Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.0 - Update 2

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    Update: December 16, 2018: Alpha EXP 9.0.3 (Build 2075)

    - First draft of showing reputation points when hovering over NPC faction in Faction Window
    - Added loot to tribal deco
    - Updated POIs on Lava planet + set faction to Polaris
    - Updated Invader vs Defender scenario

    PDA Update:
    - Show remaining amount for multi-count PDA task in HUD info, e.g. (1/10)
    - Show collapse arrow behind chapter title only if tasks are visible
    - Don't display collapse arrow if Reputation or Level restricted and player does not have sufficient amount
    - Improved PDA reputation level information.
    - Rework Skip and Confirmation window
    - Updated PDA with better amount display in action title
    - Some faction Companion missions now have a required Standing you need to reach until you can play them
    - Totally Overpowered is now a Polaris Story Mission (as it is basically a Polaris Company internal - with a cliffhanger for the player at its end ;) (Note: all the STORY missions well depend upon each other in the future; for now they can be played individually right away for testing!)
    - Totally Overpowered: Brewmasters now have an increased range for their marker visibility (so you know where to head towards earlier and do not need to run around)
    - Ancient Revelations: Known issue > finding the SV Wreckage (Task 2) sometimes does not work. Please resolve manually if this is the case for you.

    - Updated Localization.csv
    - Ship controller : Add new drag on planet depending on atmosphere density
    - Temporarily deactivate Modular Wing Pylon due to problems with placement
    - Updated Tribal Bazar + Aux POI new Tribal Deco (and other minor changes) - thanks to Kaeser

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problem with Harvesting
    - Fixed: Exception spam in Dedi logs linked to Troop Transport
    - Fixed: Exceptions linked to Terrain
    - Fixed: Container duplication exploit
    - Fixed: Coded Doors open on Admin Structures
    - Fixed: NearPOI does not work in Space anymore
    - Fixed: Deco overlapping POIs when you teleport there for the very first time
    - Fixed: Position of label "Static" for spawners in CP


    Update: December 15, 2018: Hotfix (Build 2072)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Harvesting of deco not working reliable anymore
    - Fixed: With a scoped weapon equipped when going into scoped view there is a slight freeze
    - Fixed: Unable to turn player model around in the player customization screen.
    - Fixed: Spawner dropdown get's out of view
    - Fixed: Exception linked to deco
    - Fixed: PDA Check 'InventoryOpened' didn't work for some special containers (Personal Container, O2 Tank, ATM, Fuel Tank)

    - Do not show prompt anymore for ContainerPersonal when not configured in yaml
    - Drones are shown again on radar
    - Adapted faction of some mission POIs
    - Reduced VRAM usage
    - Reverted: "Picking up a stack with e.g. 999 ores doesn't work - pick up items until inventory is full"
    > too risky and high regression potential


    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    Here comes the next update for Alpha 9 - Experimental.

    Please continue to report bugs here:

    The voting for the "2018 Indie of the Year Awards" continues. If you like Empyrion, please vote for it here:

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.0.3 - Experimental (Build 2071)

    Starter Planet Update:
    - Updated PDA Robinson Protocol
    - Updated POI spawning on temperate and arid starter planets
    - Added TalonChief NPC to Prison POI
    - Reduced amount of Talon that spawn around Talon Settlements
    - LizardMule are now also spawning around Talon POIs
    - Prison is now not revealed when approaching normally and no deco is removed for buried POIs
    - Activated new POIs on AridStarter

    NPC Faction Mission Update:
    - Updated Talon / Polaris / Zirax Missions
    > Feedback:

    - Added first draft of Freedom mode
    > Feedback:

    - Updated Plastic Material template and volume/mass for Plastic Blocks (see below for more details)
    - Added TalonSentinel and AssaultCyborgSentinel NPC that guard a certain position
    - Added TalonSentinel as example to some Talon POIs
    - Set suspended status effect icons to gray.
    - Updated Talon Trader content
    - Lizard Mules are now Prey again (not Talon)
    - Vessel: added cruise mode info to Ship UI. To enable use the shift key with any movement key w, a, s, d, c, or space bar. To disable it press any movement key.

