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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Christmas is coming closer and so we thought it is about time to release the first Part of Alpha 9 to our community, so everyone can play and test and gift us with a lot of valuable feedback on the most recent additions, like NPC Factions and the new Logistic Menu in particular.

    Part I, you ask?

    Yes. Unlike previous major releases, Alpha 9 was split in two parts due to the very nature of the features we added: Both NPC Factions and Logistics are adding game mechanics that are completely new and have a lot of touch points with nearly every game mechanic which means we need a LOT of feedback - and we only will get that feedback, if all of our community members can access these features. On the down side, this also means that there might be a few more rough edges than usual.

    But given that the features we added have great potential for the future and will also help to shape the game in terms of immersion, we are quite sure everyone is happy to give feedback on how to improve those gameplay mechanics even further.

    Said that, please take your time reading through the FAQs & Feedback threads, pinned over here:

    Here is a quick overview of the main features of Alpha 9:
    1. Logistics
    2. AI Factions, Reputation and Territory
    3. Leveled NPCs
    4. Improved Weapon Handling
    5. Improved Game Start
    ... and many more features as documented in the changelog below.

    Check out the update video that highlights the main features of Alpha 9:

    Please report bugs here:

    Have fun with Alpha 9


    Emp Dev Team

    P.S. We highly recommend starting a new game with Alpha 9. When continuing an Alpha 8 save game, your player / constructor inventories will be empty and bases will be lowered 2m into the ground. However, we added Alpha 8 to the legacy branches on Steam so you can still access it.

    P.P.S. The voting for the "2018 Indie of the Year Awards" is still going on. Empyrion made it already into the Top 100. We need your help for the final mile. If you like Empyrion, please vote for it here:


    CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.0.0 (Build 2076)


    1. Logistics

    With Alpha 9, we prepared the grounds for integrating volume restrictions and weight into the game. Even though we already added and updated weight and volume for most of the items and blocks, we did not yet activate it. We still need to polish some parts and rebalance everything.

    For those who want to test how it feels when weight and volume restrictions are active, you can enable it as follows:
    1. Set "EnableVolumeWeight: True" in Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Scenarios\Default Random\gameoptions.yaml
    2. Start a new Survival game


    Instead of carrying around any block or item in your backpack or placing it from there, you will need to use the new LOGISTIC feature, which not only allows you to circumvent volume and weight limitations, but also allows to use this for remote actions via the Connected Toolbar.

    Logistics Window
    Logistic as a whole, not only means how items and blocks can be moved without having to move them "through" your inventory, but also how inventories of construction devices will work from now on.

    As soon as you are in reach of a Wifi or standing on your base or vessel, you can access the new logistic menu with F4 - or by facing a container and clicking F.

    This is how the GUI of the logistics window looks like

    On BOTH SIDES you can select
    - a structure (even the same structure)
    - a container (cannot be the same if structure is the same)

    On the RIGHT side you can also select Fuel Tanks and O2 Tanks from an additional dropdown in order to fill them (fill-source needs to be selected on the LEFT side!)

    You can freely move around items from one side to the other (if you activated the limitation: given there is enough volume) by drag and drop, SHIFT-Click or with the buttons in the middle.

    Example: You can fill a tank of a vessel you are connected with (select vessel and tank on the RIGHT side) while standing on the base or in Wifi Range of another vessel, and moving fuel cells from any container (select source structure and container on the LEFT)

    If you want to lift and place blocks or devices that are too heavy for your player or have a volume that exceeds your inventory, you can use the CONNECT button in the middle. This will "connect" you to the base and allow you to use the Connected Toolbar.

    Connected Toolbar

    As indicated, the integration of weight and volume limits will change how you handle blocks and items - especially the big ones: Large Constructor has 2500 L volume and your Inventory has 500 L storage capacity.

    The connected toolbar is a toolbar to allow building without having run back and forth between containers due to the volume limits or be able to build at all and will stay in the future iterations, as most of the midgame blocks and devices are too heavy or voluminous for you to carry around in your backpack!

