and again bad data synchronization, game crash + loss of items (!)

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: 1.7.7 3718
    Mode: MP, Surviva
    Mode: Reforged Eden

    SERVER NAME: HWS RE 1.6.x NEW SEASON |Reforged Eden|99,99% PvE|Mods

    If applicable:

    Severity: not the 1st time (the problem has been observed several times already)



    So. I flew to the BS to collect ore from the eestractors. Received 5500 units of "promethium ore". Placed them on the "YELLOW BELT LOGISTICS PANEL".
    Started to take off on the BS, the ore remained "in the yellow belt" (I did not move it to the container). And suddenly there was a CRASH - the game Hung as always (I have a weak PC, and 16 GB of RAM is NOT ENOUGH).
    I restarted the game, I ended up NOT IN THE SHIP, but on the ground, near the extractors (!) (The ship is hanging in the air overhead about 50 m above the ground)
    I turned off the power, the ship fell, sat in a chair and checked - WHERE IS PROMETHUM ORE ????
    Logistics connection REMAINS, but 5500 units of "Promethium ore" = DISAPPEARED (!)
    It was not in the inventory, and not in the container, and not on the belt (!) DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Developers, UPGRADE this piece of code to stop items disappearing (!)
    If an item is placed on the belt panel, then it must IMMEDIATELY be transferred to the server in order to avoid disappearing (!)
    Alternatively, CREATE LOCAL BACKUP FILES that will record ALL ACTIONS (!)
    (that the player entered the cockpit of the vessel, or left the cockpit, or placed an object in the waist yellow panel ...)
    Create an optimal data synchronization period FROM THE BACKUP LOCAL FILE -> TO THE SERVER (!)
    This is in order to stop problems with data loss once and for all in various critical conditions (!)

    It seems - in the 1st log file - there was a CRASH
    and in the 2nd log file - I exited the game as usual - normal ....

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