Alpha 6.6: Convenience and Builder Tools

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    The above screenshot is from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch. More teaser screenshots can be found below.

    Update (August 15, 2017): Hotfix (Build 1200) - client side only

    We just released a small client-side patch that should fix an occasional exception when you exit to the main menu. However, when this exception appears it is nasty because you cannot resume the save game afterwards.

    Changelog: Alpha 6.6.0 (Build 1200)
    - Fixed: Exception that sometimes appeared when exiting to main menu and corrupts a save game


    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    With Alpha 6.6, we added a few new convenience features. You can now switch weapons while the reload animation is in progress. Moreover, for all long range or dogfight pilots, you can now use the new auto-brake to make use of inertia movement in space.

    For our builders, we not only increased the range of the texture and paint tools but you can also make use of the mirror planes for painting and texturing! In addition, we fixed the issues with some of the blocks not mirroring correctly. Please have a look and report remaining issues in our bug thread!

    For our playfield and planet creators, we slightly changed the rules on how POIs and ore deposits are placed: You can now use the random and fixed mode at the same time and in any combination! For more info, please have a closer look at the “Improved POI / Resource Spawning” paragraph below. We also created a first iteration of the Playfield Reference sheet with all the NPCs, Deco and Textures you can use to build awesome locations over here:
    Feedback is very much appreciated! ;-)

    Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum!

    Finally, we are proud to announce that - thanks to the efforts of some of your community members - “Empyrion - Galactic Survival” is now available in 11 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Euro and Brazil), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional). For now, the PDA also has been translated into French, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Japanese (partially) and Chinese (simplified). Of course there are always new words and terms to translate and some of those are not 100% complete yet, but we think this is a major achievement and a good sign of a great and supportive community, we can be proud of!

    If you want to assist with a language not yet added or offer help/make corrections, just get in touch via [email protected] subject: Localization help

    Finally, as everyone might be interested where we are going from here: Alpha 7.0 is already in pre-production and although we did not yet talk about a Alpha 7.0 roadmap (because it tends to change quickly), we plan to give you more information about Alpha 7.0 next week.

    Have fun with Alpha 6.6! :)

    Empyrion Dev Team


    Changelog: Alpha 6.6.0 (Build 1197)

    - Added possibility to switch weapons while reloading
    - Increased range of color tool and texture tool
    - Added possibility to enable/disable the "auto-brake" of vessels. You can toggle the auto-break on/off with the default key "i" (key can be re-mapped)
    - Improved “Size Class” calculation: we adjusted formula to weight triangles more and we are now using the 'real' number of triangles. You must save your blueprint again so that the new formula takes effect.
    - Increased structure limit in Single Player from 64 to 200

    - Toolbar can now be removed when pressing the middle mouse button (the default button can be re-mapped)
    - Color and texture tool now also work with symmetry planes
    - Elevated some console commands to Moderator level and we now display the permission level for all console commands
    - Added message when there is another structure in the area where the player wants to spawn a blueprint.
    - When a file system error occurs after publishing a scenario, no info was given. Now a helpful message box is displayed.
    - To allow deleted Workshop scenarios to be re-published a 'Remove link' button is now displayed in that case. If you deleted your scenario on Steam, you need to click that button to remove the published-info from the game files. Otherwise you can not re-upload your scenario.
    - Added 2 seconds timeout to control panel buttons (lights, turrets and main tasks) to avoid misuse
    - Added info about savegame version on first start to client.log and console
    - Some renaming of stock prefabs + updated all stock prefabs due to improved class calculation

    Visuals / Audio:
    - Added new bloom effect
    - Added a new seamless emissive texture for building blocks
    - Improved water shader
    - Added smoke to destroyed Armored Golem
    - Updated models for holo screens, shower, toilet, kitchen counter, bathroom counter and repair bay
    - Added “auto-brake” on/off information to Ship Stats
    - Tweaked some tree billboards
    - Slightly improved textures on player armor

    New Stock Prefabs:
    - Added new stock prefab tier 1 SV - thanks to Nickodemos:
    - Added new stock prefab tier 6 HV - thanks to MisterCrow:

