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    The updated Alien Planet

    Update: May 29, 2019 (Build 2483)
    - Fixed: Chat message exception


    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Welcome to the third installment of Alpha 10 Experimental, where we added even more new stuff for your enjoyment! This time we introduced a highly requested balancing parameter for shields (recharge delay when the shield is hit) and a hotkey to activate / deactivate the shield. In addition, we added a first batch of new window shapes (Heavy Windows for testing), as well as more variants for doors and shutters.

    Moreover, the new blockshapes menu can now be configured with less hassle: We renamed all the internal ‘key names’ that are used in the config file. Now, you simply need to skip the blank of the localized name. If you want to add ‘Ramp C Low’ to a slot, simply use ‘RampCLow’ - and so on. You do not need to dig through the Loca file or other configs anymore!

    Please check the Experimental forum for our feedback threads where we are now asking about your ‘Basic Shapes’ (or ‘Favorite Shapes’) recommendations:

    One word about the current development plan since some of you asked how long the Experimental phase will still last. At the moment, we do not yet have a fixed release date for the A10 public release other than early-to-mid June. We plan to stick with the major EXP update at least once per week until we think the Experimental version is ready for release - or the feedback given indicates that some features might require a bigger player base, while all the breaking bugs are solved.

    Thanks in advance for your dedicated help! Please keep reporting bugs in our bug forum and please revisit issues that you had and bump threads if they are not solved, although listed as solved in the changelist below:

    Enjoy EXP Phase III!


    Emp Dev Team


    CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.2 (Build 2482)

    Shield Update:
    - Add 5 sec “recharge delay” (cooldown) for shields, each time the shield is hit. This will reset the regeneration countdown and prevent recharging as long as the shield is ‘under fire’.
    - Added hotkey “X” for activating / deactivating shield generator (default key can be remapped)
    - Adapted color of shield particle effect: instead of green, it is now purple/blueish (to reflect color of Pentaxid)
    - "Shield" console command now shows also shield charge in percentage

    - Added more heavy window shapes
    - Added more variants for Hangar Doors, Shutter Doors and Shutter Ramps (new blocks still need balancing)

    Block Shapes:
    - Renamed many block shapes for consistency (no impact on save games)
    - Added "Basic Shapes" tab in shape window
    - "All Shapes" tab now display shapes without line break > they now fit on 2 pages

    - Auto level player when near water line to avoid being in an in-between state above/below water
    - Added large drill module to techtree and templates
    - Display "last base attack time" in the Statistics Panel

    - Increased resolution of displays for Constructors
    - Lerping shield + power values in control panel for better visuals
    - Reduced intensity of fog on volumetric lights
    - Block preview: wire frame tiles now on each block
    - Slightly updated Boarding Ramps
    - Playfield tweaks on Alien, Barren, Ocean (clouds, weather, terrain textures)

    Config.ecf Update:
    - Renamed some hangar doors for consistency (now their internal names indicate their size)
    > Config.ecf has to be adapted (increased number to 6)

    - Reduced attack damage of Alien Bug 02 (also slightly for 03 and 04)
    - Driller: outputting bedrock and indestructible message also when drilling with HV
    - Changed new chat's internal command prefix from '/' to ':'
    - Drilling: added message when trying to drill bedrock or any terrain layer that is too hard for the driller
    - Temporarily disabled Ocean Planet in random scenarios (until playfield is better optimized)
    - Updated several POIs with better offset, terrain removal or flatten settings

    Modding Changes:
    - Changed: New ModApi is no longer a static class but an instance of the new interface IModApi, new mods need a class that implements IMod (analogous to the former ModInterface)
    - Playfield server now also operates mods (independent of EAC usage)
    - Moved chat message functionality from IGui to IApplication since IGui is only available in client mods
    - Delivering the mini DemoMod no longer as zip (you should delete Content/Mods/ but as a folder with files
    (however, the mod dll is configured as inactive - see DemoMod_Info.yaml for details)
    - Improved documentation
    - Old ModGameApi no longer sends the temporary 'Event_ChatMessageEx' event, please use the new ModApi event
    (for some time there's still the classic 'Event_ChatMessage' which tries to map the new chat data fields to the old structure)
    - It's now allowed to place more than one dll in a mod folder if the corresponding xx_Info.yaml files exist
    - Added dedi demo mod (in addition to client demo mod)
    - Added IPlayfield.IsPvP, IStructure.IsPowered and IPlayer.SteamId

