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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    After several months of development time and several weeks of Experimental releases, we can say that Alpha 8 is one of the largest updates we ever shipped for Empyrion.

    Large is somehow meant literally, as not only the changelog is consuming a couple of pages, but also the major feature in the game relates to size: Increased size, up to 64x larger, to be precise, as this is the factor the smallest planets (32km² = Alpha 7 size) now differ from the largest (2048km²)!

    While this might sound impressing when looking at the numbers, the features that are accompanying this giant leap for Empyrion are no small steps either: re-integration of procedural terrain generation, removal of green and red walls, full random solar system generation, new playfield tech with different biomes on a single planet, depending on temperature and humidity, voxel deposits readded, better textures, controller support and our very own Solar System Generator (SSG) to generate your planetary terrains and whole solar system.

    But this is not all: AI got a serious rework and will now react to the player in a more realistic way. Even the Zirax troops, Drones and Patrol Vessels got beefed up. While you fight those and loose blocks on your vessel, you can now use the new Repair-2-Template. And if you are into survival or fighting, the new game start, and a full rework of how food, medication, status effects and diseases will let you experience Empyrion in a completely new way again!

    This is only a tiny glimpse of what Alpha 8 will add to your game, and of course there is quite some polishing lying ahead of us. All the new stuff, entirely new shaders, backend code and tech will make a new phase of optimizations necessary. Together with you and your feedback, we will start to investigate the possible bottlenecks right after the Alpha 8 release!

    Said that, and while looking at the Bug-Fixing list, we are again proud to state that nothing of this would be possible without the dedicated help, support and feedback of you, our awesome Empyrion community!

    So, without further ado, let’s head start into Alpha 8. It’s about time :)


    CHANGELOG: Alpha 8.0.0 (Build 1707)


    1. Larger Planets & Improved Playfield Tech:
    Increased size from the current 8x4km (32km²) up to 64x32km (2048km²) playfields, i.e. the planets in Alpha 8 can be up to 64x larger than in Alpha 7!

    We would like to give you an idea of how big these planets are. Do you see the spire base on the other side?

    It looks quite far away - right? However, if you look at the map, it seems to be just in front of you:

    - Actual size of a planet will also be reflected in the orbit
    - Tilted planet axis so that the day/night ratio depends on where you are on the planet (eg longer days and shorter nights on the northern hemisphere and vice versa on the southern hemisphere)
    - Improved outside view of the planets in the orbit


    2. Removal of Red and Green Wall:
    We finally removed the red pole colliders and the green wall so that you can now cross the poles and you do not have to be afraid anymore when you cross the green wall
    In the above screenshot, we are in the far north (actually the sun never sets here) beyond the former red wall and we are looking north. Pre-Alpha 8, this area was blocked. If you continue in this direction you will actually cross the north pole.

    3. Random Generation of Solar System and new 3D Sector Map:
    - Each time you start a new game, a new solar system is generated with a different amount of planets and POIs
    - You can control the generation process via a configuration file (number and type of planets, POIs, size of solar system etc) or with the Solar System Generator (SSG)
    The above screenshot shows the new 3d sector map of a random solar system

    4. Procedural Terrain Generation:
    Procedural terrain generation is back - no fixed heightmap planets anymore

    5. More Diverse Biomes:
    Realistic biome distribution based on humidity and temperature:

    By changing Temperature, Humidity and the Seed, we obtain a very varied biome distribution:

    6. Fog-of-War (Fow):

    - When you now crash-land on the planet, you will not be able to see the whole planet anymore but only a part of it is revealed on the map
    - When you approach a planet from space and then land on it, the FoW is semi-transparent

    7. Underground Layers and Voxel Mining:
    - The 'underground layers' are back. You will have the possibility to set up to 7 different consecutive layers for your planetary playfields
    - In addition, the old Voxel mining is back as well
    (depending on the resource, a playfield creator can decide whether to use the Alpha 7-style sub-surface rocks or the pre-Alpha 7 Voxel spheres)

    8. Better Terrain Textures:
    We considerably improved the visuals on a planet by replacing almost all terrain textures

    9. New Decoration Placement and Rendering System:
    We integrated a new system for the placement and rendering of the decoration objects on a planet which allows for a dense vegetation that is rendered very far

    10. Editor for Planet and Solar System Generation:
    - We developed our own Solar System Generator (SSG) to generate your planetary terrain and whole solar system
    - The SSG editor will be distributed with the game on Steam

    The editor features a full preview for planets, orbits and the solar system:

    In addition, you can preview the generated terrain but also the POI and resource distribution as well as the NPC spawn points:

    Note: You will now also have the possibility to place POIs and Resource Deposits by BIOME


    11. Improved Ground AI:
    - More realistic behavior of the ground AI (vision sensor, noise system, alert level, fear sensor)


    Example: Zirax Behavior:
    - calm: wanders with random idle animations (new use of layers in animation system)
    - alerted: attacks player with random movement between shots (aim transition)
    - hit reaction: 4 hit animations (also uses animation layer)
    - search action: uses approximate target position. It is used for example when the Zirax has heard you but did not see you. He will know where you are only approximately and search for you there.
    - better target selection
    - different idle animations when alerted and when calm
    You will see, the Zirax behaves now much more naturally

    12. Improved AI Drones and Vessels:
    - Added AI bomber drone (part of the AI drone waves)
    - Allow to have drones without having a drone base and planet vessel without a vessel base (i.e., physical presence of drone base / vessel is not required anymore)
    - Improved flying behavior of Planet Vessel - it behaves now more like a large and heavy ship
    - Improved flying behavior of space and planetary drones
    - Waves are triggered now only if the player is 50m around his base + Drone wave patrol radius around the base is increased from 200m to 600m.


