Alpha 7.2: Bug Fixes and Refinements

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    With Alpha 7.2 we updated to a new game engine version (Unity 2017) and we made major adjustments in the new tutorial. The latter should solve a lot of issues with the game progress.

    Concerning the Tutorial: It currently ends “in space”. This is intentional, but rest assured we will continue and expand the tutorial in the next major update. Until then, please, even if you are an experienced player, review the tutorial and write us your feedback! Have a closer look if we need to add or adjust information given, like tips, key combos and stuff. Furthermore, thanks to all the contributors, helping with the grammar and spelling checks so far. If the Alpha 7.2 version of the tutorial passes your review, we will lock down the text and start to integrate all the other languages over the next weeks.

    Tutorial Feedback:

    Of course, as with each update, we also added several refinements, changes and additions to gameplay, features and handling and even new blueprint prefabs, an EAH update and more.

    Please find the full list of changes below!

    Please report bugs over here:

    Thanks a lot for your awesome support! :)
    Empyrion dev team


    Changelog: Alpha 7.2.0 (Build 1337)

    Updated Game Engine to Unity 2017:
    - Since it is a major update of the game engine, please let us know if you find any problems

    Updated Tutorial:
    - Adjusted display times of messages
    - Added additional tasks for better explanation
    - Adjusted info and messages
    - Corrected writing, grammar and spelling errors (Thanks to all the contributors!)
    - Changed Alien NPCs (except of one) to Human "Scientist NPCs" on Apollon Station and Mining Hub to better fit the plot.
    - Disabled "Hints" while in Tutorial Mode
    - Updated map for planet view from space: now it resembles planet Earth - thanks to Needleship

    - Added possibility to pickup devices / weapons directly to toolbar (eg all weapons, motorbike, survival constructor, o2 emergency generator etc)
    - Increased range of MT Turret HV from 24m to 28m
    - Multiturret (deconstruct, disassemble) will not longer remove blocks of the vessel they are attached to in order to avoid self destruction
    - Antigrief zone on terrain is now also considered when firing rockets from a ship

    Visuals / Sounds:
    - Better sync of walking animations
    - Updated model for plant that yields Textured Plant Protein
    - Added better screens to deco NPCs
    - Improved LOD quality on Fiber Plants and Corn Plant
    - Updated model for Kavae plant

    Added new Stock Prefabs:
    - Added new stock prefab: CV Tier 5a. Thanks to Pyston
    - Added new stock prefab SV Tier 4a: Special Thanks to Kieve - special EGS version of
    - Added new stock prefab SV Tier 6: Thanks to Pyston

    PDA Update:
    - Added PDA check 'WindowClosed' - works as WindowOpened
    - Added PDA Check 'DeviceUsed <block-name>' to allow checking if a player used an 'functional' block
    - Added PDA check 'InventoryClosed' - works comparable to InventoryOpened

    Updated Tallador (MP Default starter planet):

    - Tweaked deco and fog on Tallador planet to better reflect the radiation on this planet
    - All Asteroids and POIs in Tallador space playfield regenerate now

    - Added new human-like NPCs for POIs (used in new Tutorial)
    - Adapted Pentaxid and rock distribution on NewMoon playfield
    - Playfield server optimizations
    - Updated deco NPCs (better collider, added deco devices etc)
    - Mod Interface changes: added docked ships, more entity types, player set origin/faction
    - Updated Localization.csv

    Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) Update:
    - Added: Alpha 7.2 ready
    - Added: New Items
    - Added: Separate CSW Log
    - Added: API Changes for A 7.2
    - Added: Config: Intruder only for PVP
    - Fixed: Few log Message bugfixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that Planet Vessel and Planet Vessel Base were not spawning anymore
    - Fixed: Possible to fly through freighters, Carrier and PVs with CV and SV (implemented better method to fix this problem)
    - Fixed: Regenerate flagged POIs do not regenerate in MP properly
    - Fixed: Dropping a BP then picking it & placing it into the toolbar causes an error loop
    - Fixed: Max texture resolution not saving on below spec machines
    - Fixed: Mining resource gain messages visible to other players.
    - Fixed: PDA Message "Blinking" and timing out too early
    - Fixed: Tooltips are still layered behind PDA messages / mixed into each other
    - Fixed: There is no more FAST Gfx Preset
    - Fixed: Placement problem with grass: GrassLowGreen01 and GrassLowBrown01
    - Fixed: PDA messages should not pile up but should be discarded
    - Fixed: Desync with doors appearing closed.
    - Fixed: Rename of BP Parts did not work any more
    - Fixed: Problem with sorting of drone smoke and ground fog
    - Fixed: Problem that no Pentaxid could be found on Tallador MP Default starter planet (now we added Pentaxid Asteroids to space playfield)
    - Fixed: Pole barriers in Fast GFX preset have visually problems
    - Fixed: AI ignoring character when upside down in space POI's via the jetpack
    - Fixed: Depth of Fix triggering too often when player is controlling a turret
    - Fixed: Exception with empty Blueprint folder
    - Fixed: Selection 'Fill' does not allow to 'Undo' immediately as button does not get activated
    - Fixed: PDA: PDA log cannot be scrolled with mouse wheel
    - Fixed: Error with Console command "Deco" "r", "on", "off"
    - Fixed: New PDA checks not working: DeviceUsed, InventoryClosed and WindowClosed
    - Fixed: Problem that In-game Hints reactivated after each game restart again
    - Fixed: Replace mode was accidentally appearing on texture tool in survival mode after 1st load from the desktop until switch to another tool
    - Fixed: Remoteex function (via Mod) not working properly
    - Fixed: MOD Request_Blueprint_Resources: Replacing items get converted to ingots
    - Fixed: Wrong type for enemy drones for Mod Interface (was always 14)
    - Fixed: Some more missing Localization strings
    - Fixed: Support Email B1325 #00000
    - Fixed: Many internal exceptions reported on support email

