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    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    Alpha 8.2 has been released to the public branch!

    This version is not only adding a few new features and fixing bugs but is addressing an important, technically related topic: loading and unloading structures in a sensitive manner in order to reduce performance cost - which also adds the possibility to significantly increase the amount of structures per playfield (bases, POIs) from 255 to over 65.000!

    The "Dynamic Structure Loading" (DSL) will achieve something that may sound as a no-brainer, but actually has a lot of side effects and implications: It will completely unload structures when they are out of render distance. This means, if a base or vessel is farther away than 1200m on a planet (or 3000m in space) the game will unload the structure and save performance. This is similar to when you leave a playfield, all the bases and vessels are unloaded - but now this will happen an active playfield. And dynamically. And in realtime!

    DSL affects a lot of game functions, which are now needed to be handled ‘on runtime’ although they are technically unloaded. That’s not only affecting plants growing, fuel in bases is used up, constructors and furnaces crafting, solar power charging, but also elements like spawning in a medic station that is in a base outside DSL range (and thus unloaded).

    DSL is not a technique that allows to increase the actual build size of bases or vessels (that’s a future topic!), but to reduce the load for structures that you cannot see anyhow! The latter is also the reason why we can now have more than the 255 structures, as it now does not make any difference if you cannot see 250 or 65530 POIs ;)

    With 8.2, we of course also added more content and features, like the new Arid starter planet, homogenous group settings, a quick-pickup for your backpack, AI improvements and more.

    Check out the Version 8.2 update trailer below for a quick overview.

    (thanks a lot to Ashrai for the update video)

    Check out the full changelog below and please report bugs and issues here:

    Have fun playing!

    Empyrion Dev Team


    CHANGELOG: Alpha 8.2.0 (Build 1775)

    Dynamic Structure Loading (DSL):
    - First implementation of loading only the the structures around players (Planet < 1200m, Orbit < 3000m)
    We introduced a new technique - so-called "dynamic structure loading" (DSL) - to load only structures that are around a player. Before, we loaded all structures on a planet which slowed down performance and increased load times. The current implementation will unload the structures immediately when they are not near the player any more (more than 1200m away).

    New Desert Planet:
    - Added new desert planet (former: Desert2, now: Desert)
    We changed the PlanetType of the old Desert Planet into Arid Planet. Then new Desert Planet is a real Tatooine-style desert planet with interesting natural POIs:

    New Starter Planet:
    - Added ‘Arid’ starter planet for Default Random scenario

    Please note that the PDA missions other than the Robinson Protocol are not yet fully adapted to the new Arid Starter planet. So you might (for example) not be able to find certain plants or crops required for those (will be added and refined in 8.3).

    For Feedback regarding PDA issues or on the new Starter planet in general, please use this thread:

    Added Homogeneous Group Settings to Control Panel:
    - Added possibility to set Turret Attack Groups and Light Settings from the "Group" Heading

    - There must be only a single type of device (eg: only Turret Blocks in Group)
    - Added Spotlights into own control panel group so that on Autogroup Light/Spotlights are separated and Lights are in homogeneous group

    Tweaked Default Random Scenario to be better compatible with MP:
    - Set all POIs to regenerate
    - Set "LandClaimZone: Device" so that buried crashed ships can be dug out and still regenerate
    - Added resources to regeneration via resource asteroids

    AI Update:
    - Updated Overseer and Crawler basic AI
    - Zirax: better search behavior
    - Zirax: shotgun fast approach search, minigun with slow approach
    - Approximate target position replaced with accurate position
    - Troop transport: improved landing and take off