    New Constructor Input / Output
    With the new way on how logistics will be handled, the availability of internal inventories of the construction machines has changed. When you set up one of these devices and open its GUI you will notice that the devices do not have an internal inventory anymore. Instead you can assign ANY container (except fuel tanks and o2 tanks) to the INPUT and OUTPUT fields.


    Modular Containers
    To solve the ever-increasing demand of volume (when volume is activated as a limit), we added the new MODULAR CONTAINERS for all structures (BA, CV, SV and HV) for the initial A9 release (possibly also helpful for reworking your blueprints!)

    Each Container consist of a
    - Container Control Unit (CC, max one per container)
    - Cargo Expansion Unit (CE)

    Modular containers are available for normal storage, ammo and harvest.

    For more details and feedback, please visit:

    2. NPC Factions, Reputation and Territory

    In the last major versions, we referred to some NPCs and groups of NPCs in a way that would let you imagine, those are real factions - but they still were only "NPCs" grouped in a POI. There was only ONE enemy that attacked you with drones and troops. This has changed now - and will change in future versions.

    (Polaris Mining Hub)

    With Alpha 9, we introduce the first iteration of a real NPC faction and reputation system, starting with the global NPC factions of:
    - Zirax Empire (the former "always bad guys")
    - Talon (the natives)
    - Polaris (a company with a monopole on machines & mining)
    - Aliens (default faction for all the "always bad" guys; it is always hostile and you cannot change/influence the standing towards this faction)

    Starting from Alpha 9, you basically can be friend or enemy to any of these factions - or all of those. This means that you can walk into a Zirax drone base and not being shot, but walk into a Polaris Trading station and be attacked right away...or the traders will not share their offers with you at best.

    Said that, the NPC Faction system and its underlying "Rivalry & Reputation" matrix (See below) will be constantly evolved up to a point where you, as a creator, will be able to also customize these elements and the NPC Factions as a whole.

    What you need to know for Alpha 9:
    1. Action leads to reaction. Killing or looting and other actions now come at a cost or with a reward of REPUTATION POINTS
    2. NPC Factions have TERRITORIES. Performing the aforementioned Actions inside or outside the territory might show different results
    3. You can make friends, but due to the RIVALRY of faction, you might make enemies at the same time

    Territory View:
    This is how the territories look on the map. They are static and NPC factions do not expand them (maybe in the future)

    On the HUD in the upper right corner you can see the territory you are currently in - and the Standing towards this faction:

    In the Player Menu (TAB) you can see the current Standing towards any faction. More factions are planned.

    Reputation Points and Standing:
    There are 6 dedicated standing levels which are tied to a defined Reputation Points threshold in 6000 per-level intervals:

    0 - 6000 : Hostile
    6001 - 12000 : Unfriendly
    12001 - 18000: Neutral
    18001 - 24000: Friendly
    24001 - 30000: Honored

    Example: If you see “Hostile: 5800/6000” you just slipped into “hostile” with 200 points. Gain 200 points and the counter will reset to 0 and you will advance to “Unfriendly”. You need 6000 more to get to Neutral then. Same for Neutral: 199/6000 means that you are 199+1 point away from “Unfriendly”

    Special Standing Actions:
    Some of the actions depend on a given standing level, eg. you can only do an action as long as you are on the correct standing level with the NPC faction member in front of you
    • On Honored State:
      > get a discount at the faction trader
      > mine ore without RP penalty
      > spawn structure without RP penalty
    • On Friendly State:
      > able to trade with a faction trader
      > stay in territory (BA or vessel) without RP penalty
      > harvest plants without RP penalty

    Factions are not necessarily friends to each other - they might even be rivals. Given the Lore behind those factions, certain actions you as a player (or faction) do in favor or against a faction might lead to a faction standing change for another faction.

    Of course, running missions for a faction might rise or drop your faction standing as well.

    For more details and feedback, please visit:

    3. Leveled NPCs

    In Alpha 9, you will notice an additional number when facing a NPC or a POI. This is the "level" of your opponent.