    Improved POI / Resource Spawning:
    - It is now possible to use the Fixed and / or Random parts in every combination (if both are used, the fixed stuff is placed first)
    - It is now possible to use different distances for SpawNear and SpawnAvoid (SpawnPOINearDistance and SpawnPOIAvoidDistance)
    - It is now possible to place random resources around fixed POIs (however, you have to define the available pool of resources in RandomResources first)
    - POI-related resources are now placed before the purely random placed resources to assure being allowed to still place them
    - Added distance variation to placement of resources around a POI

    New Localization:
    - Added Portuguese (Brazil): community translation by FabioZumbi12
    - Added Italian: community translation by Leo F.
    - Added Chinese: community translation by Ken Guo (simplified) + professional translation (traditional)
    - Added Spanish and Portuguese (EU): professional translation

    Updated Localization:
    - French: Spartan47
    - Russian: Sergei
    - Japanese: Metapo

    Added new languages for PDA:
    - Chinese (simplified): thanks to Ken Guo
    - Russian: thanks to Sergei
    - Portuguese (Brazil): thanks to FabioZumbi12
    - French: thanks to Spartan47
    - Japanese (added partly): thanks to Metapo

    GUI Improvements:
    - Added horizontal scrolling for main Construction Queue
    - Added "expand/collapse" for all device groups
    - Show active Symmetry Plane when enabling Build Settings menu
    - Keep renamed device names when using AUTO-GROUP in Control panel
    - Localized Blueprint Window "Filter" text
    - Added mouse wheel scrolling to control remap panel
    - Optimization for Control Panel numerical assignments
    - Some more anchor optimizing for GUI
    - Added Unit measurement formatting

    - Event Console Command
    - Event Structure destroyed due to wipe/decay
    - Event_ConsoleCommand added player entity id
    - Console Command: Return Error

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Several symmetry and mirror tool building issues (eg large blocks, wings, several windows and other hull blocks were not correctly mirrored, sometimes it could happen that a block was not mirrored etc)
    - Fixed: Problem that HVs were sliding on small slopes
    - Fixed: NPC Nightmares can clip through blocks of vessels & can cause damage to the avatar inside
    - Fixed: Player hovering in air when drilling down
    - Fixed: Player could use elevator even if not inside elevator
    - Fixed: Curved stairs were impossible to get up unless jumping
    - Fixed: When starting a local co-op game with the Shadows of Starlight scenario, NPC sounds could be heard that shouldn't be heard.
    - Fixed: Blueprint factory was accepting certain items that it should not accept (factory now returns sub-items it does not need for the Blueprint to be produced)
    - Fixed: Problem with buried turrets shooting through terrain
    - Fixed: Error when using a banned workshop scenario
    - Fixed: Problem with dropping items or a backpack onto a rock resulted in them going through the rock so that they became unreachable (MP)
    - Fixed: Possible to shoot with fully covered SV guns through blocks
    - Fixed: Large Plasma Drones were not counted for the mission Drone Hunter.
    - Fixed: Problem that when spawning a base, parts of it could be within an anti-grief area and you could not add blocks to your own base
    - Fixed: Problem with "The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object '<null>') is missing!" appearing in many output logs
    - Fixed: Cube Half did not show Letters and Numbers correctly on the back face
    - Fixed: Not possible to walk onto a 2nd set of freestanding stairs
    - Fixed: Problem that "SpawnResource" did not work with POIs
    - Fixed: Beam of color tool and texture tool lagged behind when moving the tool around quickly
    - Fixed: Turning off forward facing thrusters no longer allowed vessels in orbit to cruise.
    - Fixed: "Publish Scenario" option was available for some stock scenarios
    - Fixed: Subscribing to a workshop BP whilst in-game caused the in-game BP list for workshop BP's to go blank until relaunch of game
    - Fixed: Deleting the last Scenario from Steam Workshop allowed re-publishing what lead to an error
    - Fixed: When you killed an Armored Golem, its corpse was still standing with a walking animation
    - Fixed: Circuit signal got lost when the referenced output signal was from a circuit below
    - Fixed: "Dawn of Galaxy" scenario Maiy Mission 2 Gardening "Harvest Crops" never completed
    - Fixed: Issue with mirror plane still mirroring with no location set
    - Fixed: Light and Turret toggles could still be switched while awaiting switch timer, leading to sometimes wrong state
    - Fixed: Problem that player in no faction could block a portal that was set to LockedToFaction
    - Fixed: Problem that Corn Dog Snow had normal Corn Dog as harvest stage
    - Fixed: Problem that Dimple Dome Snow had wrong harvest stage.
    - Fixed: Added missing loca strings for several devices and GUI
    - Fixed: Missing text for HUD Objects for dynamic font localizations (eg Japanese)


