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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    We are on the home stretch for Alpha 8.0! :)

    As of todays release of ‘Release Candidate 1’ (RC1) - bugfixes and polishing aside - no big changes will be made to the game as it stands now. Larger feature additions and changes will be a topic in the post-public release phase.

    For the upcoming Release Candidates, testing, searching and hunting down major bugs and issues is now getting even more important. So every time you run into an issue, make a note and report it right away. Also retest older issues again.

    For a proper testing procedure and bug reporting, we recommend the following preparations and workflows:

    1. Go to your steam library and VERIFY your game files!
    Steam > Library > Right-click Empyrion in the list > Properties > Local Files > Verify Locale Data

    2. Make sure you are NOT using a custom config!
    Go to this folder and check if only three files are there: Config_Example.ecf, EGroupsConfig.ecf and TraderNPCConfig.ecf: ..Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration
    Remove or delete any other file as long as testing with the release candidates!

    3. Avoid resuming any pre-Release Candidate savegame!
    There is a chance that changes we made do not translate to older savegames. Especially for bugs concerning terrain, loot and other playfield configs.
    Best practice: if you run into an issue with a savegame that was started BEFORE a RC has been released, please re-test the issue in a fresh new RC savegame again!

    4. Additional Routine: Delete the GAME CACHE when trying to reproduce a bug!
    The game cache saves some presets and may be source of a false positive reports or even be part of the problem. To make sure we have all the infos, please check the following folder when trying to reproduce a bug and make a note in your report if the bug still happens AFTER clearing the cache: ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Cache

    5. When running into a ‘Continue or Quit’ (CoQ) message,
    5a. Please go to the LOGS folder ( ...\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs ) , then find the folder with the HIGHEST number, pick the most recent .log file and attach the logs to your report!
    5b. Add a description of what you did the last minute BEFORE the CoQ happens. Sometimes a Screenshot sent in with the CoQ is helpful as well!
    5c. If you are playing on a server, do the same, but we might also need the full LOG files from the server.

    Most important threads for now:

    Bug Reports: Alpha 8 EXP Release Candidate 1

    Bug Reports: Solar System Generator

    Bug Reports: Controller and Keymapping

    All feature discussion threads pinned:

    Thanks a lot to everyone providing tons and tons of feedback on all the new features, helping to shape Alpha 8.0 and making it an even better game experience than before!

    On behalf of the whole team: YOU ARE AWESOME!!

    Now please enjoy RC1! :)
    Empyrion Dev Team


    CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.5 (Build 1666)

    - When sleeping also the ticks are now advanced, resulting in regrowing of plants and constructors continuing working
    - Added transparent FoW when planet has been entered from space (otherwise keep current opaque FoW)
    - Supporting now gameoptions.yaml value FOWTransparency with values 0 (fully opaque) to 100 (fully transparent, FOW switched off)
    - Allow to randomly place POIs (and resources) also under water or on water - on water only for POIs (floating bases)
    (under water POIs)

    (floating POIs on water)

    - Added FridgeBlocks to Portable Constructor
    - Added emergency booster to all HV if they are stuck in water

    Planet Update:
    - Added MoonLava and MoonLava2 (Activated all new moons in random presets and also in Akua-Omicron scenario)
    - Starter Planet: Added some crashed ships under water + added floating alien artifacts on water
    - Major update of Alien planet: NPC spawning, terrain, stamps biomes, textures, lightning etc
    - Updated MoonIce, Snow, Barren, Temperate and Lava Planets
    - AkuaOmicron scenario: updated starter planet
    - Updated snow planet: NPC spawning update, removed unnecessary biomes
    - Added safe zones around Trading Stations
    - Increased PlanetAxis for several playfields

    Additions / Model Updates:
    - Integrated new XL+XXL jet thrusters (set is now complete)
    - Tweaked jet thrusters: V2 versions have now ring
    - Updated model for Cloning station HV + medic station HV

