Audio events in signals system and for base ambience

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    The right audio has a huge effect on immersion and is often really undervalued in open-world games imo.

    It would be great to add some sensible audio design options for builders. A small library of scifi sounds, ambience and voices being available, and then activated by signals events or set as the background base noise.

    Examples of uses for builders:
    • Red alert - throw a switch, a signal is activated to play the sample of a generic scifi voice says 'red alert - action stations', followed by klaxon noises repeating a few times.
    • Scifi station ambience - select from a small range of ambient noises suitable to your station design, such as industrial noises, public announcements, creaking hull noises, creepy scuffling noises, windy corridor noises
    • Relaxing ambient music played from your BA home's speakers (on/off with a switch). Dance music (a few simple loops in a library) in your BAs nightclub.
    • A charging up and firing noise on my gravity cannon, timed with the gravity activation!
    You'd probably want to carefully limit how far noise is detectable to avoid the possibility of griefing neighbours - for this reason perhaps the sounds are limited to BAs, and only audible to faction members of any other CV/SV/HV. It might also be great fun to have sounds play from specific sound blocks using positional audio, so you can add music or announcement 'speakers' which are loud when you're right next to them, or to create scripted noises of some energy system powering up or a crew block 'speaking' when you flip a switch.

    I get the impression that NPC stations have ambience audio activated on arrival currently, so I'm sure some of this may be partly a WIP already, apologies if I'm repeating anything in game already or in the works!
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