    - Extended structure limit from 255 to 65535 per playfield
    - Use SHIFT+F to instant-pickup backpack and drop container
    - Added "Instant" as gameoption speed for Blueprint production / Repair-2-Template
    - Turret Targeting: Ignore Structures and their sub-devices IF structure is fully deactivated (Main Power OFF)
    - When salvaging a block doesn't return anything this is indicated by a red tool icon
    - Removed MaxCount in Config.ecf for Capacitor (Solar) [internal: SolarGenerator] > Battery Capacity can now be increased by placing more Capacitors
    - Display Maximum Fuel/Battery capacities in Statistics
    - Local Coop games now use the SinglePlayer game options dataset
    - Added "show bounds" checkbox to repair bay that will show the bounds of the ship to repair. This will switch off after 10 seconds
    - Added screen-message for Repair-2-Template Intake when adding a second stack which is then larger than requirement
    - Changed "Current Durability" display to also include current max durability, e.g. 450/500
    - Added Coordinates and Distance in 3d Planetary Map when circle marker is placed
    - Reduced shaking of Multitool, Survivaltool, DrillT2 (not camera shake but shaking of tool itself)
    - Added O2 tank to Essential Category
    - Increased O2 value of small O2 bottles (from 50 to 75) and large O2 bottles (from 200 to 250)
    - Removed light from Survival Tool
    - Deny manual usage of weapons and turrets of docked vessels
    - Moved LizardMule to Arid planets
    - Crafting: 1 Vegetable now gives 2 PlantProtein

    Updated Player Growable Plants:
    - Added Coffee Plant as player harvestable plant (Crop Type: Natural Stimulant)
    - Added Big Flower as player harvestable plant (Crop Type: Buds)
    - Rebalanced player growable plants: crop yield and growth time
    - Added Crop Yield and Crop Type as info to harvestable plants

    - Updated model and textures for Ion Cannon
    - Updated model and textures for Lizard Mule NPC
    - Improved particle effect of slime ranged attack (AlienBug03 + AlienBug04)
    - Tweaked interior glass of Cockpit 4 (SV/HV): more transparent - similar to the other cockpits
    - Tweaked “Highest” setting in Shadow Quality setting (it is now similar to old Medium setting)
    - WaterGenerator + Autominer are now grey instead of blue (to be consistent with other terrain placeables)
    - EggPlant has better harvested model
    - Better particle effects for Survival Tool

    UI Update:
    - Added option to switch between metric and imperial measurement systems
    - Updated preview icons for several blocks (devices, components, ammo, etc)
    - Updated Block info: added first batch of new descriptions for items and devices with Infos on how to use them and in which context + adjusted some descriptions that were outdated or not fitting anymore
    - Info panel window: Consistent placement of units: unit always be behind value
    - Added "CRAFTING" heading to Info Window
    - Added Output Count and Craft Time to "CRAFTING" header in tooltip/info window
    - Changed Power/Workload "Off" to "None" in Control Panel main page under "Power"
    - All Pentaxid based materials (Pentaxid, raw and refined) are now colored in Magenta to make it easier to distinguish from Promethium (blue) and to be consistent with Warp Tank color
    - Better UI Font Rendering
    - Improved "Status Effect" display in Block Info
    - GrowthTime is now displayed correctly with localized "minutes" behind number
    - Made some visual tweaks to the ingame console

    Planet Update:
    - Higher resolution of splatmap for Class 3 planets
    (the higher resolution splatmap allows for a more accurate texture distribution - here the new Dust Bowl biome on the temperate planet)

    - Added new mountain stamps and updated all temperate planets with new mountains stamps and better beaches
    - Update temperate planet: terrain texture in swamp biome is now a bit greener. Updated reeds grass
    - Activated resource asteroids on starter planet in Akua-Omicron scenario
    - Added description to starter planet in Akua-Omicron scenario
    - Tweaked deco on desert planet
    - Xenu Bunker on starter planet (Akua-Omicron) is set to regenerate as well
    - Added AlienBug01 to swamp biomes
    - Slightly reduced density of purple biome fog
    - On starter planet now only green biome fog
    - GolemDesert only spawns during night on temperate planets
    - Added new biome "DustBowl" to Temperate Planets
    - Added new stamps for desert planet

    Updated Blueprints:
    - Added new Stock Prefab Base Tier 2: Thanks to jrandall (
    - Updated SV Tier 6 (thanks to Pyston)

