Alpha Experimental 6.0 - Part II

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    Update: April 8, 2017: Hotfix (10 PM)

    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.5 (Build 946)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problems with crashing playfields on a dedicated server and resulting connection problems.

    Known Issues:
    - We temporarily deactivated the troops transport

    Update: April 8, 2017: Hotfix (1 AM)

    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.4 (Build 944)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem on a dedicated server that you could not connect anymore in certain use cases
    - Fixed: Scrolling did not work when cursor is in a gap or on an active element

    - Updated Fuel / Oxygen tank texture in CP


    Update: April 7, 2017: Hotfix

    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.3 (Build 943)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that game was freezing frequently
    - Fixed: RAD resistance / protection broken
    - Fixed: Error occurring on second new game start with auto-activated PDA chapter
    - Fixed: O2 level is 0 if player was dying from suffocation
    - Fixed: PDA missing in multiplayer games
    - Fixed: Problem that CV starter was not craft-able anymore
    - Fixed: Motion sensor trigger area overlapping with other trigger areas
    - Fixed: Problem that resource meteorites (those with InitialDelay) were spawning in a stack when loading a dormant playfield
    - Possible fix: FPS drops when shooting full-auto weapons on a target or in the air
    - Fixed: Walkway blocks placed inside "Xenu Vehicle Port MKI" were not displayed correctly
    - Small fix for Structural Integrity SI
    - Fixed: Problem that rain sometimes penetrated structures (BA, CV)
    - Fixed: Problem with gaps in armored door BA / CV

    - O2 debug orbs do not cast shadows anymore
    - Radiated fog is less strong and needs longer to build up
    - No radiated fog on Akua anymore
    - Added possibility to have indestructible terrain (configured in playfield.yaml via "IndestructibleTerrain: True")
    - Added scratches to cockpits 1 and 3 (only for damage states)
    - Obsolete constructors are not allowed in BPs anymore (to avoid exploits)
    - Added better info (with warning) to re-spawn menu
    - Reduced sound of motion sensor and light barrier
    - Increased emissive strength of displays in new cockpits
    - Improved PDA Briefing window layout
    - Updated POI Fuel depot
    - Updated GER Localization

    Known Issues:
    - Drones on a planet do not attack players


    Update: April 6, 2017 (9:40 PM): Hotfix

    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.2 (Build 941): Client-side update

    We just fixed an error linked to the new weather system that can occur when resuming a save game.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fix for possible NRef in weather set when resuming save game
    - Fixed: Possible to place cores and bases within the bedrock = indestructible

    - Slightly repositioned top right warning messages to not overlap Biome/Weather info
    - Updated "weather" cmd


    Initial Post: April 6, 2017 (6:20 PM)

    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Welcome to our 2nd major iteration of Alpha Experimental 6.0: Version 6.0.2

    As promised, we added new stuff and a lot of changes as we progress towards the public release version. Major additions are: Dynamic Weather, Map Markers, AI Carriers, Signal Logic Circuits and the first iteration of the scenario “Dawn of Galaxy”.

    Recommendation: Before starting a new game, read through our updated FAQ that holds important info about the new additions and also was updated in terms of 6.0.0-to-6.0.2 feature changes:

    As with our first experimental version, we added new dedicated feedback threads in the Experimental forum for all the new 6.0.2 features:

    Please report new and reoccurring bugs in the new bug thread:

    As a note: We tested a lot of edge cases for the temperature/radiation/o2 system, so please retest issues you had in the previous version and re-report them if they still exist!

    Thanks a lot for your dedicated support!

