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    Hotfix 2 (client-side only): June 8, 2017 - Build 1082

    - We now show the whole chat window again due to problems with the PDA tutorial (not showing the complete messages)


    Hotfix: June 8, 2017 - Build 1081

    We just released a hotfix that addresses some issues introduced in Alpha 6.0

    - Scenario total data size limit for Workshop upload doubled to 10 MB
    - Adapted chat window: now only showing 6 lines of chat when chat is not opened actively
    - Slightly increased line spacing for chat
    - Adjusted transparency and positioning of chat window scrollbar
    - Added console cmd to remove resource asteroids: "poimanager remove asteroids"

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Empyrion Error - Build 1077 #995D5 (received on support email)
    - Fixed: Exception in Faction Window
    - Fixed: Chat in window mode is above chat area for certain resolutions
    - Fixed: Problem that front part of DSE wreck on Ningues can explode when deconstructed (SI problem)
    - Fixed: Problem that game was crashing on playfields that had a lot resource meteorites (we now added a limit of 30 resource meteorites that can be spawned at the same time on a given playfield)
    - Fixed: Internal Error on game start if two or more Blueprints with same title are subscribed
    - Fixed: Missing block faces: Ramp Top Destroyed and Corner Long A Destroyed
    - Fixed: Tooltip Header cut off in certain situations
    - Fixed: Old yellow tooltips showing on "Choose Block Shape" window
    - Fixed: Several other internal exceptions found in output logs

    Known Issues:
    - if two or more Blueprints with same file name are subscribed only one will be shown in Blueprint Library


    Initial Post: June 7, 2017

    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Are we there yet? Yes, we are! :D

    Eleon Game Studios proudly presents the update that has seen the longest development cycle and the highest content and feature count in a single major update we have ever worked on in the Alpha stage: Empyrion Alpha 6.0 is hitting your PC right now!

    While mentally handing out the much deserved virtual “we made it” T-shirts with a big fat “THANK YOU” on the front to everyone - especially to those that got engaged in the development process, either by sending in bug reports over and over, reviewing changes and features or just contributing feedback - some quick stats from the development cycle of A6.0:
    - The development of A6.0 took 3.5 months (a part of the team already worked on A6.0 during the A5.5 development cycle)
    - We created 175 builds and filed more than 2700 commits (i.e., changes to the game that got added to a build) in our repository
    - We released 5 major Experimental versions - each of these Experimental versions had as much content as a single previous major update in the past.
    - For more details on the A6.0 development cycle, check out the Experimental branch announcements:

    For everyone who is coming from Alpha 5.5 and/or is entirely new to Alpha 6.0 or Empyrion, we highly recommend to do the following:
    1. Closely read through the MAIN FEATURES paragraphs below
    2. Closely read through the Alpha 6.0 FAQs
    - Gameplay FAQ:
    - Multiplayer FAQ:
    - Builders FAQ:
    3. If you are entirely new to Empyrion, run the new Tutorial (Start a new survival game on Akua and use EASY settings!)
    4. Report bugs over here:
    5. Write down your feedback about the major features over here:

    Now, let you get inspired by our launch video, listen to our new soundtrack, update your game and have fun!

    Alpha 6.0 Launch Video:

    Empyrion soundtracks:

    Empyrion Dev team

    P.S. Alpha 6.0 will not break your server or singleplayer savegames ... but as you will miss out a whole lot of the new stuff and in order to rule out all possible side effects, we strongly recommend starting a new game on servers and in singleplayer when going to venture into Alpha 6.0 ;-)

    P.P.S. Last but not least, we would like to highlight two very helpful tools created by the community:
    (i) “Empyrion Playfield Designer” developed by jmcburn for creating and editing custom worlds (playfield.yamls):
    (ii) “Emp Admin Helper and Emp Playfield Generator” developed by Jascha to help admins to manage their server:
    Both tools are free and will facilitate your life!



    1. Oxygen System:
    - With the new Oxygen System you can create pressurized environments which will allow you to take off your helmet and drop off your player armor without having to care about the possibility of suffocating in your own base or vessel.
    - Pressurized rooms have a lower O2-consumption than wearing your suit with helmet on.

    Oxygen setup:

    These are the force fields that prevent rooms from decompressing:

    2. Temperature and Radiation System:
    - All playfields now have a temperature and some also have radiation.
    - Temperature and radiation have a direct effect on your health if you are not protected well (enough).
    - On planets, the temperature depends on where you are (biome, altitude etc) and the time of day.

