Asteroids Not Respawning Help Please

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    Hello everyone need a little help..

    Using Pingperfect for a multiplayer survival server.
    I migrated this server from one I shared with a friend after we had a falling out. The transfer went well and everything seemed to pick up exactly where I left off on the old server except the asteroids. On the first server they regenerated fine but now none of the asteroids will regenerate on this new server. Even the new ones I find are shown already mined. Research pointed me to changing a setting in the YAML file but there are no asteroid options available for me. Any ideas and FYI I am very green at server management. I attached my YAML options in the pic maybe I am missing something?


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    The problem is your issue does not lie in the gameoption.yaml, but a playfield.yaml for whatever planets are having trouble. It's possible the files are outdated/corrupted and need to be fixed. I would reccomend EPD if you plan to fix them; it's a helpful tool that will help guide your design. If you don't care that much for the playfields themselves, use Eleon's SSG tool to make new playfields for those affected.

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