    The level of the NPC is basically a multiplier of its attack (damage of his weapon) and defense (hitpoint) values, pretty much like the decision, which Difficulty mode to start the game with does also multiply the attack/defense parameters.

    The level is an additional multiplier. If you played on MEDIUM before and now run into a Level 10 NPC on the same difficulty level, the NPC is 2.5x stronger than in Alpha 8.

    For more details and feedback, please visit:

    4. Improved Weapon Handling

    - Added iron sight aiming aka "aim-down-sight" (ADS)
    - Added Recoil to all handheld weapons
    - Added separate recoil parameter "Recoil" per weapon (can be configured in Config.ecf)
    - Added recoil also in aiming mode (iron sight and scope aiming)
    - Added red dot in aim mode to weapons if they have either a red dot sight or a zoom scope
    - Weapons still deal damage beyond "Effective Range" up to "Max. Range" (inflicted damage decreases strong beyond Effective Range)
    - When in aiming mode with red dot sight or scope, crosshair becomes red if target is within "Effective Range"

    5. Improved Game Start and Improved Starter Planets
    - Added new Tutorial-style Robinson Protocol in the beginning of normal Survival start (SP and coop)
    - Better guiding of new players to learn the basics of the game
    - Added reduced start health and food (amount depends on difficulty level)
    - Tweaked start equipment
    - Increased creature spawn rate on starter planet
    - Major update of POIs on starter planets

    For more details and feedback, please visit:
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    Updated New Game Menu:
    - Added possibility to select size of starter planet (Use range from dynamic playfield file to drive Planet Size selections, ie the dynamic.yaml determines which planet sizes are available for UI of Starter Planets)

    - Added Boarding Ramps
    - Added 9 fully retractable landinggears
    - Added vessel deco parts
    - Added new deco blocks for Talon POIs (DecoTribalBlocks)
    - Added container group (SV/HV and BA/CV) with all A8 containers

    Texture / Model Update:
    - Updated Talon NPC (and added different types for more variation):
    - Model update: core blocks, generator T2, troop transport, alien bug on temperate planet
    - Texture update: Turrets, containers, ammo and harvest box, Overseer NPC
    - Exchanged model of Assault Rifle and Pulse Rifle
    - Updated model of Pistol T1 and added shooting animation
    - Updated model of Survival Tool

    PDA Mission Update:
    - Added 6 all-new standalone missions for each faction: Talon, Zirax, Polaris
    - Totally Overpowered is now a Polaris Story Mission (as it is basically a Polaris Company internal - with a cliffhanger for the player at its end ;)
    (Note: all the STORY missions will depend on each other in the future; for now they can be played individually right away for testing!)
    > For more details and feedback, please visit:

    Added Freedom Game Mode:
    - Like Survival (ie enemies, POIs, story etc) but with unlimited health, resources and no hunger management
    > For more details and feedback, please visit:

    Added new type of Entity Spawner: "Static"
    - Spawns NPC only once and does not trigger particle effect
    - Spawns NPC even when structure has no core or power, ie after conquering
    - "Static" can be configured via CP of spawner block
    > The new static spawners should behave as if you actually place the NPC in the POI
    > Idea is to be able to create POIs where the player needs to clear a POI completely from enemies even after it has been captured
    > we recommend using for these static spawners the thin plate because it will be removed in Survival (ie you do not need to texture and hide it)

    General Entity Spawner Update:
    - Added dummy model to all spawner blocks so that the spawner blocks can be easily found in Creative mode in a POI
    - Added the possibility to set faction on a per-spawner basis (eg you can place Civilian prisoners in a Zirax prison)
    - Entities that are spawned within a structure are now also saved with this structure (this means when resuming a save game, the NPCs will be at the same position as when leaving game): PLEASE test well
    - Entities spawned in a structure now stay within the structure and a boundary of 5 meters around
    - Updated Talon POIs with static spawners

    Updated Decoration System:
    - Integrated new system for plants and trees: the decorations are now GPU instanced which should improve performance
    - Improved visuals of decorations (billboards etc)
    - Faster loading of decorations