    You should not stay too long close to the lava:

    3. Player Armor System:
    - The new player armor system not only replaces the old simple suit system, but also adds slot-based configuration by offering boosters for certain task (of course, these boosters have up- and downsides).
    - You can choose between: Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor (without armor, your player is wearing an Interior Suit without jetpack)
    - Each armor has different parameters / characteristics that affect player stats (e.g. armor value, speed modifier, stamina modifier etc)

    The new medium armor:

    4. Dynamic Weather System:
    - All playfields now have a fully dynamic weather system (clouds, fog, wind, rain, snow, thunderstorm, hail, acid rain, radiated fog, heat wave, cold wave, etc)
    - The weather not only has a visual effect (e.g. lighting, wind, clouds, particle effects, visibility etc) but also impacts the temperature and radiation level. In addition, some weather effects can cause damage to the player (fire rain, meteor shower, acid rain, hail). Finally, the wind influences the grass, plant and tree movement as well as clouds movement

    Radiated fog on Akua:

    Rain on Akua:

    5. Triggers and Sensors:
    - We implemented a signaling system where structure devices can send and / or receive signals to control device-specific functions
    - You can use logic circuits (AND, OR, XOR, delay, etc) for configuration
    - Current triggers / sensors: light barrier, motion sensor, lever, trap door, trigger plate

    Triggers and sensors:

    6. Traders:
    - You can now buy stuff from NPC traders on planetary and orbital Trading Stations.

    Buy from a trader:

    7. Sector Visibility:
    - When you start a game, only the neighboring sectors are visible on the sector map. You now have to explore the solar system step-by-step

    8. Farming Update:
    - We integrated a more complex farming system which requires farmers to mind environmental conditions:
    - Plants are growing if temperature is between 20 and 30° and Radiation is 0 and Oxygen is available
    - Plants are dying if temperature is lower than 0 or higher than 50° or Radiation is higher than 3
    - Plants now also grow outside without the need of a growing light if conditions are met.

    Plants can now grow outside:

    A hull breach can destroy your crops:

    9. Scenarios:
    - Added possibility to integrate custom Scenarios from the Steam Workshop. Thus, you are now able to design your own Solar System
    - Added "Dawn of Galaxy" (single player) and "Invader vs Defender" (multiplayer) scenarios created by RexXxuS

    Dive into the mysteries of custom scenarios:

    10. New Management System for O2, Fuel, Ammo and Pentaxid:
    - O2 and Fuel are now virtual "single tanks". Adding “tanks” only increases volume, but you do not need to move single items from one to the other anymore
    - You can now fill O2, Fuel, Ammo and Pentaxid with “Fill All” buttons directly from the Control Panel main tab

    The new fast way to manage your devices:

    11. Teleporting:
    - Added possibility to teleport between POIs using teleporters. For example, you are now able to teleport between planet and orbit in Trading Stations

    Teleport from an orbital station down to the planet:

    12. Playfield Instances:
    - Added instances (playfields) that temporarily open to players and in which they can fulfill missions (accessible via portals)

    Portals connect you to hidden and mysterious worlds:

    13. Major AI Update:
    - Added AI controlled aliens vessels to planets and in space. The planetary vessels patrol on planets and can attack your base. The space vessels are carriers that launch space drones to attack you.
    - Added orbital drone bases that launch space drones
    - Added ground NPCs to space playfields (e.g. Zirax in orbital bases)
    - Added several alien civilian NPCs walking around in Trading Stations (these peaceful civilians do not attack you but will defend themselves when getting attacked)

    AI Planet Vessel:

    14. New Game Start Options:
    - A new Tutorial is available when you start a new survival game on Akua
    - Added the possibility to use Scenarios as a game start for Multiplayer
    - We do not want to spoil the new game start, try it out!
    Notice: you have less equipment now and thus the game start will be much more of a survival experience.

    You can now find shelters at the drop location of your Escape Pod:

    15. New HUD & GUI:
    - We made a complete overhaul of the GUI & HUD. To list all windows and elements that have been changed would be beyond the scope of these update notes. Please refer to the Experimental announcement threads for a detailed documentation of all changes

    The new GUI:

    16. Improved Random POI and Resource Distribution:
    - We improved the random POI distribution so that we have now much more control over the spawning of POIs and resources. For example, we can now ensure that there is no enemy POI in shooting distance to the trading station or we can spawn important resources close to POIs etc

    17. Regeneration of POIs and Resources:
    - We added the possibility that POIs or Voxel asteroids regenerate to ensure that players, who join a server that is running already for a while, still have POIs to explore and loot
    - Regeneration works in single player as well (but we did not activate it in our default SP setting, however, you can use it in your scenarios)

    18. Durability and Repair:
    - Implemented durability for weapons, tools and player armor.
    - Using weapons and tools reduces their durability and requires repair at the Repair Station

    19. Map Markers and Waypoints:
    - Added map markers and waypoints for better orientation
    - Map can also be shared public or in your faction

    Map markers are very useful:

    20. Lagshot Problem Solved:
    - We fixed the so-called lagshot problem (destruction of devices even though protected behind hull) that was driving a lot of you crazy.

