Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.6: CPU, Flight model, HV>SV docking

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Most of you will have heard already about the features that are coming in Alpha 10.6, like the CPU, the new Flight Model, HV-to-SV docking and more.

    Without further ado, some important general info on the CPU system and their use in the Experimental version.

    The primary goal of adding the CPU system was to add a way to allow some basic specialization and an additional way to balance vessels in regards of thrust, RCS, weaponry and other parameters. Other features, added alongside CPU, will support that goal and open up alternative approaches. For example with 10.6 you do not necessarily need a (CPU costly) RCS anymore, because the position of thrusters will gain you a decent torque as well and the new aerodynamics lift/drag model will allow for SV designs, that can lift off on planets (with an atmosphere) by having only back-facing thrusters - without the need of any additional side, up or down thrusters!

    In this context, there are a few important info you need to know about:
    • The values you see in the device infos are not yet final. They might move up or down or anywhere in between, even AFTER 10.6 has gone live on the public branch (but then possibly in a lower amplitude).
    • Because this is the case, we decided to do two things: First, the current Experimental version will have the CPU System activated by default with no option to deactivate it, so we get the most of the feedback. Second, when this version goes live on the public branch, we will not only add a SWITCH so you can decide if you want to play with CPU or not, but we also will set CPU Points to OFF per default. Server owners will of course get the same options.
    • At some point in the future, when the feedback indicates the CPU Points have grown to a workable balance, we will switch the setup again, so from then on CPU will be activated by default, BUT you will still be able to decide to not use them as the setting for On/Off will stay in the game of course!

    Note: When resuming a 10.5 savegame, CPU system is off. We recommend to start a new savegame for EXP anyhow, due to all the other feature updates and POI changes (f.ex. The QuantumSTAR traders you can get the components for the CPU Extenders, will not be available in resumed 10.5 games!)

    Please read the detail-info thread about CPU (and the other new features) BEFORE starting into the Experimental version: :)

    Main Features & Additions of Alpha 10.6
    1. CPU Points & Tier System
    2. New Flight Mechanic & Techniques
    3. New Pilot HUD
    4. HV-to-SV Docking
    5. Thruster Rebalancing
    6. Base Attack changes
    7. Building additions
      - Material Blockshapes (+16)
      - Heavy Windows (Full Glas, Connectors,...)
      - Railings (2 entirely new design groups: Metal and Metal-Glass + Double-Railings)
      - New Hangar door models
    8. New POIs
      - Default Survival Orbit: Wreckages
      - Default Survival Snow: Civilian buildings updated
      - CREATIVE Mode Orbital Base Start: New Base with Library (How To Build / Use Tools..)

    As always in an Experimental phase:

    Thanks a lot in advance for reporting any bug and issue in our bug-forum over here:

    Before making a bug report, please read about how to use the bug section:

    Also, ahead of reporting any issue, please have a quick look at the KNOWN ISSUES

    Please note that the Experimental phase will last at least 2 weeks.

    Now, have fun playing Alpha 10.6 Experimental ! :)

    PS: Also do not forget to check out our awesome Empyrion Galactic Survival Soundtrack, composed by Alex Jordon! Enjoy!
    Empyrion Galactic Survival - Soundtrack


    Patch 2019-11-07 (Build 2697)

    - Block CPU balancing: blocks with high hit points will be slightly less costly in CPU than previously (around 20%)
    - Removed RCS from 'essential devices' as they are no longer needed always
    - Added HeavyWindowQConnectTwoDiagonalMirror HeavyWindowQConnectTwoDiagonalMirrorInv to change tool table
    - Improved Vessel statistics (Ship max acceleration / rotation)

    - Fixed exception when using existing savegames
    - SV railgun triggers a CoQ when fired when in range of terrain or a structure
    - Fixed issue that some items were not available on Bertrams and Servant Corp Trader
    - Blank inventory spots prevent scrolling
    - Scrolling in cargo doesn't work in slots below initially visible ones
    - Fixed regression that rocket hitting a device did not decrease the shield
    - Removed collider from force field at DoorRoundArmored01Prefab that was blocking player into one direction
    - Vessel speed affected when within 1850m of a planet


