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    I googled and these issues have been reported several times, but fun thing is that authors could not describe what actual issue is. So the discussion just was being bumped after several posts.

    So here they are:
    1. When you are adding solar capacitors to your base(even without solar panels) - they act as additional generators. So you have a very high output of power for almost no cost. You only need 1 small generator.

    2. The lack of CPU at base seems only having effect on construction times, but even that is very hard to track. If you CPU effectiveness is at 50% your lights are still on, turrets are still firing, fridges keep you food, etc.

    3. Another issue - is that some devices work even without power. For an instance - repair pads work just fine on a base with no fuel. You base just should be ON. If you switch it off device report that there is no power. But if you switch your base ON, but still there is no fuel - it works perfectly.

    I dont know if it is a bug or all these made on purpose. I heard so much stuff these days about nanites, magic and original development decisions, so it is a litlle confusing ;)

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