    To test different strategies to fix the lagshot problem, we used this CV to approach a heavily defended base:
    We used a layer of thin hull plates (with 25000 hitpoints) and behind them we placed windows to immediately see if an explosion penetrates the hull layer.
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    Status Effects Update:
    - Added more status effects to deco blocks: bed, sofa, shower, toilet etc.
    - Added new status effect "broken leg" when falling on ground from high altitudes (eg Medic Station can cure this status effect)
    - Added speed reduction to more status effects (eg Freezing, Radiation, etc)
    - Medic station uses F for healing now (you don't have to enter medic station anymore)
    - Text "Press F to use xyz" is now shown for all devices that trigger a status effect (eg shower, toilet, bed, etc)
    - Shower can now increase / decrease body temperature (depending on current body temp)
    - Added "Low Food" status effect
    - "No Food" status effect has stronger implications on life stats
    - Updated Status Effects icons

    New Blocks / Devices / Weapons:
    - Added ventilator block for distribution of oxygen in your base or vessel
    - Added furnace for faster crafting of ingots
    - Added armor locker to change your player armor
    - Added repair station
    - Added new deco plants: see "Artificial Plants (Deco)"
    - Added portal and teleporter
    - Added thin player / entity spawner plate (texturable + colorable)
    - Added new interior door for SV
    - Added explosive blocks that can be triggered with signals
    - Added new T1 assault rifle
    - Added reception table thin
    - Added personal container
    - Added round jet-style thruster size 1x3x1 to HV
    - Added new particles to all thrusters (visually very similar but optimized regarding performance)
    - Added two new plants to Aitis
    - Added new bush on Akua
    - Added tentacle plant to Masperon planet
    - Updated models of tomato plant and pumpkin plant

    Cockpit Update:
    - Added SV/HV cockpits to block group and renamed some cockpits
    - Added two new SV, HV cockpits
    - Replaced interior of Cockpit 1 and 2
    - Added new open SV / HV cockpit (+ added all open cockpit to block group Cockpits)
    - Added new cockpit for CV: Cockpit 03 and added all CV cockpits to a own block group.
    - Added scratched glass to Cockpit 1 (glass not damaged for low damage states)


    Avatar Update:
    - Added interior suit, medium and heavy armor (male / female)
    - Added mohawk, crewcut and afro haircut (male / female)
    - Added new beards: moustache, goatee, stubble beard and short beard

    - Added new nebula to all space playfields
    - Added orbit lines for planets (for an example, see default sectors.yaml)
    - Improved player controller (better/smoother player animations).
    - Added rust and moss texture as overlay (texture tool symbols, page 4)
    - Added some more overlay icons / logos: Thanks to Kieve and Frigidman
    - Added "+" and end point symbols (single and double lines)
    - Adjusted POI positioning so they are less buried
    - Using same ground texture for random POI as surrounding area (so they do not stick out that much anymore)
    - Updated some growable plants by adding clusters (so they look more voluminous): corn, wheat, tomatoes, etc.
    - Added better map marker for enemies (instead of arrow > dot)
    - Added more layers of snow to Ningues
    - Growable Aloe Vera plant is not moving anymore inside (wind effect)
    - Tracer improvements to not "overshoot" target, ie tracers do not go through hull blocks anymore
    - Tweaked textures on Talon Guardian
    - Tweaked drill particles (made them smaller)
    - Adjusted the water level to avoid gap between LODs
    - Tweaked particle effect on player spawner
    - Not showing planets on sky that are too far away and cannot be warped to
    - Tuned Female DNA leg separation to avoid hands clipping in thighs
    - 3d Map: tweaked default + min and max zoom
    - Added fire particle effect to damaged space drone + added better damage texture for space drone
    - Added possibility to change the night light color (parameter NightLightColor in playfield.yaml): See Zeyhines (desert2) for an example
    - Added default preview pics to MP Choosing Starter Planet: it depends on the planet type (desert, temperate, barren, lava etc) which preview pic will be shown
    - Updated fonts in GUI -> font is much crisper now
    - Improved walking animation on Zirax (feet do not sink into ground anymore)
    - Slightly increased default distance of camera to escape pod and player bike
    - Added thicker collider to doors to avoid NPC clipping through with weapons
    - Increased intensity of player light
    - Increased resolution of background stars in space + starmap
    - Tweaked damage texture of space drone
    - Improved height interpolation on steep mountains to avoid visual steps
    - Updated textures on Lava plant
    - Slightly increased radius off bounding box of POI around which deco is removed to avoid branches of trees clipping into buildings
    - Added better color + emissive to Alien Container (Ultra Rare) to distinguish it better
    - Tweaked clouds color on Zeyhines.
    - Updated textures of alien bugs to PBR textures
    - Adapted LODs of bushes on Akua (billboards come in later)
    - Tweaked particle effect on Multitool (made it wider)
    - Improved hit animation on several NPCs
    - Added new background image for main menu and slightly updated logo
    We would like to thank "Karissa Cole/ex-astris1701" from Devianart who allowed us to use this awesome background image for Empyrion (
    - Added new icons for Radial menu and Status Effects (thanks to GreenCard)
    - Added better textures to holographic screens
    - More reflection on sniper scopes