    Patch 2019-11-06 (Build 2695)

    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    With todays Experimental update we are starting Phase 2 of the CPU points system. As promised we analyzed all the ships we got submitted and worked through your dedicated feedback as well. The changes we made in line with our goal to foster specialization, are as follows:
    - CPU Tier points (especially for CV) were noticeably increased for T2, T3 and T4
    - penalty for overshooting a CPU tier's point limit by 100% will now drop your efficiency to 71%
    Note that currently only Thrusters and RCS are affected. More devices, like Turrets, Constructors and else will be added next.

    We are, of course, aware that most of the stock prefabs in the Blueprint Libary are not yet CPU compliant. This will change towards the end of the EXP phase.

    Please keep sending in your feedback and ships to the EXP forum threads, so we can proceed on the balancing!



    - CPU max limit rebalancing version 2 (much more CPU points in higher tiers, check CPU page in Control Panel)
    - CPU efficiency rebalancing: 100% overshoot of the CPU tier level -> 71% efficiency
    - CPU extender don't cost CPU anymore
    - Reduced Energy In for all CPU Extenders
    - Supporting now round corner doors open/close animation
    - Pooling now also rockets, ground blast and destroy particles
    - Dedi: added server name and password to UI
    - Booster system : Booster energy level won't deplete is booster not available in one direction, Booster energy level won't increase if ship power is off
    - Centered, Round and Corner Doors now available for BA and CV (Glass variants will get their O2 shield removed still; Please check for AIRTIGHTness)
    - Techtree: Moved CPU Extenders to proper BA,CV,SV,HV tab, instead having all of them in MISC
    - Techtree SV/HV: Manual doors now default unlock; Shutter doors lvl 3, Ramps lvl 5
    - Add “Target in Range” Crosshair color change also to non-zoomed weapons and all fixed vessel weapons as well as manually aimed turrets (all structures) => crosshair gets red (bright) if in range
    - Turrets now also show the standard crosshair
    - Removed MaxFireAngle from items config
    - Lava planet has slightly less redish atmosphere color
    - The LightZenithColor of a planet will now force the light color of its orbit unless the new playfield yaml parameter OrbitUsesLightColor is set to false
    - Added RailingDoubleVertGlass -> RailingDoubleVertGlassInv to change tool translation table
    - Reduced Unlock-Level on SV Thruster L, M2 and L2
    - Removed force field from: DoorCentered02, DoorCorner02, DoorCornerArmored02, DoorRound02

    - Alien laser turret is not firing anything & triggers CoQ
    - CPU Extenders cannot be turned off anymore
    - [MP] Items given by NPC's are spoiled when looting their corpse
    - Dedi: fixed that stamps txt files got copied into wrong location (NewGame/Stamps)
    - [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] Possible to symmetry-glitch 2 or more cores per structure
    - Orbit Instances are broken
    - Fixed problem that on bad connections it was not possible to enter the game
    - Vessel speed affected when within 1850m of a planet
    - No Wood logs are dropped when a tree is cut down with the survival tool
    - Corrected a bug that caused rockets not to fly their full range
    - CoQ when loading into a playfied with 'lpf' which can also make current saves unloadable
    - Fixed: Double Railing Glass (industrial version) opacity cannot be changed
    - Fixed: Heave Windows opacity cannot be changed
    - Fixed rockets not showing trail and not flying far enough
    - Fixed door animator for: DoorRoundArmored01, DoorRoundArmored02
    - Fix for exception when selecting Default MP when starting a new game
    - Air resistance is applied in space when the player leaves a save on a planet then loads in again & goes to space


    Patch 2019-10-31 (Build 2689)