    13. New Suit and Survival Mechanics:
    Our aim was to have a more survival-style game start by giving the player only very basic equipment.
    - Added suit constructor which we call "Survival Constructor" (slow, can craft only very basic items like a food item, bandages etc).
    - Added Survival Tent in which you can sleep to pass the night
    - Added Survival Tool for basic defense, rock drilling and deconstruction
    - Added Mobile Heater/Cooler terrain placeable
    - Sleeping in Escape Pod, Survival Tent and Beds in Single Player


    14. New Status Effects / Diseases:
    Fully revamped Status Effects, medicals and diseases mechanic


    15. New Food and Food-item Drop System:
    Fully revamped Food templates and Ingredients drop mechanic


    16. Repair-to-Template:
    Restore your ship to a previously saved Repair Template
    - Usage:
    1 Repair Console + Repair Bay T1 = Repair Blocks only
    1 Repair Console + Repair Bay T2 = Repair Blocks and Repair-2-Template
    - Repair Blocks now also costs resources: 200 Hitpoints = 1 Iron Ingot


    17. Added Controller Support:
    You can now play Empyrion with a controller while lying comfortable on your couch.

    For issues please report here:

    ...... and MUCH more. For more features, changes and bug fixes, see below.


    We recommend starting a new game in Alpha 8.

    When you play Alpha 8.0 the first time, please note that it is now a quite DIFFERENT experience in many game-start related aspects, compared to version 7.6! The distances are bigger, the drops are different, the mechanics got changed, new possibilities added and a lot of stuff got moved around.

    This is also relevant for all server owners and scenario builders: the changes to the planets resulted in a new file structure and a few new definitions, so that most of the playfields you have set up and are using right now, might not work with Alpha 8.0 without making the necessary changes. Please check the SSG Documentation for more details!

    We absolutely RECOMMEND to first read through ALL of the feedback threads posted below to get yourself up to date on the new and changed game mechanics BEFORE starting any new game!

    This is true for the new game start in particular, as, due to all the changes on planets, playfields and features, we are basically back at the drawing board in terms of game start balance. Alpha 8.0 is literally throwing a lot (not all!) of the old methods, that worked the same and were never really changed since approx version 2.0 (or even v1.0) and a few things you might have gotten accustomed to, in terms of what happens when and what you get for game start, out of the window in favor of the game now living up to the "Survival" tag in its name a little bit more again.

    Changing the game start and trying to give it an improved "Survival Experience" in that early game stage actually IS intentional!

    Said that, this will possibly make or let some game elements feel harder, until they are fully balanced. We will do this together with you in the coming weeks and, as always, iterate on your feedback for the upcoming 8.x updates!

    Both, as a player, creator or server owner, please keep the aforementioned in mind when playing AND while giving feedback. :)

    Thanks in advance for your dedicated help, improving Empyrion Galactic Survival! :)

    Let’s roll!
    Empyrion Dev Team

    P.S. Please note that we do not support DX9 anymore with the release of Alpha 8. However, we will leave the last Alpha 7.6 on a separate Steam branch called "alpha7"
    P.P.S If you are using a custom config.yaml, we recommend removing it before you start Alpha 8



    All Feedback Threads pinned:

    Bug Reports:

    Bug Reports Solar System Generator:

    Bug Reports Controller & Keymapping:

    Bug Reports PDA Missions & Robinson Protocol


    Update: June 12, 2018 - Hotfix (Build 1708)

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed: Startup Exception
    - Fixed: HV gets sometimes locked in place when crossing the Poles
    - Fixed: Texture artifacts on MoonIce
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    Directional Detector for POI and Resources:
    - Added resource/POI directional Detector on planets
    - Added "Detector Vessel T1" for HVs (2500m range) and handheld device "Detector SuitT1" (1000m range) - must be in toolbar or player inventory
    In the above screenshot, you should go into southern direction, where you can expect to find several POIs and/or resource deposits.

    The OUTER segment is showing you WHERE to go. The Detector has 4 segments, one in each direction. The INNER sub-segments (when highlighted!) will tell you, how many contacts you can expect when going into this direction. Any main directional segment has up to 4 sub-segments:


    Creative and Building Tools:
    - Added the possibility to lock a texture + color > use via N-menu: this feature will greatly facilitate building
    - Added possibility to replace textures and colors with a click via color and texture tool