    - Updated sound for motorbike
    - Better fading out of thruster sounds
    - Added new sounds for several NPCs
    - Tweaked fire sound and made it loopable
    - Reduced volume of footstep sound
    - Music now starts after the player is spawned
    - Added “mute” audio track to have possibility of a playfield without any background music
    - Added possibility to play a custom music for each structure or POI (defined in playfield.yaml)
    - Playfield specific sound is now played again (defined in playfield.yaml)
    - Drone destroyed model sound is now heard less far

    Main Menu and Ambient Sounds:
    - Added new sound track for main menu by Rich Douglas:

    - Added new ambient sound for space playfields as well as Akua + Omicron by Rich Douglas:

    - Added new ambient sounds by Alexzander Jordon:

    Overall, all ambient sounds that got tagged by YouTube in the past are now replaced. As a consequence, you are now able to upload your videos to YT and you can monetize them without problems (even when enabling the music)

    - Increased max level from 20 to 25 and max experience from 250k to 500k
    - Tweaked Techtree: devices, items and weapons are now better distributed
    - Player backpack now de-spawns immediately when it is empty + increased de-spawn timer for backpack from 15min to 25min when not empty
    - Difficulty Setting: fast constructor speed is now faster (2x instead of 1.4x)
    - Increased temperature reduction when gaining height
    - Temperature level is now relative to "pole level" and not to height 0
    - Increased default running speed of player
    - Techtree: moved unlock of Sentry Turret to Level 1
    - Tweaked damage of weapons inflicting to trees (eg minigun does not destroy trees anymore)
    - Rebalancing of fuel tank CV: weight + capacity
    - Tweaked status effects: medikits are less powerful now
    - Renamed biome on Ningues -> Hot springs (+ increased temp by 10°)
    - Increased damage inflicted by NPCs between 20% and 50% (note: in easy difficulty settings, drones did not cause any damage to player when wearing medium armor)
    - Increased despawn timer of drones
    - Increased attack speed of several NPCs
    - Base attack drones have now more hit points but are slower
    - Tweaked template of large windows (reduced input needed)
    - Tweaked weapon range of some NPCs (+ ignoring atmo reduction now)
    - Reduced RoF of laser space drones
    - Triceratops now gives more meat but is harder to kill (more HP)
    - Increased output from harvesting certain growable plants + adapted templates

    - Improved re-login mechanics with cockpit: When exiting game while in a cockpit, player is placed into the cockpit again (if cockpit has not moved in the meantime)
    - Added night vision (you can activate it with L; toggle between shoulder and night vision) > night vision is an extra item that has to be in inventory
    - Turret AI will now fire at activated turrets only
    - Added faction & lock check for executing status effects on blocks, ie you can no longer access a medic bay from another faction
    - Removed permanent-visibility on map of POIs with AlienAdminCore
    - Added possibility to have resource meteorites independent of current amount of remaining resources on a dedi.
    - Activated resource meteorites also in single player mode
    - Removed lights from weapons
    - Added special craft item (weapon kit) for higher tier weapons that can only be found in loot
    - Added possibility to teleport in space with pressing Shift+RMB in starmap
    - Sentry turret is now craftable in Survival Constructor
    - Improved NPC controller: animals are now walking less on steep slopes
    - Show names of all growable plants when pointing at one
    - Added more crashed buried ships to more playfields
    - Escape Pod: now you need to go into godmode to leave a flying escape pod
    - Max Prefab Size Class: not limiting any more and setting 0 in dedicated.yaml as 'no limit'
    - Player does not die any more when passenger seat or turret is destroyed he was in (instead player will be ejected)
    - Added possibility to turn on/off turrets via button on main tab in Control Panel
    - Adapted HUD marker colors according to enemy status: alien core = red, same or allied faction = green, same origin = orange)
    - Planet difficulty (as defined in playfield.yaml) has no impact on xp gains anymore
    - Avoid spawning NPCs high in mountains on Desert.

    Changes related to AI Update:
    - Added Mechanoid robot to replace old turret robot
    - Added new model for base attack drones (tier 2)
    - Added Assault Cyborg to protect Traders
    - Added civilian NPCs:
    - Some ground NPCs can now attack player when they are in vessels (eg Zirax will shoot at you)
    - Troop Transport will now be replaced if destroyed
    - Reduced HP of Troop Transport to make it easier to destroy + increased content per Troop Transport
    - Added different versions of Zirax: laser weapon, shotgun and rocket launcher
    - Added ranged attack to several NPCs (e.g. spider 3, alien bugs etc)
    - NPCs now despawn if not moving for longer than 2 minutes (eg when they are stuck)
    - Melee attack of enemies is now better (they won’t lose sight contact that easy any more)
    - Melee attack of NPC does not longer damage terrain
    - Tweaked attack animation of spiders
    - Added possibility to configure NPC Spawner and select from available NPCs + configure trigger area. You have the choice from more than 50 different NPCs: e.g. you can now add spiders to your POI or dungeon
    - Improved entity spawner: show particle effect only when spawning, don't spawn NPCs too high above spawner, spawner waits until NPC moved away from it.
    - Less jittery movement when some NPCs walk