    - Allowing to spawn HVs in space now
    - Added blueprint name to 'di' output command (only available as game host)
    - Added CPU template collectibles (Optronic Bride and Matrix) to more traders: Bertrams (Small) and Servant Corp (Large)
    - CPU Penalties : Ships with at least one Core admin or NPC core or NPC core admin will no be subject to CPU penalties
    - Performance improvement when shooting a gun
    - Weapon CPU balancing : all the weapons are now correctly balanced (bug some weapons was not rebalanced with the factor 3)
    - Tweaks to HUD element visibility (F6)

    - Fixed: Optronic Brides and Optronic Matrix (Both required to craft the CPU Extenders) were not required in Blueprint Factory and Repair Bay
    - Can't build due to "You do not have enough CPU to place that block"
    - Fix for exception with particles
    - Max rotation speed : Rotation bug with ship having incredibly big torque and thrust value -> fixed
    - Items can disappear from containers when CE's are added
    - Fix runaway "CONSTRUCTION" difficulty setting label
    - Removed wrong pivotpoint from BAJ_JunkT1_06.epb
    - Fix for sporadic NRE when changing playfields


    Full Changelog

    NOTE: Version of Config.ecf has been increased! Please review and adapt your modifications!

    - Added CPU Extender T2-T4 for HV,SV,CV and BA (models are placeholders!)
    - Added 4 new collectibles required to craft T3 and T4 Extenders ( Large/Small Optronic Bridge, Large/Small Optronic Matrix) which will be added to the rare and ultra rare alien container loot tables and QuantumSTAR traders
    - Added Collectibles for CPU T3/4 Extenders to Loot Tables
    - Added Collectibles for CPU T3/4 Extenders to new Trader: QuantumSTAR ( Default Survival > Polaris Orbital Trading Station)
    - Added crafting templates for all CPU Extenders
    - Added CPU information to 'di' console command overlay

    Base Attack
    - Zirax attack Hacking Swipe has been reduced to 8-10m
    - Zirax attack troopers have gotten a new behavior: When they are stuck, they will start to wander around (Patrol behavior) and check if their target (core) is in range once and a while.
    - Hacking swipe for Talon Shaman has been removed
    Note: both changes are TEMPORARY changes. More changes are planned for A11 release (Change of attack pattern, targets, damage balancing)
    - Added new particle effect for Talon Shaman (visible during Talon Base Attack)

    LCD & Projector
    - LCDs: Replaced checkbox for switching between new and legacy modes by a button for one-time conversion from legacy to new (legacy mode costs performance)
    - Improved LCD Projector:
    * dimensions and offsets now all have 1/4 block steps
    -> 4x resolution of dimensions
    -> 2x resolution of offsets, value is now also displayed in blocks (was 1/2 blocks)
    * added z offset (front / back)
    * added 45° rotations for all three 3 axes
    - LCD screens: increased character limit

    New models & model updates
    - Addel L, M2 and L2 Thruster for SV (Available in Small, Large, Advanced Constructor)
    - Added new Ventilator shapes
    - Added new full-glass Heavy Window shapes
    - Added 16 new Material shapes to all block groups and blockshape menu
    - Added 2x6 new Railing types to Walkways & Railings group (BA, CV)
    - Added 4x double Railings to Walkways & Railings group
    - Updated Boarding Ramps (Removed front side ledge)

    Other additions & changes
    - Ship controller : add a small force in all directions on HV in space (for docking ability; HV can move in space with a max speed of 3 m/s)
    - Rockets that are fired from a moving ship now always inherit the speed of the ship (additional)
    - Docked ships are now considered when calculating the total weight of a structure
    - Enhanced Blueprint Workshop: in Creative Mode structures with "forbidden blocks" can be published as POI's; they are tagged accordingly and can be used in the Workshop search bar!
    - Added type name and custom tag checkboxes to Blueprint Publish dialog
    - Doubled "Steer your Escape Pod" message display time from 5 to 10 seconds
    - updated playfield of "Invader vs Defender II" scenario
    - SSG: Improvements to Sector Type parameter settings
    - CtrModifier key now configurable

