Alpha 5.2: Visuals, Tweaks, Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by EleonGameStudios, Jan 31, 2017.

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    UPDATE: February 2, 2017. Hotfix 2 (Build 844)

    Client-side only hotfix:

    We solved / significantly improved the shadow flickering problem that was plaguing you for a while now.

    Changelog: Alpha 5.2.0 (Build 844)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed shadow flickering (except for uses cases in space very far from origin)

    - Replaced obsolete turrets on stock prefabs

    Disclaimer: Please note that you may still experience shadow flickering in space if you are very far away from the origin (>8000m) - however, the other use cases for the shadow flickering problem (planet and space closer to the origin) should be solved / significantly improved now.


    UPDATE: February 1, 2017. Hotfix (Build 843)

    Client-side only hotfix:

    We just released a hotfix that addresses some issues introduced in Alpha 5.2. In particular, we fixed the problem with SV/HV cockpits for which projectiles were not visible anymore (own projectiles like tracer effects and projectiles of other players).

    Changelog: Alpha 5.2.0 (Build 843)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that tracer rounds and projectiles were not visible when using SV/HV cockpits
    - Fixed: Terrain placeables (autominer, O2 Generator etc) were visible on starmap in space after planet-space transition
    - Fixed: Problem that drilling Sathium did not give XP
    - Fixed client exception linked to missing Game Object 'SciFiRed'
    - Possible fix for water showing green patches sometimes
    - Possible fix for client exceptions linked to PDA

    - Laser pistol + rifle do not destroy terrain anymore
    - Updated HV Tier 4: added harvest container
    - Slightly increased range of Harvester Module HV
    - Reverted to old preview icons: motor + control panel (slight color tweak to distinguish better from computer)


    Original Post: January 31, 2017.

    Hey Galactic Survivalists!

    January comes to its end, but we are just about to start. With Alpha 5.2 we kept fixing bugs and adding more improvements to gameplay elements and a range of visuals. You can now enjoy an all new water shader, smoothened blending of terrain textures and, although Valentine's Day is still half a month away, a greatly beautified sunset and sunrise. ;-)

    In our ongoing effort to improve the HV, we added a new assistant for drilling: If you want to dig a straight tunnel or slope, just use the new Fixed Drilling Mode (FDM). Incline your HV at any angle and activate fixed mode with SHIFT-O. This comes of the expense of being limited to WASD + up/down movement at the moment, but should be of great help for any underground work. If you feel limited, just deactivate the FDM and you are free to test your skills in FREE drilling mode as before.

    For builders, we have also fixed the movement of the Player Drone. Farmers may find self-growing fiber very helpful and if you feel like you need to not only heat up the air, just make use of our improved laser weapons, for example of the all new Tier 2 Laser Pistol (incl. Scope)

    More changes, improvements and refinements can be found below.

    Please report any bug to this forum thread:

    Last but not least, again we would like to thank all our Experimental testers for testing the pre-release version during the last days. You are a huge help for is in getting a polished version out to the public. Keep up the great work!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Empyrion Dev Team

    PLEASE NOTE: we will wipe our official Public and Experimental Eleon servers today (around 2pm CET / 5am PST) in order to add all the new world- and terrain details which were added with the recent updates.


    Changelog: Alpha 5.2 (Build 841)

    New HV Drill Behavior:
    - Added first version of "fixed drilling mode" FDM for easier HV drilling: press Shift-O to activate FDM
    > with FDM activated, the HV will stay at the exact inclination and rotation as when the buttons were pressed
    > press Shift+O to de-activate FDM
    > in HUD it shows: Drill Mode: Free / Fixed
    - If FDM is not activated, the the z-rotation of the HV is fixed as well -> no rolling anymore
    - Auto-level O still works as before in Free mode
    -> let us know what you think about the new drill behavior

    Improved Laser Rifle and Pistol:
    - Much faster projectiles (actually instant hit) and overall buff (damage, RoF etc)
    -> let us know what you think

    Improved Water Shader:
    - We added a detailed reflection probe so that the environment is reflected in the water
    - Added new "Medium" quality option for Sky Reflections (old "High" setting)
    - We recommend using the new High quality option for Sky Reflections only on very good graphics cards