    So, without further ado, let’s start Round#2 of Alpha Experimental 6.0, shall we? Have fun playing! :)

    Empyrion Dev Team

    CHANGELOG: Experimental 6.0.2 (Build 940)

    Dynamic Weather System:
    - Added first version of dynamic weather on all planets
    - Added console command "weather" to change weather - type "help weather" to get more info
    - Re-activated clouds movement
    - Added grass movement variations to all weather sets

    Fog on Zeyhines:

    A sunny day on Ningues:

    Rain on Oscutune:

    Map Markers:
    - Added first version of map markers (for now only on planets, space to come)
    - Teleport now requires shift right click

    - Added first version of RexXxus' "Dawn of Galaxy" SP scenario > please test this scenario and give us your feedback:
    - Thanks to the following creators whose POIs are used in Dawn of Galaxy: Arturius1967
    Barakoza, Gravebound, McFluffFace, Mike_, Savinwraith
    - Updated scenario: Invader vs Defender
    - Added description to dedi.yaml of how to use custom scenarios on a dedi

    AI Space Carriers:
    - Added first version of AI Space Carriers (space vessels that attack and spawn drones) -> see example in Omicron Orbit
    - Added Console cmd “aimanager” to spawn carriers

    Signals / Sensors Circuits:
    - Added logic circuits (OR and XOR gates, delay etc)
    - available circuits now in normal list (no more dropdown) accessible via button in Control Panel
    - Live update when changing connection of a signal receiver
    - Control Panel: Added button to enable / disable all signaling
    - logic circuits are now saved in Blueprints
    - Lever has now green / red display instead of on / off
    - Sensors (light barrier, motion sensor) also trigger by "moving blocks" of vessels

    - Added possibility to teleport between POIs
    - Updated Trading Stations (to teleport between planet and orbit)

    Instances / Portals:
    - Supporting time limited instances
    - Portal supports multiple, parallel instances now and limits players
    - Portals: players can re-enter their instances as long as they are open
    - Portals: Time + Player restrictions are read from playfield.yaml
    - Portal shows red when the max amount of players passed
    - Selectively allow / disallow Blueprint Library on Instances
    - Better time format on portals, added ability to not drop backpack when exiting instances too early, added purple color when you reenter your instance

    PDA Update:
    - Added PDA Briefing window that informs you about the auto-activated chapter details and tasks
    - Can display a bigger 'chapter completed' message incl. sound
    - Can display chapters only when player started game on a specified playfield
    - Implemented 'pda' console command (to re-read data files or to clear chapter progress)
    - PDA 'Action completed' messages are displayed longer and are also displayed in player chat
    - PDA 'Chapter completed' dialog box can no longer be closed with ESC key (ENTER key or click on OK works)
    - Spawn on structure: first time entry for PDA
    - Added "gain reward" sound
    - Added GameEvent when opening personal container
    - Added Task Rewards (same format as with chapters)
    - Implemented 'AutoActivateOnGameStart' chapter flag (playfield-restricted chapters have priority)
    - Renamed some misleading chapter properties
    - PDA data and localization will be used from inside a scenario folder if existing (in ScenarioName/Extras/PDA)

    New Blocks / Devices:
    - New Female Medium and Heavy Armor
    - Added new SV / HV cockpit: Cockpit 4
    - Replaced interior of Cockpit 1 and 2
    - Added SV/HV cockpits to block group and renamed some cockpits
    - Added new open SV / HV cockpit (+ added all open cockpit to block group Cockpits)
    - Added new cockpit for CV: Cockpit 03 and added all CV cockpits to a own block group.
    - Added scratched glass to Cockpit 1 (glass not damaged for low damage states).
    - Added additional player spawner (colorable and texturable). Indicating spawn direction on player spawner 1

    Visuals / Sound:
    - Added several destroyed hull blocks for building abandoned looking POIs. Please let us know which other destroyed hull blocks you would need
    - Added rust and moss texture as overlay (texture tool symbols, page 4) -> please let us know if you can work with this texture to create some abandoned looking POIs
    - Updated texture on female + male heavy armor
    - Added "+" and end point symbols (single and double lines)
    - Not showing black screen but normal loading screen when teleporting
    - Tweaked particle effect on player spawner
    - Growable Aloe Vera plant is not moving anymore inside (wind effect)
    - Added radiation sound when outside comfort zone
    - Better fading out of thruster sounds

