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    First, To make the armour more progressive.

    Require a certain level for each armour type.

    Make all armour purchasable at NPC trader POI
    Requiring good reputation to buy.

    Best armour can only buy from trader on hard difficulty planets.

    Can buy or loot armour at any level but cannot equip until you have correct level.

    Then here is the twist...

    If you buy a new armour from NPC the Armour recognises you as the owner, DNA coded.
    If you loot an armour however from a poi this is a locked armour.
    Armours built in AI computer will state you are not authorised / qualified for the usage of this armour.
    Reaching required level is the equivelant to hacking the suits AI to allow your DNA code to be recognised.

    for example:
    If you reach level 20 you can wear epic heavy armour you buy from the NPC, but you still cannot use the epic heavy armour you find as loot until you reach level 25.
    if you reach level 25 you could receive a message stating: You can now hack Epic heavy armour DNA coding.
    This means you dont need to buy armours anymore from trader if you can hack the armours you loot from poi ;)
    Could even require a short process to perform to hack each armour. Player can then sell hacked armours as well as locked armours, or maybe dont allow selling of armours on the marketplace, until they have been hacked !.

    So in the beginning you are forced to purchase armour at NPC trader POI.
    Until you level up enough to hack whatever armours you find.

    Now what you do is, you give us 100 player levels instead of 25 and spread the armour wearing and hacking progression across those levels.

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