    Texture Arrays for Terrain:
    - We added a first version of texture array for terrain which ensures better blending of terrain textures
    - Texture arrays are only active with VRAM >= 4GB

    New Settings in Creative Mode:
    - Added new Creative Setting on Akua, Omicron and Orbit
    -> Thanks to our community creators for their awesome builds - we used some of the stock prefabs and some POIs for the new creative setting

    Improved Controller of Player Drone:
    - Added auto-level to player drone. Per default, the player drone only rotates around y-axis (vertical axis) on planets which improves the steering of the player drone.
    - Deactivate auto-level by pressing "O"
    - In space, the player drone behaves as before

    More Vivid Colors on Several Playfields:
    - We removed the Atmosphere fog on several playfields which results in more vivid colors (please note that Atmosphere fog is disabled if intensity in playfield.yaml is smaller or equal 0.5)
    - In addition, we improved the sunset / sunrise settings on several playfields by introducing a new parameter in playfield.yaml: “SkyHorizonColor”
    -> Let us know what you think of the new visuals on eg Akua, Ningues, Oscutune, Masperon and Skillon

    Changed LCD Sign Editing:
    - Sign editing done in own window (incl. Back-to-Control-Panel button if allowed)
    - Control Panel now only shows text preview and has access button for editing
    - LCD signs can now use a code lock
    - Updated LCD symbols page: (thanks to Frigidman for creating this page)

    - Added new T2 laser pistol
    - Added new NPC to Ningues: Oviraptor
    - Replaced hover booster with better model
    - Replaced Sniper T1 with better model
    - Replaced texture tool with better model
    - Added Fiber as growable plants to BA / CV
    - Added long version of colorable and texturable stairs
    - Added new orbital trading stations for Akua and Omicron. Thanks to Runningwithhamster and Dinkelsen.
    - Added new stock prefab SV Tier 5 - Thanks to Ashrai
    - Added new HV Tier 6 Stock Prefab - thanks to McFluffFace

    - Tweaked terrain of Akua: integrated larger planes
    - Tweaked Asteroid Field 2 - Alien Outpost (fog less dense)
    - Added better particle effect for ION cannons and plasma space drone
    - Tweaked muzzle flashes on mounted weapons and turrets (+ added muzzle flashes where they were missing)
    - Tweaked some sun flares
    - Alien tree on Masperon now emits less firefly particles
    - Tweak flare block - bit stronger flare

    Improved Client-Server Communication:
    - Clients show message if server does not receive their packages any more. Thus, you will now notice immediately if you have lost connection to the server, which means you can avoid playing in a “ghost world” where your progress will not be saved
    - Limited size of packages sent by client to avoid client disconnects
    - Added server config to disable Steam family sharers playing (only owner can play then)
    - Optimized playfield server and client heartbeat checks

    - Better finger positioning on weapons in first-person view
    - Tweaked scope model on Assault Rifle and Pistols
    - Added better explosion effect to freighters when they self-destruct
    - Added new scope overlay for Epic Laser Rifle and Epic Pistol
    - Updated several preview icons -> especially components and weapons
    - Optimized audio sources: we fixed problem that their sound could be heard from very far away (let us know if you notice something strange)
    - Reduced flare size on projectiles (eg rockets etc)
    - Weapon bobbing applied to both hands
    - Tweaked Moon playfield: weapon range is reduced and it is now a PvE playfield
    - Tweaked: Reduced intensity of flare on light SV
    - Tweaked stock prefab SV Tier 4
    - Tweaked Grime effect on lava planet: reduced emission of particles
    - Tweaked deco: added more skeletons of dead animals.
    - Added bullet tracers to Projectile Pistol T2
    - Removed lense flare effect from Unity flare of worklight 01 + 02
    - It is now possible to teleport in Y-axis in orbit
    - Reduced engine sound of player drone
    - Tweaked space fog
    - Better aiming of turrets (not yet new targeting options)
    - Marker blocks for drone and troop transport spawners are now also available in Creative mode
    - Updated loading screenshots
    - Tweak to shader of Talon NPC
    - Reduced amount of underwater particles
    - Added better info on how to use "replaceblocks" cmd
    - Added more loading screenshots
    - Updated Unity to 5.5.1

