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    Update: January 14, 2019 (Build 2162):

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed: Issue with trees not correctly fading out in some use cases
    - Fixed: Inventory duplicate with withdrawing fuel / O2 in Logistics window
    - Fixed: New Tribal Defence POIs did not have fuel


    Update: January 14, 2019 (Build 2161):

    - Added: Weight/volume can now be enabled/disabled via Difficulty Settings (still disabled per default)
    - Added new Tribal Defence POIs with Ballista (thanks to vermillion)
    - Removed thin plat from Entity / Player Spawner (not needed anymore since we have Dummy Model showing the spawn direction): now you see the texture below spawner
    - Filler blocks are not textureable anymore (to avoid texturing them by accident and then not being able to distinguish from other blocks)
    - Added red color to loca text igmWarnReputationChange in code
    - Added VolumeCapacity to Player Backpack
    - Slightly reduced strength of Depth of Field camera effect
    - Better explosion effect for BallistaTurret
    - Better idle animation for talon sentinel (crossbow)
    - Tweaked POI distribution: defence POIs closer to villages

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Markers for NearPOI are not shown on HUD
    - Fixed: Weight of items added to a vessel container doesn't take effect until exiting & reentering the cockpit
    - Fixed: Bug that it did not allow to spawn BAs manually in air in Creative or Freedom mode
    - Fixed: Color/texture Tool: only creates a half-ring of color when fired in 1st Person
    - Fixed: Pulse Rifle red dot scope was not transparent anymore
    - Fixed: Topsoil not removed from inside base / risen to top filler block plane (Increased smoothing area around POIs to not overlap terrain with POIs)
    - Fixed: NPC spawn does not happen reliably or too late
    - Fixed: Duplication exploit with Connected Toolbar
    - Fixed: Cannot access a private or faction oxygen and fuel tank under a password
    - Fixed: Cannot use F with looting tanks in POIs
    - Fixed: Logistic: F does not remember settings when used with tanks
    - Fixed: Picking up crops in NPC structures results in reputation level change, whereas picking up crops on NPC terrain results still in only small reputation loss
    - Fixed: Talon Village was buried too much
    - Fixed: Voxel mesh exceptions


    Update: January 12, 2019 (Build 2159)

    - Some refactoring of terrain generation
    > please test if scenarios are still loading correctly (new game with scenario, continue game with scenario)
    - Updated all Ghost POIs -> renamed into Ghyst: A big thanks to Frigidman
    - Fixed: Player gets repositioned when inside dugout mountain base
    - Fixed: "Mutant" Zirax (model was completely messed up)


    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    We just released the EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 9.2 which represents Part II of the stabilizing, optimization and bug fixing update for Alpha 9.

    Please report any issues here:


    CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.2.0 (Build 2157)

    - Added Talon Crossbow NPC for ranged attacks
    > Talon Crossbow NPC is already added to groups that patrol on terrain around POIs and as sentinel in POI (replaces old green sentinel)

    - Added Talon Ballista Turret
    Please note that the Ballista turret is not yet added to the Talon POIs. We need help from our awesome building community to upgrade the Talon POIs with this turret. We can also add separate Defence Structures (as for Polaris). The Ballista turret needs a base with power.

    Filler Block Update:
    - Added new functionality of FillerBlocks
    > now you can use them for making POIs with basements or POIs that have a large underground part and a small part above terrain

    Note: The Filler Blocks are ONLY available for CREATIVE building, not in survival. The filler blocks can be placed and will be re-placed with terrain when the POI is spawned in SURVIVAL at game start (Manually spawning such a modified POI with the F2 Menu does NOT have the same effect! )

    We are looking forward to your awesome creations with this new Filler Block functionality.