    Updated Anti-Grief Zone System:
    We are now using the term "LandClaim" instead of "AntiGrief" (LandClaimZone = LCZ). Some cool things are planned for post Alpha 8 with land claims :)
    - Added "IsIgnoreLC" to devices (also in Config.ecf). We tagged all devices that are in "Essential Category" (thruster, cockpit, core, fuel tank etc) to be placeable in LandClaim zones > now you will be able to add eg a cockpit or core to your destroyed vessel
    - You can repair your vessel inside an enemy LCZ but NOT build or dismantle your own structure (yet)
    - Added "LandClaimZone" (Off, Default, Device) to playfield.yaml > now you can decide per playfield which LandClaim mode you prefer
    - Added new block: LandClaimDevice for Bases
    - The “ag” console command will show you the blue spheres (Claims) around a base
    - LC zones cannot overlap, thus you cannot “claim” the area of someone else by placing a base next to him. You’ll just reduce your own area.
    - LC zones can now be set to any range in the dedicated.yaml (Not limited anymore)
    - You can't damage the terrain of an enemy in any way now

    Floating and Underwater POIs on Planets:
    - Added possibility to have floating bases on planets

    - Allow to randomly place POIs (and resources) also under water or on water - on water only for POIs (floating bases)

    More AI Improvements:
    - Added Zirax Patrols (e.g. around important POIs or resources)
    - Added mixed groups with eg Zirax Laser and Mechanoids (or Zirax and Crawlers etc):
    - Added Zirax Sniper
    - Added TurretRobotV2
    - New spawning system for animals (eg hotspots on planets around important POI or resources)
    - Animals slow down in curves and have max rotation speed
    - Animals react to player in water - special behavior for triceratops and spider: they will do some random movement and angry noises, when you are in water. When you go out of water, they will continue the attack if they are still alerted.
    - Animals react to vessels and noise generation by turrets

    Planets & Playfield Update:
    - Added several new moon types

    Lava Moon:

    Ice Moon:

    Desert Moon:
    - Increased speed of small vessel SV on planets from 40m/s to 50m/s
    - Added new planet names (thanks to everyone who contributed)
    - Added specific rock resource stones on the terrain for all resources (except Pentaxid since we already have harvestable crystals)
    - Old Playfields moved to “LegacyPlayfields"

    Signaling / Sensors:
    - Devices can now send and receive signals in parallel
    - Following sensors can now be powered on or off: Lever, Light Barrier, Motion Sensor and Trigger Plate - they will not report detections when off
    - Implemented signal loop detection so that no endless loop can block the game
    - Doors that are configured to use an external signal don't use the integrated proximity sensor (avoids unexpected behavior)
    - Lever activation text shows the transmitted signal name in Creative mode or when player has God mode active
    - Sensors now only trigger for owner
    - Added code unlock for sensors

    Updated Models and Consistent Texturing of Old Models:
    - We updated the textures on almost all 3d models to a new unified coloring and metallic workflow in order to have a more consistent look.
    - Updated and replaced thrusters

    Some screenshots of the new CV Thrusters:


    Some screenshots of the new SV Thrusters:

    - Added Heavy Windows
    The hull parts will be texturable (probably Alpha 8.X) - the same applies for the hull parts of the new thrusters
    - Added Tier 1 solar panels (large solar panels are now only craftable in Large Constructor) + tweaked output of panels
    - Added Captain's Chair
    - Added Medic Station (no re-spawning just healing) and Clone Chamber (re-spawn) to Hover Vessel
    - Added HoverEngine as deco blocks for POIs (under alien devices)
    - Added Drill Laser Module for CV
    - Added new Group: FridgeBlocks (TechTree Level 0) + added large Fridge Box from LabDeco to new Fridge Group (incl. Cooling feature)
    - Added new weapons for alien POIs: TurretEnemyRocket and TurretEnemyArtillery
    - Added all block shapes for Explosive Blocks
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    - Constructors / Food Processors do not stop crafting anymore when far away (they also continue when sleeping)
    - Removed sentries from Turret targeting (Targeting Options will be improved further in the future)
    - Constructors: removal of templates from the construction queue is now also possible in first slot when power is on (except the item that is currently crafting)
    - Food Processor stops perish timer (Power demand increased; Idle Energy added)
    - Added Camera Shake to some handheld weapons and some turrets
    When shooting eg a rocket launcher, you will now notice a camera shake
    - CameraShake can be customized via Config.ecf
    - Renamed old "Survival Constructor" (terrain placeable) into "Portable Constructor"
    - Portable Constructor can now be crafted directly from ores (Techtree: Level 3)
    - Added possibility to reprocess some ore types from CrushedStone
    - CrushedStone is now only dropped for stone terrain textures
    - Stamina regeneration now consumes food points, and when hungry you regain stamina slower (depends on Difficulty Setting)
    - Emergency O2 Generator now generates oxygen and water alternating
    - Added MushroomBellBrown, CobraLeaves as player growable plants
    - Added On/Off switch to more devices (Generators, Fridges,..)
    - Allow blueprints to be spawned on Adm faction bases
    - Added pickup to toolbar to more devices: Work Light, Survival Tent, Water Generator, O2 Generator, Auto Mining Device
    - Ignore PvP playfield.yaml parameter in SP > in SP always set PvP: True
    - First implementation of penalty for entering wrong code to all lock codes (wait timeout of 1 minute after third wrong entry, 2 minutes after fourth)
    - RespiratorCharge can also now be used to fill O2
    - More consistent faction assignment for enemy NPC creatures (eg Crawlers, Overseer, TotalHorror are now in Alien faction)
    - Removed collision collider for several plants so that you can walk through them now
    - Added emergency booster to all HV if they are stuck in water
    - Exiting a ship: less sensitive to rotation of the ship in order to allow the player to get easier out.
    - Extended warning ranges for out of orbital playfield warning: SP - 50km, MP - 100km.
    - Added more checks to have better exit positions for cockpits in HV/SV
    - Disabled "Depth-of-View" when zooming with weapons
    - Added in total 110 additional unlock points after player level increase in order to be able to unlock new added devices
    - New controller for vessels: the rotation and the displacement are more accurate now
    - Deposit size Map/HUD display changed to an indication of size and remaining ore
    Very Small: Radius < 4 = ca. 160 ores, Small: Radius < 7 = ca. 850 ores, Medium: Radius < 10 = ca. 2500 ores, Large: Radius < 13 = ca. 5500 ores, Very Large: Radius > 13