    New/updated POI
    - Added new SNOW versions for Civil and Polaris POI to be used on Snow-Playfields
    - Added new group of orbital Wreckages (BAs, but also a CV and a SV) for all orbits except starter orbits
    - Updated non-snow POIs (Civil Settlement-B)
    - Updated the Default CREATIVE Scenario ORBITAL BASE start with an all new Starter Base that now offers all the necessary info to get started with building and creating awesome stuff in Empyrion. The Base also has a goodie spawned nearby to toy around with.

    - Reduced mass of Fuel Tanks (CV, BA) and Large O2 tank (CV,BA)
    - Total Thruster Rebalancing ( Larger Thrusters/Jets more efficient per block/kg/m³ than smaller ones; CPU values adjusted to match significant increase of thrust power)
    - Increased crafting times of all Thrusters
    - Increased crafting times for all RCS

    Technical optimizations and changes
    - A playfield server will now load several playfields (1 planet playfield and 1 orbit playfields or 3 orbit playfields)
    - optimized explosion-related code
    - Setting max count of spotlights to 30 to avoid performance problems
    - Suppressing now unity error message failed triangles and outputting a warning instead
    - Structure information text files in the Shared folder now have dots '.' again as fraction separator in all locales
    -Improved the internal ticking of the game by using the unity FixedUpdate calls. Set physics ticking to 0.025
    - Docked ships will not send position updates in MP any more (optimization)
    - performance improvement when loading LCDs in 'new mode'
    - Console command 'servers' will now list all loaded playfields per playfield server on a dedicated server

    - Playfield server outputs INFO line now for each loaded playfield
    - adapted the 'stoppf' command to multi-pf servers: when more than one pf is loaded only that one is unloaded

    - The two (helper) parameters Srv_Visible and Srv_ForceHiding should no longer be used. The only valid parameter to determine public visibility is Srv_Public. So please, replace them if you still use them.
    - If none of the above mentioned parameters is in a yaml file, the server is by default visible, so if you want your private server to not be visible simply add a line "Srv_Public: false".

    - ModAPI: Added IApplication.GetPfServerInfos() to get data about pf server processes and their loaded playfields
    - ModAPI: Enhanced IPlayer by two new properties: IsPilot and DrivingEntity, added IEntity back-ref in IStructure