    Logistics Update:
    - Logistics window: Setup is retained separately for 'F' and 'F4' modes
    - Display message when trying to put something in the connected toolbar but the connected container is full
    - Do not use OUTPUT container as source for construction
    - Logistics window: Added button for direct access of the device of an assigned container
    - Logistics window: added '(C)' in front of CONNECTED container and pin to top, added '(A)' in front of ASSIGNED container and pin to top
    - Accessing a container via F does not disable dropdowns in accessible structures anymore
    - Evenly distribute weight for modular containers
    - Logistics UI: Color active button and connected container grid = visually connect logic
    - Added Partial-Pickup from dropped stacks when not enough volume capacity to pickup full stack
    - Place Decon/Furnace OFF and switch OFF if assigned container is switched
    - Fixed: in 'F mode' selected container was displayed twice in dropdown list
    - Fixed: not connected / assigned container names started with a blank character
    - Fixed: In Logistics window, selecting fuel or oxygen tank doesn't work
    - Fixed: Changing from player inventory window to H item menu hides toolbar

    Feedback Thread (new):

    HUD marker update
    - Implemented 'HudDistance' property for POIs to reduce cluttering of HUD with many objects (eg Polaris and Talon settlement): see AridStarter and TemperateStarter

    - GroupName: TribalVillage
    - Key: MapDistance
    Value: 0
    - Key: HudDistance
    Value: 100
    > TribalVillage will not be "discovered" and not marked on map via POI marker but it will be visible on HUD up to 100m

    NPC Faction Update:
    - Warning that reputation will change when opening a box is now in red
    - Pick-up of Plants from growing plot is now handled like Container-looting resulting in instant-rep-standing change

    AI Update:
    - Pangolin update + Attack Manager fix
    - AlienBug02 - new attack behavior (after 1-4 hits to the player, go to random position near the player - this way it can also attack from behind the player)

    - Re-added TemperateSwamp planet back into game (+ added Tribal Deco to Stilt Village POIs)
    - Activated Small Constructor in Survival (Unlock Level 3) and updated model
    - Added FridgeBlocks, ArmorLocker, CloneChamber to Small Constructor templates
    - Increased unlock level of Large Constructor to level 5

    Other Changes:
    - Added new textures for Container Extensions
    - Re-balanced shotgun against trees: now harder to destroy tree
    - Map view: show poles as no yellow build areas as well
    - Mod interface: corrected values for cores
    - Blueprint .ebp format changed slightly (version 23): added 4 byte data length, 1 byte data type, 1 bool compression flag as preamble to
    - Display of energy units PU reduced by factor 1000 (only display, no gameplay change)

    UI Update:
    - Reduced brightness of Drill and Multi Turret CV
    - Updated starmap UI
    - Rework of New Game window: Planet Stats
    - Formatting adjustments to Choose Start Planet window (Multiplayer) and Planet Stats UI (New Game Window)

    POI Update:
    - Updated Artifacts POI: added creatures to defend loot
    - Updated Trading Stations (Assigned container/fridge to constructor/food processor where available and other fixes)
    - Added AdminCore to POI TOPSpiceDestillery to make it indestructible

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Issue with playfield change transition & vessels losing speed
    - Fixed: NearPOI markers vanish at 900-1000m ahead of destination
    - Fixed: Problem that Zirax did not attack player on motorbike
    - Fixed: Thrusters do not go to idle when you land a vessel on blocks or terrain
    - Fixed: With a scoped weapon equipped when going into scoped view there is a slight freeze
    - Fixed: Regression that SI dropped block did not disappear on pickup
    - Fixed: Thruster power wrong in some cases when changing playfields
    - Fixed: New Game custom name reverts to default when using custom difficulty settings. Also fixes difficulty settings always listed as 'Custom'.
    - Fixed: Destroying/Killing two entities of the same kind quickly after each other only counts 1 for SubjectKilled
    - Fixed: Ship controller : In some cases ship lost altitude when moving
    - Fixed: Fern Deco plant was invisible
    - Fixed: Exception with Troop transport
    - Fixed: PDA Mission - Weaponized Negotiations: Drones were not counted when being destroyed
    - Fixed: Title Menu: tweak overlap of fork for longer translations.
    - Fixed: Missing Planet Size display in Creative Mode.
    - Fixed: AutoActivateOnGameStart did not work in MP anymore
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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    We have dozens of custom Talon POIs on the servers Talon homeworld ready for the ballista! Lots of good stuff on this list. Ty for the hard work.
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  3. jadefalcon