    HUD / GUI Update:
    - New windows: control panel, planet and space map, sector map, Blueprint/Factory Window, PDA, Marketplace, Registry, Tech tree, Factions, ATM, Texture + Color + Block Shape Selection
    - Adjusted HUD to keep Quick Access on bottom middle
    - Adjusted HUD to keep LifeStats and Quick Access open with windows
    - Moved Multitool info window to the right
    - Adjusted HUD Label Positioning
    - Added newly scaled version of UI Font for Temp/Rad Displays (Sharper Text for Temp/Rad Displays)
    - Removed HUD Objects and Bottom Messages when Windows are open
    - Show Armor/Boosters in Player Window

    - Significantly increased durability of weapons and armor
    - All basic weapons can be build with basic components. Only T2 and advanced weapons need upgrade kits. Some re-arrangements to tech tree
    - Food now lasts around 30% longer.
    - Added EVA boost to escape pod content easy + medium
    - Tweaked EVA booster -> stronger cold protection
    - Increased temperature in some space playfields (especially starting playfields)
    - Rebalancing of fuel tank CV: weight + capacity
    - Spider slime now causes poison bite
    - Renamed biome on Ningues -> Hot springs (+ increased temp by 10°).
    - Medic Station now cures broken leg

    Blueprint Library Window:
    - significantly increased opening speed
    - show 'internal' Blueprints only if a type or the matching source filter is active
    - allow Blueprint info editing in non-survival mode also for stock and internal prefabs

    - First draft of personal container
    - Added functions to more deco / lab elements
    - Implemented playfield.yaml flag 'PlayerStart' so it will be placed around 0/0/0 (to have sunlight at game start and to have a POI close to escape pod drop area that contains loot).
    - Added code lock to medbay + clone chamber
    - Medic bay + clone chamber with lock code 0000 can now be spawned on (no matter of faction)
    - Added faction & lock check for executing status effects on blocks, ie you can no longer access a medic bay from another faction
    - Removed permanent-visibility on map of POIs with AlienAdminCore
    - Planet Vessel: now random draw among group of prefabs
    - Adjusted dead screen when not starting in escape pod
    - Now block info says if block is disallowed in BP.
    - Armor values have now simpler form (1 temp value = 1 degree celsius protection, 1 radiation value = 1 radiation protection)
    - Repair Bay + all thrusters are now airtight
    - No special starting equipment in Creative Omicron anymore
    - New Game Menu: Speed improvement when changing scenarios
    - Resume Game Menu: The custom scenario name (if used) is displayed next to the playfield name (need to enter the savegame once until this info is available)
    - Added Localization to all control panel groups
    - Added all alien blocks to a block group: Alien Device Blocks
    - Add possibility to have resource asteroids independent of current amount of remaining resources on a dedi. See example in temperature playfield.yaml
    - Re-activated portal on Omicron -> be careful when going through portal
    - O2 and Fuel for Alien + Admin POIs is now filled only until total of tanks.
    - Added InitPower: True to Random POIs...this also fills now fuel + O2 tanks.
    - Added extra orbit playfields for Aitis and Oscutune