    List of Bugfixes

    - Fixed: CoQ from global effects manager -> Solar panels
    - Fixed bug with player digged out areas in far terrain not showing correctly
    - Fixed: [Coop] 'AllowedBlueprints: None' is not being added in the dedicated.yaml in Coop mode
    - Fixed: Terrain placeable devices (Portable constructor & water generator) get removed after terrain under them is drilled
    - Fixed: Can’t connect to LocalDedi => App not Running
    - Fixed: When drilling an ore deposit with or without a PD the drill can stop drilling until the cursor is moved again
    - Fixed: [MP] Replace mode not showing changes made in creative MP until structure is respawned
    - Fixed: NPC's stop moving when they 'fall' from a structure into space/orbit
    - Fixed: Lower res textures appearing on devices - NGui camera is excluded from Texture Streaming computations
    - Fixed: All AI controlled vessels (AIPV, freighters, patrol vessel etc) 'fall' when the player approaches them
    - Fixed problem that when a passenger initiated a playfield change (teleport/warp), the pilot was not taken with him
    - Fixed: Turret targeting other turrets below ground
    - Fixed: Texture & colour tool 'Textures' UI glitched
    - Fixed: Shooting effects and blinking planet atmosphere
    - Fixed: In orbit the players suit light can cause the clouds of a planet to flash between white and black
    - Fixed: Accessing and editing an LCD Screen or Projector will activate it, ignoring settings and power
    - Fixed: Docked vessels can get moved far away from the parent vessel after a playfield change & remain 'docked'
    - Fixed: Players can be disconnected from their vessel if their internet connection drops
    - Fixed: [MP] Constructor Input & Output empty when the player quits and re-joins an MP game
    - Fixed: Distant planets go black & disappear when viewing from certain angles
    - Fixed: Text from LCD screens appearing on other LCD screens
    - Fixed: X key already assigned to action message when X key is unbound from shield
    - Fixed: AsteroidFieldRing does not rotate for Class 2 and Class 3 planets
    - Fixed: AlienBug02 hitbox
    - Fixed: Invisible block face 'Sliced corner A2' & 'Sliced corner B2' when next to other blocks
    - Fixed: Small container controllers clipping through blocks that are placed over them- 06842: CoQ triggering after entering, exiting then re-entering a planet repeatedly
    - Fixed: CoQ when try to open Chat
    - Fixed: CoQ prevents loading into playfields with lpf command
    - Fixed: {keybind(...)} PDA doesn't work in Chapter Titles/Description (and several other locations)
    - Fixed: [MP] Not possible to load into a MP server if character was left on a planet
    - Fix for 3rdp camera getting stuck directly above the player's head sometimes (esp. when the player uses the player bike
    - Fixed: Motorbikes get caught in a repositioning loop when trying to cross over the poles
    - Fixed: Base attacks triggering on a player base whilst honoured with zirax
    - Fixed: Access to locker cause COQ
    - Fixed: Base attack not appearing after alert triggers (full fix)
    - Fixed: Blocks can be placed inside devices
    - Fixed: Reloading weapons or tools triggers a CoQ
    - Fix for ship not moving in MP
    - Fixed: CoQ loop from Drone data
    - Fixed: Internal Error when destroying a structure with a selection tool active on any part of the structure
    - Fix for terrain showing gaps sometimes
    - Fixed: In "New Game Scenario" no Workshop icon in the scenario's list
    - Fix for OutOfBounds exception when leaving a playfield
    - Fixed: Long render time for structures
    - Fixed problem with collider of boarding ramp on playfield server
    - Fixed: Gameoptions flag ForvePvP was not considered in choose starter planet window
    - Fixed: POI Shield Gen Keeps Resetting
    - Fixed: Chunks of structure missing on first visit
    - Fixed: Spawner set wrong in POI "Abandoned Excavation Site"
    - Fixed: Survival Constructor stuck on backward time skip
    - Fixed: shields cycle on & off repeatedly when docked
    - Fixed: Copy Paste of multiple LCDs result in wrong order / issue
    - Fixed: Previosuly placed Solar panels are not working
    - Possible fix for ticks getting out of sync
    - Fix for console command 'ticks' not working any more
    - Fixed icon size of Sprite selection button in Screen Edit window
    - Fixed: When a HV touches the bedrock it will get repositioned above terrain
    - Fixed: When a vessel with retractable turrets changes pitch the turrets barrels aim downwards
    - Fixed: Game freezes up & stops responding after a player base is taken over by zirax when a new wave is triggered
    - Fix for slight camera stuttering when exiting a cockpit in MP in 3rdp
    - Fixed: On a client a folder 'Stamps' is created in the 'Saves' folder when connecting to a server
    - Fixed: Weapons and tool effects remain after docking
    - Fixed: [MP] R2T: Repair console 'last saved', 'Total repair time' & 'Remaining time' don't update when first opened
    - Fixed: [MP] The repair bay 'Green' shield gets removed from the vessel it wraps around when a player moves far away & returns
    - Fixed: Chapter window does not take CSV key
    - Fixed: NoSkip does not work in COOP and bug carries over to SP
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  2. brecers

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    Jan 10, 2016
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    Good job, thank you.
  3. Groza

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    Apr 20, 2015
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    pinch me
  4. nexus_absolute

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    It's here, It's here!
    This is IMO the most exciting patch since A6.0... and it's not even a MAJOR patch!
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  5. IronCartographer

    Sep 27, 2017
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    If the positions of thrusters affect torque, does that mean the position of hull (within a given bounding box) does properly as well?