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    How exactly do these filler blocks work then?
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  4. Silver

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    Oct 31, 2017
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    like always , you guys doing a great job , keep it up.
    thank u for your hard word.
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  5. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :) :D:D:D:D:D
  6. Pach

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    Dec 16, 2017
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    I reserve judgement until I play with this and see how it works, but I can see a problem here.

    We really need multiple input boxes. This takes away the "alternate input" of the Output box.

    Food processor.

    The food processor uses both perishable and non-perishable inputs. By setting the input to a box with the non-perishables (thorns, alien parts, plasmas, water, crushed rock, etc.), and the output to the fridge, you solve this problem: the processor was able to pull from either the fridge (perishables) and the non-perishables, and crafted items were in the fridge.

    With only one very strict input box, we'll now be forced to store all these non-perishables... in the fridge?

    ... if the fridge will even let us put them in there? (it may now, I've put some odd things in the fridge...)

    If not, then crafting things like sprouts becomes problematic, as you would have to move your perishables into the input box, where they can expire, possibly before they are crafted. The point of logistics is that once things are sorted and organized, you don't have to move stuff around to make things.

    If we are eventually going to get multiple input/output boxes, this isn't as much of an issue, but right now, this actually makes it harder, as you basically throw everything into one big box (there is no way to organize raw materials, unless you want to spend a lot of time going between boxes, or make a ton of very specialized contructors...).

    I'm crossing my fingers that we will eventually get multiple inputs, and this is a temporary thing!
  7. Apollyon

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    Dec 17, 2018
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    Hi everyone!
    Just tried this new update with a new game, wanted to check this:
    - Re-added TemperateSwamp planet back into game
    I found a planet type: alien. So, is this the temperate-swamp planet?
  8. D00mnoodle

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    Oct 19, 2017
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    To ads to this. Before this update the constructor put intermediate items in the output as well (optical fiber, electronics, ...) So now if i made an item and the const made too many intermediates (sometimes it does jecause of the input/output quantities of some items) and i then want to make a new item. Does it not use the previous intermediate components to make the new item? Resulting in the creation of more intermediates? This could be very wastefull...

    To counteract this the intermediates could be put into the input container so the const can still use them
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  9. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    No. The swamp planet is listed in-game as a temperate planet.
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  10. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Playing around with the new filler blocks I was able to get my cave entrance looking a little better than it used to be :D

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  11. jlego

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    It does (that's what @elmo and I do). But yes, it seems pretty weird to have non-perishable items in the fridge.
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  12. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    I couldn't figure it out during internal testing, as any game-spawned POI in a custom testing scenario would end up buried by normal terrain and not do what it was supposed to do.

    Nevermind, it seems 2159 fixed the issue and POI spawn in correctly now with filler blocks (or as correctly as it can in situations of slopes).
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
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  13. SilentSooYun

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    Jan 21, 2018
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    I like the new Talon stuff; they were at a crippling disadvantage for defense.

    Still, I'm not entirely sure why I even bother with Talon as the only place to find them is the starter planet; the only thing of value they possess are unique deco items that you would have to kill them to collect (I assume, since as pointless as the Talon are I'm still all nicey-nice to them). And even if they existed on other planets, how exactly would they communicate my standing to off-world tribes? I would like to see more done with them, with possibly a mysterious background of being a once-space faring civilisation that's eschewed technology, or being a lost tribe of a much larger alien empire, that kind of thing.

    I still don't like the absolutism of the faction system, where opening a box is the same as killing their leader. FP loss, yes, but not instant hostility.