    Vessel Controller Update:
    - Added cruise mode info to Ship UI. To enable use the shift key with any movement key (WASDC or space bar). To disable it, press any movement key (cruise mode on/off is also displayed in Vessel HUD)
    - Added drag on planet depending on atmosphere density
    - SV and CV will not automatically glide down anymore if they pitch or roll. Only too weak thrusters will lead to a move when pitching or rolling
    - On planets the vertical max speed is now set to 90m/s

    Improved AI Pathing:
    - AI can now path between terrain and bases
    - AI can now path in narrow bases
    - AI can now path through doors

    General AI Update:
    - Reduced impact effect when hitting a drone
    - Do not despawn NPC creatures in space after exit to main menu
    - Drones do not have map marker anymore and do not show up on radar (to be consistent with other entities). Note: Planet Vessel and Space Drones still show up on radar
    - Reduced HP on traders, alien civilians and assault cyborg
    - Alienbug01 can now get aggressive if approached too close
    - Added Ripper Dog
    - Desert worms attack if their friend is damaged. note: desert worm Large is considered as different species to desert worm
    - AlienBug01 is now Prey faction
    - Improved Trader behavior (now standing at the edge of a block, does not attack and gets killed easily, will respawn after 5min if POI has not been conquered)
    - Reduced weapon damage on Trader and AssaultCyborg weapons
    - Removed entity despawn logic when stuck to avoid that guards get despawned when they don't move
    - Adapted faction affiliation for creatures (e.g. Crawler now belongs to Talon faction)
    - Added TalonChief and ZiraxCommander NPC
    - Added TalonSentinel and AssaultCyborgSentinel NPC that guard a certain position (added TalonSentinel to some Talon POIs)
    - Added new group ZiraxRipperDogPatrol to all playfields
    - Replaced ZiraxOverseerPatrol, ZiraxCrawlerPatrol with ZiraxRipperDogPatrol on all playfields
    - ZiraxOverseerPatrol, ZiraxCrawlerPatrol should not be used anymore (Overseer = Alien, Crawler = Talon). We are now spawning RipperDogs for these groups
    - Exchanged Troop Transport content: RipperDog instead of Crawler

    Visuals / Sounds:
    - Grass is now growing closer to POIs, set distance to deco from 12m to 8m
    - Map view: slightly fading of shore instead of hard cut
    - All texturable devices now use tiled hull texture instead of plain hull texture
    - First draft of printing the player damage death reason on screen
    - Dark side of planet darker in space
    - Tweaked particle effects on SurvivalTool, MultiTool
    - 3d map: other player shows a bit darker now
    - Tweaked LOD of growable plants: later culling
    - Added new square sniper overlay on Sniper T2 and Sniper Epic
    - Floating + Underground BAs: keep grass and deco below/above, do not show underground terrain texture
    - Added dead model versions of Talon
    - Changed scope on Sniper Rifles
    - Reduced size of Crawler NPC

    - Renamed "Enhanced Weapons" back to "Epic Weapons"
    - Added Epic Drill and Epic Heavy Armor to Purple Loot
    - Epic weapons cannot be crafted anymore
    - Updated Loot: added more weapons to Alien Containers
    - Using INSERT/DELETE will now rotate a blueprint before placing it
    - Set suspended status effect icons to gray
    - When placing a starter block or a BP, it can only be rotated by 90° (due to change in AI pathing)
    - Removed difficulty setting for spawn rate (always set to Medium)
    - Toolbar can now wrap around when using scroll wheel (ie from handsfree slot to slot 1 and vice versa)
    - No Plant Growing / No Life Check if CoreNPC or Admin
    - Destroying deco NPC does not give XP anymore
    - Added new Talon Trader content for all Talon traders in POIs
    - Starter block of CV does not have cockpit anymore
    - Escape Pod start is now a bit earlier during the day (ie it will be a bit to the west)
    - Entities on POIs (that already get despawned after 5 minutes no player adjacent) will now also get despawned with DSL unloaded of this POI
    - Do not show prompt anymore for ContainerPersonal when not configured in yaml
    - First draft in adding CPU points (WIP). Currently CPU limit is not yet activated
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    UI Changes:
    - Added possibility to disable HUD icons of bases/vessels and resource deposits to reduce cluttering of the HUD
    (Open 3d map > "HUD display" checkboxes in lower left corner)
    - Removed “mode” (PvP, PvE) display in map for orbit playfields in SP
    - Improved sector map display and UI
    - Changes to status effect status icon display in HUD.
    - Terrain Editor Window: Added "All" tab for textures
    - Added HSV/RGB Sliders and Color Presets to Player Setup Color Picker
    - ColorPalette: Change button HIDE to UNHIDE when triggered
    - Added "No Build" and "Landclaim" (AntiGrief) zone legend label to 3d map (Landclaim only displayed in MP)

