An idea concerning a bases visibility.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by scapino, Jun 4, 2020.

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    I was watching Spanj's latest video, and he asked his viewers if they thought setting your base to public to avoid Zirax base attacks was kind of "cheaty".

    I always start my base set to public, just for that reason.

    Then the thought occurred to me that, why should I have to go out scanning to find other POIs, when everyone else on the planet knows of my existence as soon as I put a core down?

    Shouldn't they have to "find" me with say foot patrols or observation drones?

    An exciting game play mechanic presented itself to me.

    What if your base defaulted to being unknown to the other parties on the planet, and they do not become aware of your base location, until THEY observe you, either with foot patrols, or spy drones.

    And to make it even more interesting, your base can give you a warning that you are being observed, and a timer starts. If you can kill/destroy the observer before the time runs out, you remain secret. If not, then the base attacks can start, if you are "Hostile" with the observing faction.

    And the observers would have to get within the same range to your base, as you do, to become aware of your existence.

    Just a thought.
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    The only time I have a base set to public is when I add a few bits temporarily to an existing wreck (TBH - if its gets trashed I don't care - so its by omission rather than intent). I never have and never will set a base I have built to public - its lame especially as base attack are currently so easy to deal with in several ways.

    I agree that some kind of discovery mechanic would be good, however the view distances / active game area is far too small in this for it to work in a meaningful way. For those of us who like a bit of combat then we would probably want go out and taunt the drone to annoy it and absolutely ensure an attack ASAP.

    I think base attacks in their current form are pitiful and trivial to defend against once you take note that a drone's rocket will massively outrange your mini guns and cannons and do something to mitigate that in future - ie ensure the fight happens out of rocket range of your base.

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