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    The above screenshot is from the current internal Alpha 7.0 development branch. More screenshots can be found below.

    Update: August 15, 2017 (Build 1197)

    Added new languages for PDA:
    - Chinese (simplified): thanks to Ken Guo
    - Russian: thanks to Sergei
    - Portuguese (Brazil): thanks to FabioZumbi12
    - French: thanks to Spartan47
    - Japanese (partly): thanks to Metapo

    - Updated models for holo screens

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Cube Half does not show Letters and Numbers correct on the back face
    - Fixed: Not possible to walk onto a 2nd set of Freestanding stairs.
    - Fixed: GUI elements missing localization
    - Fixed: CoQ when re-painting areas with mirror plane
    - Fixed: Mirror plane does not work correctly with color/texture tool


    Update: August 14, 2017 (Build 1195)

    - Color and texture tool now also work with symmetry planes
    - Updated Chinese localization: Only using Ken Guo's translation for simplified Chinese

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Several symmetry and mirror tool building issues (eg large blocks, wings, several windows and other hull blocks were not correctly mirrored, sometimes it could happen that a block was not mirrored etc)
    - Fixed: Color tool and texture tool beams lagged behind when using the tool fast
    - Fixed: Picking up fruits (eg akua berry) could produce a CoQ loop.
    - Fixed: Asteroids are missing in all playfields
    - Fixed: Unable to walk up stairs.
    - Fixed: Problem that Corn Dog Snow had normal Corn Dog as harvest stage
    - Fixed: Problem that Dimple Dome Snow had wrong harvest stage.


    Update: August 13, 2017 (Build 1194)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Several mirror issues with mirror tool
    - Fixed: Using mirror mode with Cargo Boxes can cause them to be mirrored wrong & cause boxes to be removed but still be visually
    - Fixed: When starting a local co-op save with the SoS scenario NPC sounds can be heard that shouldn't be.


    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    We just released Alpha 6.6 on the Experimental branch.

    Please report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha Experimental 6.6 over here:
    Thanks a lot!


    Empyrion Dev Team


    Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.6.0 (Build 1192)

    - Added possibility to switch weapons while reloading
    - Increased range of color tool and texture tool
    - Added possibility to enable/disable the "auto-break" of vessels. You can toggle the autobreak on/off with the default key "i" (key can be re-mapped)
    - Improved Size Class calculation: we adjusted formula to weight triangles more and we are now using the 'real' number of triangles. You must save your blueprint again so that the new formula takes effect.
    - Increased structure limit in Single Player from 64 to 200

    - Toolbar can now be removed when pressing the middle mouse button (the default button can me re-mapped)
    - Elevated some console cmds to Moderator level and we now display the permission level for all console cmds
    - Added message when there is another structure in the area the player wants to spawn a blueprint.
    - When a file system error occurs after publishing a scenario, no info was given. Now a helpful message box is displayed.
    - To allow deleted Workshop scenarios to be re-published a 'Remove link' button is now displayed in that case
    - Added 2sec timeout to control panel buttons (lights, turrets and main tasks)
    - Added info of savegame version of first savegame start to client.log and console
    - Some renaming of stock prefabs + updated all stock prefabs due to improved class calculation

    Visuals / Audio:
    - Added new bloom effect: pls let us know what you think
    - Added new seamless emissive texture for building blocks
    - Improved water shader
    - Added smoke to destroyed Armored Golem
    - Updated models for shower, toilet, kitchen counter, repair bay and bathroom counter
    - Added “Auto-Brake” on/off information to Ship Stats
    - Tweaked some speed tree billboards
    - Slightly improved textures on player armor

    New Stock Prefabs:
    - Added new stock prefab tier 1 SV - thanks to Nickodemos:
    - Added new stock prefab tier 6 HV - thanks to MisterCrow:

    Improved POI / Resource Spawning:
    - It is now possible to use the Fixed and / or Random parts in every combination (if both are used, the fixed stuff is placed first)
    - It is now possible to use different distances for SpawNear and SpawnAvoid (SpawnPOINearDistance and SpawnPOIAvoidDistance)
    - It is now possible to place random resources around fixed POIs (however, you have to define the available pool of resources in RandomResources first)
    - POI-related resources are now placed before the purely random placed resources to assure being allowed to still place them
    - Added distance variation to placement of resources around a POI