    SSG Update:
    - Adjusted stamp preview images to correct aspect to prevent distortion.
    - Included AtmosphereFog, GroundFogIntensity, GroundFogHeight as procedural parameters. Introduced GroundFogProb.
    - Updated all playfields with new dynamic values for fog and atmo
    - Changed preview display name of MountainStamp to GlobalStamp
    - Added stamp usage to statistical information output
    - Increase resolution of biome area display to 2 decimals
    - Support neighbor configuration when designing solarsystemconfigs
    - Removed unused sector.yaml parameters (OrbitLine, Icon, Color) - variable declarations remain in SectorYamlData.cs as unused for backward compatibility with existing servers' sectors.yaml files. Most scenario files updated to match.

    Controller Update:
    - Added "right-clicking" functionality to cursor mode with gamepads, mapped to X button on xbox controller.
    - Improved map controls for controller

    PDA Update - General:
    - Internal change of localization references to prevent currently active tasks to get broken after an update
    - For single player you can find the Story Missions now in the "STORY" tab in the PDA (F1)
    - PDA Random Default: Made clear that in COOP/MP it is not possible to set a core in a regenerated structure
    - Added Chinese (simplified) for Robinson Protocol and other Missions
    - Updated FR translation

    PDA Update - Robinson Protocol:
    - Adjusted distribution and spawn-frequency of enemies in Radar Station
    - Change Control Room and Uplink Room in Radar Station so the levers used for game progress are better protected from accidental destruction
    - Moved core of Radar Station somewhere else so it is not destroyed or removed unintentionally (which will break the mission progress)
    - Fixed some issues with Robinson Protocol COOP triggers

    - Optimization for loading/saving of class 5 planets
    - Network optimizations
    - Optimization for deco (trees) generation

    Console Commands Update:
    - Console command : add the sub command "spawn" to the "depleteresource" command
    - Enhanced console cmd "gameoptions" to allow to set a parameter value
    - Console command 'ents' does now not list any structure proxy entities any more (only if you use 'ents -all').
    - Added: Console command "gameoptions" to list all current values
    - Console cmd "aimanager": sub command "triggerdronewave" will now force the attack even when there is no player around the base
    - Console command 'ents' now also shows the entity type
    - Console command 'stats' now shows the land claim mode

    Other Changes:
    - Config.ecf: Removed "Range", "Damage", "AmmoCapacity", "AmmoType", "ReloadDelay", "ROF" from device because it will now be read from weapon itself
    - Changed: Random placing of POIs and resources now excludes 200 (instead of 100) meters around the pole areas
    - Added more detailed colliders on Ion Cannons (enemy turrets) and all player turrets
    - When hovering with a drill/survival drill, we are now hiding the name of the deco item if Localization does not exist (this avoids to be distracted by strange names of deco items)
    - Added AlienBug04 to spawn menu
    - The white warp effect now lasts 5 seconds longer to hide the longer planet loading times
    - Limiting number of blueprint parts to 32 to improve network traffic
    - Debug weapons are now blue to better distinguish them from the epic weapons
    - Better explanation for Special parameters (eg AllowBlueprintSV etc) in ExamplePlanet
    - Replaced POIDistance with SpawnPOIAvoidDistance in all playfield.yamls