    NPC Status Effects + Loot Update:
    - Added several status effects to NPC creatures
    - Adjusted loot lists to make sure each NPC having certain melee/weapon status effects have at least a chance to also drop non-common ingredients for its cure
    - Updated White,Yellow,Red and Purple Alien Loot Containers with new content
    - Added possible Gold Ingot drop to RED and PURPLE Alien Container
    - Increased drop range for RED Alien container to 3-5
    - Added +1 slot for additional drop chance for Purple Alien Container

    - Balanced hitpoints of different underground materials: stone, dirt, sand, snow => now speed of drilling depends on where you drill
    - MedicStation BA and CV now heal 500 HP at once (MedicStation HV heals 250 HP at once)
    - Changed range in which plants grow outdoor from 20-30°C to 15-35°C
    - Increased HP of TroopTransport to 14000
    - Reduced impact of temperature for several weather types
    - Moved FoodProcessor to unlock level 3
    - Increased production time and unlock level of Light Armor Suit
    - Set Armor Locker (BA/CV) to level 5 to match SuitLevel and SV/HV ArmorLocker level.
    - BioFuel: now needs 10 Fiber
    - Increased amount of meat drop for large NPCs (Triceratops, LizardMule)
    - Adjusted template for Emergency Rations to match food value again.
    - Reduced bullet spread for Shotgun, ShotgunT2 and Shotgun Enhanced
    - Increase building time for Portable Constructor by 50%
    - Reduced energy consumption of O2 Stations to 5kW
    - Increased HP of containers from 50 to 100
    - Re-balanced Zirax weapons

    Template Changes:
    - Removed T2 weapons from Portable Constructor
    - Added Emergency O2 generator to Suit Constructor
    - Removed water bottle requirement from beverages
    - Added to Large Constructor: RCS T1 (CV), Landinggear Blocks (CV), Gravity Generator, Flak Shell (CV)
    - Added Growing Plot (Concrete) to Large Constructor
    - Added Growing Plot (Wood) also to Portable Constructor
    - Gatling Gun (HV/SV) + 15mm Bullets can now be crafted in Mobile Constructor
    - Removed Concrete Destroyed Blocks from constructors.
    - Slightly increased crafting times for all Windows L sizes (standard, armored, heavy)
    - Removed Portable Constructor and Survival Tent from all Constructors except Survival Constructor
    - LandClaimDevice can now be crafted in AdvConstructor only
    - Mobile Constructor (SV/HV): Only Basic Weapons (T1) craftable [Excluded: Plasma Cannon, Laser Rifle]
    - Large Constructor: All T1+T2 versions of handheld weapons craftable
    - Advanced Constructor: All T1+T2+Enhanced version of handheld weapons craftable

    Separated Templates of SV and HV Mobile Constructors:
    - Adapted several templates (eg Wings only craftable in SV, Hover Engines only in HV etc)
    - Removed from HoverConstructor (HV) : CrystalWarp
    - Added to HoverConstructor (HV): Bases Starter
    - Removed from SmallConstructor (SV): Cement, ConcreteBlocks, WoodBlocks, LandinggearBlocksHeavySV
    - Updated stock HV with new HV constructor (replaced old one). Old constructor is now marked as obsolete

    Control Panel and Grouping Update:
    - Added "Farming" group button to Food Processor
    - Added category farming to all sprouts and nutrient solution for Food Processor
    - Added "Medical" tab to Portable Constructor
    - Grouped MedicBay + all Medical Scanners in one Group
    - Small console is now displayed in the control panel and can be grouped
    - Added Offline Protection Shield and Repair Bay + Console to Equipment group
    - Added Light Armored Suit to Portable Constructor (Can be used in conjunction with a basic HV or small base; both versions of the Armor Locker are buildable with Portable Constructor.)
    - Added NPC crew blocks to separate groups in Control Panel
    - Added old ATM block to equipment Control Panel group

    - Added surface wipe options for MP (wipe 'playfield name' <deposit, terrain, poi, player, all>)
    - Added mute button for chat
    - MP Marketplace: remove limitations for trading between players (e.g. tech tree unlock restrictions)
    - Changed: Auto-Promote player to faction leader/admin if last leader/admin leaves faction > now take highest ranked member
    - Dedicated server will not accept new player logins within the last minute of a scheduled shutdown
    - Improved: When player changes EAC setting in Options, on return to Main menu the game will ask to restart for the new setting to take effect
    - Adjusted disconnect message slightly to match standard of outputting player names
    - Support ‘Origin Restriction' for normal teleporters / Stargates
    - Origin 0 is now available to limit teleporter/portal.