    New Localization:
    - Added Portuguese (Brazil): community translation by FabioZumbi12
    - Added Italian: community translation by Leo Filippo
    - Added Chinese (simplified + traditional): community translation by Ken Guo + professional translation
    - Added Spanish and Portuguese (EU): professional translation

    Updated Localization:
    - French: Spartan47
    - Russian: Sergey Vasilyev
    - Japanese: Metapo

    GUI Improvements:
    - Added horizontal scrolling for main Construction Queue
    - Added "expand/collapse" for all device groups
    - Show active Symmetry Plane when enabling Build Settings menu
    - Keep renamed device names when using AUTO-GROUP in Control panel
    - Localized Blueprint Window "Filter" text
    - Added Mouse Wheel Scrolling to Control Remap panel
    - Optimization for Control Panel Numerical Assignments
    - Some more Anchor Optimizing for GUI
    - Added Unit Measurement Formatting

    - Event Console Command
    - Event Structure destroyed due to wipe/decay
    - Event_ConsoleCommand added player entity id
    - Console Command: Return Error

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that HVs were sliding on small slopes
    - Fixed: NPC Nightmares can clip through blocks of vessels & can cause damage to the avatar inside
    - Fixed: Player hovering in air when drilling down
    - Fixed: Player can use elevator even if not inside elevator
    - Fixed: Curved stairs are impossible to get up unless jumping
    - Fixed: Blueprint factory accepting certain items - factory now returns sub-items it does not need for the Blueprint to be produced
    - Fixed: Remove terrain from buried turrets (bounding box).
    - Fixed: Error when using a banned workshop scenario
    - Fixed: MP: Dropping items or a backpack onto a rock results in them going through the rock & become unreachable by players.
    - Fixed: Possible to shoot with fully covered SV guns through triangle blocks
    - Fixed: Large Plasma Drones are not counted for the mission Drone Hunter.
    - Fixed: Problem that when spawning a BA parts of it could be within an anti-grief area
    - Fixed: Problem with "The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object '<null>') is missing!" in output logs
    - Fixed: Problem that "SpawnResource" did not work with POIs
    - Fixed: Turning off forward facing thrusters no longer allowed vessels in orbit to cruise.
    - Fixed: "Publish Scenario" option is available for some stock scenarios
    - Fixed: Subscribing to a workshop BP whilst in-game causes the in-game BP list for workshop BP's to go blank until relaunch of game
    - Fixed: Deleting the last Scenario from Steam Workshop allows re-publishing what lead to a CoQ
    - Fixed: When you kill a Armored Golem their corpse doesn't show they still stand up with a walking animation
    - Fixed: Circuit signal got lost when the referenced output signal is from a circuit below
    - Fixed: "Dawn of Galaxy" scenario Maiy Mission 2 Gardening "Harvest Crops" never completes.
    - Fixed: Issue with mirror plane still mirroring with no location set
    - Fixed: Light and Turret toggles can still be switched while awaiting switch timer, leading to sometimes wrong state
    - Fixed: Texture on the top part of the repair block is not centered.
    - Fixed: Portal: fixed bug that player in no faction could block a portal that was set to LockedToFaction
    - Fixed: Added missing loca strings for ITEMS and DEVICES
    - Fixed: Several missing loca strings for GUI
    - Fixed: Missing text for HUD Objects for dynamic font locs (eg Japanese)


    ALPHA 7.0 Teaser:
    We have some eye candies for you fresh from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch:






    We will have more detailed information about the "Road to Alpha 7.0" soon. Stay tuned!
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    +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 !!!!!!

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    Pictures from Alpha 7.0 development branch are wonderful but I'm wondering whether this means that the planets will be bigger ? What is to be seen is that the improvement makes sense.
  4. Jacoviz

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    May 13, 2017
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    Good job guys, i'm really happy for the italian translation. And very high hype for 7.0
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    Thanks for the update. Lots of good stuff an quality of life changes in this one. Nice :)

    Edit: can I just say that this:

    - Keep renamed device names when using AUTO-GROUP in Control panel

    is very welcome indeed. However, as a very small addition to this, could we have the devices within a group alphabetically sorted? I often name things with a number or letter, for example:

    01 Cargo Box (Iron)
    02 Cargo Box (Copper)


    01 Adv. Constructor
    02 Adv. Constructor (Ore)

    for example, when I have different uses for items in the same group. Even without the leading number to force a given sort order, sorting would be useful. I'd suggest default to everything being sorted, that's all I personally would need, however a per-group ascending/descending might be useful for many.