    Bug Fixes:
    - Possible fix for a majority of “connection lost problems”
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes players resurrected briefly at death location when using "spawn to medibay"
    - Fixed: Waypoint / Registry Exploit
    - Fixed: Problem that diving was not working and other related problems
    - Fixed: Rockets (handheld weapon) did not shoot through crosshair if fired while pointing into air
    - Fixed: Problem that ground fog on planets did not taken into account water and windows
    - Fixed: Problem that NPCs were not hidden by fog, ie they rendered in front of ground fog
    - Fixed: Problem of character micro-jumping / jittering on uneven terrain.
    - Fixed: Copy / paste of multi-line LCD text replaces newlines by spaces
    - Fixed: LCD usability: If text is longer than the preview window, text will jump down when editing at the top
    - Fixed: LCD text preview / edit view don't show special symbols of LCD font
    - Fixed: Problem that HV flipped over when drilling
    - Fixed: Problem that camera clipped into weapon when going into sniper mode
    - Fixed: "EnableMaxBlockCount: False" still prohibits putting a Blueprint with exceeding block count to Factory
    - Fixed: Portable Worklight 1 showed a blue cone in pre-place mode
    - Fixed: Harvester did not work in 1st person when "centered" on the tree
    - Fixed: Problem that weapon model vanished when switching view while reloading
    - Fixed: Sectors.yaml arrow missing / line glitches
    - Fixed: 3rd Person: Helmet on/off lights up blocks, surfaces and other faces
    - Fixed: Problem that freighters often spawn only partially (MP only)
    - Partially fixed: Windows visible through fog
    - Fixed multiple exceptions in Registry Window
    - Fixed: Problem that Poly Count and Light Count of SV Stock Prefab Tier 3b was not shown.
    - Fixed: Problem with LOD of Control Station
    - Fixed: Gap in door of SV - flares and light could shine through closed door
    - Fixed: Problem that weapon spotlight created a white spot in front of the tool/weapon
    - Fixed: Problem that Ramp Blocks worked like lifts
    - Fixed playfield server exception - trying to clean up already destroyed avatar
    - Fixed: Problem that player drone could still could open player-dropped backpacks and emergency boxes
    - Fixed: Sunshaft "Jump" when Time at 00:00 to Sunrise/Sunset - now much smoother transition
    - Fixed Multitool: When switching via Radial Menu to another mode (eg deconstruct) - the beam does not shoot through crosshair anymore
    - Possible fix for client exception when unloading a playfield
    - Fixed: Problem that Corn Dog Snow was visible in Creative Menu
    - Fixed: Problem that sound of different models were audible from very far away (flies, generator etc)
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
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    What a dev team, *clap clap*....

    The updates are so often I love it well done.
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    PLEASE NOTE: we will wipe our official Public and Experimental Eleon servers today (around 2pm CET / 5am PST) in order to add all the new world- and terrain details which were added with the recent updates.
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  4. rainyday

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Great job as usual, thank you.

    Drone is much better now - only needs little tweaking: slightly less "slipping/oversteering" and its perfect.
  5. Bigfeet

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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Thumbs up !
    Carry on :)

    FUE DENIS Commander

    Sep 15, 2015
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    :rolleyes: LoL un moteur de V8 pour l’icône moteur!!!? o_O on et pas sur un jeux de voiture ici.
    idem pour le turbo de Métal components.

    Pour le câble un rouleaux et mieux que 20 m de câble RJ45 ;) je monte pas dans un vaisseau câblé avec du Catégorie 6 moi!!! :)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2017
  7. Dionysos

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    Jan 24, 2016
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    Growing Fiber :)

    As always the downside of the patch: Why you changed the symbols for crafting materials? We had simple and easy to distinguish symbols. Now most of the stuff looks like chrome and eg the motor is not recognizable as such. If you bring in new symbols they should improve something. I cant see the advantage of the new ones its rather a regress.
  8. OneHundretMoons

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    Jan 8, 2017
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    The Dev Team never ceases to amaze me. If only more Devs would spend so much time in fixing SO much in SO little Time and pushing it that Quick from Experimental to Production, my hats off to you guys.