    POI Update:
    - Added Radar Station POI to starter planet (thanks to Ramachandra)
    - AI Planetary Patrol Craft - updated coloring (thanks to rainyday)
    - Xenu Large Power Station + Listening Post (thanks to Dead8Eye & Fractalite)
    - Updated Epsilon Radar Station set (thanks to Captain Jack II, LiftPizzas & Fractalite)
    - Added Deep Space Radar Station Set (thanks to Kaeser)
    - Added 3 new Epsilon POIs (thanks to Fractalite)
    - Added several Orbital Planet Vessels (OPV): Epsilon OPV (model: A Big Bag of Earwax, modified by fFractalite), Xenu OPV (model: Zerbarus, modified by Fractalite), Ghost Rider OPV (by rainyday), Rados OPV (model: ojimaflip, modified by: fractalite)
    - Graveyard: Added CV_Destroyed5 (by Runningwithhamster)
    - Added new POI (Xenu Mainframe) to starter planet - thanks to Ramachandra
    - Added Xenu Shrine floating to starter planet (thanks to Fractalite)
    - Updated Xenu Supply Station (thanks to Kieve)
    - Added Derelict Mining Ship POI to starter orbit (thanks to rainydays)
    What might have happened with this ship?
    - Added POI Unknown Floating Artifact (thanks to jmcburn)
    - Added POI Unknown Armed Artifact (model: Faith, modified by Fractalite)
    - Updated XENU faction POIs > Large Power Station, Advanced Vehicle Port, Advanced Spaceport (thanks to Dead8Eye and Fractalite)
    - Updated BAO_CrusaldOrbital (thanks to Pantera)
    - Added new Wreckage POIs for new game start (thanks to all members of the Builders League)
    - Deactivated teleporters on all stock trading stations and added to generic groups: TS_Planet and TS_Orbit > please adapt your playfields accordingly
    - Renamed DroneBase group: now DroneBaseT1, DroneBaseT2 and DroneBaseT3 instead of DroneBaseAkua, DroneBaseOmicron etc
    - Renamed "Carrier" into "OrbitalPatrolVessel" OPV
    - Renamed Military POIs: now T1, T2, T3 instead of TierI, TierII, TierIII > eg XenuT3
    > Playfield creators have to take new group naming into account

    New Stock Prefabs:
    - Updated Tier 1 Stock Bases: thanks to Kieve, Runningwithhamster, Jenniphurr and Brimstone
    (Creator: Runningwithhamster)
    (Creator: Kieve)
    (Creator: Brimstone)
    (Creator: Jenniphurr)
    - Added new stock prefab SV Tier 2a: Thanks to jrandall

    Console Commands:
    - Added Console shortcuts which are configurable and also work when the console window is closed (console will open automatically when a shortcut is pressed). Up to 5 commands can be assigned to each of the 4 shortcuts. Use a new line for each command.
    - Added new console command 'wait' specific to shortcuts, so pauses can be inserted between commands in a shortcut.
    - Added console command 'ag' to switch on/off AntiGried/LandClaim areas
    - Added console cmd 'loadplayfield' or ‘lpf’ console command that can be executed in the main menu to directly load a specific playfield, e.g. “lpf desert” (very useful for scenario creation)
    - Console command 'playfield' forces now a complete rebuild of the current playfield (not including POI and ores, just Terrain)
    - Added console cmd to get drone wave state: use "aim wavestate" or "aim ws" command to have a feedback
    - Enhanced console command 'deco' with parameter 'debug' to toggle 'debug boxes' to show deco removal areas
    - Added new sub command 'addtrooptransport' or 'att' to command 'aimanager' to spawn a troop transport in new frame work
    - Added new command "aim tttoggleforcedetection" or "tttfd" to force the troop transport to target the player.
    - Improved 'stats' command: some reformatting and added global playtime
    - Added console cmd "StatusEffects" and "StatusEffectsRemove" to trigger/remove status effects
    - Extended console cmd "statuseffectremove" ("ser"): "ser all" = remove all status effects
    - Underground resource: added console command for voxel to deplete resource (dres) around player (adl). cmd = "dres apl"
    - Added parameter to console command 'map fow' to permanently uncover map
    - Added shortcuts for console cmd setposition and changemode
    - Console command aimanager : improve the console command "aim adb" to spawn a drone base
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    Visuals and Sound:

    - Stars now visible in daytime with low Atmospheric Density (eg Moon playfields)
    Note: If AtmosphereDensity is smaller than 1.2, stars will be visible during day (the lower the density the stronger the visibility of the stars)

    - Added possibility to have dirt or other textures around POIs (can be configured in TE editor via "Replace ID")
    - Replaced alphanumeric decals with classic sci-fi font.
    - New drilling sounds for sand, dirt and snow
    - Updated models for sentry guns, cargo containers, medic station and several others
    - Improved smoothing of the cutout area around POIs
    - Added new Switches for Control Panel
    - Color tweaks to resource, terrain and asteroid textures: now each resource has consistent coloring
    - More accurate underground digout box for POIs
    - Added proper harvest stages for several plants (eg BigFlower, PulpitFungus etc)
    - Updated Rainforest tree to be symmetrical
    - Added particle effect when destroying small rocks
    - Reduced range of humming sound for WarpDrive (CV = 10m, SV = 5m)
    - Reduced transparency of blood effect
    - Slightly reduced size of Terrain Placeables (Portable Constructor, O2 Generator)
    - Removed 3d model of scopes from Shotguns (since the scope is inactive for these weapons)
    - Updated some loading screenshots

