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    In the playfield.yaml of the planet u want to use it on.

    Removing or not using any of the following LandClaimZone settings has the same effect than using the 'LandClaimZone: Default' mode!

    Note: The LandClaimZone settings also apply to alien POIs. If you want to protect a POI with the LandClaimZone: Device mode active, the POI needs a Landclaim Device!

    Note: Antigrief zones set up for deposits in the gamesettings.yaml will ALWAYS exist and are NOT affected by any LandClaimZone mode. If you do (not) want deposits to be protected, please use the setup in the gamesettings.yaml

    Note: The gamesettings.yaml can be found at the top level in the games scenario folder and will be copied over to the savegame folder when starting a new game. In this case, changes for a savegame need to be made there, and not in the scenario folder!

    LandClaimZone: Default # Use gamesettings.yaml to setup detailed values for either using AntiGriefDistancePvE and/or AntiGriefDistancePvP

    LandClaimZone: Device # IF either one or both AntiGriefDistancePvE and AntiGriefDistancePvP are activated in gamesettings.yaml, Antigrief-Zones will only exist for structures that have a Landclaim Device

    LandClaimZone: Off # This negates the settings made for both AntiGriefDistancePvE and AntiGriefDistancePvP in the gamesettings.yaml by setting all AntiGriefZones to OFF for this playfield only.
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