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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by EleonGameStudios, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    Welcome to our big Christmas update! We have added a lot of new goodies and stuff, that should not only improve your game experience, but also adds new ways of enjoyment. Like the new HV drill modules and turret!

    Before digging holes in any planet, please read through the full changelog below, because some game mechanics changed as well. For example you now have a real MULTI-tool with several working modes! Just hit right-mouse-button (RMB) and set it to the mode you need. Other tools that had the same function were removed. More changes can be found in the changelog below.

    In addition, we made another step in making the worlds of Empyrion more vivid: the new civil POIs provide shelter (doors are set to public) and basic loot for all our explorers and survivors!

    Said that, we want to thank all the testers and builders that helped to make 5.0 awesome. In particular, we want to thank all players who tested the Experimental release and reported bugs and gave feedback. Last but not least, a big thank you to all the awesome creators who contributed with their creations to this release!

    Please report all remaining issues over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 5.0.x

    Server Wipe
    As always for major releases, please note that we will wipe our official server in about 12h on December 20, 2016 at 8pm CET.

    Have a great time with 5.0!

    Empyrion Dev Team


    Changelog: Alpha 5.0 (Build 780)

    Character Customization and New Armor:

    - Added possibility to customize character (face, hair, beard, body type etc) [​IMG]
    - Improved first-person arms
    - Added a new armor for character

    - Added better textures for faces

    Vehicle-Based Drilling:

    - Added HV mechanical drill module
    - Added HV drill turret
    - Added harvest container: ores that are mined with the above devices will be placed into this container
    - Harvester module: harvested wood is now placed also into harvest container not into Harvester module itself
    - Added new group for Control Panel: “Harvest”

    Here is a short tutorial video of how to use the new HV drill module and turret:

    Alliances and Origins:
    - You can now form alliances between factions
    - Added Origin to default (server) settings: Akua (Human), Omicron (Alien), Masperon (Humanoid) and Ningues (no origin)
    - Added dedicated.yaml options for "no friendly fire" in PvP (for Alliances)
    - Added dedicated.yaml options to choose if Origin = Auto-Alliance

    - You automatically get assigned an Origin when choosing a starter planet
    - When creating a faction this will automatically be a faction of this Origin
    - You can not change your Origin
    - Server owners have various settings to create or manage Origins, like any faction of an Origin is in a Alliance by default

    Radial Menu:
    We added a radial menu for the drill and multitool. More applications for the radial menu will follow.
    1. Multitool:
    * Merged Change & Rotate Tool into Multitool
    * Repair and upgrade are now 2 different actions in Multitool
    * Splitted "Remove" into two distinct actions:
    > DISASSEMBLE: you can now pick up intact blocks/devices on your own structures AND it has a slight chance you'll pick up a intact block when disassembling a public structure/structure without core.
    > DECONSTRUCT: will always return components on all own and public structures (like before)

    2. Handheld drill (T2):
    * Merged Filler & Flatten tool into drill T2
    * Added special drill functionality: only terrain removal but stronger drilling

    Local Marketplace and Trading Stations:

    - Marketplace is now linked to a device ("Trading Station")
    - You can still buy items from the remote marketplace screen (via Inventory) but other actions like selling an item or claiming sold/bought items is not possible from everywhere anymore. These actions are now handled via the "Trading Station" block in the trading stations
    - Added several new planetary and orbital trading stations (They are ALWAYS visible!)
    - Increased offer limit per player from 10 to 30
    - Added new group "Trading" to Control Panel for Trading Station (and ATM)
    - Thanks to the following persons for creating trading stations: Frigidman, Gh0stZ3r0, Maloverci and Savinwraith. Blueprints may have been slightly modified.

    AI Controlled Vessels:

    - Added AI controlled space freighters to several orbital playfields that are protected by space drones
    - Thanks to the following persons for creating freighter CVs: Arturius1967, Dead8eye, Dinkelsen, Dirtydogofdeath, Frigidman, Maloverci, Matti, Kieve and Piddlefoot. Blueprints may have been slightly modified)
    - Blueprint group name is now also settable for CVs (double click on blueprint in BP library F2)

    More Diverse POIs:

    - Added Tribal Villages on Akua and Oscutune: thanks to Savinwraith
    - Added Civil Settlements on almost all other planets thanks to Frigidman, Maloverci and Runningwithhamster
    - Note: All doors in civil settlement POIs are set to public (code lock 0000)

    Player Shoulder Light:

    - We added a first version of a player shoulder light. So now you can easily build during night and you do not need to place any worklights or other workarounds to light up the area
    - Turn on/off: Default hotkey L
    - Please note that light is only visible for own player, i.e., in multiplayer you will be able to turn on/off light but other players will not yet see your light. We will add full MP functionality in Alpha 5.1.