    PDA Update:
    - Show remaining amount for multi-count PDA task in HUD info, e.g. (1/10)
    - Added reputation rewards to PDA
    - Added PDA mission visibility by Reputation level
    - Added possibility to make a chapter only activateable when player has a certain reputation
    - Activated PDA tag “HideTasks”: when this is set, the tasks of a chapter are not displayed anymore - only the active tasks is shown (so it is more of a surprise what happens next)
    - Show collapse arrow behind chapter title only if tasks are visible (do not display arrow if Reputation or Level restricted and player does not have sufficient amount)
    - PDA will now display a default image if no image file referenced in PDA.yaml - just add a pic named "Default.jpg" to PDA folder
    - Refinements to Skip/NoSkip for PDA briefings. Integrate PDA SkipMessage parameter.
    - Improved Preamble / Description handling: when no Preamble is used, only a small welcome window will be displayed
    - Ignore auto-activated PDA missions when in God Mode and landing from the Escape Pod.
    - Implemented Faction Reputation into PDA missions.
    - Show PDA category Tutorial in MP games.
    - Added new category “UCH” > will be displayed under "SoloMissions" for now
    - Only copy PDA.yaml and PDA.csv to save game folder, read all images from content/scenario directories.

    Scenario Creators / Modding:
    - Starter Planets are now unique when “UniqueStarterPlanet: true” is given in solarsystemconfig.yaml:
    > When now starting normal Survival game, you can still chose between 2 starter planets (temperate and arid) but when the solar system is created it will only have the starter planet you have chosen (before also the other starter planet was generated)
    - Added possibility to randomly generate a solar system for scenarios (see Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Scenarios\Default Multiplayer)
    > You can define your own setup of the solarsystem in solarsystemconfig.yaml in the RandomPresets folder
    - Added possibility to use a fixed position for Escape Pod start (eg for Coop > every player who joins server will drop at same location)
    - Added new gameoptions parameters for Coop games: ForcePvP and OriginFactionStart
    > Both parameters can be used for Coop scenarios
    > We enabled both parameters for our Random Default scenario which is designed for SP and Coop
    - Filter display of scenarios in New Game Window via '.hide.txt' file in scenario directory (we are currently hiding Dawn of Galaxy, Shadows of Starlight and Default Multiplayer scenarios)
    - Supporting factions "Admin" and "Public" in yaml files
    - Supporting now | in damage multiplier > see Config.ecf
    - Removed some entities from debug spawn menu
    - Added Status parameters to FixedPlayerStart
    - Added new Auxiliary algorithm for POI placements
    - Exporting MaxVolumeCapacity to Config.ecf
    - Allow to set default reputation to Polaris, Talon, Zirax depending on Origin > see DefReputation.ecf
    - Increased version of Config.ecf to 3 since it is not compatible with A8