    I can't test at the moment due to a persistent GPU issue, but this was a huge issue in the past: Adding a single block to one side of your ship made the turning rate drop absurdly fast--because the moment of inertia was based on the bounding box, rather than the actual mass distribution.

    Moment of inertia calculation doesn't have to consider every single block every time it is updated. The calculation can be done on a per-block basis, with absolutely trivial impact whenever a block is added or removed!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  6. stanley bourdon

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    what is a swipe? Reduced from what?
  7. Taelyn

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    The Remote hacking they do
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  8. hanni79

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    Jan 15, 2017
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    @ELEON Team :

    Please make new stuff like this availlable in Creative mode in a proper way.

    I am convinced a lot of people would find it tremendously helpful to be able to us mass/volume restrictions in Creative, same goes for CPU and similar concepts, since this is a "quality of life" thing which would most likely get you quite a bit more responses.
    It would be a lot easier to test those concepts, if people were not restricted to do this in survival mode.

    Especially Mass/Volume forces you to switch back and forth between modes when building new ships, which is really inconvenient, especially if someone wanted to trest if older Ships would work within those restrictions.
  9. Kieve

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    Eleon, change the Extender requirements to provide a progressive CPU increase per unit. You don't even have to dispense with the "Tier" concept: if total CPU exceeds a certain amount, the next-highest tier of Extension is needed in order to reach that limit.

    But this idea that they'll only function when you have X number of them is utter garbage. It is wasted material, wasted space, wasted weight and power drain, wasted (unused) CPU, obnoxious for builders, and not fun in the least. Fix it.
  10. grg3d

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    Oct 11, 2017
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    HI Dev's I have a few questions for you 1) Survival too no longer harvests wood? 2) There is no more auto cruse?(shift + direction)
    I like the new Hud display but.. I would prefer it to be higher on the screen(north, south at the top of the screen) I think when you start having air battles it might get in the way.
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    Survival tool & wood is being looked at

    Cruise mode now activates when you hold down the CTRL key then press down the directional key you want so a example:
    Hold down the CTRL key then the W key until you get the trust amount you want (on the right of the HUD is the thrust amount pin/slider) then let go of W then let go of CTRL.
    To lower them amount of thrust hold the CTRL key then press the S key to lower it to where you want it then let go of S then let go off CTRL.

    To turn cruise off press any direction key.

    more info here
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  12. Grandirus

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    I liked the way this "bug" works. Sometimes I do prefer "1st person view" when uses the bike. Maybe one option to change between 1st and 3rd person view?
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  13. Combat Wombat

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    Is drag/lift only calculated by "normal" flight direction? Example lets say I build a rocket ship with only downward facing engines so I control thrust only via the Spacebar will it still calculate drag as if I was flying "forward" using W?
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  14. malrose1

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    Not in game yet but... with HV/SV docking... will the SV be able to defend its self with turrets...?
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  15. Myrmidon

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    Love the new soundtrack. Feels like Empyrion got more mature if I may say, more serious, now.
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  16. krazzykid2006

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    No, SV's don't have turrets and the HV's turrets are deactivated while it's docked.
    You can carry a small defensive HV though and undock it when you get where you are going.
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  17. TastyChickenLegs

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    Mar 17, 2018
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    HV-SV Docking... That is amazing. Thank you so much. Total game-changer
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  18. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Very awesome!
  19. malrose1

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    Jun 9, 2016
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    Sure I'm aware of that... just thought because the Devs apparent intention is no CV's on planet they may allow turrets in some form to be placed on SV's for defense.
  20. stanley bourdon

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    Oct 7, 2018
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    sorry but swipe is not a synonym for hacking it is a modifier of the word hacking in both places it is used.
    what is a swipe?
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