    PDA Update - Missions / Empyriopedia:

    - Added NEW Robinson Protocol (less scripted)
    - Added Empyriopedia with several chapters for ingame-info (Status-Effects, Diseases, Enemies, NPCs, Tips and Tricks and more

    PDA Update - Technical:
    - PDA chapter now has the optional "ActivateChapterOnSkip: <chapter-title>" parameter to offer to play another chapter if the player skips the currently offered one
    - PDA Briefing window is now opened with a short delay (to give a new player a few seconds to enjoy the scenery)
    - Chapters can now have "RewardsOnSkip" which gives player items when he skips the chapter, chapter will then be removed from chapter list
    - Autostart-Chapter now starts no earlier than player clicked on "Let's Go" in PDA Briefing window
    - Added PDA.yaml parameter "VisibleOnStartPlayfieldTypes" to work with SSG method
    - Changed: Completed but re-activatable chapters are colored different from not reactivatable chapters
    - Removed the “last open“ mechanism in favor of “open log if mission is active“ if pda is opened (Open pda with an active mission > show pda log page)
    - Briefing-intro screen now shown on each chapter start when chapter has a preamble text
    - PDA log data is now only stored on client side
    - Allow chapters to be configured to be executed more than once with a delay in between
    - For NearUnit Guiding the visible distance of the marker can be configured (also to be not visible at all)
    - Added new game event "PlayfieldTypeEntered" aside from "PlayfieldEntered" to also allow PDA missions to use this information (and to not change the meaning of an existing event)

    New Configs and Setting Changes:
    - Added Gameoptions.yaml that can contain multiple datasets for different game setups (see example gameoptions.yaml for more details)
    - Added playfield yaml random POI and resource parameters "IsScalingCount" and "IsImportant" to flag if CountMinMax should be scaled with the planet surface and if the random placer should try more to place the respective POI / Resource
    - Added possibility for generating and placing compound POIs via space_dynamic.yaml files
    For an example of a space graveyard, see starter orbit in Random Scenario (Thanks to the creators who provided us with the prefabs: rainyday, Runningwithhamster)
    - Removed not needed parameters from dedicated.yaml
    - Added Playfield.yaml setting for BA/CV/HV/SV blueprints to be allowed or disallowed to be spawned
    - Spawn near values (for POI and resource spawning) are now [ min, max ] ranges
    - Adapted MaxHeight of SpecialEffectsLocal to be relative to terrain surface and not absolute anymore (please adapt your playfields accordingly)
    - Removed parameters from static.yamls: FogIntensity and FogStartDistance (since they have no functionality)
    - Allow for designation of starter playfields by game mode (Survival/Creative) in sectors.yaml
    - Sectors.yaml: We had to change the ordering of the fixed Sectors.yaml. In order to correctly determine the size classes of the planets and moons within a sector, we need to impose the following ordering:
    <planet, moon...moon, orbit>
    You can still have as many planets or moons in a sector as you want. However, the orbit must be defined last and the main planet first in the list. Please update your Sectors.yaml accordingly.
    - Added ability to define SpawnZones and SpawnRateZones, example in playfield_static.yaml
    - Added new parameter 'BiomesExcluded' to random POI and Resource data in playfield.yaml - use to exclude biomes for random placement. If both 'Biome' and 'BiomesExcluded' are specified, the new one has priority: Added example for BiomesExcluded to starter planet
    - Added device parameter "EnergyInIdle" to allow overriding hard-coded calculation (Usable for Constructors, Food Processor and Thrusters)
    - Noise system: you can now adapt the noise level per weapon in Config.ecf
    - Implemented crafting of free items (eg. Survival Tool)
    - Updated 'EnableTrading' settings: The use of 'GlobalVirtual' is deprecated but accepted as 'All' (which enables all forms of trading as it has been actually used like this), player to NPC trading can now be disabled
    - Exporting new params to Config.ecf: AboveTerrainCheck, TurretTargetIgnore

    User Interface:
    - New Messages Window for XP and Pickup (better visible, larger icons)
    - We updated a lot of preview icons (especially ore resources + ingots, food items etc) to make them more distinguishable.
    - On game loading a progress is now shown
    - Better visuals and ordering of stats for all devices
    - Displaying now Unlock Cost + Level in Block Info
    - Added Damage Info (for now only for Rock Mining)
    - Added Interior Suit Stats to Player Window
    - Tweaked Map Windows: Ensure Orbit playfields are sorted before main sector playfields, Disabled "PvP" Labels in SP, Disabled Difficulty Labels
    - Separate string of Status Effects
    - Resume game window allows double click on game to load it
    - Do not display mass for devices where weight has no impact yet (Terrain Placeables)
    - "UpgradeTo" is now displayed in Block Info
    - "ReturnFactor" is now displayed in Block Info (eg Multitool, Survival Tool)
    - “Unlock Level” and “Unlock Points” are now displayed in Block Info
    - Do not display Reload Time for weapons with unlimited ammo anymore