    Added New Start Setting in Survival Mode:

    - Added new starter planet: Masperon (alien2) with difficulty: hard
    - New distribution of planets in Sectors.yaml

    - Auto Miner can now only be crafted with a special component (“Auto Miner Core”) that can be found in your Escape Pod starting equipment, in alien containers (yellow and red) and human containers (purple). With this new component, the Auto Miner become more special and harder to obtain
    - Private player faction now have same properties regarding visibility compared to a "real" faction. Thus, you don’t have to form a one-man faction in MP anymore (there is no advantage of having such a one-man faction anymore)
    - Slightly improved handling of motorbike (adjusted power setting on motorbike to reduce wheel slipping)
    - Changed: Turrets are not targeting the “center” of a structure anymore - now turrets aim for the Core (soon we will integrate a more intelligent targeting system)
    - Changed: Terrain cannot be removed with Multitool anymore
    - Added Alien and Player Core (Admin) for indestructible POIs to build, e.g. Trading Stations. Structures with player admin cores are always visible on map and have different icon
    - More random placement of ships after warping
    - First draft of Allow/Deny for Sectors.yaml (not yet supported in space map)
    - Allowing to access every Auto Miner in invisible god mode

    - Added new holographic shader for block placement

    - Added damage states to windows + glass railing blocks

    - Added another sniper scope overlay
    - Tweak to deco on Akua
    - Updated model for Alien Container
    - Updated textures on freestanding stairs
    - Added better anti-aliasing
    - Reduced bloom intensity during day and in space
    - Improved texture on Resource Meteorites
    - Added green impact particle effect for modes that use green laser plasma (drill T2)
    - Alien Ion Cannons are now colorable
    - Improved weapon hold animation in third person on pistols
    - Adapted hand positions in all cockpits SV / HV
    - Tweaked color mask of enemy laser turret
    - Re-enabled deferred reflections

    New Blocks / Devices / Blueprints:
    - Added more antenna blocks (deco)
    - Added new 3d model for troops transport (replaces old model)
    - Added new texturable and colorable stairs: straight and corner block
    - Added hangar door 10x9 and 7x5
    - Added thin version of Walkway Slope
    - Added additional player container for Ultra Rare stuff
    - Added new stock HVs - thanks to Frigidman and Nosture (slightly modified version of their original creation)

    1. Major Constructor performance optimization (CPU / Memory / Network)
    We implemented a major Constructor performance optimization (CPU / Memory / Network):
    - server-side no longer calculates data only needed in client GUI (e.g. craft mode for all templates)
    - server no longer sends updates via network to all clients but only to one client and only if registered (during the time the Constructor window is open)
    - improved bulk-crafting of items according to passed time on dedi after a reconnect
    - lots of other small improvements and fixes, e.g. craft progress indicators now finally visible on multiplayer clients
    2. Major network optimization
    3. Major optimization regarding decorations on a playfield server: now decorations are only spawned around players
    4. Major performance optimization for playfield servers: Structures are now disabled when no players are close
    5. Much faster generation of terrain close to the player
    6. Planet textures are not pre-calculated anymore but are calculated on-the-fly

    Other Changes / Improvements:
    - Removed need of ammo for tool-weapons for vessels and increased energy requirements
    - Added superspeed "up" and "down" for godmode
    - Epic weapons are now also shown in Creative Menu
    - Added infinite drone waves also on Akua per default
    - Code locks are now saved with blueprints
    - Chainsaw now picks up wood automatically and places it into inventory (similar to Drill T2 with ores)
    - Error dialog now offers "Mail & Continue" option
    - Added new console command "SpawnAnyBlueprint" to spawn any blueprint in Survival mode - even those BPs that are marked as red in BP library (GameMaster level needed)
    - Added new console command "SetDevicesPublic". With this console command you can set lock codes of devices of a certain group to public. Usage: SetDevicesPublic [entity ID] [device group] (Admin level needed)
    - Updated PDA
    - Ingame hints: added info about modular building and adapted multitool info
    - Resized sentry guns (made them a bit smaller - better proportions with respect to player size)
    - Changed: Cannot rotate Auto Miner any more to avoid upside down placement
    - Removed: Flatten Tool and Rotate Tool (these tools are now combined in Multitool)
    - Removed: Image processing from Video Options and disabled effect
    - Renamed block group: Lab equipment into Tech Equipment
    - Less destruction of terrain through alien turrets
    - Adapted color picker window in Player Setup
    - A message appears now when trying to place a terrain placeable (such as Survival Constructor) and "Connect to Base" is active
    - ATM is now accessible via Control Panel and has lock code
    - Added lock codes to: Fuel Tank, O2 Tank, Warp Drive Tank
    - Capacitor (Deco) is now in block group Tech Equipment
    - Added alliances console command
    - Temporarily removed code lock from Medic Station
    - Overall increased number of drones in stock on planets => now the stock of drones will last much longer
    - Increased hitpoints of Troop Transport by 25%
    - Reset keyboard settings (since we added a new key for the player light, it messed up the keyboard setting for some players)