    - Added new deco models for Talon POIs > DecoTribalBlocks
    - Added container group (SV/HV and BA/CV) with all A8 containers

    Unique Starter Planets:
    - Starter Planets are now unique when “UniqueStarterPlanet: true” is given in solarsystemconfig.yaml:
    - When now starting normal Survival game, you can still chose between 2 starter planets (temperate and arid) but when the solar system is created it will only have the starter planet you have chosen (before also the other starter planet was generated)

    PDA Update:
    - Activated PDA tag “HideTasks”: when this is set, the tasks of a chapter are not displayed anymore - only the active tasks is shown (so it is more of a surprise what happens next)
    - Set PDA chapter activatable by Reputation
    - Only copy PDA.yaml and PDA.csv to save game folder, read all images from content/scenario directories.
    - Added new category “UCH” > will be displayed under "SoloMissions" for now
    - PDA will now display a default image if no image file referenced in PDA.yaml - just add a pic named "Default.jpg" to PDA folder

    Weight / Volume / Logistics:
    - Picking up a stack with e.g. 999 ores did not work -> pick up items until inventory is full
    IMPORTANT: please test pickup / item moving in all variants
    - Connected toolbar uses background color different from player toolbar
    - If Logistics window cannot be opened by hotkey (F4) a message should display a reason
    - Changed: Displaying now 2 digits for volume and weight. Volume will be displayed in m^3 if larger than 1000L

    Creative / Builders Update:
    - Added new wood texture: "raw wood" > could be used for logs in Talon Villages
    - Added more plants to "farming" category: please let us know which plants are still missing
    - Separated TribalVillage and TribalBazaar
    - Added more variations for Talon and Talon Trader
    - Renamed some Talon POIs
    - Added alien turrets to Polaris Defence POIs (player turrets will not work as expected)
    - Added ZiraxCommander and TalonChief as NPC
    - Removed TalonChief / ZiraxCommander as Block: please do not use StandingTalon, TalonChief, ZiraxCommander as block anymore > rather use them via EntitySpawner

    NPC Faction / Reputation:
    - NPC factions will not attack NPC factions any more
    - Updated Reputation Matrix: mining does not reduce reputation if friendly or better, mining has also for Talon negative impact
    - Supporting faction 'Public' now in yaml files
    - Public faction structure is now powered on startup, NoFaction structure is not powered on startup
    - Faction reputation display in HUD is a bit bigger now

    NPC Spawner:
    - Plate (thin) will now be removed for Entity/Player Spawners in Survival (thus no need to hide plate anymore)
    - Removed entity despawn logic when stuck to avoid that guards get despawned when they don't move

    Visuals / UI:
    - Higher resolution for SV Deco Parts
    - Updated landclaim color and no build zone colors
    - Adjusted AlienBug01 corpse blood: reduced blood
    - Changed scope on Sniper Rifles
    - Crawler NPC is now a bit smaller
    - Added Landclaim Zone to planet map legend in MP

    POI Update:
    - Added more tribal POIs (Thanks to Kaeser + Vermillion)
    - Added Polaris Defence POIs (thanks to Vermillion)
    - Updated Talon POIs with new spawners and filler blocks

    Ship Controller Update:
    - max speed of a ship when diving down is now also limited to 50m/s
    - cruise mode is now switch off also when the ship is powered off
    - SV and CV will not automatically glide down anymore if they pitch or roll. Only to weak thrusters will lead to a move when pitching or rolling.
    - Ship max velocity change : on planet the vertical max velocity is now set to 90m/s

    - Reduced drawcalls of Wheat growable plants
    - Deco Instancing : Optimized Performance

    - Updated Invader vs Defender Scenario
    - Increased version of Config.ecf to 3 since it is not compatible with A8
    - Updated text in Main Menu
    - Added block id, name and position to 'di' console command