    If that pace continues to go along this Year, we will have more Features in the Game then someone can say without any hiccups for 1000 Times in a Row: Hakuna Matata.

    Very happy :)
  9. SoCalExile

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    Aug 27, 2016
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    So is server wipe a must to get the updates to work?
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  10. Senator Mendoza

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    Jan 15, 2017
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    Wow do you guys ever sleep? Awesome work :)
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  11. Cotoktoto

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    Mar 21, 2016
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    Unfortunately I have to agree with this, new symbols are rather a downgrade then improvement. Furthermore you replace electric motor icon with something that suspiciously looks like a petrol engine. Who in the right mind will use it?! Electric motors are superior at every aspects. The only reason why petrol engines was use in the first place is how easy is to store fuel vs low capacity batteries.

    btw I have a questions/ request for devs. Can you add some more crashed ships on every planets? They are extremely fun to discover and explore but for now we have no variety on them also they dont appear on other planets except two starting ones and their moons.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2017
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  12. rainyday

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Partially agree on the new symbols - images itself are fine but colour wise they are too similar.

    Totally agree on the crash landed ships! They are lots of fun. Would like to see some ruined/overgrown bases too. Maybe a city of some lost civilization too...
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  13. DuLux

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    Aug 25, 2016
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    Ive been very busy lately so didnt have time to properly review all changes.
    Hopefully things will lighten up soon and Ill have time to properly test the next experimental update.

    Does anyone know if there is some sort of warning signal that I can use so that I know when the next update will be released? (experimental)

    I'd like to do more thorough testing of the next update.
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  14. Little

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    Jan 20, 2016
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    Awesome work guys ! :)
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  15. Hellion

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    awesome update. added some great features!

    Have to complain about the hover crafts though. my hover vessel, while mining, seems to want to pull itself towards the walls of my dig site. it feels like my HV is magnetized to the wall. I actively push the D key to thrust away from the wall on my left side and get no where. the only way to break out of the magnetization is rotating so im facing away from it or moving forward/backward until the wall ends. At the end of the day though, I'll take this weird magnetization thing over all the silly rolling, which seems to have really slowed down a lot by comparison.

    Also i didn't find the FDM useful because i couldn't rotate left or right. I really liked how it locked the rolling and yaw though.

    Lastly, it seems that the 'O' key is less responsive while in a hover vessel.

    Thanks for adding Fiber as a grow-able plant! I've been hoping for that one for a while.

    I have to agree with others about the new icons for the build components. They are a bit harder to distinguish from each other. And like another said, the combustion engine icon for the electric motor was kinda silly. I thought that was pretty funny though.
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  16. Ehta

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    Feb 10, 2016
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    Sounds quite good, now all we need is different colors of sunsets/sunrise to go with the atmospheric thickness = breathable = red or violet, non breathable anything from very pale blue to very bright blue :D

    So for Omicron and such it should look like this (pic courtesy of NASA from Mars)
  17. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    Yup, this was an issue in the test patches, it was far worse though. They managed to ease up the effect, but didn't get it entirely removed. Hopefully in a few patches they will have that HV tightened down from all the sliding :D

    The assist modes certainly do help better than constantly flipping up over on your head while digging. So it is indeed a plus. Getting there! (looking back at how HV's have come such a long way in handling... amazing)
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  18. Hellion

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    Yes, absolutely have to agree. I can't believe how fast this game gets updated and fixed. It has nearly unlimited potential and every patch the devs give us a taste. My only fear is that theres so much you could add, it might never get completed! lol
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  19. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    I Love it!!!!!!! ... The best Devs in gaming!!! Awesome update!
  20. DarkeIndustry

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    Apr 27, 2016
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    When will pressurized rooms come to empyrion? Every sci-fi and our real world time has pressurized rooms in nasa space station and sci-fi space stations and ships, so you don't have to constantly drain your oxygen and you can take off helmet.
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