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Dead drones fall through terrain in some cases (especially MP)
    - Fixed: Parasaur NPC sliding over terrain when trying to run away
    - Fixed: Exception when you change to any option in the repair bay console
    - Fixed: NPCs firing through wall (proper fix)
    - Fixed: Turret targeting settings were not saved when creating a blueprint
    - Fixed: Tent removes terrain
    - Fixed: Server shutdown keeps processes open
    - Fixed: Sometimes chunks of terrain were missing
    - Fixed: Flickering on grass with "Low" SSAO setting
    - Fixed: Mobile constructor starts crafting even if turned off
    - Fixed: Players seated on a bike are shown as 'PlayerBike' in MP
    - Fixed: Exploit when two players try to pickup the same block at the same time
    - Fixed: Plants did not always continue to grow while a playfield was unloaded
    - Fixed: Asteroid resource: Area limit of the asteroid resource did not match the new big planet size
    - Fixed: When POI regenerates, NPCs remained in structure and sometimes were falling through the structure and could shut from below
    - Fixed: After RT2 is performed any devices that are put back onto the vessel are not put back into the group they were in (MP)
    - Fixed: Plants sometimes dying when returning to a base (MP)
    - Fixed: Turrets do not attack alien POIs in some use cases
    - Fixed: Game Start pages broken for Akua-Omicron and other scenarios
    - Fixed: Exception when clicking between STATISTICS page and CONTROL Panel in a vessel
    - Fixed: Exception when quitting with alt-f4 with open statistic screen
    - Fixed: Display of correct planet stats with ad hoc playfield generation
    - Fixed: Light Suit not protecting from RAD - round random radiation to nearest 1/10th
    - Fixed: Techtree: Range info is missing from Weapons
    - Fixed: Sorting Error with Tooltip and Tech Tree Window
    - Fixed: Motion sensor breaks after placing & picking a bike up in the sensor area
    - Fixed: Moving far away from a vessel that is using R2T & returning to it the R2T is not maintained whilst away.
    - Fixed: Enter key not working in password dialog when connecting to a protected server
    - Fixed: Missing description text for starter playfield in Default Random when multiple starters available
    - Fixed: Mechanoid rotation + movement speed
    - Fixed: Exception if Orbit has Instance Data
    - Fixed: Repair Station could get stuck while in R2T Mode when no template is available
    - Fixed: Sometimes it was not possible to repair a vessel (happened when no template was available)
    - Fixed: Repair Station does not allow manual repair start & broken info for ingots
    - Fixed: Back button does not work in Repair Console
    - Fixed: Vessels not able to warp in some use cases
    - Fixed: Exploit: Endless production of Energy bars and other templates
    - Fixed: Alien Palm tree (Oranges) explodes when being harvested
    - Fixed: Billboard appears too early for Cactus plant
    - Fixed: Shared markers are visible on playfields they do not belong to (MP)
    - Fixed: Resources & Time list in statistic window is not scrollable with mouse wheel
    - Fixed: Problem that no NPC spawned in Sand biome on arid planets
    - Fixed: When opening PDA, Log texts didn't update if not a chapter (but a task) was selected previously
    - Fixed: Drone attacking base when player is away
    - Fixed: Black square appears for split-second when opening sector map.
    - Fixed: Several problems with colliders being at wrong position for NPCs
    - Fixed: Possible network disconnect exploit for mod API: item add/remove, credits, full inventory update
    - Fixed: Random exception after drone attacks
    - Fixed: Epic Pulse Rifle was not colored correctly (grey instead of red)
    - Fixed: Constructors still using old "On/Off" Buttons
    - Fixed: Possible network disconnect exploit for mod API: item exchange
    - Fixed: POI spawning on Temperate planet > now EpsilonAuxT1 and EpsilonDefence POI will spawn close to Bunker
    - Fixed: UI Highlight showing incorrectly/not showing when item is being dragged during enable/disable event
    - Fixed: Some materials/textures on deco plants (were over bright)
    - Fixed: Problem with AtmosphereFogRange in +ExamplePlanet dynamic playfield
    - Fixed: PDA exception when loading old savegame
    - Fixed: Hover Info 'Effective Against' is shown as KEY not as LOCA
    - Fixed: AI Vessel : patrol in Long range management not updating next destination
    - Fixed: missing description and additional info for Shadows of Starlight and Default Akua-Omicron scenarios.