    - Exchanged model for Detector: now using an antenna (size: 1x3x1)
    - Shortened S thruster nozzle to fit within 1 block space
    - Increased size of Palm tree
    - Reduced transparency of blood effect
    - More accurate underground digout box for POIs
    - Updated several thruster preview icons
    - Texture Update to New Standard: warp drive, water generator, Dining bench, bathroom vanity, kitchen counter, rounded table, Turret robot, windows thick, RepairBay, BunkBed2 and Solar Panels, Elevator, Stairs, Shutter Windows, Railing Blocks, holographic screens, Antennas, Capacitor, SpyingTurret and ConsoleMS01 + removed weathering from Cockpit05 window frames to get rid of splotches

    POI Update:
    - Separated alien artifacts group into floating/non-floating.
    - Updated Junk & Ruins POI: Removed personal cargo boxes as those are not used for those POI group anymore (and are not defined in .yaml so they cannot be opened)
    - Updated AlienWatchTower: Added windows so player is not targeted

    PDA Update: Story Mission
    - Fixed Lever positions in Radar Station Main to prevent accidental destruction in combat
    - Made Log Download position in Mainframe a bit more obvious
    - Added more tasks for the final phase of the Radar Station / Mainframe storyline to allow a better progression

    PDA Update: Knowledgebase
    - Added first iteration of EXPLORERS JOURNAL to "Knowledgebase" PDA chapter, containing all creatures and some very rough information. Task Pictures not yet updated.
    - Added DOCTORS JOURNAL to "Knowledgebase" PDA chapter, containing all Status Effects and their cures/remedies
    - Added first iteration of BIOLOGISTS GUIDE, adding info of ingredients and drops + tips for farming and more. No Pictures added yet

    Status Effect Update:
    - Energy Drink, Energy Pills, Adrenaline Shot and Natural Stimulant now removes "Stunned" effect
    - Vegetable Juice removes Hangover

    - Optimized deco system
    - Optimized AI Spawner performance
    - Optimized for Recursive Constructor bulk crafting: please test extensively

    How to test Recursive Constructor bulk crafting:
    - put only a known number of ores in the constructor and queue up a larger number of items (maybe in the range 20..200) that need to be recursively crafted
    - for the first time stay at the constructor and let it craft "normally", i.e. item by item incl. sub-queue crafting
    - write down (or better: make a screenshot) of how many ores were used and what left over items (from sub-crafting) are new in the input grid
    - remove all produced items, left over items and restore the ore counts - to restart the test with same conditions
    - start crafting again but now quickly go far away so that the constructor is internally set in kind of an "offline" mode (or sleep during night)
    - after some time go back and see if crafting continued as expected and if ore consumption and left over items are the same
    - if not all is crafted yet you may wait for the rest at the constructor or go away again for some time

    Other Changes:
    - Major update of deco system
    - On loading a progress is shown now
    - Updated Jet Thruster tech levels and added templates for V2 versions
    - Set playfield seeds to 0 in Creative mode + added base back to Creative start on Akua
    - Added console cmd to get drone wave state: use "aim wavestate" or "aim ws" command to have a feedback
    - AI Vessel: move controller add new system of destination reached detection
    - AI Space Vessel: Yaml max speed "FixedMaxSpeed" is now taken correctly into account
    - AI Drone: add the new rotation controller on planet
    - Added new red gas emitter for lava planet
    - Enhanced console command 'deco' with parameter 'debug' to toggle 'debug boxes' to show deco removal areas
    - RepairBay Console + Block now have 500 HP
    - Add “Wait” timer before scanning lockout when adding Ingots to R2T Window
    - Removed obsolete NPCs from spawners and spawn menu
    - Improved 'stats' command: some reformatting and added global playtime
    - Updated stock HV with new HV constructor (replaced old one)
    - Old constructor is now marked as obsolete
    - Improved: FPS drops in deep forest.
    - Added better error outputs in repair bay

    Sector Map Update:
    - Improved sector selection frames.
    - Simplified map sprites. Reset 'Iso' text to 'XYZ'.
    - Adjust sector map views to frame only visible sectors
    - Increase size of station collider to make selection easier in map.
    - Sector map warpline tweaks.

