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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Welcome to Experimental Part V of our road to Empyrion Alpha 6.0!

    First of all, thanks a lot for the overwhelming feedback on our proposed RCS change. ;-)

    Although this partially sent us back to the drawing board for now, most of the feedback agreed with our basic goal of making CVs more distinct from SVs in terms of movement and agility. Said that - and taking the technical discussions into account - we have reverted the change and will work on a more holistic rebalancing of CVs in a later stage of 6.x, maybe also including more than just movement.

    No worries, we’ll add the changes to an Experimental version by then, so everyone can again comment on the changes. For now, and for the sake of the progress of the EXP 6 and the Alpha 6.0 features, we would like to ask you to comment on those and keep the RCS discussion in already existing threads - which also helps us to follow this discussion! Thanks in advance on behalf of our Community- and QA team ;-)

    Speaking of the new Experimental Part V features: You ever wondered why your plants do not need O2 or why they grow even in a hazardous environment? With Part V, farmers need to mind environmental conditions a bit more.

    Failed in growing anything? Just visit the Trading Stations! All Traders now have a distinct topic and differ in their offers. Maybe grab a Night Vision, Boosters or a Player Armor when you’re at it.

    Find out about all the changes below!

    As always, the three links that matter:
    FAQ for builders:
    Bug reports:

    Thanks a lot in advance - now have fun with Alpha Experimental 6.0 Part V!

    Empyrion Dev Team


    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.9 (Build 1006)

    Updated Farming:
    - Plants need temperature + oxygen to grow
    - Growing if temperature is between 20 and 30° and RAD is 0 and Oxygen is available
    - Dying if temperature is lower than 0 or higher than 50° or RAD is higher than 3

    - Plants now only grow/die in Survival Mode (in the next update we will add more deco plants)
    - Plants now also grow outside without the need of a growing light if conditions are met.

    Trader Update:
    - Traders are now functional
    * To configure trader articles and prices, open TraderNPCConfig.cfg located in: Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration\TraderNPCConfig
    * To configure restock timer, trader model and which article group to sell, place "Trader" block and configure it via Control Panel
    - Added more trader models
    - Traders now spawn earlier so that the player does not see them spawn
    - Trader saves its data into blueprints
    - Added more variety for traders (themes to choose from when setting up a trader)
    - Trader does not wander around anymore
    - Trader config is now loaded from scenario folder + we added trader reload console cmd
    - Update all trading stations with traders

    Workshop Functionality Update:
    - Fixed Blueprint Factory bug that no product is generated out of a published Blueprint
    - Result of obsolete file processing is stored in a log file next to the data file
    - Display name of Blueprint factory products without the index number (e.g. '_2')

    Control Panel Update:
    - Added Fill All buttons for Oxygen and Fuel tanks!
    - Added possibility to turn on/off turrets via button on main tab
    - Added Custom + Signal buttons to main tab
    - New Devices Page Layout + Improved highlight of devices in list
    - New Signal Logic page layout: Devices with an effector and sensors are now managed on the Signal Logic page!

    - Removed RCS max limit restriction based on mass
    - Re-added Max Speed for vessels dependent on mass and thrust (note: full thruster performance calculation not re-added; only max speed calculation)
    - Techtree: moved unlock of Sentry Turret to Level 1
    - Updated loot of trader, civilian and cyborg

    Visuals / Sound:
    - Added fire particle effect to damaged space drone + added better damage texture for space drone
    - Tweaked fire sound and made it loop-able
    - Added better sounds for drones and alien bugs
    - Added more aliens (for now mostly as deco, later functional as quest giver etc)
    - Added possibility to change the night light color (parameter NightLightColor in playfield.yaml): See Zeyhines (desert2) for an example
    - Increased Starmap background resolution
    - Added thicker collider to doors to avoid NPC clipping through with weapons
    - Armor locker has now emissive
    - Added damage states to window of cockpit 1 and 2
    - Updated Booster icons
    - Added Orbit Lines for planets (for an example, see our default Sectors.yaml)
    - Updated fonts in GUI -> font is much crisper now
    - Improved walking animation on Zirax (feet do not sink into ground anymore)
    - Bad / ugly weather on starter planets excluded in the beginning (eg no fog on Akua in the first 24h)
    - Sound of civilian, cyborg and trader is played less often
    - Slightly increased default distance of camera to escape pod and player bike
    - Updated some biome background music

    Improved Blueprint Window (F2):
    - Only show Inventory on Factory Panel in BP Window
    - Allow to overwrite internal blueprints in F2 menu in Creative mode -> makes it much faster to tweak internal BPs
    - Added Group Name Display to BP Library list
    - Added "group name" in BP Window Filter (ie now searches both Name and Group Name)
    - Do not clear BP Filter on open

    - Night Vision needs to be in the inventory to work.
    - Added Night Vision to loot and Creative Menu
    - Removed lights from weapons
    - Durability: allow more than just 4 repair stages (7 stages now) + added armor damage command
    - Armors/weapons repair: added messages when limit is reached
    - Allow accessing Signal Logic without god mode in Survival
    - Added armor locker to SV a nd HV
    - Added round jet-style thruster size 1x3x1 to HV
    - Entity spawner trigger area can now be configured in Control Panel
    - Some ground NPCs now attack player also in vessels (eg Zirax will shoot on you)