    Updated / New POIs:
    - Updated all Trading Stations
    - Added new planet vessel: thanks to Frigidman
    - Added new planet vessel bases: thanks to Frigidman, Maloverci, Xentor
    - Updated abandoned mine: thanks to Frigidman
    - Updated Orbital Bases with NPC spawner and more: thanks to the following creators: Frigidman, Maloverci, Pantera
    - Updated TSO in sector "Outpost Trading Station" (thanks to "wired" for workshop item)
    - Updated some freighters (Freighter-A1, Freighter-Tug-6, Freighter-Tug-3) - thanks to Frigidman.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Patrol vessel ignore player bases
    - Fixed: AI Planet vessel attacks Trading Stations
    - Fixed: Heat radiation of devices larger than 1*1 inconsistent / only partially.
    - Fixed: Heat emission of Plant Grow light still active when light is deactivated
    - Fixed: Armor Locker - Heavy Armor Slot 4 items vanishes or change to insulation boost
    - Fixed: Command "setdevicespublic ID Doors" does not set all doors to public
    - Fixed biome sound water is played on dry land
    - Fixed: Dock SV inside a tempered CV hangar leads to cooling down of the SV cockpit to outside temperature when deactivated
    - Fixed: Temp/Rad outside a docked/parked SVHV on an active CV is not displayed
    - Fixed: O2 blocked by stairs in close areas
    - Fixed: Standing on a SV/HV in a oxygenated room lets the player die
    - Fixed: O2 Visualization active per default
    - Fixed z-fighting of preview box (motion sensor, light barrier)
    - Fixed: CoQ/Exception when adding a template to a full construction queue
    - Fixed: Radiation info in Inventory screen does not work: always 0
    - Fixed: Illuminated block heats up space
    - Fixed: Cursor centers on the screen when opening a new UI window
    - Fixed: Some UI infopopups persist and don't fade out
    - Fixed: Temperature anomaly on a docked SV > extreme cold instead of room temperature
    - Fixed: Oversized NPCs can pass through 1*1*1 wall holes
    - Fixed: Suffocation leads to 0 O2 when respawning - 150 o2 on respawn in armor
    - Fixed: Starting a new game or joining a Server with female avatar: player has only 100 health
    - Fixed: COQ while changing playfields with sector and teleport
    - Fixed: O2 station always takes 200 o2 points from tanks, not depending on the volume filled
    - Fixed double removal of O2/Fuel
    - Fixed: Motion sensor / light barrier gets blocked when player is entering cockpit or passenger seat while in the sensor area
    - Fixed problem with spotlight: emissive was always on.
    - Fixed: Medic Bay / Clone Chamber not as an option for fixed POIs
    - Fixed Button Text not Greyed when Disabled on some Windows
    - Signal logic: fixed problems if player renames signal
    - Portal: fixed some errors (missing loca, wrong position when teleported back)
    - Fixed: Access LCD screens although wrong faction (Aln)
    - Fixed Dialog Box error that one cannot use ENTER key to close a dialog with an OK button
    - Fixed signaling bug that PDA signals were listed twice in the popup lists
    - fixed NRef when removing a receiver signal
    - Fixed ATM Window Title Loc Issue
    - Fixed Player Model Size in Armor Locker
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
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    Wump there it is!
  3. Taelyn

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  4. ⦕BⱯƲMℳAℱIȺ⦖ Chrisi

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    Wow, that sounds great!
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    Lets have some fuuuun:p

    Oh i need a umbrella:D
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    Anyone know what "- Rebalancing of fuel tank CV: weight + capacity" actually means?
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    Well, this looks pretty good! Nice to see plenty of changes to things people weren't keen on in the first part.

    *cracks knuckles* Better get things updated then! :)
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    DID I just read "AI CARRIERS THAT SPAWN DRONES"?!?!?! WOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Ok i'm happy. lol

    I can't wait to try out the new SV HV cockpits!!
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    Looks like a good number of the temperature/radiation bugs for docked SVs were fixed!

    Weapon upgrade kit system doesn't look like it's received much in the way of changes though :-(.
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    Nice, looks like a good set of fixes. A few issues don't seem to be addressed yet but I'm happy to wait since the highest nails seem to have been hammered.
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    let the real survival begins ...........
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    Still no umbrellas in-game unfortunately. Helmets on!
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    At work ATM, could someone in game check out what this new fuel balance for CVs actually means? Thanks in advance!
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    T2 and T3 CV tanks got a bonus in terms of fuel content vs T1 (as well as T3 vs T2), but are heavier.
  17. michaelhartman89

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    Is there going to be a rebalancing of hit boxes , damage and LOS for npc's and turrets. One shot kills from 500 meters kinda sucks. I wish there was a way to sneak around sometimes with a way to remain unseen. I know that its like 400 yrs in the future, but there is no way to counter turrets currently.

    I know you can use SV's but all assaults on foot are currently impossible against POI's.
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    Thanks Hummel! Going to make an excuse to leave early to check this all out! I'm excited!
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    can you confirm experimental servers need a complete wipe for part 2 ?....... thanks in advance
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    Great update! BUT PLEASE!!!! TURN OFF THE FREAKING GEIGER Counter( radiationwaring!) or at least give us a possibility to turn it off. I am in space working on a base, all protected and everything, readiation is a puny 3.7 but the radiation noise is driving me crazy!
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