    Tweaks / Balancing:
    - Multitool T1 does not destroy normal hull of SV with 1 hit anymore
    - Ship controller: improve the stability of the ship after collision
    - Increased light intensity during night on Akua
    - Rebalanced experience gains: less XP for mining, damaging blocks, discovering POIs and resource deposits
    - Legacy hull blocks and windows (found in old POIs) now have 200 HP again
    - Container Group: adjusted weight and slot size of Containers 1 & 3 (they now have 63 slots)
    - Added explosive devices to start setting EASY
    - Several tweaks to loot content, size and distribution (e.g. normal cargo boxes now contain loot if placed in POIs)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem with inaccurate weapon range. Now all weapons will fire exactly as far as indicated in "Effective Range"
    - Fixed: Problem that splash damage of explosion was traveling through blocks and could destroy devices behind blocks
    - Fixed: Problem that projectile turrets fired two projectiles with one shot in MP
    - Fixed: Problem that on entering cockpit toolbar selector switched always to slot 0 - now slot 1 is selected in order to have a weapon equipped when entering cockpit
    - Fixed: Problem that devices were not accessible mid-flight; window closed when vessel was moving
    - Fixed: Problem that code lock did not work on O2 stations
    - Fixed: Problem that faction was not selectable on first creation after leaving and joining / creating a new game, without quitting to desktop
    - Fixed: Problem that LCD-keyboard screen of Computer Table flickered and holo-sphere was missing
    - Fixed: Problem in control panel that context menu of group "add to" could not be scrolled > so it was not possible to work with a lot of groups
    - Fixed: Problem that emergency O2 generator gave insane high production numbers // Source Quality broken (MP)
    - Fixed: Problem that removal of XL Slant Thruster from CV resulted in a strange effect
    - Fixed: Problem that removal of XL Slant Thruster from CV with Multitool created ghost instead of being deconstructed
    - Fixed: Random error when flying to space in godmode
    - Fixed: Problem with white dots/lines in different use cases
    - Fixed: Problem with notification when trying to shoot underwater - text was broken / showed info string
    - Fixed: Error on exiting game when just started
    - Fixed: Capsule Blackout sequence showing strange artifacts
    - Fixed: Problem with Invisible Icons in Disabled/Not Reached Tech Tree Items
    - Fixed: Problem that “Create Faction” button was not available in certain circumstances
    - Fixed: Problem that Leave button was enabled in some circumstances when it should not be
    - Fixed: Error when a starter planet had an empty description in playfield.yaml
    - Fixed: Problem that content of some containers was not dropped when destroyed
    - Fixed: Problem that LCD text sometimes went over the frame
    - Fixed: Problem that “Connect to base” did not show when disengaged (showed None as sole info)
    - Fixed: Marketplace button duplication bug
    - Fixed: Problem that could not chop down trees if too close
    - Fixed: Problem that Masperon Alien Tree did dropping wood
    - Fixed: Layer problem on Omicron (no ground layer anymore but crushed stone will drop for all terrain blocks)
    - Fixed: Random error when clicking on an item in the Blueprint library
    - Fixed: Problem that drone reserve ammo clips shows 0 although reload works
    - Fixed: Placing HV/SV M-Thruster leads to broken Exhaust animation (-> Disabled Particle Renderers for Placing Objects)
    - Fixed: HV docking pad: info panel said it can be used on small vessels as well
    - Fixed: CV/BA Minigun: Info on info panel differed from magazin size
    - Fixed: Several typos in Info Panel of German Localisation
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  2. xiaojie233

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    Dec 2, 2016
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    WOW!!!Amazing!Good job!
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  3. Arrclyde