    Renamed some blocks / components / units:
    - Raw Material > Carbon Substrate (for more detail, see below)
    - Plastic Blocks > Carbon Composite Blocks (for more detail, see below)
    - Watt > Power Units (PU)
    - Watt Hour > PUh
    - Liter > Storage Units (SU)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Memory Leak
    - Fixed: Shift-Clicking an item from inventory to structure while NO container is selected destroys the item
    - Fixed: With Volume/Weight enabled it's not possible to fill the warp tank through the Logistics window
    - Fixed: Forcefields are not fully airtight anymore
    - Fixed: Admin structure NPC's will fire on players.
    - Fixed: Items left in the VT are lost if the VT is still active when player exits a save or server then rejoins
    - Fixed: Some vessel devices deco is not saving in blueprints.
    - Fixed: Input & output setup of a constructor is not maintained in blueprints
    - Fixed: Constructor templates stay red even if you add relevant items to the linked input container
    - Fixed: Volume of ammo & harvest CC's resets to default amount when spawned in a BP until another CE is added to the structure.
    - Fixed: Creative mode - Vessels were hovering in air with landing gear retracted
    - Fixed: Faction with Origin 0 not showing in faction window
    - Fixed: Do not display lock icon in Vessel Toolbar anymore
    - Fixed: Problem that warpdrive SV became huge when prefab was rotated in preview view
    - Fixed: Possible to use F4 with a structure that has no core
    - Fixed: wipe <pf> <parameter> is not working anymore + exception
    - Fixed: Problem with billboards for some deco trees / objects
    - Fixed: Random TerrainEngine exception when starting a new game after going into main menu
    - Fixed: Exception when loading into a Default random scenario save game after playing in a save using the Default MP scenarios.
    - Fixed: Bazar spawners
    - Fixed: display categories for custom scenarios (backward compatibility for SoloMission)
    - Fixed: "BlocksDestroyed" PDA check not working anymore
    - Fixed: Copy & paste tool is not accessible in creative mode.
    - Fixed: Talon did not correctly hold spear when walking (added better walk anim)
    - Fixed: typos in PDA
    - Fixed: Zirax spawned in Polaris Warehouse
    - Fixed: Dead AlienBug01 could not be looted
    - Fixed: Default A-O scenario not displaying asteroid fields and stations in sector map.
    - Fixed: PDA: prevent error when a mission becomes re-activatable after the timer reset


    Updated Plastic Material template and volume/mass for Plastic Blocks:

    With mass and volume in mind, Plastic as a build material, suitable of course for internal areas, not for armor plating, would be much easier to haul in large quantities than any other material. In order to get a higher turnaround from the input materials, we changed the template from grain to fiber+stone dust. As fiber can be harvested, grown AND made from wood, there are several ways to obtain the Plastic Raw Material!

    Plastic Raw Material & Block:
    - PRM Template: requires 4 Fiber + 1 Stone Dust
    - Plastic Small block: now requries 1 PRM, Increased Weight, Reduced Volume.
    - Plastic Large block: now requires 2 PRM; Increased Hitpoints to 200, Increased Weight, Reduced Volume

    1 WoodLog can now be made into 50 large Plastic blocks (incl. 5 Crushed Stone) or 100 small Plastic blocks
    1 WoodLog can be made into 40 Wood Blocks (large) as a comparison

    Now also use PRM (1 PRM instead of 2 Steel Plates, as Nanotubes are made out of a carbon source originally), which means your builds will see an increased demand for Plastic Raw Material and a drop in requirements for Iron.

    Feedback Question is: do you think this is feasible with the NEW template for creating Plastic Raw Material? (given 100 PRM = ~1 Wood Log)

    "Plastic Raw Material" > "Carbon Substrate" (to have a more global name to use this material as a carbon source in other templates)
    "Plastic Blocks" > "Carbon Composite Blocks" (sounds cooler)
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    Right on it...
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  3. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    I take it a NEW Game should be started;) to test thoroughly the New stuff:D
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  4. 123kappa3

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    Awesome. Plastic blocks seem pretty cool. I like the diffrent background for virtual toolbar as well. Cruise mode will make a lot of people happy I hope.
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  5. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    We'll see, we'll see;)
  6. Sasquatch

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    Dec 14, 2016
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    This is a really practical and helpful change in regards to plastic raw material and blocks.
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  7. geostar1024

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    Jan 24, 2016
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    I predict this will make for a lot of happy pilots . . .
  8. elmo

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    Sep 26, 2017
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    What is freedom mode. need more info I think
  9. Sasquatch

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    Dec 14, 2016
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    If I was a guessing man I'd say its a mode without volume and mass enabled. If this turns out to be true lets hope it doesn't split the workshop too badly...
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  10. Garrett

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    Feb 27, 2017
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    Never ending harvest from plants on Eleon Test Server - I take it this is a bug and not intended?
  11. Ian Einman

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    Dec 11, 2017
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    I like the change from "plastic" to "carbon composite". I am not sure if carbon composite necessarily replaces plastic in all situations, but if we have to choose one or the other, I like it as a building material (particularly for vehicles) better than plastic.