    Changes related to Temperature and Radiation System:
    - Added radiation pills
    - Added temperature increase / decrease to food
    - Added radiation reduction to some food
    - Pentaxid Crystals, Promethium and Erestrum ore deposits are now radioactive
    - Added radiation and temperature to blocks and devices (eg Warp Drive, Generators, Thrusters, etc)
    - Implementation of Temperature Format Changes (C/F)
    - Added impact of temperature / radiation to difficulty setting (Low, Normal, High, Off)

    Changes related to New Game Start:
    - Added wreckage POIs to start points: thanks to Captain Jack, Frigidman, JMCBurn, Kaeser, Maloverci, Runningwithhamster, smeissl for their creations
    - Added possibility to set start armor and start items in playfield.yaml
    - Added possibility to set start setting (Escape Pod or in Base) in playfield.yaml
    - Reduced content of Escape Pod
    - Added iron, copper, cobalt, silicon, magnesium to large rocks when destroyed, e.g. rock areas on Akua. This will be a new source of resource in the beginning
    - Added Stone that drops Promethium Ore to starter planets.
    - Drill T1 is now also able to remove rocks to obtain resources

    Changes related to Improved POI and Resource Distribution:
    - Adapted POI + resource distribution on all playfields.
    - Added drone base and vessel base to POI spawning, i.e. you can now control spawning of these 2 units. What means, you can spawn drone base and vessel base close to each other or spawn valuable resources close to these structures -> see playfield.yaml in ExamplePlanet
    IMPORTANT: you must adapt your custom yamls to this new setup if you want to spawn a drone base or a planet vessel base

    General Changes and Improvements:
    - Added code lock to medic bay + clone chamber
    - You can now spawn in Medic bay + clone chamber in POIs when they have lock code 0000
    - Added creator id/name to blueprints
    - POI doors with lock code 0000 open now automatically
    - Added possibility to have indestructible terrain (configured in playfield.yaml)
    - Added all alien blocks to a block group: Alien Device Blocks
    - Added force field to hangar doors, shutter doors and normal doors if they are airtight
    - Added Checkbox to Build Settings for "Show Debug Airtight"
    - Added durability reduction to Difficulty Settings (Off, Slow, Normal, Fast) - SP and MP (via dedicated.yaml)
    - Improved general list behaviour: selected item is always in visible area
    - Adapted exit positions on some SV cockpits to avoid falling through ground
    - Added "MapDistance" to playfield.yaml to be able to set the discovery distance of POIs (example: see Portal on Omicron: it is now visible at only 50m).
    - Added red text for certain quality settings (when they have high impact on performance)
    - Warnings message "you are leaving the playfield" now only appears every 60s and in a distance of 15k in in SP and 50k in MP.
    - Respawn in medic station: name of the base is shown in respawn window button.
    - Added code lock + control panel group "equipment" to functional devices
    - Updated terrain for desert playfield to have more decorations at the bottom of the lakes
    - Adjusted dead screen when not starting in escape pod
    - Plants now only grow/die in Survival Mode
    - Teleport now requires shift right click on the map
    - Added checkbox "show in HUD" to device map markers
    - Now block info says if a certain block is disallowed in BP.
    - Added Localization to all control panel groups
    - Added own orbit playfields for Aitis and Oscutune
    - Planet map raw files are not needed any more
    - Now outputting message when you drill at a protected block
    - Added "InitPower: True" to Random POIs in playfield.yaml. This also fills now fuel + O2 tanks.
    - Workshop Functionality Update: (i) Result of obsolete file processing is stored in a log file next to the data file, (ii) Display name of Blueprint factory products without the index number (e.g. '_2')
    - Added info on which type (BA, SV, MS, HV) a certain ammo can be used
    - Added debug weapons for testing: "Assault Rifle Debug" and "Rocket Launcher Debug"
    - Improved player disconnect handling
    - Added more loading screenshots
    - For Builders/Scenario Creators: Saving faction to any core persistent (i.e. admin/alien core do not overwrite faction any more)
    - Optimized water reflection (better performance)
    - Optimized several tree models for better performance
    - Major Optimization for space playfields
    - Upgraded Unity to 5.6.1
    - Updated EAC to version from 2017-04-03
    - Changed creative menu category of Sathium Ore and Crushed Stone (now under Components)
    - Message "cannot fire this weapon on a planet" is not shown on turrets wanting to fire anymore

    Added "Trusted Server" Label:
    - All trusted servers will be shown in blue in the server browser
    - To apply for this label, please fill out this form:

    Added Destroyed Blocks:
    - Added destroyed blocks for building abandoned looking POIs
    - These new destroyed hull blocks can be upgraded to un-destroyed hull blocks
    - Destroyed hull blocks are not airtight anymore
    - Added more damage states to destroyed blocks, i.e. when you damage these blocks you can create more variations (destroyed blocks that have more damage states are marked in darker red color in the block shape menu)