    - Fresh Start setting: Added fourth setting to inventory start equipment for FRESH START (see Akua, Omicron, Ningues and Masperon)
    - Added ultra thin player / entity spawner plate (the old plate and block spawners are now hidden in the creative menu, but are still functional)
    - Updated stock prefabs with Oxygen (Thanks to: Liftpizzas, Kaeser, Pantera, Runningwithhamster, Dinkelsen, rainyday)
    - ModAPI: Fixed Request_Player_ItemExchange Shift-click behavior and not changing text
    - ModAPI: Not loading abstract classes
    - Better explanation of console cmds "godmode iv" and "godmode fly" in console cmd help info
    - Added possibility to teleport in space with pressing Shift+RMB in starmap
    - All resource asteroids can be spawned via debug menu again
    - Added indestructible terrain in Example1 / Aclite Moon for testing
    - Indestructible terrain: first step in optimizing it
    - Major Optimization for space playfields
    - Updated "Dawn of Galaxy" + "Invader vs Defender" Scenarios
    - Added "MapDistance" to playfield.yaml to be able to set the discovery distance of POIs (example: see Portal on Omicron: it is now visible at only 50m). NOTE: MapDistance is currently only working for POIs (random + fixed) - see playfield.yaml in Content\Playfields\ExamplePlanet for more details.
    - Added possibility to set "Type: CV_Alien" for POI.
    - Added abbreviations of some console cmds:
    * spawnanyblueprint -> sbp
    * finishbp -> fbp
    - Implemented: Disallow spawning CV blueprints on playfields that have a flag AllowCV: false
    - Updated Trading Stations
    - Implementation of Temperature Format Changes (C/F)

    Map Marker Update:
    - Add checkbox "show in HUD" to device map markers
    - Shared map markers are now displayed
    - Added buttons tooltips

    PDA Update:
    - Implemented indoor markers inside POI for devices (PDA Check 'NearUnit')
    - Allow more than one playfield for VisibleOnStartPlayfield
    - Only show Guiding marker for object closest to current player position
    - Briefing window: Changed text label behavior to not shrink font size but clamp content if too much text

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Armor looted form POI can not be repaired at all / is already damaged
    - Fixed: Sector Map does not show current state of universe (please verify if fixed)
    - Fixed: Control Panel Signals Toggle does not work (please verify if fixed)
    - Fixed: CP: Manage Tab always says 29% for O2 tank
    - Fixed: COQ when doubleclick on New Game
    - Fixed: Alien Turrets do not stop shooting after destroyed
    - Fixed: Issue with updating a Blueprint to Steam workshop
    - Fixed: Godmode console cmd: "gm" shortcut is now working. Eg: gm iv -> godmode invisible
    - Fixed possible Nref when there is an explosion while leaving a playfield
    - Fixed: NPC spawners (full blocks) and Marker Blocks are not airtight
    - Fixed: Problem with distant water plane when reloading playfield via console cmd “playfield”
    - Fixed: Tech equipment (Deco) 'Scanner 3' behaves as a locker instead of Medical eqiupment.
    - Fixed: Possible to attach alien & admin core to player cores
    - Fixed: Weather: roof leaking weather effects into base (TSP Ningues)
    - Partly Fixed: weather is happening in tunnels and caves (improved, but cannot be fully fixed if cave is too high, particle effect originates 40m above player)
    - Fixed: CoQ when you delete the text in the quantity field for trader.
    - Fixed: NullRef Exception for custom NPC Trader content
    - Fixed: AI Planetary Vessel stuck moving slowly upwards then downwards.
    - Fix for Orbit Description not updating properly
    - Fixed: AI: Trader stands in place when killed
    - Fixed: AI: NPC sometimes get stuck in their death-animation position (standing)
    - Fixed PDA window bug that old data is displayed when playing another game
    - Fixed HUD Marker Toggle State
    - Fixed Device List not showing correctly on open
    - Fixed: Trading stations text is truncated
    - Fixed: CP / Sector Map not right info on first click, only at second
    - Fixed: Hail, Acid & Fire rain causing damage through terrain & underwater.
    - Fixed ESC not working after creating new Map Marker
    - Fixed: Poisoning bit from NPC causes Status Poisoning Blood which leads to confusion
    - Fixed: Suit light, torch & weapon light issue with a particular tree/bush.
    - Fixed: PDA crash on any SP start
    - Fixed problem with red lights in SV cockpit enabled even if switched off
    - Fixed: Issue with Trading station Robots guns disappearing when they attack.
    - Fixed PDA window bug that old data is displayed when playing another game
    - Fixed Device HUD markers do not disappear anymore if switched off via CP
    - Fixed problem that player lost health on "Low Food" status effect
    - Fixed: In the CP Main Tab the option to turn Turrets on & off doesn't work.
    - Fixed: Sprouts & Plants salvaged on Hideouts gives 1500 experience points (now placing sprouts gives no extra XP but harvesting gives more XP)
    - Possible fix for spawning too many traders.
    - Fixed: Issue when trying to set the Duration when trying to sell an item.
    - Fixed: Statistics information is showing wrong info for speeds.
    - Fixed Vessel Statistics scroll panels sometimes not being set properly
    - Fixed: Control Panel Signals Toggle does not work (New method for setting Signaling Toggle)
    - Possible fix for Occasional Nullref in Sector Map
    - Fixed: NRef when PDA check 'NearUnit' is used with unknown POI group name
    - Fixed: Not possible to remove "standing Aliens"
    - Fixed: Not possible to scroll list of signals in SIGNAL LOGIC
    - Fixed: Change the name of map marker on space map forces map to move around
    - Fixed map markers from previous game in list when loading another game + bad distance format in space
    - Fixed: Random Crash while godmode invisible / dying in an instance
    - Fixed getting/setting of Custom Toggle States when opening Main Page
    - Fixed: Odd animation behavior of player when switching from FPV to TPV.
    - Fixed Starmap: Map marker ring scaling should be similar to other map objects
    Last edited: May 3, 2017
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    Looking good guys, keep it up!