    Creative / Builder Changes:
    - Added harvest stage of player growable plants to Creative menu so Builders can use them in POIs (we will soon create a own block group)
    - In creative mode you can now spawn a BA in air on a planet to ease editing it
    - Renamed CoreEnemy into CoreNPC > Important: All PDA creators, please update your PDA and replace "CoreEnemy" with "CoreNPC"
    - Separated walkway and railing blocks into Small and Large
    - Separated ramp blocks into Small and Large
    - Proper separation between Shutter Doors Small and Large
    - Allow to set blocks to a structure that is regenerate-able in super godmode (gm iv)
    - Added "FillerBlock" (no preview icon yet): these blocks will be removed when spawned in Survival
    - Added new wood texture: "raw wood" (could be used for logs in Talon Villages): page 1 on Wood texture tool
    - Added Hay texture for tribal villages: page 2 on Wood texture tool
    - Updated all POIs and all stock CV / BA with new cargo containers that have more volume (we had to do it because in A8, there was no separation between SV/HV and BA/CV containers).
    You can update your BPs with these console commands:
    replaceblocks <entityid> 1081 1677 (2x1x1 containers)
    replaceblocks <entityid> 1084 1677 (2x1x1 containers)
    replaceblocks <entityid> 273 1676 (1x1x1 containers)

    Other Changes:
    - Added console cmd to visualize the NPC spawn points in SP (use "dm" and then F9 twice, to zoom in use PgUp/PgDown)
    - Updated Invader vs Defender Scenario
    - Temporarily only 1 starter planet for Random Default until other starter planets are setup correctly
    - Added "Auto-Brake" toggle in Control Panel
    - Added PentaxidElement as new ingredient for energy-based weapons (replaces PentaxidOre) > no balancing changes were made, just template adapted
    - Converted mass into float
    - Deactivated old container blocks since they are now too small
    - Chunk loading optimization
    - Added block id, name and position to 'di' console command
    - Temporarily deactivate Modular Wing Pylon due to problems with placement
    - Deactivated In-Game Hints temporarily
    - Optimized Wheat growable plants to improve performance when many of them are placed
    - Temporarily deactivated WellFed status effect
    - Improved console cmd "ents" by only showing full data when -full is specified
    - More exact collider on AlienBug01
    - Temporarily removed TemperateSwamp from Random Default
    - Showing now "< 1 minutes" instead of seconds when picking up something
    - Dedi: Increased playfield load timeout from 10 to 20 seconds

    - Rebalanced all turrets and mounted weapons against entities > now they inflict lower damage on entities (eg turret against drones / players / NPC)
    >>> FEEDBACK required
    - AtmoDensity has stronger effect on weapon range => all weapons have now a lower range on planets (goal is to have closer combats on planets)
    >>> FEEDBACK required
    - Weapon rebalancing: turret rocket HV now uses other ammo (lower damage)
    - Reduced HomingSpeed of Turret Rockets
    - Reduced crafting time of PowerBar
    - Parasaur loot different between parent and baby
    - Bandages now also heal (75HP)
    - Rebalancing: increased variance of rock resource drops
    - Stamina penalty through low food is less severe
    - Stamina recovers faster when walking
    - Updated templates for Plastic Raw Material (requires 4 Fiber + 1 Stone Dust)
    - Nanotubes now also use Plastic Raw Material instead of Steel Plates

    Renamed some blocks / components / units:
    - Plastic Raw Material > Carbon Substrate (for more detail, see below)
    - Plastic Blocks > Carbon Composite Blocks (for more detail, see below)
    - Watt > Power Units (PU)
    - Watt Hour > PUh

    Starter Planet Update:
    - Updated POI spawning (AlienTowers are now Alien faction, more predator spawn around AlienTowers)
    - Removed safe zone around starter biome (starter biome itself is still relatively safe)
    - LizardMule are now also spawning around Talon POIs
    - Resources are less deep buried
    - Gravity closer to earth for starter planet
    - Added Silicon Rocks in "Shallow Water" biome to be able to guide player more easily to this location
    - Renamed StarterBiome into Crashsite
    - Adapted deco in starter biome to have more alien deco

    Planet Update:
    - Added AtmosphereParams: [10, 0.5] =[RayleighMultiplier, Atmosphere Contrast] that will allow to set sky colors better
    - Updated SkyColor on several planets
    - Decreased min temperature on temperate planet to obtain more variation