    A subset of the destroyed blocks:

    POI Update:
    A big thanks to all creators for their help!
    Updated / new Trading Stations:
    - TSP-Omicron (also used on Aitis): thanks to Captain Jack II
    - TSO-Zeyhines: thanks to Arturius
    - TSO Akua: thanks to Dinkelsen
    - TSO-Skillon: thanks to Captain Jack II
    - TSP-Akua (also used on Masperon/Skillon): thanks to Pantera
    - TSO-Masperon (TradingOutpost, Oscutune, Aitis): thanks to Captain Jack II
    - TSP-Aestus (also used on Oscutune): thanks to Captain Jack II
    - TSO-Skillon: thanks to Dinkelsen
    - TSP Ningues / Zeyhines: thanks to Frigidman
    - TSO "Outpost Trading Station": thanks to "wired" for workshop item

    Updated / new AI vessels / bases:
    - For the planet vessels, we used modified workshop items from Desus, Ranger, Sorcery, Jenniphurr, Arturius1967, McFluffFace, Pyston and Waired.
    - Added new planet vessel: thanks to Frigidman
    - Added new planet vessel bases: thanks to Frigidman, Maloverci, Xentor
    - Updated some freighters (Freighter-A1, Freighter-Tug-6, Freighter-Tug-3) - thanks to Frigidman.

    The AI planet vessel in full action:

    AI space carrier:

    Updated POIs:
    - Epsilon Faction POI: thanks to Pantera, Fractalite
    - Ghost Faction POI: thanks to Fractalite, Frigidman
    - Xenu Faction POI: thanks to rainyday, Fractalite
    - Rados Faction POI: thanks to LiftPizzas, Frigidman
    - Abandoned mine: thanks to Frigidman
    - Updated Orbital Bases with NPC spawner and more: thanks to Frigidman, Maloverci, Pantera

    Updated Stock Prefabs:
    - Updated HV Tier 1: thanks to Captain Jack
    - Updated CV Tier 2a: thanks to rainyday
    - Updated CV Tier 5
    - Updated stock prefabs with oxygen: thanks to Liftpizzas, Kaeser, Pantera, Runningwithhamster, Dinkelsen, rainyday

    Major PDA Update:
    - We added a lot of functionalities to the PDA. For more details, please refer to

    Improved Blueprint Library and Factory:
    - Blueprint Library shows internal blueprints
    - Added new Blueprint Data Dialog when double clicking on a Blueprint (to set Group, Name, Y Offset and Flatten checkbox)
    - Added Checkbox to Blueprint Window for "Save Damage States"
    - Allow to overwrite internal blueprints in blueprint library menu in Creative mode -> makes it much faster to tweak internal BPs
    - Always show completed Blueprint in Blueprint Factory list regardless of filter
    - Added Group Name Display to library list
    - Added "group name" in BP Window Filter (ie now searches both Name and Group Name)
    - Do not clear BP Filter on open
    - Significantly increased opening speed
    - If no preview pic exists, a substitute will be displayed

    Console Commands:
    - Added shortcuts to many console commands. - "Help" shows all console commands and their shortcuts
    - Added "destroyme" command as replacement for "Suicide" button in player window
    - Added "pda" command to re-read data files or to clear chapter progress
    - Added "sectors reveal" / "sectors hide" command
    - Added “ticks” command to set/increase the tick time of the game
    - Improved “teleport” command by adding possibility to teleport to an entity + it now also teleports the ship you are controlling.
    - Added “ai on/off” command
    - Improved "ents" console cmd: showing regenerate time in minutes
    - Added “give” command to change health / stamina / food / temperature / radiation.
    - Added “armor” command for equip, repair, set slots, display armor details
    - Added "weather" command to change weather - type "help weather" to get more info
    - Added “aimanager” command to spawn carriers and tweak AI vessels
    - Added "prefabactivate" command to activate all devices on a prefab
    - Console cmd “replaceblocks” allows now "empty" as target block to remove blocks: “replaceblocks StructureID BlockName empty”
    - Console command "prefabinfo" now displays real name of blueprint and if the ground is removed (ie flatten checkbox set)

    Playfield Reload:
    - Added console cmd 'playfield' to reload the current playfield while the game is running:
    * thus you can now tweak the playfield when the game is running to test some new settings, eg sky color, terrain, etc.
    * go into D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games\NewGame\Templates\Temperate and open yaml in this folder.
    * change a value, save yaml and use console cmd "playfield" to reload it

    Possibility to disallow CVs on planets:
    - Added possibility to disallow CVs on planets (via flag “AllowCV: true / false” in playfield.yaml of a planet).
    - When approaching planet in orbit, message appears and then CV is blocked
    - Disallow spawning CV blueprints on playfields that have a flag AllowCV: false