    Updated EAH Tool: Patch notes -
    - Added: Player 8.2 file change
    - Added: Playerfile change protection
    - Added: Removed some offline player file edit functions
    - Added: Changed "defect file" to "unknown file format" and no cheater warning
    - Added: Offline Job: Automatic delete of old entries
    - Added: Pole Control: Adjusted Planet-Sizes
    - Added: Structure warning: Show count of structures in warning
    - Added: Structure limit: CV/HV Alliance check
    - Added: Structure restrictions: Full protection for Admins, Moderators, protected Factions and Admin Faction
    - Added: Playfield: Max Structures default to 300
    - Added: Playfield: No more Critical Max structure message
    - Added: Playfield: Color according to max structure limit
    - Added: Playfield restriction: Warp uses now random coordinates
    - Added: Playfield: Wipe structures not touched for x hours
    - Added: Playfield:CV/HV Alliance structure limit check
    - Added: CB:NextRestart/Wipe --> New optional parameter "Days" to only see some restarts/wipes
    - Added: CB:Wipe moved to message box
    - Added: Chatbot: Not allowed after CSW until he moved
    - Added: Changed item API function to ItemExchange due to a bug
    - Added: Config: Check Cheater --> You can turn this off to not even see cheaters anymore
    - Added: AntiCheat: Enabled anti Cheat for Inventory again
    - Added: Items: Loading now Server-Specific Item settings from the cfg file. The Items wil be reloaded after a tool restart or a server start.
    - Added: Timetable: Drag and drop sub-action to reorder them
    - Added: Log: Write Tool version at each beginning
    - Added: Slave: Prevent fast double click of intensive commands
    - Added: API: Radio silence before immediate shutdown
    - Added: Server Stop/Restart: Wait 1 minute before starting SubActions (before it was 30 sec)
    - Added: Server Restart: Chat message about Server stop time
    - Added: Player: Reset done async
    - Added: Player Statistic: Long Cheater Warning
    - Added: AntiCheat: Removed minor cheater warnings due to inventory
    - Added: Implemented Multiple Server Stop in x minutes Timetable entries to make sure Server goes down
    - Fixed: "Restart Now" not working
    - Fixed: CSW: Server location not recognized when not logged in for long
    - Fixed: Discord: Fixed exceptions
    - Fixed: Removed duplicate Action column
    - Fixed: Timetable: Empty actions when set automatic
    - Fixed: Timetable: Server Stop runs sub-actions to early
    - Fixed: CB:NextRestart/Wipes shows inactive ones
    - Fixed: Chatbot: Checkbox causes wrong text
    - Fixed: Player logs: Did not show private and deleted structures
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  2. Myrmidon

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    OMW to check this new version. ;)
  3. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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  4. Scoob

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    Sep 22, 2016
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    - Use SHIFT+F to instant-pickup backpack and drop container

    Would it be at all possible to extend this functionality to all loot-type containers?

    For example, enabling this for downed Drones would be great - especially as we still get thrown out of the inventory on the first attempt very frequently.

    This might even be useful on player Cargo Boxes in certain situations - such as unloading an HV after an excursion for example.

    As always, thanks for the update :)

  5. SergP

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    Jun 6, 2017
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  6. Furious Hellfire

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    May 3, 2017
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    Another great update !

    Have a question regarding DSL.

    Will the DSL apply to the existing server save I have. (it is a 2 planet dedi server)
    By that I am asking will my size 5 planet with stuff on, automatically be under the new DSL regime or will I have to update the playfield itself in order for DSL to apply there ?

    Also, what overall effect in performance should I expect to see from DSL ? I expect much lesser ram usage on the client side ?

    At this time still pushing 6.5 g ram on a size 5 playfield with my client, pretty sure it was about the same before the update.