    Blueprint Update:
    - Blueprint property window now supports flatten terrain and digout terrain as separate options per blueprint (ie a BP can have either of them or both)
    - Removed the need in blueprints to always have a y offset of -2 => offset now correctly displays the amount in meters that a POI is spawned in y direction (offset can also be Float > see eg BA_TribalCropField_TEST)
    NOTE: POIs in all old save games are moved 2m in the ground > please start new save game)
    - Updated y offset on Junk POI
    - Added Tribal Village (with filler blocks) and crop field
    - Replaced plant sprouts with harvestable version in all POIs (we added harvestable plant version to Creative Menu)
    - Possible to spawn POI very close to each other (when using SpawnPOINearRange)

    POI Update:
    - Added new Polaris POIs - a big thanks to Rainyday
    - Added new Polaris and Talon POIs: thanks to jmcburn, Kaeser, vermillion
    - Added new stock BP Base Tier 7: thanks to jrandall
    - Removed core from crashed ships
    - Separated ruins into Tribal (Talon) and Modern (Polaris)
    - Separated POI Tribal Villages in Stone and Wood (new group: TribalVillageStone)
    - Added new Talon fields: thanks to jmcburn, Jacoviz
    - Adapted y-offset for Junk T1 per POI (they also flatten ground now)
    - Added Crop Fields (thanks to geostar1024, vermillion)
    - Updated some wreckage POIs to prevent from easy collapse through SI
    - Polaris Mining Aux Building: Ore Mill (thanks to: Kaeser)
    - Tribal Bazaar (thanks to: Vermillion)

    Repair-to-Template Window:
    - Allow shift-click to quick move ingots from bag to item drop
    - Increase timeout before updating Repair Data when adding ingots to 6s

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Explosive device does not explode in space
    - Fixed: Large & heavy HV's can become stuck underwater & become very difficult to get out & free from the water.
    - Fixed: Fuel disappears from a base if you power it on before adding fuel to it.
    - Fixed: Deconstructor does not give back pentaxid after energy ammo deconstruction
    - Fixed: When the AG zone is off for a playfield the offline protection can be disabled.
    - Fixed: Placing follow-up light does not use settings from the previously placed light
    - Fixed: Barrels of some retractable turrets could stick out of box when retracted
    - Fixed: Problem that some drones had the wrong destroyed model
    - Fixed: Lettering symbols out of alignment.
    - Fixed: Problem that is was not possible to have FixedPlayerStart in a Structure in Random orbit playfield
    - Fixed: Survival tool beam showing wrong for other players
    - Fixed: R2T console accepts iron, copper and silicon ore stacks
    - Fixed: UI/Scroll Area Movement issue in Vessel Statistics
    - Fixed: Containers could not be mirrored with Mirror Planet
    - Fixed: Problem that some creatures on temperate swamp did not respawn
    - Fixed: Broken deco: AlienBushRedFronds has extreme colour in distance; branches move too fast in wind
    - Fixed: Heightmap discrepancies between SSG preview generated and in-game generated
    - Fixed: Walkway & Railing blocks BP issue > Please check if still exploit possible
    - Fixed: Lava "Transparency" SSAO Issue
    - Fixed: Issue with the Detector sometimes showing to go in directions where this is nothing to discover.
    - Fixed: Correct position of StarterBiomes (center is where escape pod lands without steering)
    - Fixed: HV hover engine in wrong state when switch from the control panel
    - Fixed: HV sometimes sink into the water
    - Fixed: With a scoped weapon equipped when going into scoped view there is a slight freeze
    - Fixed: NearPoi does not work in Space anymore
    - Fixed: Plant that gives Grains did not have a harvest version
    - Fixed: Problem that dirt under POIs was not calculated on first entry of a game
    - Fixed: Jump in Lava when player moves over planet
    - Fixed: Small gap when placing spawner plate thin
    - Fixed: Event_Entity_Faction_Changed spams the API
    - Fixed: Warning "missing script" on certain weapons
    - Fixed: Preview shader is white for some devices
    - Fixed: SV Hitscan logic
    - Fixed: PDA: prevent error when a mission becomes re-activatable after the timer reset
    - Fixed: Talon did not correctly hold spear when walking (added better walk anim)
    - Fixed: If MapDistance: 0 in playfield.yaml, then POI was still discoverable when teleporting close to it (now only show HUD marker if debugging ie via map command)
    - Fixed: Slime now only attacks player after being attacked
    - Fixed: Lights blocks are removing blocks that are behind them.
    - Fixed: Too bright grass in forests
    - Fixed: Big Flower model was transparent from below
    - Fixed: Missing hull block in Alien Tower (story POI)
    - Fixed: Wrong position of ModWing T-Connector
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  4. Furious Hellfire