    Restructured all Planet Playfield.yamls:
    1. General Characteristics Planet (Atmo, colors, weather, etc) - special effects + weather further down
    2. Terrain + Deco
    3. Resources
    4. POIs
    5. Drone Base
    6. Creature Spawning
    > there is no need to change your custom yamls (note: ordering in yaml does not matter)
  3. EleonGameStudios

    EleonGameStudios Developer
    Staff Member

    • Developer
    Oct 20, 2014
    Likes Received:
    - Fixed: Lagshots problem in SP and MP
    - Fixed: AntiGrief distance: Terrain can be destroyed by explosive weapons
    - Fixed: NPC walking animation issues - sometimes NPC were sliding instead of walking
    - Fixed: Patrol-Drone Sound can be heard over the whole playfield
    - Fixed: Severe Blueprint exploit in MP
    - Fixed: Many mounted weapons (eg SV Railgun) were able to damage blocks past its effective range.
    - Fixed: Manned BA artillery. turrets have a higher range than automatic
    - Fixed: Possible to accidentally spawn in Core Enemy Medic Bay
    - Fixed: MP start with a new player results in player dropping without pod
    - Fixed: Exiting the game while having drilled in a hill respawns you atop the hill after resuming the game
    - Fixed: Logging out in an underground base leads to respawn on top of the hill
    - Fixed: Weapon with beams (eg Multitool, Texturetool, etc) do not glue at old position any more when the beam is moved fast
    - Fixed: Respawn in a large sea can send player in instant death screen loop
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes plants gave back dead sprouts and sometimes sprouts > now consistent: all give back sprouts
    - Fixed: Leaving the game while falling down in Escape Pod stuck the client
    - Fixed: NPC enemies do not reliable see you and attack
    - Fixed: Control Panel - Device List: Exception when having something in “Search Filter” and exit game
    - Fixed: Can not walk through regular doors in front/behind of a slope
    - Fixed: Disassembling a Harvest Cargo box returns a Cargo box block
    - Fixed: Block destroy particles not showing
    - Fixed: Drone base cutout area leaving a gap of 1 block.
    - Fixed: Drones keep shooting at Personal drone in MP
    - Fixed: When your Personal drone is at the range limit & destroyed the distorted view still appears for the player.
    - Fixed: MP: If Personal drone is destroyed, POI keeps shooting at position and you can not deploy drone again
    - Fixed: You can access container/devices through walls with third person view
    - Fixed: Problem that player was not able to exit cockpit/passenger seat when the ship got stuck
    - Fixed: Grass / Decoration does not get removed from POIs in Multiplayer
    - Fixed: Plants/Trees sometimes regrow in bases and POIs
    - Fixed: Biome sound water is sometimes played on dry land
    - Fixed: Alien Honey - Insect sound FX is only playing after looting -> now also for harvested version disabled
    - Fixed: Digging exploit + error with autominers involved
    - Fixed: Autogroup is creating strange entries to the "Add to group" list
    - Fixed: Mountains on Omicron have dark areas in distance
    - Fixed: Problem with strange white dots in hair sometimes
    - Fixed: Player drone cannot be deployed near PlayerCoreAdmin Buildings
    - Fixed: Avoiding infinite "reposition" tries when an out-of-view entity is repositioned.
    - Fixed: Problem that sun was shining through walls in space (increased strength of shadows in space)
    - Fixed: Problem with coloring of the mountain sides on Akua
    - Fixed: Problem with SI calculation
    - Fixed: Turrets still attack Predators when Attack option Predators is unchecked.
    - Fixed: Jetpack sound of 2nd Player far away is as loud as your own
    - Fixed: Problem that an explosion caused too much damage when a large model like a turret was hit inside its bounds
    - Fixed: Sprouts & Plants salvaged on Hideouts gives 1500 experience points (now placing sprouts gives no extra XP but harvesting gives more XP)
    - Fixed: Odd animation behavior of player when switching from FPV to TPV
    - Fixed: AI: NPC sometimes get stuck in their death-animation position (standing)
    - Fixed: Error when doubleclick on New Game
    - Fixed: Alien Turrets do not stop shooting after destroyed
    - Fixed: Command "setdevicespublic ID Doors" does not set all doors to public
    - Fixed: CoQ/Exception when adding a template to a full construction queue
    - Fixed: Cursor centers on the screen when opening a new UI window
    - Fixed: Oversized NPCs can pass through 1*1*1 wall holes
    - Fixed: Error while changing playfields with sector and teleport
    - Fixed: Problem with spotlight, emissive was always on.
    - Fixed: Medic Bay / Clone Chamber not as an option for fixed POIs
    - Fixed: Access LCD screens although wrong faction (Aln)
    - Fixed: Page DOWN not working anymore on non-bedrock terrain
    - Fixed: Food Processor Issues with stomach pills and other templates including Magnesium Powder
    - Fixed: Removing Alien Block like Turret returns Alien Core
    - Fixed: Problem that Lizard Mule were sometimes spawning on mountain on Akua
    - Fixed: Overwriting a Blueprint clears entries in BP Menu
    - Fixed: Textinfo given for BA turrets state they are only usable in space
    - Fixed: Control panel 'Add to group' & 'Statistics' show Add Group when cursor is over them.
    - Fixed: Console commands working also when no telnet is activated
    - Fixed: Prevent shooting / XP gain on meteorites (no xp gain for shooting meteorites anymore)
    - Fixed: Duplication exploit by SHIFT-LMB clicking
    - Fixed: Error when aborting a game while loading
    - Fixed: Error message of flie plant on Akua
    - Fixed: Multitool returns wood logs when used on tree > cannot remove trees with MT anymore
    - Fixed: Pathing problem of some NPCs: they sometimes jumped on small desks and tables
    - Fixed: Problem with over-smoothness of lab equipment.
    - Fixed: Error when there is an explosion while leaving a playfield
    - Fixed: Tech equipment (Deco) 'Scanner 3' behaves as a locker instead of Medical equipment
    - Fixed: Front flare of motorbike shining through player
    - Fixed: Device list shows irregularities in line spacing
    - Fixed: Issue with ingame music switching off in certain situations
    - Fixed: Problem that jetpack was appearing on gender switching in Player Setup window
    - Fixed: Disassembling Alien Honey yields Akua Berry Sprouts
    - Fixed: AntiGrief distance: Terrain can be destroyed by explosive weapons
    - Fixed: PDA - visual "jumping" of elements when switching between tasks
    - Fixed: Large / Adv. Constructor show templates to be indirectly craft-able even if they are not (according to available resources)
    - Fixed: Some buttons being too dark when disabled
    - Fixed: Font size in the LCD panel goes back to 7 when exiting & reentering the LCD panel editing window
    - Fixed: Constructors aren't being counted in the statistics tab of all Vessels & BA
    - Fixed: Statistics page: O2 Stations are labeled as O2 tanks
  4. Kane Hart