    Improved Constructor / Food Processor Templates UI:
    - only shown locked templates up to the next unlock level
    - show currently unlockable (but still locked) items with a different color and sort accordingly
    - show not craftable items more colorful
    - shrinked and moved padlock icon to bottom left corner
    - changed BG colors to allow distinguishing between focused and not focused item

    Technical Changes, Additions and Optimizations:
    - Drilling optimization: less network traffic
    - Memory optimization when shooting with weapon groups in a ship
    - Added "Tree Quality" settings to Video Options
    - Increased Scenario upload size limit from 10 to 100 MB
    - When deleting a local savegame in the Resume Game menu, the corresponding Cache folder is also deleted
    - Changed how Biome name is displayed: removed "bm" prefix if Biome is not localized
    - Deleting Cache on startup of game if the Build number has changed

    Other Changes:
    - Multitool Update: "Deconstruct" is now called "Salvage", "Disassemble" is now called "Retrieve blocks"
    - Added in game message 'No core present' when trying to open CP but no core is at the current structure
    - Added possibility to teleport using sector map (shift-right click when hovering over sector body)
    - Temporarily removed Tutorial scenario
    - Removed grown plants from stock prefabs
    - Stack size increased from 5 to 6 for several devices (for better use with symmetry plane)
    - If structure contains no blocks any more, it will be now removed within a few seconds
    - Avoiding exception and adding error message when a spawner spawns an entity that is not in the config file any more.
    - Renamed AI MarkerBlock into DroneSpawner and changed model (it is now placed flat on a block).
    - DroneSpawner blocks now appear in Control Panel so "Show on HUD" can be activated
    - Updated EAC to release 18-04-18

    Updated Scenarios to A8:
    - Updated Shadows of Starlight scenario
    - Updated Dawn Of Galaxy scenario
    - Updated Invader vs Defender Scenario

    Updated Terrain Editor ("te"):
    - Added grouping of textures and larger texture preview
    - Added Normal Strength and Smoothness sliders
    - Added "Resample" slider to removed patterns on terrain
    - Added "Dominant Layer" checkbox to Terrain Editor Window (when drilling this texture will be shown > see rock texture in grasslands where it is a little bit bumpy)
    - Added debug checkmark to show texture distribution
    - Added Main and Secondary Texture Selection Window
    - Values now update immediately when input
    - Less change per tick of the scroll wheel

    Localisation Update:
    - Added Dutch (partially, thanks to David van den Bergen)
    - Added Vietnamese translation (partially, Thanks to Tam Nguyen)
    - Updated all other languages (thanks to all who contributed)

    Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (Patch notes -
    We released a major update of the EAH tool. For details of the changes and fixes, please have a look here:

    Mod API Changes:
    (Please update your MOD's since the DLL and the Requests changed)
    - Request_ShowDialog_SinglePlayer has now a new Parameter (DialogBoxData). With it you can send a normal message box as before, but you can also send a message box with 2 buttons. The game sends the clicked button back in the "Event_DialogButtonIndex" with the Parameter "IntValue".
    - EntitySpawnInfo has a new property "entityTypeName". PLEASE set it to null to keep the spawning of structures working as usual.
    - GlobalStructureInfo: If some data (blocks/lights/devices/triangles/coreType) can't be,loaded (like shortly after a playfield gets loaded) the data will be set to -1 . This way you know the value is not correct/usable yet.
    - PlayerInfoSet for Request_Player_SetPlayerInfo: You can now edit the factionRole (Founder = 0, Admin = 1, Member = 2, NotSet = 3), setLastNLogs (Amount of latest client logs that should be send to the server) and bpRemainingTime (in ms).
    - PlayerInfoSet for Request_Player_SetPlayerInfo: You can now set only one value by setting all others to null.
    - PdaStateInfo now contains the PlayerID
    - Request_Player_ItemExchange now contains 49 slots instead of 35 (not tested yet)
    - Re-enabled Event_Player_ItemExchange answer to dedi (disabled for testing and accidentally committed)
    - Request_ShowDialog_SinglePlayer: allow Enter or Esc to be pressed as an equivalent to clicking the respective buttons
    - Implemented: ModAPI: Player ID missing in Event_PdaStateChange
    - Enhanced: ModAPI function for dialog box with up to two buttons and return which button was pressed
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  5. EleonGameStudios