    Furious Hellfire Rear Admiral

    May 3, 2017
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    Splendid, I hope my ship doors will stop trying to eat me now :)))

    Was not expecting release today let alone a patch, you sneaky sneaky devs, had me thinking you were struggling, then like the consummate pros you are, you release 9 :D
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  5. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    I am confused or better uncertain how to proceed now...Changing back to A9.x stable OR sticking with EXP 9.x?:confused:
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  6. agentoscar

    agentoscar Ensign

    Oct 31, 2018
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    VERY cool!!!,
    but where's the "judgement day" as some people where calling the HUGE
    drone armies, troop transports, (that a difficult part especially now that NPC can
    path through doors) and destruction that we've all been waiting for?
    (sorry if I didn't see it.)
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  7. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    What are flesh eating doors against CoQ in 3 different games and all at the same point:rolleyes:
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  8. Pantera

    Pantera Administrator
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    Aug 15, 2016
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    Seeing that the public branch has the fix for the doors issue from the last exp build I would say the public build ;)
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  9. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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  10. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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    I'm very curious what part 2 is going to bring! :D
  11. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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  12. xXDeathXx

    xXDeathXx Commander

    Aug 31, 2017
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    because rushing a release was ever a good idea.. ffs
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  13. KayaM82

    KayaM82 Lieutenant

    Jan 14, 2017
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    Thanks for the "save the date" thread, so that the server operators could prepare themselves.
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  14. Furious Hellfire

    Furious Hellfire Rear Admiral

    May 3, 2017
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    - [Edge case] HV's sinking & losing speed over water.

    As a HV boat builder I know this issue better than anyone in EGS.

    There is no longer the random passing out of the front end hovers when crossing water (usually only in a mp server) but there is an unusual issue in sp and not sure if it is online also.

    Every now and then i find a spot of water say about 2x2 large blocks in diameter and within this spot hover engines do not function or rather the boat just falls in.

    I can circle the spot and watch as all sides of my boat gradually tilt in toward it so its a fixed spot where there is no hover function.

    I detected this in all stages of alpha 9 so far including today's release.
  15. Furious Hellfire

    Furious Hellfire Rear Admiral

    May 3, 2017
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    Dude everywhere I went doors were tying to eat me hahah
    I had just woken up and so did not have too much a sense of humour about it at the time XD

    But looking back it was funny as hell, I should have just reported saying, help my bases and ships are trying to eat me ! and post a video of it XD
  16. IronCartographer

    Sep 27, 2017
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    Well, this is one way to avoid having feature additions to a Release Candidate.
  17. Watcher330

    Watcher330 Commander

    Feb 2, 2017
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    Thank you for releasing Version 9 without warning and give the server administrators time to update their scenarios!
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  18. markoredflag

    markoredflag Commander

    Oct 26, 2016
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    How bad is mine? right now? my video card broke ..... OH sadness ... :(
  19. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    Ask me how much "sense of humor" is left for me... I intend to quit for the sake of my nerves...just lost my shop in I lose my happiness with the only game I played in the last Year...most sad:(
  20. Furious Hellfire

    Furious Hellfire Rear Admiral

    May 3, 2017
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    Man we will be alright, we will survive through this bro, we will get our silly little bugs fixed, we will be heard together !

    We cant quit now, things are getting interesting :D
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