    Thanks for all your continued work!
  3. Doc 2

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    wow nice update! man that is alot of stuff!!
  4. Yodarkore

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    Mar 6, 2017
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    Thank you for this update. But I dont see why plants should need O2 to grow, as in real world most of them do breathe CO2 and then exhale O2, light is therefore needed for photosynthesis to happen! ;) Beside than this "realistic" fact, its good to know we wont be able anymore to grow sprouts in cold space or harsh radioactivity! :)
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  5. DeeExpus

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    Irony - You guys working harder than a hard thing to update the best game in the world, ever, ever, so that I cant get any work done for playing it. Thanks! (No, really) Well played all, it gets better by the week ...
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  6. Wizzy

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    can not see anything about space drones and troop transporters bug fixed anyone else can ?

    and thanks some nice changes and old ones back inplace :)
  7. Michael Lovelace

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    Mar 17, 2017
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    Awesome Update, been waiting for this one, Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the final result.
  8. Rester Valentine

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    Are we going to have to restart our servers (ie. new game) after this update?
  9. sanchous

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    Feb 12, 2016
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    GREAT DEVS!!! :)
  10. Pantera

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    I always recommend fresh starts for SP & MP to avoid old issues that have been fixed.
  11. Wizzy

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    yea usually with new alterations and effect people do wipe to be safe but lets hope not :p
  12. krakken242

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    Yeah, I can't find that either.
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  13. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    O2 means CO2 as well, but technically we speak of "Air" when we say "O2" = Air is a mix of gases.

    Maybe we will evolve this even further (but currently we only have O2 or non-O2) ;-)
  14. Iluminator

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    Feb 7, 2017
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    Whatever you do, you will always excite me. Sometimes I will be unhappy with the changes but I will adjust. I would only ask one thing that is important to me and that is to incorporate an inside clock into the game so that the blueprints factory can work and when we do not play because the time becomes inactive.
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  15. Hopskotch

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    Feb 11, 2017
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    Awesome update guys!! But..... exp 6???

    When does the death march for 5.x servers end?? our pops are dying from the moving target and "surprise one more unplanned release!!" Announcements.

    You guys are doing great great work, but can we get some more transparency in your roadmap and when you expect (really expect) to drop 6? Is there going to be an Exp-11 by the end? Our players are hungry.

    Thanks for all the great work.

  16. Dtchmn

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    Apr 18, 2017
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    Nice touch with the thrust:mass implementation for speed limits. hard caps break immersion, but this will be nice. Also glad you fellas decided to immediately rework your CV nerf. Maybe server populations will start climbing again. also, very nice touch with the farming parameters. :) good work guys, keep it coming. now maybe TWEAK that terrible RCS change to actually be based on mass. I.E. X torque turns 1kt of mass at Y deg/sec. youre getting there.
  17. Ranger

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    WTF were you guys thinking!!???
    You've given us nothing to complain about except a lack of things to complain about! :D

    Looks like a great patch! I'm saddened that the cv change had to be totally reverted, rather than adjusted, but THANKS to the whole team for listening to the community and thanks for all the good work in this patch.
  18. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    This is the last feature update ... promised. EXP6 is now dedicated to bug-fixing and polishing.
  19. Hummel-o-War

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    I think we found a way to change the whole RCS-Thrust-Mass system for the better (also thrust/acceleration vs. mass). So we'll investigate this route now ... but this might take a half or a full major version to work out. That's why we reverted the RCS for now and just kept the maxspeed.

    Said that, the "281kt ship never again turning in a second" will be the result of the new calculation as well (maybe even a bit stronger if you only use T1 RCS) .. but the smaller CVs should have better performance compared to the EXP4 RCS calc.

    As written in the changelog: this needs time and we'll not suddenly drop this in a public version ;-)
  20. Wizzy

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    So where is this Big surprise we was supposed to be getting?
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