    Kane Hart Captain

    Oct 20, 2014
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    Woot! Congratulations on Alpha 6.0! You guys are amazing and not just the developers the community who help buy the game in it's early access, the players who been helping test and reporting bugs and the wonderful content creators. This is what makes a community and I don't know how it happens but at the end of the day you guys make one amazing community that I'm proud to be part of.

    Thanks so much everyone and Happy 6.0 Day!
  5. Taelyn

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  6. Idrona

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    Yay! GG devs :)
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  7. Ermosp

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    Jan 13, 2017
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  8. Starwing6

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    YAY!!!! I'm so happy and excited :D :D :D :D :D

    Congratulations, development team! You've done a great job with Alpha 6.0.
  9. Rebelizor

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    great work guys, my empyrion-break ends today for a Long time
  10. Loopy

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    Apr 5, 2017
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    such an amazing game.....thank you for bringing this into my life
  11. tennyson693

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    May 25, 2017
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    I'm dying to start playing:)
  12. Syncretos

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Well done. Congratulations!
  13. rucky

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    May 29, 2017
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    Yeah! superb!!
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  14. rainyday

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    ... only three firsts posts are patch logs? :D

    Its a massive update for sure and total game changer. Literally.
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  15. Van

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    Dec 26, 2016
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    Looks fantastic! Huge thanks to all who worked on this! Makes me wish I wasn't working the next 3 nights, but I'll be diving into this after that!
  16. Scoob

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    Sep 22, 2016
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    Congrats on the release guys. I hope your current distractions consist of Beer and Pizza, or mineral water and a Vegan Salad, depending on your preference lol.

    I look forward to playing later.

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  17. Syrus

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Congratulations on the release guys, going to play :)
  18. zztong

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    Apr 12, 2016
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    Impressive. Very impressive.
  19. Bigfeet

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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Awesome work done here ! TY
  20. Kieve

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    MFW patch notes are so long they break the forum...

    Seriously though, seeing them update on a daily basis (and sometimes multiple per day), you start to lose perspective on just how much is actually getting crammed into this new version. It's like watching a sculptor at work, chiseling away day after day, then they finally step back and say "We're done!" and you realize that solid, ugly block of granite is now a masterpiece. Holy crap.

    For the record, "weapon kits" are still bullshit and always will be, and Durability is still the worst feature in existence. But I can cheat in the 'kits with the console, and we can turn Durability off if we choose, so these two evils no longer have any bite to them. As to the rest, job well done gentlemen.

    Now go sleep for a week. You earned it.

    EDIT: Just want to add, it gives me a great deal of pride seeing the TVI DaVinci freighter used to such good effect in the trailer opening and "Youtube" cover-image. That one is easily one of my best builds and I'm extremely grateful to see it getting some face-time in the launch - especially considering how scathingly critical I was of certain aspects throughout the update.
    [​IMG] It's a small thing, but deserves a huge thank-you from me, so... thank you guys. Guess I'll get back to work on that Thanatos set now...
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
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