    Anyway, I'll say it again that these small quality of life changes make a huge difference. I can freely name my devices as I build now and not worry about auto-grouping after changing things, nor have to manually add stuff to groups to preserve names of course :)

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    Awesome. One thing as a request for 7.0 is to update SV flight behavior to match CV in atmosphere: If my ship has the acceleration to resist gravity at that angle, then please let me?

    Apart from that, good on you for changing the reload, and improving size class calculations.
  7. Cleff

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    Great work as always Eleon, I'm glad to see you are still listening to the community for changes and tweaks. Also, the 7.0 teaser shots look amazing! The new mountains are beautiful and the water looks really nice as well. Hopefully it's not too big of a stretch to assume planets will start getting some major love soon.
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  9. Myrmidon

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    I agree, the photos look stunning. It is a long due and very welcome visual improvement. The only thing I worry about is the impact on performance this might bring, also with the ability to build bigger BAs' CVs etc. On the other hand, the structure and ship's textures seem that are going to need/get some love too. With the new terrain texture they quality difference is more obvious than ever. Other than that I believe v7.xx will be more exciting release than the previous ones. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you. :)


    I know other's have more playtime on this but I" blame" real life....:p
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  10. michaelhartman89

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    Anybody up for Red vs Blue @ Blood Gulch.

    I love the new desert plateau. I hope this lays the foundation for many new diverse biomes including a tropical one.

    Hopefully we get giant trees and caves as well.
  11. Kronoss

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    Can't stay on stairs now you just slide off as if it were a slope...... yea I can't even climb them now...... just slid right off

    edit: Ok it seems to be with steep stairs and ramps 1 by 1 type.
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  12. Scoob

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    I just experienced a potentially major issue.

    I'd defeated a Fortress POI and was reclaiming. I'd parked my small SV on said POI, stuffed with loot. I'd removed the blocks underneath my SV and, as usual, it just sat there not falling to the ground. However, a couple of seconds after I removed the last block of the POI, my SV just vanished. I fell to the ground as I was standing on top of it.

    Going to exit and reload to see if my SV returns... sorta want a reload to fix it, sorta want it not to showing the bug.

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  13. Andre Merrick

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    The pic look Awesome guys! Keep up the amazing work. Love the game!
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  14. Space Beagle

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    Wait-What! Alpha 7! When will this END!
    Rage Quit Again! :mad:

    (I hope that this sick photos from Alpha 7 are not 'cpu/gpu' eaters :(... and I really thet we will at least get bigger (current) planets & first version of some kind of 'galaxy')

    BTW, whats this now in Alpha 6.5 - "Tweaked some speed tree billboards", really dont have a clue :)
  15. banksman45

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    Ok I might be the only one to react like this but WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW .. the 7.0 PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait for 7.0 , It's almost like we're going to have a totally different game. The main thing I hear from players who are thinking about buying this game is the way the game looks, they would like to see some visual improvements. I have a feeling after 7.0 nobody will be talking about how this game looks anymore.
    I'm starting my own Hype train on this. Empyrion is slowly but surely becoming the only Space game I play now. THANK YOU DEVS can't wait to see more pictures from 7.0

    Best Devs in the world!!
  16. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    Thank you for increasing the Structure limit in single player because we don't need the same restrictions in single player that multiplayers need.
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  17. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    So will this be the update where we see bigger planets as well?
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  18. Kaeser

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    Not just yet, only a change on how planets are created, bigger planets and without barriers probably only on 8.0
  19. Random

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    Jul 29, 2015
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    I didn't like the "auto-break", somehow it annoyed me, so YES!!!
    Also I hope this hints to a certain feature that may come in A7? Beeing able to walk inside moving Vessels? Since the last big release added AI vessels it would make sense.

    The new terrain looks awesome. It looks almost as if it was taken on real places... the plateaux is stunning!!! I have to admit I do expect awesome gameplay features from you, they've always been great, but I really didn't expect such eyecandy.
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  20. krazzykid2006

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    Docked vessels are deleted if you pull the last block off the structure it's docked to. A reload won't fix that.

    Even though you removed the blocks under the sv it was still docked there until you undock it.
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