    Updated Console Commands:
    - Console 'ba' command now provides feedback to clients in MP.
    - Added Epic Armor to console cmd "equip armor"
    - Enhanced console command "di damage" to enable per entity debug output on console (only SP)
    - When using 'di', now also showing shield information (shield points/percentage/shield state) in the debug panel

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Exception after changing between half & max textures
    - Fixed: Shield status not showing on HUD
    - Fixed: Several issues with SI (collapse of devices that should not collapse after placement, eg Force Fields, Solar Panels etc)
    - Fixed: When you "draw" a line to place multiple blocks at once, SI can break
    - Fixed: [Co-op] Not possible to start a coop game 'Data for ClientId not found'
    - Fixed: HV / CV DrillLaserBeam Broken
    - Fixed: Underwater area grants clear view if player is on the brink of the transition zone
    - Fixed: [MP] Player can take damage through intact hull blocks
    - Fixed: [MP] Ion cannons can disable shields with 1 shot.
    - Fixed: Exit point of certain cockpits is broken
    - Fixed: Shield generator lets you place blocks inside it's bounding box
    - Fixed: Damage multipliers in Config.ecf > sometimes eg shield multipliers were not taken into account (especially when used with "Ref:" items)
    - Fixed: Exception when opening Map Official EXP Server
    - Fixed: Color mask on solar panels
    - Fixed: Warp lock target HUD object disappearing when re-entering orbit.
    - Fixed: Dirt terrain texture did not show for base in BA Attack scenario
    - Fixed: Generic Resource texture missing in "te" resource tab
    - Fixed: Retractable rocket launcher turret for all structures types has parts still visible when retracted
    - Fixed: SSG can't generate playfields anymore
    - Fixed: Page Down Logic with blueprints
    - Fixed: "Player A has Entered B" System Faction Messages: fixed translation and discarding own messages
    - Fixed: Texture problems on Furnishings (Deco) Closet
    - Fixed: Barrels of SV Weapon Rocket Launcher were not round due to scaling > replaced model (it is now 1x3x1)
    - Fixed: First Person View in open cockpit camera height
    - Fixed: Water plane getting cut too early on some beaches
    - Fixed: TribalOven: Broken texture
    - Fixed: The old ammo box triggers exception when placing a item into any row past row 4 in the UI
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
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    Jan 26, 2016
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  3. Gaotseun

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    Mar 28, 2019
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    thx for all the nice work! :D
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  4. elmo

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    Sep 26, 2017
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    Thank you Eleon, and thank you for fixing the 2 bugs which occured in our game as regards to impact from turrets and shields
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  5. baby baby do biruleibe

    May 10, 2018
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    Great work guys
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  6. Supay

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    Feb 23, 2019
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    Thanks for the nice update! Cant wait more updates! Good work!
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  7. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    If nothing else will brake my last saved game... this will:;)
    - Temporarily disabled Ocean Planet in random scenarios (until playfield is better optimized)

    At last I could confirm to myself that I would be able to build my not-finished CV only with the Mats I'll get on the Starter Planet alone...nice:D.

    Thanks for those new Window Shapes they are a nice addition:)
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  8. wildboy

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    Feb 20, 2017
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    - Added more variants for Hangar Doors, Shutter Doors and Shutter Ramps (new blocks still need balancing)
    -Added more heavy window shapes

    So cool, you guys are the best medicine for someone who is sad, takes my mind off some sad thinks in live..
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  9. Ballard

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    Feb 9, 2017
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    Excitement builds as this one goes forward. Great work.
  10. nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯

    Jul 27, 2018
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    Super cool update. I like how you solved the blocks shapes first tab issue and the hotkey for shields came quick. (fuck yeah)
    New sizes of shutter doors and ramps also damn cool as well as the new Hangar door sizes. And the new doors now exist in right and left orientated design. And i wont forget to mention the new heavy window blocks. I am sure there are plenty others among me who missed these.

