problem that Troop Transporter did not deploy troops reliably in 1st wave
    - Fixed: Problem that homing missiles exceeded range indicated in weapon info (now they should have range as shown in weapon info)
    - Fixed: Problem that vertical door was not upgraded to armored vertical door
    - Fixed: Problem that Planet-Forbidden Turrets could be fired once on planet
    - Fixed: Problem that message "you cannot shoot this weapon on a planet/space" was not displayed anymore
    - Fixed: Error when closing background window before closing color picker in LCDs
    - Fixed: Problem with camera clipping on rocket turret in certain use cases
    - Fixed: Problem that old, obsolete rocket turret BA (still present in some BPs) could not be fired on planet
    - Fixed: Problem with Statistics window: Cargo Boxes counted with +1 (caused by Fridges being added to Cargo Count, added separate Fridges count now)
    - Fixed: Problem that upgraded Autominer was not shown on Map anymore
    - Fixed: Problem with ship controller (instability of ship when colliding with deco)
    - Fixed: Problem that ALT-view mode in 1st person allowed to "turn" fixed weapons
    - Fixed: Problem that drones could shoot at submerged players (now: it is not possible to shoot handheld weapons under water anymore)
    - Fixed: Problem that creating a new savegame with period characters at the end lead to error
    - Fixed: Problem that thrust direction autogroup had reversed U/D labels
    - Fixed: Problem that fade out of certain blocks and devices was not consistent (some seem to never fade, some different)
    - Fixed: Problem that player character was not centered on Motorbike when driving
    - Fixed: Problem that several devices were blocking player movement (full collision box instead of scaled down/fitting)
    - Fixed: Spacemap/radar inconsistent behaviour
    - Fixed: Base Plasma turret infobox: Ammo usage says Pl.Charge CV instead of Pl.Charge BA
    - Fixed: Problem that HP of CV Thrusters M an L got swapped
    - Fixed: Problem that Bunk Bed was black and could not be colored anymore
    - Fixed: Problem that beam of Auto Mining Device ends in mid air (extended beam to bedrock)
    - Fixed: Problem that own private bases shoot at own faction vessel in PvP
    - Fixed: Problem that sun shines through planet in space (2nd try)
    - Fixed: Problem with heartbeat client code leading to server lock-ups in certain use cases
    - Fixed: Marketplace Dupe bug via Error Exploit (by disabling global commands while a dialog is displayed)
    - Fixed: Problem that Thruster Blocks M had Slant Thruster as preview icon instead of cubic thruster
    - Fixed: Several internal errors reported on support email (thanks for sending those in)
    - Fixed: Several internal errors found in server logs
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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy.... i can't wait to start building again. :)

    Dev, keep up the good work, but don't burn out. This game needs a little work but when it's done it will be awesome. I can't wait for the Mining tools (fixed and turrets for vehicles) to come.

    I have one question about merging structures. Do merged structures have the same max block-count (length, width, depth) as whole-in-one structures?
    Say i have a starport that is enclosed with a wall and has 250 times 250 blocks base size and i want to add some kind of palace (you know where the Hutten rule their reign) at one of the edges, is it possible or should i be careful to stay within those boundaries?
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    Just insane. Thanks so much for all the new goodies :)
  5. itdocman

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    You guys freakin rock!!!! wooohooooo!!!! can't wait to get in and check out all the new block shapes and deco blocks...and windows...and...and... =D ...oh, and the modular building...and... :D
  6. Krenios

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    Tested in experimental for some improvement, new light, new blocks, new symbols are very interresting. Thanks Eleon team !
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    Please fix the CV bug ... they shot on a BA out of range and the missels hit , but BA shout not back while out off range..... shit A- Missels
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  8. Siege Inc.

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    Best. Patch. EVER!

    Seriously, big thumbs up. Nice work Eleon people. :D
  9. Ramsis

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    Requesting the dev team look into being able to pick up smaller modular builds and redeploy as the player needs, probably with a cooldown and some modular attachments for buildings such as solar panels, small battery, etc.

    Idea being setting up harvesting base camps with ease, surviving the nights on Akua, then heading back home in the morning.
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  10. NafreiuX

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    Please repost under 'Suggestions' thread list mate.
  11. oojimaflip

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    Already added several miles of shiny new pipework to the super-carrier! It's a shame that I currently can't work on the extreme back end because of the size bug, hopefully Eleon will patch soon so that I can finish her and move on to
    something BIGGER!
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    "Other Changes / Improvements:
    - Added first implementation of modding API - much more to come in near future"

    Yay! but where do I find it and what can it do?
  13. Sturm Panzer

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    You've hit a lot of nails on the head there ... Keep up the good work !

    Still waiting for the ship shortcuts :D
  14. Kolli

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    very nice Patch :)
  15. Wayfinder

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    Jan 8, 2016
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    Can't wait to get home to try this update! Will a new game be required or can we use old saves?

    Great update! Keep up the good work.
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  16. Ceabras

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    I was able to load my pre-4.4 saves with no issues.

    A great update! Modular building opens up so many more possibilities. And then we get this:

    I look forward to seeing all of the amazing mods from the community in the near future.
  17. banksman45

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    Awesome update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to try first . Thank you for showing the builders some love.
  18. banksman45

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    I can't wait to see someone build a city.
  19. banksman45

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    Any hints on 5.0?? It must be big since you're not talking about it right now. :)
  20. Runningwithhamster

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