    EleonGameStudios Developer
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    • Developer
    Oct 20, 2014
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    - Fixed: Weapon shaking and shadow flickering when far out in space
    - Fixed: Infinite pickup bug when harvesting plants
    - Fixed: AI Vessels do not have colliders sometimes
    - Fixed: Spawned player blueprints sometimes have random loot in boxes
    - Fixed: You can spawn a BP with plants for "free" and level up fast at the game start > please remove grow and harvest stages from BPs since we marked all grow stages as forbidden in BPs
    - Fixed: Constructor / Food Processor idle energy is calculated differently in bases and ships
    - Fixed: Motorbike camera glitching when riding around.
    - Fixed: Item Dupe exploit in the food processor MP
    - Fixed: Pressing left shift will dig out terrain when placing a terrain placeable
    - Fixed: Backpack container sometimes empty when you die in MP
    - Fixed: Planet Vessel heads straight to the wreckage POI when it starts its patrol.
    - Fixed: Problem with loot that same item was drawn twice for the same container (thus lowering the variation of loot)
    - Fixed: Several status effects did not work as expected
    - Fixed: Problem that different status effects with the same impact (eg Bandages, Medikit) did not show separately
    - Fixed: NPC with several Status-Effect chances can trigger multiple of them when attacking player
    - Fixed: Instability of recursive constructor's crafting algorithm after having been far away for a while (sometimes left extra items in inventory)
    - Fixed: Symmetry plane location needs to be reset after disabling & reenabling the plane and after changing the color of a light.
    - Fixed: Mixed turret and thruster states not preserved after restarting the game
    - Fixed: When exiting from open SV cockpit\passenger seat the player can get stuck in the ship
    - Fixed: Exit points of Open Cockpit show strange requirement for free block spaces
    - Fixed: Replacing a Core with a different type breaks NPC Spawner config
    - Fixed: Problem with Random POI placing SpawnNear and SpawnAvoid rules
    - Fixed: Hotbar re-appears in scope when zooming in
    - Fixed: Problem that some sub-components were not craftable in certain constructors
    - Fixed: Problem that animals followed player into water
    - Fixed: Resource asteroids when coming down can go through terrain.
    - Fixed: Ammo dupe using the force disconnect (MP)
    - Fixed: Signal is not maintained when copy & pasting a selection with a signal in it
    - Fixed: SV landing gear (docking pad) does not give components after salvage
    - Fixed: Sometimes lights won't turn off after the signals setup to have been triggered (MP)
    - Fixed: Firing a Drill- or Multitool-turret on a HV in SPACE results in the wrong info message
    - Fixed: PDA NearUnit check: now only temporary unit marker removals are reported as game event and action processing only accepts unit name but not POI group name
    - Fixed: The clouds on a planet when in orbit disappear when the planet is in a corner of the screen
    - Fixed: Offline Protection: Do not activate OP if Allied Members are still online
    - Fixed: Offline Protection could exceed the max count by mirroring or selection tools
    - Fixed: Problem that dropped items and backpacks fell through bases when dropped on them and game was reloaded/server got restarted
    - Fixed: Problem that unexpected asteroid resources were spawning
    - Fixed: Signaling detection bug in the power-switchable sensors
    - Fixed: Exception after placing a motion sensor after removing a light barrier
    - Fixed: AI Space Vessel: Yaml max speed "FixedMaxSpeed" was now taken correctly into account
    - Fixed: Problem that lava textures had inconsistent temperatures
    - Fixed: HUD name tag of structure still on screen after being disassembled & is being repositioned constantly.
    - Fixed: Client freeze if a player is in the sensor detection area edit mode and loses connection to (or is being kicked from) the server
    - Fixed: After cutting a vessel then pasting it back into the selection area the client crashed sometimes
    - Fixed: When completing a PDA mission in a cockpit of a vessel the reward is put into the vessel hotbar & lost
    - Fixed: Controls sometimes stop working after using ingame chat in Multiplayer
    - Fixed: PDA '-Signals' are not saved in Blueprint when used as logic circuit inputs
    - Fixed: SV\HV Miniguns can damage device\mobs through block in certain use cases
    - Fixed: Adding devices to groups in the CP the next device in the 'Ungrouped’ group is skipped
    - Fixed: Error when switching quality settings
    - Fixed: PDA menu not always displayed the Autostart chapter
    - Fixed: Exhaust particle effect showing always on motorbike
    - Fixed: AI planet vessel: patrol altitude, patrol radius and patrol center of the yaml file now correctly taken into account.
    - Fixed: Duplicate Resource Names in MP Startscreen
    - Fixed: PDA description not showing on first click
    - Fixed: Waypoint marker when edited will be positioned high above or below where it should be.
    - Fixed: Inconsistency in small and capital letters for Constructor GUI
    - Fixed: Planet reentry particle effect texture missing sometimes
    - Fixed: Add to Group / Add To Last Group does not always work
    - Fixed: PDA: Double click on chapter activates / deactivates it regardless of permissions
    - Fixed: 'Consumption' & 'Hitpoint' values do not appear in the Italian language when looking at devices.
    - Fixed: Troop Transport does not/cannot land + behavior improvement
    - Fixed: Wrong sound when selecting main menu "Player Setup"
    - Fixed: Double sound when entering Resume Game window
    - Fixed: Using internal parameters in the Config.ecf still works
    - Fixed: Missing localization in Portable Constructor for map and faction access
    - Fixed: Planet vessel don't move when spawned with console command "aimanager addvessel"
    - Fixed: Duplicate PDA log messages if resuming a game with an active message
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    hello bugs
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    so did i read correctly and now we can build floating bases ??
  11. Watcher330

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    Only POI can be floating, not player base
  12. Damonicus1986

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    ```Floating and Underwater POIs on Planets:
    - Added possibility to have floating bases on planets```

    in this case that should be updated :)
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    Great! All in play! :)
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    will we get floating base option for player bases later on ?
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    2 more hours at work ...

    EDIT: Juhuu, I can leave early today!
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    4 more hours here, then i'm playing all evening :D
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    Awesome job guys. A tremendous amount of work and content went into 8. Congratulations on the release.
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    Great update guys and glad the HV water issue sorted and camera shake reduced. It was fun most of time playing experimental now looking forward to even more playtime. Thank you.
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    Didn't know this was a "bug"... o_O
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