    Sadly i also have 3 "big" minus points.
    1. a diagonal versions of >HeavyWindowQ< and >HeavyWindowP< is missing so it can be used like >Window G< and >Window H<
      (that's not a typo or something that are the indicated names in de heavy window block shapes menu)
    2. boarding ramp sizes that go 6 blocks lower are missing in uneven width. so that we get among the 8x6x12 version also one that is 7x6x12 and 9x6x12
    3. Missing Blocks! In this thread are several blocks described that are missing. And i understand that you can't implement ramp blocks that go 2 meters low on a length of 8 meters just like that because it would require a whole new set of connecting blocks.
      But there are other missing connecting blocks described that seemed to be ignored by you. The only really new block seems to be a missing corner corridor roof block (already served with EXP II) that you forgot when you served us your new corridor blocks set (in EXP I). Okay the new corridors are fancy (yay) and hey cool you added the missing corridor block fast (yay). But could you also add the missing connectors we asked you for and not just the blocks you forgot in your new sets please?
    I hope this critic doesn't sound to harsh but specially the 3. points annoys me really hard. Maybe @Eleon is already planning to implement the other blocks as you even described my request together with the corridor corner roof top one as good examples how to indicate missing block shapes. I at least hope so.
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  11. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    Always the soon as the Devs deliver new stuff, fresh from their design table/desktops the complaining starts:rolleyes:.

    The Devs work real hard to give us the most new items every time they patch the game and all you can bring forward is
    "You forgot to add..", "I'm Missing Blocks...", yada yada yada...

    Just give them time and the "missing pieces" will find their way into the game earlier or later!
    Old saying: Even Rome wasn't build in a Day!;)
  12. nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯

    Jul 27, 2018
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    You get me wrong Germanicus. My first point is just a reminder (this would come from someone sooner or later anyway). The 2nd as well as i wasn't sure if this was properly noticed, because some new ramps were added.
    Under the 3rd point however i just express my concern about my how the feedback is handled. Even though i play EGS since Alpha 3 or 4 i am watched the forum very seldom and just got active here a couple of weeks ago.
    And please, i honored the new update as well:

    But of course someone had to get it the wrong way again :(
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  13. XYZ

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    Jun 25, 2015
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  14. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    This should not break your save game. Try it out though.
  15. banksman45

    banksman45 Rear Admiral

    Jun 6, 2016
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    Here is a suggestion. Allow us to texture the Shutter Doors and Hangar Doors . A majority of ships and bases's hangars in this game look alike . Giving us the ability to use the texture gun on Shutter doors and Hangar doors would solve that.
  16. RhodeKill

    RhodeKill Commander

    Mar 18, 2018
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    Awesome!! I'm loving the new blocks and the changes to the shield recharge.
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  17. Scoob

    Scoob Rear Admiral

    Sep 22, 2016
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    Is anyone else having random problems placing blocks since updating to Part III?

    Basically, I have a large are that I'm laying down a platform of Concrete Blocks in preparation for a CV build. I'm using the usual shortcut of Ctrl+mouse to lay down large, flat areas. However, regularly while doing this I get lots of missing blocks in the area laid. There are NO random deco rocks blocking the build or anything.

    To "fix" this, I'm having to dig out the ground some more, before a block is allowed to be placed, yet other blocks in the area placed fine, despite the ground being the same level. It's a weird one.

    Basically, when placing a large area of blocks, the game is behaving like there's something blocking some of the places, yet there isn't. Even trying to manually fill these holes one at a time, sees the game thinking there's an obstacle - i.e. the game wants to place the block one above the actual spot. As mentioned, only digging out the ground further allows placement.

    Edit: I've done a bug report as the issue is re-createable from a save for me.

    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  18. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    Really nice update!!! I LOVE THE NEW WINDOWS!!. I can't wait to use them.
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  19. Moonsugar

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    May 25, 2016
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    Hi all!
    I am really excited about all the fresh new shiny stuff and cant awaite the download to complete, but one thing make me worry:
    Just invented, and to no use so soon...
    Literally every weapon in this game has a fire rate much faster than 1/5s; and given the fact, that the player is always facing more than one enemy at once (while they have to come with me alone only) that means, my shields are never ever to regenerate. Whats the point of having shields if they are gone within seconds?? Mere 2000 points wont last long enough to even get near an enemy base.

    Yes, i know, that was requested. I did not pay too much attention to this, as i didnt imagine that this could become reality, and for sure not in this totally over-the-top manner. I take the risk to repeat myself again, but let me state:
    The people shouting the loudest are not necessarily neither the majority nor right. There are people out here, that dont like bonehard dogfights or being forced to die dozends of deaths just to take this one fortress. The shields were eagerly awaited for countering the overwhelming firepower of zirax' troops and turrets; i am not pleased to see this vanish just some game hours after invention.

    Sorry for pouring water into the wine, but i just couldnt help...

    (And despite my whining, i am still playing this game - this obviously means, there are ways... ;) )
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  20. grg3d

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    Oct 11, 2017
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    Hi All is anyone else getting strange ground humps appearing when harvesting surface rocks? or picking plants?
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