    This is why I am wondering if I need to update the playfield somehow.
  7. Exacute

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    From what I've gathered, DSL is simply a technique applied, and shouldn't require anything on your part (such as a wipe).
    I believe, this should affect SP usuage, and you should expect, in MP, servers to have a better performance.. I do not believe it should change much, for a non-host client.
    Note, that I'm not 100% on any of the above.
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  8. demolish50

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    Dec 8, 2015
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    - Turret Targeting: Ignore Structures and their sub-devices IF structure is fully deactivated (Main Power OFF)

    This should be an optional. Now, when you knock out a warp drive, they will simply turn the power off, your guns stop auto firing, they will replace the warp drive turn power back on and warp out....
  9. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    DSL is a code-element, so nothing you can or need to administer or manage.
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  10. Hummel-o-War

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    May sound inappropriate, but don't you have fixed guns on your ship? Imho "silencing" the ship for making it impossible to fire at for automated Turrets is legit as you are a sitting duck at the same moment. If this is a fight "at max targeting range" any opponent should have a way to escape the situation, right? (Tactic used in most sci-fi movies btw ^^)
  11. TK85

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    First, thanks for the update, great work!

    Regarding this, does it mean that I can no longer customize the Drill T2 range, for example?
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  12. nexus_absolute

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    Hey @EleonGameStudios
    Another excellent update with some excellent progression in tech.
    Thanks you and keep up the good work.
  13. Liang

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    Jul 10, 2018
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    Now that we have an Arid starter planet, who is up for blueprinting a half buried Statue of Liberty base :D
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  14. michaelhartman89

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    Is there a way to increase view distance? My FOV is on max, but when I am flying the plants are generating at 300 or 400 meters. It would be fine if the stuff was popping in at the top of my screen, but it is annoying as hell to have the view distance of the planet mid screen. I dont remember this happening in 7.0 or before, bc I would have said something about the render distance.

    I've been playing on my laptop lately, so here are the specs:

    MSI GE62VR
    256 GB SSD
    16 GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 1060 (3 GB )
    i7 (6700HQ)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
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  15. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    Did you change your Settings to high/max?
    Because many complained about severe performance drops the render distance was reduced to about 100m I believe
  16. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    It might be
  17. nexus_absolute

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    This excellent, even just from a deco point of view.

    Question: Will we ever be able to remove power from our capacitors for use in other structures or ships?
    You might think that this will lead to unbalanced free energy situations but I believe there are ways to balance this out:
    • Gathering solar energy to fill the capacitor takes time. Having a minimum threshold of stored energy that must be reached before energy could be taken from the capacitor would mean investment and patience is required before our first return and then patience for additional returns.
    • Energy taken from a capacitor to use in another structure is not being used in the structure it has been taken from, so we will still need other sources of energy.
    • Extracting energy could take the form of portable capacitors - i.e. not promethium packs but a new power source item in our inventory. These packs could have lower yield per pack when compared to promo-packs and could only be fed into a capacitor (not a fuel tank).
    • Extracting energy could take the form of direct transfer - for example, you could move energy directly from the capacitor on your BA to the capacitor on your SV/CV/HV (when docked) or visa-versa. SVs/HVs can't have solar panels so can only be charged but BA's (and eventually CVs? Please?) could then act as refuelling stations saving our raw energy from these bigger builds.
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  18. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    So if I move it to High from Max it should fix it, I never messed with the settings at all since I just reinstalled the game.

    My Desktop is an:

    iBuyPower (BB905)
    32 GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 1070 (8 GB)
    500 SSD and 120 SSD

    I'll try it tonight and see if they are different
  19. Shelgeyr

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    Jul 17, 2018
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    New user, please forgive me if this has been asked/addressed already - can we have a "sort/condense" feature for containers and crafting devices?
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  20. demolish50

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    Dec 8, 2015
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    I disagree. There absolutely should be a way to interdict your opponent and prevent them from escaping. Eve Online has it dedicated ships and deploy-able structures that create bubbles that you must escape out of before you can warp. Being able to escape any fight at will is broken IMHO and with this change it has become even easier. When your in a PvP zone there should be mechanics to interdict and mechanics to escape interdiction with each mechanic having it's pros and cons. I have many thoughts on this subject and would love to have a discussion about it.

    Regarding the manual weapons, they are almost comical really, they need some tweaks. I may do that on my server :).
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