    ALPHA 7.0 - Teaser Screenshots:
    We have some more teaser screenshots fresh from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch:








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  2. Myrmidon

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    Wonderful job. Also I can't wait for the v7.0.
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  3. N3xul

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    Jul 12, 2017
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    PLEASE add new video settings for low end PC.. like removing Particles, lower textures even more and stuff
  4. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    I love the new bloom effect. Now we cause the painting tool and texture gun in symmetry planes!!!! THANK YOU FOR THAT.
    I love how all the 7.0 pictures look so much more realistic. Can't wait to hear more on 7.0. You guys are awesome.
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  5. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    We have to wait til next week to hear about 7.0. man I can't wait for that. Now I guess will spend this week wondering what EPIC features 7.0 will have.
  6. rainyday

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Thanks for the update - anything related builder tools is very welcomed! :)
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  7. Andre Merrick

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    Oct 10, 2016
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    I'm lovin the Plateau look... very looking forward to utilizing that for a base. :)
  8. TNTBOY479

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    Jul 6, 2017
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    Awesome update! Loving the symmetry paint mode!,
    Just wondering though, on my private dedicated server i get this message when i start it:
    -LOG- Save game version before Alpha 6.6.0, Build 0
    Removing the save and making a new one solves it but im wondering if its possible to update it somehow.
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  9. NeoBurge

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    May 9, 2016
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    Do something about optimisation.

    Thr chop is about as bad as space engineers now.

    I have 3500 hours in this game - I have had my fun and played every iteration good and bad.

    Reduce polygons on individual blocks or do something about optimisation please please make it so the game runs as smooth as it did during 2.0 large battles.

    Good job on that paint tool though... its about time you make it so some oob or faction mate cant auto group your control panel and fick you out of hours of meticulous organization.

    Best Regards
  10. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    I tried the coop (at last!) during last week's vacation and it worked flawless, even on a flaky WI FI network. I got my brother (at least!) to buy the game, and he's racking up the hours now. But evidently, if I had not been there to help him on various little things, he would have been lost, especially on building issues. I think there is a true need for more detailed info in game (via PDA), with small pictures and diagrams.
  11. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Wow! I'm speechless
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  12. Scott.Ward

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    Nov 24, 2016
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    Thank you for the Fixed with Random POI's and Reference sheet
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  13. binhthuy71

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    Oct 17, 2016
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    Good point. Even though I came to EGS with plenty of experience in survival/building/crafting games the quirks of the building system still took some time to learn. It doesn't help that building beyond the simplest structures requires the use of the drone and that comes with a few more quirks. A short building tutorial would help many players to start building their own stuff a lot sooner. The sticking point at the moment is that any tutorial would have to be maintained to reflect updates.
  14. NOLOS

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    Feb 8, 2017
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    это круто
  15. TiwBras

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    Aug 27, 2016
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    This game is already have most beautiful sky in-game that i have ever seen and this pictures from 7.0 OMG!!!!! what video settings will be need to have the wholçe experience? thx so much this is the best game of my life!!! S2
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  16. oojimaflip

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    Oct 6, 2016
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    Awesome! Thanks chaps! :)
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  17. Starwing6

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    Amazing update! I'm really excited about new tools, texture and deco :D
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  18. binhthuy71

    binhthuy71 Rear Admiral

    Oct 17, 2016
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    I've been enjoying all of the graphical goodness so much that I'm just bumming around Akua this time instead of racing to get to another planet. The new tools are a big help. Now all I need is a console command: tastefullydecorate [Base or Vessel ID] and I'll start building big. No, really. :)
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  19. Space Beagle

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    Oct 9, 2016
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    Dev.Crew, it would be great that next week with your story about future Alpha 7 you prepare some quality video teaser from your internal Alpha 7.0 development branch ;)
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  20. Ramachandra

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    May 28, 2017
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    Man, this is awesome job on terrain. Do not stop please. I love the look of the surface underwater. :) The only thing I would suggest is to let the generator to create much higher mountains up to the clouds if possible.

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