    Output count for carbon substrate might be too high. Since a log basically represents the better part of a tree, I don't think the ratio of logs to fiber is too high.

    Whether the ratio of fiber to carbon substrate is too high, I suppose depends on what you can do with carbon substrate. Right now it takes only 2 to build a large block, whereas a large steel block takes 10 steel plate. So a single iron ingot lets you make a single large steel block, but a single wood log lets you make 50 large carbon composite blocks.

    The comparison with wood blocks is interesting, but I think wood blocks in fact probably take too few wood planks. 1 log should make more like 10 wood blocks, and taller trees should just drop more logs.
  12. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    Stop dreaming ;)start Testing:D
  13. Cluascorp

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    Oct 5, 2018
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    Thanks Eleon, sounds good. I will test and test and test...
  14. Zeellott

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    Oct 23, 2017
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    Hmm I smell a hot fix asap, none of the plants on a new survival start give exp and also yield unlimited crops. Sounds like they got the settings crossed up with freedom mode
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  15. Sasquatch

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    So after a pretty quick glance free mode seems a good place to test out creative and workshop builds in game conditions. I'd like to see it have a lot more options for changing settings so it can become a way to customise your sp game instead.

    So if you want to say up your health, turn off the item menu, increase the amount of power solar panels generate and turn off volumn but leave mass enabled, you'd be able to do all that
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  16. Ian Einman

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    Storage units: The change to something abstract is for the better, because trying to relate it to real world units would lean towards using real world volumes, but I don't think it is actually possible to make Empyrion still be fun to build, using real world volumes.

    But maybe "SU" are a bit too abstract. It is almost like not naming the unit at all... which leads me to the suggestion that the unit just be dropped. Volume is 12.0. You ask, 12.0 what? Does it matter? If a real life unit is not used, it seems to not matter that the unit is shown at all.

    Another issue, which may just be balancing, is that I noticed that all block types seem to have different volume units which are mostly proportional to their mass. Would a combat steel block take up more volume than a carbon composite block? It might, in fact, if the blocks are compressed/disassembled/folded. I am not necessarily saying they would have the same volume, only pointing out you may wish to review it.
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  17. May Rears

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    Aug 20, 2015
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    Yes, at last! :):):)
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  18. Ian Einman

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    Dec 11, 2017
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    Power units: I am less a fan of this change. Mainly because unlike volume, I think it is possible to balance the game OK using normal power units.

    I do think that making everything an integral number of kW needed to be changed, clearly some things should draw 0.1 kW, or 50W, rather than everything having a minimal draw of 1 kW.

    But to me I did not think using kW was confusing in the same way L was, for these reasons:
    • The SI unit of volume for solids is m³ not liters, liters are used for liquids
    • Trying to use real world values for volume would make certain gameplay aspects more tedious, as has been discussed elsewhere
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  19. Myrmidon

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    1,532 does not work yet, does it? I can not find how to make it work.
  20. Ian Einman

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    Dec 11, 2017
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    Cruise mode: Thanks for adding it, however... I am apparently blind and cannot find it in the keybinding menu, so I don't know how to turn it on. I tried some other things like the "auto run" key but that didn't work.

    This brings me to another point: It would be great if we could assign the same key to more than one action. Why in the world would we want to do that?

    Well, some actions only apply when you are piloting a ship (e.g. warp, auto-brake), while others only apply when you are not piloting a ship (e.g. lights, helmet, auto-run). Some buttons already have a double meaning (e.g. "jump" when walking = "up" when flying) but many don't. I want warp to be the same key as sprint, for example. I accomplish this by having multiple modes on a Nostromo controller, but it is annoying because I have to switch every time I go between flying and walking, and if I forget sometimes I push a wrong button.
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