    Loca Update:
    - Dutch (partially)
    - Added Vietnamese translation (partially,Thanks to Tam)

    Controller Update:
    - Changed default belt slot buttons to d-pad left and right to avoid conflict with rolling
    - Fixed rolling not working in spacesuit flight
    - Fixed controller menu shortkeys not working in cursor mode

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem that repair bay did not drop content in MP when destroyed + problem that it could not be opened by another player in MP
    - Fixed: FoW discovery progress is not saved in backups
    - Fixed: Exploit that R2T protector can be abused as a shield: all damage to the repair shield is now forwarded to the repair bay
    - Fixed: A vessel docked to a CV causes the message 'Required repair area for this template is blocked' when trying to use the repair bay
    - Fixed: Problem that AI Planet vessel did not attack reliable and had sometimes wrong altitude
    - Fixed: Problem that AI planet vessel sometimes felt on the ground bug
    - Fixed: AI planet vessel sometimes stopped moving when it is visible to the player.
    - Fixed: Fog surrounding planets can disappear & reappear.
    - Fixed: Problem that extended resource + POI radar was not indicating over the planet green wall.
    - Fixed: Exception in edit/creative when teleporting in 3d map
    - Fixed: Promethium node spawned empty
    - Fixed: Possible to duplicate multiple motorbikes after opening & closing the player inventory
    - Fixed: BA attack drones are not spawning or not approaching any bases.
    - Fixed: Non-stackable items cannot be stacked even in Creative mode
    - Fixed: NightTemperature was used wrong on MoonIce and Alien planet
    - Fixed: Plants pickup: possible improvement for problem that plants did not regrow sometimes.
    - Fixed: Troop Transport does not/cannot land + behavior improvement
    - Fixed: Wrong display name of some copper asteroids in space (read "iron", should be "copper")
    - Fixed: Wrong savegame gameoptions.yaml file created in local coop mode
    - Fixed: Chapter description does not scroll on first load
    - Fixed: Problem that FOW were showing lava emission under FOW tiles
    - Fixed: Random POIs and resources count is doubled on size class 2 planets
    - Fixed: Last character getting cut off in console window when horizontal scrolling is needed.
    - Fixed: Constructor SV is obtained when "retrieving" constructor HV with multitool
    - Fixed: Problem that FixedPlayerStart was not considered correctly in MP Creative games.
    - Fixed: Problem that Starter planets were not correctly filtered via Creative/Survival in MP games.
    - Fixed: R2T: Ship Type Cannot be repaired (player base)
    - Fixed: Issue where input device tabs in control options screen would frequently not appear until scrolling.
    - Fixed: Console spam with "entity spawner" ID not found (renamed several AI back to old names)
    - Fixed: One of the POI JunkT1 was not buried enough in ground
    - Fixed: Resources showing double on New Game window

    Updated EAH Tool:
    Patch notes -
    - Added: CB:FW Whisper to faction
    - Added: Eventmanager: First testable version (for more infos see full patch notes)
    - Added: Gameoptions.yaml changes
    - Added: Dedicated.yaml changes
    - Added: Player file changes
    - Fixed: Playfield Orbit set as Planet and vice versa
    - Fix Dedicated.yaml GameSubMode empty
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  2. Starwing6

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    This is amazing! I'm always blown away by these updates, but I cannot wait for the public release!! :cool: I long for a great adventure, visiting rare moon types and exotic, amazing planets in unknown star systems!!!

    Edit: Oh, the textures aren't the same as the last experimental update, it seems! Thanks. I didn't like the scratched and mangled look!
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  3. Thundershock_LT

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    Jun 7, 2016
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    You guys are just awesome. You brought us the update sooner than I expected!!!
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  4. Damonicus1986

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    May 4, 2018
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    please increase size limit for CV please please please :) if not for survival then for creative mode at least as current size limitation is way too small and at the end it depend from server owners if they will allow huge ships or not but currently it restrict many builders
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  5. elmo

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    Sep 26, 2017
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    Wasn't expecting this until tomorrow. Thank you Eleon for an amazing update. Looking forward to playing today.
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  6. SilvRav

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    Jan 13, 2017
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  7. Jaydee