    - Mirror tool is only working when entering the first game, it is not working when you resume a second game (you have to exit to desktop to make it work)
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  3. Idrona

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    The game deffo runs a lot better now with new engine update, playfields loads faster too. :)
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  5. Goldschuss

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    Oh no the humans have arrived... my little peaceful world :(

    jk, good job. Please do not forget to take the weapon balancing from the main weapon balance thread into account.
    Lot's of good stuff in there :)
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    Looks like they are making some good additions and changes.
  7. Starwing6

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    Fantastic update!! I'm really excited about the updates to Tallodar--I can't wait to see it with the fog. :cool: It's so amazing to have these extra planets in MP.

    @Pyston and @Kieve outstanding prefabs!
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    cool new features and fixes! I dig the new human NPCs lol.

    Any idea if were going to get a fix for unrealistic CV/RCS or thrusters not on the outside of a ship soon?
  9. Furious Hellfire

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    Finally able to choose max textures !!! thank you thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Also it seemed i was a little patch behind on server, possibly explaining why cv were still jumping around on my server...

    And a previous bug report regarding the setrole command and capital letters being ignored at the start of player names, the problem was because I wrote Admin instead of admin...
    If you do that the capital letter of the players name is ignored, was quite confusing but works anyway.

    The repairs to talador asteroids have pleased a user of my server also.

    Nice to see the new additions to the default prefab list, especially nice to see @Pyston Warchain on there too amongst other fine vessels.

    Great work ;)
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  10. Scoob

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    How is it performing for you? It'd be interesting to see if Eleon underestimated the real requirements for Max textures.

  11. Kassonnade

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    These 3 NPCs look strangely familiar... They look like programmers... :D
  12. Pyston

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    I like the boots of the guy sitting at the computer desk. Kinda look like Frye Arkansas Mid Lace boots.

    Thumbs up from me!

    EDIT: I know textures are limited to 60 per block type, but would it be possible to get a "tech" block type with tech textures like the one on the computer screen? They could be low armor values and meant for detail texturing. I am not sure what you guys have in mind in regards to tech detailing in ships, but I think builds are sorely missing the tech interface aspect of what we are used to in popular sci-fi.

    It would be even better if they were luminescent with color changing the display itself, with the outside remaining grey.

    I know you are busy and I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I figured I would harass you now about it because the picture of the dude with the cool Frye boots sitting at that computer desk with the slick UI on the monitor helps to illustrate what I am referring to in regards to "tech textures".

    Changing my builds to expose thrusters can be damned! But I would gladly update ships all day with new, cool textures that help to bring builds to life. :p

    Anyway, nice update and esp nice boots.
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    OH, Thank god! Now I can get some reasonable Boots and Jeans to stomp around in the brush. That ship suit make me look like a russian mobster that escaped from a Skittles commercial. Don't worry *Hefts a log from the constructor* He won't feel a thing.

    Shuttered windows (open) FTW!
  14. Captain Jack II

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    Seeing human NPC's make for a cool "moment" in the tutorial as you realize you're on a space station in Earth's orbit. It won't have the same effect for new players though as they've never known anything different. Thousands of games started after the Titan mission, and getting to go back in time with the tutorial is kinda neat.
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    Can't be, there's no "Manager" NPC lurking over their shoulder... ;)

    Also, us programmers prefer dark corners and no windows... and there should be at least one empty pizza box on the table... :)

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  16. Captain Jack II

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    All true. Would you settle for some cake?
  17. rucky

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    May 29, 2017
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    so right!!
  18. Wild_XIII

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    I thought the guy sitting at the desk looked similar to Otis from Half Life Opposing Force! Minus the body armour and doughnut!
  19. monktk

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    May 20, 2017
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    I know it's a relatively minor thing relative to the rest of these awesome changes. But for this, I don't think I could love you guys any more than I do right now. :) Thanks.
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  20. Scoob

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    Cake. Yes. Though of course you mean after Pizza, right? :)


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