    I like the fact they're fixing errors in the Custom scenario selections. What I really wish for, though, is a way to save a custom game configuration rather than having to change settings each time I start a new game.

    Lastly, I see they haven't fixed the cockpit issue yet. Still trying to put me in the space beside my Open cockpit rather than the large empty space behind it. Please work on this!
  14. Furious Hellfire

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    May 3, 2017
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    So this feature is it to automatically fill in gaps under the base where we spawn it on sloped terrain? to help prevent si fails and unsightly gaps ?
  15. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    Its to create 'terrain' filled areas. And since POI ignore terrain (touching it) when determining SI conditions... the issue still remains where all your SI has to be based off the 'lowest block in the build, upwards'.
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  17. Robot Shark

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    Jul 2, 2016
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    Looks like I need to change my starter base blueprints.
    I wonder if there is any need for a LVL 1 starter BA?
    (LVL 3 is the lowest I have published)
  18. TmikeS3

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    I suspect with some of the clues that where hinted at, We may find more talons when we get more systems and such with the hints of the Elder Talons, and the hints they where an interstellar power that in there height could have raveled the Zraxi Empire hand they not chose to form a Confederated state with them. And its strongly hinted that the starter planet is not there home world. how would they communicate with each other, well at the level of tech the Zraxe keep then at, the wouldn't and that maybe part of the reason why. and might be a hook for the player to help the reestablish contact with there other worlds, anther interesting hook is if the Zraxe also enslaved some of the talons as its clear there not exactly primitives be fell into a new primitive stat for reason I hope we can uncover in game play if not now later on in development. My question about factions is where is the UHC? and should we the play not be a member of that faction/organization? or is that something I uncover in game play?
  19. agentoscar

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    Hi Eleon, great update!, just the Zirax troops look a little queasy.
    and for the ballista turret positions, every corner, you need a watch tower with a turret and a Talon sentinel
    for high-up, long-range attack.
    And how about personal shields for talons that takes off 30 damage points on impact.
  20. Thundercraft

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    As I try to maintain a Config.ecf for my Single-Player game, I did another comparison between the old and the new Config_Example.ecf. This time, I discovered something odd:

    Item Id: 2052, Name: Shotgun

    OLD Config_Example.ecf;
    DamageMultiplier_2: 0.09, data: wood

    NEW Config_Example.ecf;
    DamageMultiplier_2: 0.015, data: wood

    So, the damage of the Shotgun was reduced by 6 times or 1/6'th of what it was when used against wood. I suppose the reason this was done might be because using a Shotgun in or near a wood structure would tend to easily destroy blocks. This does make sense, except...

    DamageMultiplier_4: 0.4, data: metal
    DamageMultiplier_5: 0.05, data: metalhard

    Compare the DamageMultiplier_2 of 0.015 against wood with the above. This makes it 26, almost 27 times less damage against Wood Blocks than it is against Steel Blocks. It's also 3 and 1/3 times less damage than against "metalhard", which I assume is Hardened Steel Blocks or Combat Steel Blocks (or both).

    Reducing the damage of the Shotgun against Wood Blocks does make sense so they are not so easily destroyed. After all, easily destroying Wood Blocks would make it easy to accidentally harm one's relations with Talon in, say, defending oneself against hostile creatures when visiting their village. But reducing Shotgun damage by that severe a degree seems unreasonable.

    Agreed! Definitely! Having at least 2 Input boxes would be a great help.

    That's what I've been doing as I don't see much of a choice. How else are we supposed to make, say, sprouts, which require both perishables like Buds and Fruit as well as non-perishables like Nutrient Solution and Stone Dust. Manually swapping around perishables into the a regular, non-refrigerated container seems pointless and needlessly tedious.

    If that's what Filler Blocks are used for, then I am definitely looking forward to using them! And this new block type came at a most opportune time as I was about to build an undground base, yet lamenting the idea of spending the enormous amount time it would require to dig it out.
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