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    Aug 1, 2017
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    What does "- Added safe zones around Trading Stations" mean?
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  8. Damonicus1986

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    May 4, 2018
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    i would think that you cant be harmed by alien drones :)
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  9. Cleff

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    Mar 23, 2017
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    Good work! And before the end of the week too!
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  10. StyleBBQ

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    ^^that. That is never a good sign... He -knows- something!
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  11. lux ferre

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    Mar 9, 2018
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    hello dev team,
    possible have npc nurse?
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  12. Myrmidon

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    Regarding the sector map, are we ever going to be able to disable of the orbit lines?
  13. Nogitsune

    Nogitsune Rear Admiral

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Looks nice. Will look forward to seeing drones coming to visit the base again. :cool:
    Didn't see mention about fixes to the toolbar bug that frequently disables any items held in toolbar - that's serious enough I think it has to be fixed before moving A8 to stable.
    Also didn't see anything about the inconsistency of FoW revealed terrain versus information about existing POI/nodes on the revealed area - which basically renders FoW near useless as exploration aid.
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  14. Gorwyn

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    Nov 10, 2017
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    Regarding the R2T protector being exploited.

    I didn't realise this was a thing but can understandably see how it got used.
    The problems with the solution however is that it's a very big target area for the small (and weak but expensive to make) Repair Bay. Not to mention that having it destroyed loses any materials currently in use to repair the ship, so you could potentially be losing stacks of items legitimately .

    A potential solution for the future might be to direct damage to the protector directly to the BA? Such as either spreading damage across all blocks on the BA or by substantially increasing energy consumption of the Repair Bay.
    The more fire sustained, the more energy required to keep the protector up.

    I'm absolutely against exploits such as it being used as a shield, but I feel the current solution could do with a review.

    Great job otherwise guys!

    Edit: To add on to this, the CV being repaired via a BA doesn't have it's blocks 'actively' repaired. This means that if the Repair Bay takes damage, not only will it lose all the materials being used during the repair, but the ship won't have been repaired at all!
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  15. ASTIC

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    Dec 11, 2016
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    - some warplines are still missing and the transwarp lines are missing completely
    - Sector card throws a CoQ when selecting an instance orbit

    ... be continued
  16. andreadavies822

    Dec 5, 2016
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    Something needs to be done to fix lag shots it is the only thing that is letting this game down. okay okay so we will experiance lag no question about that knowing its still in alpha stage but having a pvp battle and you get shot with a lag shot is not on spoils pvp completly. maybe a certain block can be created to stop the lag shots that has hit points to prevent it if thats possible i dont know but it needs adressing. Other wise this game is fab and has still got me hooked after 3 years of playing it so good job guys.
  17. Trump

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    May 15, 2018
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    It used to be hostile POIs could spawn close enough that you'd be in range of their cannons while at a trade station. I'm assuming they fixed this.
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  18. Nogitsune

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    Think this through a bit more, will you? BA doesn't have any automated repair system of it's own currently. Can you imagine how annoying it would be to go through Every. Single. Block. on the base - including hidden ones - to fix the damage of a couple stray shots to the field because a BA attack drone happened to get through?

    I do agree though that the current band aid could use a revisit. Basically a single serious shot to the field will blow up the cube and stop the repair.. honestly it would be better to make it so that any damage to field will simply stop/cancel the repair (and not use up the materials).

    A more elaborate solution would be a variation of what you suggest (increase energy use) - by making it a test bed for future energy shields. Make the field use more energy at start of repair as it "charges up", give it certain amount of "health". If it gets hit, it'll use up more energy for a time to replenish the field. If it runs out of health, it collapses and stops/cancels the repair.
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  19. Pantera

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    How is this reproduced ?
    I haven't experienced it a single time in SP or MP.
  20. geostar1024

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    Jan 24, 2016
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    I understand the argument for the current fix being a bit harsh, but, to me, this fix just suggests that you don't do any repairs in a hot zone, and that it's prudent to build enclosures for any ships that you're repairing if there's even a chance they might get hit with a stray shot. Outdoor repair platforms are great, but there's something to be said for extremely large docking bays.
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