Known Issue Ammo Lost on Gun Removal

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by Shadex Demarr, Aug 29, 2020.

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    If you have loaded Gatling guns on your vessel and then use the multi tool to retrieve them the ammo that was in them is lost and not placed back into the ammo controller.

    Steps to repeat:

    Place Gatling guns on an SV
    Load them
    Use the multi tool to remove them
    Notate lost ammo
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    Unfortunately this has always been the case. Ammunition of all types of weapon that is withdrawn is lost. This problem is already known. Perhaps at some future point (I hope they do) they will schedule a discharge of the mounted weapon so as not to waste the ammo.

    Lastimosamente esto es así desde siempre. Se pierden las municiones de todo tipo de arma que se retiran. Ya se sabe de este problema. Quizas en algún momento futuro (espero que lo hagan) programarán una descarga del arma montada para no perder la munición.
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