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    Mar 6, 2015
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    Good Job Eleon..... i just can't WAIT to get home. :-D
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  4. Uncle Rhythm Tom

    Dec 14, 2016
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    Very nice job! These updates are always pretty hefty with new content too. Hope there's a block limit fix though soon. Been dying to finish a big CV and start a new one. ;)
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  5. GraveRoeber

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    Jul 29, 2016
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    Keep the great updates coming, and thanks for the holiday present Eleon!
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  6. Niewitch

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    Dec 15, 2016
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    There is hissing & rattle sounds in background
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  7. Niewitch

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    Dec 15, 2016
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    It wont allow me to change resolution it wound stick. Allways back to desktop resolution
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  8. John Reaper

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Great job, thanks. Keep it up.;)


    I lack this beard: :):):)

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  9. Niewitch

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    Dec 15, 2016
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    how i change resolution any change resets back ???
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  10. ButtonPusher

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    Nov 8, 2016
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    @Niewitch you may have to delete the game and re-install, also, it helps the developers if you disclose more information, such as what mode you are using (fullscreen, borderless, windowed, etc.) , the resolutions you are speaking of in detail, and any other pertinent information. Also, this is not where you report bugs / issues. There is a link for that up in the post, so if you want them to see it, post there ->
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  11. ButtonPusher

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    Nov 8, 2016
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    Eleon team, you are doing amazing work, your talent shows. Thank you so much for the update and for all the hard work you have been putting in lately, it blows my mind how much you get done in such a short amount of time. This game has so much promise and I absolutely love how dedicated you are to the community concerning feedback, and how much community-made content is being put into the game as assets. Not many developers / teams are this open to the community concerning adding content to the game, you are exceptional and very open-minded. I appreciate this a great deal and you should be praised for it. Thank you again and happy holidays to all of you and your families and loved ones! <3
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  12. Niewitch

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    Dec 15, 2016
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    reinstall didt helped, doenst matter even bordereless, full screeen what so ever, it wont allow bigger resolution. Even tryed regedit to change it, no, it still resets to default
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
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  13. Arrclyde

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    Just out of curiosity...

    Yesterday i have build my first HV with the new hover engines in advance to the new drills. Since those engines have hit the live servers i have seen so many posts that a HV is "undriveable" with those new engines. I didn't find that to be true in any shape, way or form. Where is the problem and what makes them tumbling?

    I ask to avoid designing it to the end just to mess it up and having to start all over again. But until now there is no problem. It follows the terrain nicely and doesn't get stuck or flips at random locations of the map (yes it isn't finished but i take it for testdrives pretty often).
    So can somebody clarify that for me?
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  14. Jaspis

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    Feb 13, 2016
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    Naaaaaice... :)
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  15. Gray

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    osiris just had a big update (imho what the launch version should've been), there plenty of "totally not-christmas" events going on and mates ask me to play coop with them.

    the devs are trying to steal even more of my time! :D

    PS: I hope there's a ponytail, working with long open hair looks nice but is anything but! :p
  16. Captain Jack II

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    Nov 1, 2016
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    Thank you. Empyrion has been an unexpected pleasure from the start, save for the part where I kept dying from starvation because I was too stupid to eat the damn fruit. Watching the game develop and getting to experience the good the bad and the at times utter frustration from a player perspective keeps me coming back. Being able to point something out, and have the community either set me straight or help me to resolve issues, and then be able to catch glimpses of the devs regularly making adjustments and improvements, good stuff.

    "She wears your ball cap backwards, smiling with her hair blowing out the window...."

    As trivial as facial hair might be to actual gameplay, it's exciting to see these little touches added from time to time. Bravo!

    THAT^^ right there, in my mind, captures the "look" of Empyrion perfectly.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday with friends and family. Remember to not work sometimes, and eat.
  17. talamioros

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    I got a pleasant surprise when I logged in to play today to find new functionality on my drill! Very pleased with it all, well done guys!

    Here's hoping you'll fix the bug that makes me reload outside of an SV when I save inside it...
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  18. defective-monk

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    Woot! Best reason(s) ever to jump back in. Thanks, Eleon!

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  19. Automated

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    Aug 31, 2016
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    Great job with the update. I'm glad you all got the EAC issue sorted out for now. I look forward to messing around with the new update.
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  20. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    "They are doing it wrong" is probably the appropriate answer. The new HV mechanics are nothing like the old (they are now 800.2% better). So if they are trying to just stick one engine in the middle and move around, they are in for a world of hurt ;)
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